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Author Lewis Holborn (2 months)
First minecraft vid I ever watched.

Author Vetsq4000 (2 months)
Damn, back when this game was good. I can't really play it anymore, with
all the bunnies and the end and water temples...
Jesus, when it was all about cookies and notch, all was way better.

Author GoldStriker19 (7 months)
This was the first ant venom video i watched.

Author ProRetro (9 months)
I miss this minecraft

Author Pinkamena Diane Pie (9 months)
I miss the old AntVenom, when he used to get millions of views.

Author BinaryCraft (1 month)
So much nostalgia. When ant used to HATE cows. This was my first vid from
ant and was one of the vids that got me into minecraft!

Author rahnuma rashid (1 month)
Did anyone know that he's playing old school minecraft 

Author James Inness (1 month)

Author Zach MCER (5 months)
This was the first YouTube video I watched. Crazy!

Author Jake's Realm (6 months)
+AntVenom I remember when I watched for the first time, years ago. This
video was the reason why I started playing Minecraft. I've been watching
your videos ever since. I had a really great time at YouCube, and I'm so
glad I met you! Thanks for being one of my inspirations to do Youtube and
being the reason why I started playing MC! - Jake

Author I'mReallyBadAtThinkingOfUsernames:D (7 months)
This is the first video I ever saw from antvenom. Ive since been following
him for 2 and a half years

Author Cohen Hoskins (9 days)

Author luke zander (7 months)
Like if your watching in 2014

Author eheroedog (1 month)
I had a server with this same seed :s, Really like what i did there too

Author Check out my real Channel Not Pro Gamer! (9 months)
My mother said it could never be done, but it's possible! ITS RAINING

Author Noah Jordan (7 months)
The maga creep should be in nether

Author nooby Games (21 hour)
i remember watching this when i was little

Author derangeddcobra (10 months)
this is the very first video I ever saw on youtube 3 years ago

Author mimiguy tale (3 months)
one of the first youtube video's i ever watched

Author Katrina Sabol (6 months)
like this if this was your first video you ever watched of him, it was mine

Author dshwizzle (7 months)
my first antvenom video too :)

Author BakingChow (9 months)
Earthcreeper is an instant house!

Author Ardite (3 months)
firstyt minecraft video i every watched

Author Phượng Trần Khánh (5 months)
You forgot the frezee creeper, spiderweb creeper, diamond creeper, arrow
creeper, the rain creeper, tree creeper, coal creeper, and the most
interesting is the RANDOM CREEPER

Author JordanJewels4 (3 months)
The feels.. oh my... Antvenom last time... 

Author Michelle Davies (2 months)
Mincraft is crap end of

Author Abhay Vashist (5 months)
the first vid i watched was the antvenom ant farm

Author Jasmine Ackroyd (4 months)
Wow, looking back on this three years later I realized just how far you've
come in the YouTube world

Author Kal Morton (1 month)
Your the best

Author UND43D_TR1CK5H0T (11 months)
7:49 did anyone else see the snow creeper? (to the left)

Author Obviously Lewis (6 months)
What version is this?

Author Phượng Trần Khánh (5 months)
You forgot the frezee creeper, spiderweb creeper, diamond creeper, arrow
creeper, the rain creeper, tree creeper, coal creeper, and the most
interesting is the RANDOM CREEPER

Author Matthewliu1 (8 months)
Hey! Do you have rare items like gold and diamond in Minecraft PE that is
hard to get but you want more of? I have a video on my channel that will
suit your needs. Learn how to duplicate items on my YouTube channel by
watching my latest video! Works for Minecraft PE 0.73-0.81

Author Jacob Meyers (4 months)
The nostalgia it burns!!!!

Author Chantelle Thomson (3 months)
I want that mod

Author steve cung (5 months)
In the middle of the vid, I saw THE BIG DIPPER IN STARS

Author Juan Lawson (7 months)

Author Taylor F. (6 months)
Does anyone know the seed for this world?

Author Creepkido The Sonic Fan (5 months)
i would love this mod if i could downlload this mod

Author Dylan Barron (7 months)
Hey ant venom I just wanted to say do you know how to fix my creeper
problem the friendly creeper doesent work and crashes my game please

Author KattGirl13 (6 months)
Yay cookie creeper I'm hungry GIMME FOOD

Author Barry Frankel (6 months)
That looked like it would hurt

Author MC CHAMPIONS (8 months)
Why did the cookies stack in 8?

Author Toasty Host (7 months)
hey guys it would really help if u checked out my youtube channel and
subscribed i will be posting videos every-other day and in HD! So make sure
you check out my youtube channel!

Author javier Benitez (5 months)
Your the best

Author Jangle BoJangles (8 months)
*Quad Mountain.*

Author Danny DeVito (7 months)
hey..guys.. antvenomhere!

Author Queenie Ye (6 months)
Popularmmos do this mob to 

Author Karen Fazbear Hernandez (6 months)
Lol the ending though! 

Author Karen Hill (8 months)
How are there 1,000 dislikes?! Antvenom is awesome an this video is cool.

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