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Runtime: 11:32
Comments: 9753

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Author Shirubanaito ( ago)
Man... I'm old jesus christ 2011... even b4 this I played minecraft and
watched this bc it was "new and popular"... RIP Minecraft

Author ender50 ( ago)
his old video's are nostalgic

Author The Friendly Spycrab ( ago)
Half Transparent? The word he was looking for was translucent. I know I'm
Nitpicking on a video eons old, but THE MORE YOU KNOW

Author Adam Carter ( ago)
Who's watching in 2016

Author Jersey Boy ( ago)
this is so nostalgic

Author TheIceCreeper/SpaceDynamite ( ago)
There is an Ice Creeper? I like it!

Author Epic Gamer69 (illumaNazi) ( ago)
OH hey cookies!! (•,'•)

Author clb clb ( ago)
this was the oldest video I watched

Author Nathan Vidz ( ago)
I think this was the first antvenom video I watched on the day he uploaded

Author The Entertainment Masters ( ago)
Ooooooooh the nostalgia. I miss the good old days when I was 7 without a
care in the world. (I'm 12 now) I miss the days where the best were
CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, Skydoesminecraft, and Yogscast. Sigh

Author Chipper249 Game ( ago)
The video that got me into minecraft... back again 5 years later

Author Alex Veit ( ago)
Meh, I remember watching this when I was like 9. I like today's Minecraft
better than this period, Minecraft was less exciting then. I couldn't make
advanced colonys and farms back then. Anyways, I can't believe it's been
four years now since this video has been released, Good ol' AntVenom I'll
always remember you for taking part in making Minecraft for what it is

Author Kaden Nevarez ( ago)
i love all v

Author mike kongchan ( ago)
Thunder creeper awesome

Author HyperSpeedMC ( ago)
when minecraft wasnt full of annoying children that say MINECRAFT IS
AWESOME more like peace back than :D

Author Caspar the friendly ghost (Roxas) ( ago)
this is the video that got me into minecraft omg

Author Josh Parr ( ago)
This video is so ooooooold

Author staradar5 ( ago)
That world is super nice. It sucks that all of the ones spawn with stupid
savanna biomes and crap.

Author ryan susanto ( ago)
HALP the nostalgia is over 9000!!!!!!!!

Author Khaki516 ( ago)
Some of these comments aren't even about the video. It's just people who is
bitching about how Minecraft was back then. Some people complain way too
much. Complain, complain, complain. These people need to get a life and not
waste their time.

Author Itz GraPhiczZ ( ago)
Last video I've actually watched by him

Author Kookieee The Guy ( ago)
I remember watching this in 2011, now it's 2016... I feel old ;-;

Author Ping Pong ( ago)
I miss the olden days of minecraft :(

Author Blupac #Chavão #Mainescreft ( ago)
Copia nerd do venom extreme q deu 50% certo

Author CHUCKZEDUCK plays ( ago)

Author Kourageous Bagel ( ago)
AHH good old 2011 videos

Author Esthela Garciia ( ago)

Author trexreeves ( ago)
Pease make a nuther five nights at Freddy's fatery

Author trexreeves ( ago)
I died in minecraft

Author Creepercrusher9 ( ago)
Coming back for the nostalgia

Author Dazzo 888 ( ago)
Omg, I remember single player commands! The memories! :D

Author Yell Oh (1818 years ago)
Nostalgia Overload.

The old intro, the old outro, all so relaxing and simple. It's amazing to
see how far Ant has come since this video and older ones. It's amazing to
see how much he's changed along with Minecraft. Can't wait to see how
different he'll be in like 2020 compared to 2015 and then compare the 2020
Antvenom to the 2011 Antvenom.

Author Shiny Gengar982 ( ago)
Half of these comments aren't even about the video just about how good it
was back then and flame wars

Author Malistir Gaming ( ago)
Minecraft was good back then until microsoft fucked everything up

Author Daniel Sanchez ( ago)
Back in the good ole days

Author Bill Cipher ( ago)
what command alowes you to spawn it in with the click of a button

Author Toon Link (Lego//Lukkay) ( ago)
The good old AntVenom days.

Author ColorUs Kidz (597 years ago)
Hey Guys Antvenom Here OMG I HAVE THAT STUCK IN MY HEAD I watched 40 videos
of him today

Author Hawk master ( ago)
this is a really cool video

Author slendy village ( ago)
the memories doe

Author NonTwinBrothers ( ago)
classic Ant Venom

Author Mohammed Fiqran ( ago)
When minecraft actually was a good game

Author Octis ( ago)
Holy crap!
People are just like me because this is the first AntVenom video they

Author The evil Gremmlen GIGI ( ago)
this was the first video i watched on antvenoms channel

Author ZachWhoSane GK ( ago)
This was the first Antvenom Video I ever watched!

Author George Carter (EPICBRONY) ( ago)
Ahhh back when Minecraft wasn't CRAP

Author Skiing Baby_Harp_Seals ( ago)
Make a vid about how u hate cows 

Author AmpJ88 _ ( ago)
Hey ant, I remember 3 years ago, this was my first ever mincraft video I
watched ever, and it happens to be you. The one that matches me. The
perfect one for me. So keep on rockin it ant! I want to see you succeed!

Author Wesley Kennedy ( ago)
Most viewed mod!!!!!

Author Pixle stick ( ago)
O god this mod is so ollllld

Author ElementDubs ( ago)
this was my first antvenom video

Author EverythingIsGrey (1385 years ago)

I'm not even half way through the video so yea bitches.

Author EverythingIsGrey (1565 years ago)
At the beginning I was like you better not kill that cow.
You're my freaking enemy.

Author CaptainLuigi ( ago)
Minecraft was the best at this time. 

Author peter o'donovan ( ago)

Author Cookietwril 177 (1418 years ago)

Author Zealousity ( ago)
One of the first MC videos I've watched, also the one that introduced me to

Author Sheogorath Gaming ( ago)
I haven't watched one of your videos in YEARS!

Author Nooby Games ( ago)
i remember watching this when i was little

Author Cohen “TheCJcraft” Hoskins ( ago)

Author Plasma ( ago)
So much nostalgia. When ant used to HATE cows. This was my first vid from
ant and was one of the vids that got me into minecraft!

Author Rahnuma Rashid ( ago)
Did anyone know that he's playing old school minecraft 

Author Jamesthe1 Σ {[SigmaGames]} ( ago)

Author eheroedog ( ago)
I had a server with this same seed :s, Really like what i did there too

Author Kal Morton ( ago)
Your the best

Author Michelle Davies ( ago)
Mincraft is crap end of

Author Lewis Holborn ( ago)
First minecraft vid I ever watched.

Author James Bonk ( ago)
Damn, back when this game was good. I can't really play it anymore, with
all the bunnies and the end and water temples...
Jesus, when it was all about cookies and notch, all was way better.

Author mimiguy 2 ( ago)
one of the first youtube video's i ever watched

Author Chantelle Thomson ( ago)
I want that mod

Author JordanJewels4 ( ago)
The feels.. oh my... Antvenom last time... 

Author Ardite ( ago)
firstyt minecraft video i every watched

Author Jazzy J ( ago)
Wow, looking back on this three years later I realized just how far you've
come in the YouTube world

Author Sky kun ( ago)
The nostalgia it burns!!!!

Author Phượng Trần Khánh ( ago)
It not bad

Author Phượng Trần Khánh ( ago)
You forgot the frezee creeper, spiderweb creeper, diamond creeper, arrow
creeper, the rain creeper, tree creeper, coal creeper, and the most
interesting is the RANDOM CREEPER

Author Phượng Trần Khánh ( ago)
You forgot the frezee creeper, spiderweb creeper, diamond creeper, arrow
creeper, the rain creeper, tree creeper, coal creeper, and the most
interesting is the RANDOM CREEPER

Author Note Block Remix ( ago)
In the middle of the vid, I saw THE BIG DIPPER IN STARS

Author Zach Pickles ( ago)
This was the first YouTube video I watched. Crazy!

Author javier Benitez ( ago)
Your the best

Author IAMTHEBUSH ( ago)
RUNNNNNN!!! hahaha

Author CreepkidoTG (The Gamer) ( ago)
i would love this mod if i could downlload this mod

Author Abhay Vashist ( ago)
the first vid i watched was the antvenom ant farm

Author Jake's Realm ( ago)
+AntVenom I remember when I watched for the first time, years ago. This
video was the reason why I started playing Minecraft. I've been watching
your videos ever since. I had a really great time at YouCube, and I'm so
glad I met you! Thanks for being one of my inspirations to do Youtube and
being the reason why I started playing MC! - Jake

Author Taylor Tard ( ago)
Does anyone know the seed for this world?

Author Barry Frankel ( ago)
That looked like it would hurt

Author Llinos ( ago)
What version is this?

Author Ryan Ma ( ago)
Popularmmos do this mob to 

Author KattGirl13 ( ago)
Yay cookie creeper I'm hungry GIMME FOOD

Author Katrina Sabol ( ago)
like this if this was your first video you ever watched of him, it was mine

Author Ajay M ( ago)
Oh, hey, cookies!

Author Jujuan Lawson ( ago)

Author dshwizzle ( ago)
my first antvenom video too :)

Author Dylan Barron (1818 years ago)
Hey ant venom I just wanted to say do you know how to fix my creeper
problem the friendly creeper doesent work and crashes my game please

Author Mr Unknown Man ( ago)

Author LikeMyToast ( ago)
hey guys it would really help if u checked out my youtube channel and
subscribed i will be posting videos every-other day and in HD! So make sure
you check out my youtube channel!

Author Noah Jordan ( ago)
The maga creep should be in nether

Author MikeCraft YT ( ago)
I made a creeper with a cape and a cestpate

Author Freddy FazBear ( ago)
oh look the old minecraft look how far it has come

Author Doku Games ( ago)
What version of mc i this

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