Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?

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Author Estoniran ( ago)

Author MasterBean2003 ( ago)
So he is singling out mexico

Author Christian The W ( ago)
And now, your moment of xenophobia

Author Mike Kozenko ( ago)
"Build the wall..." I get that; rulers throughout history have built giant edaphises (sp?) to hate, bigotry, their own douchebaggery, etc. Often at the expense of lots of $$ and human lives.
"...get Mexico to pay for it." This is the part I can't wrap my head around... How the hell is THAT part supposed to work?!?!
(I doubt Mexico is full of/run by financial masochists.)

Author David Lopez ( ago)
It's 67,000,000 and all from U.S. American Taxpayers. That is just to built it... Who is going to pay for the wall "YOU ARE MORONS"!

Author Robert Bernardin ( ago)
100 billion = health care for all Americans for 40 years

Author Ellen Roberts ( ago)

Author Spider Pond ( ago)
Don't mind me, just over here yearning for a simpler time...

Author Sawyer Neilson ( ago)
Yeah, but who's gonna pay for those waffle irons?

Author The Spanish Inquisition ( ago)
Just turn nasa off for a year or two and we are good!

Author VK S ( ago)
Good luck America. Presidents IQ reflects countrymen's.

Author George Washington ( ago)
Texas belongs to mexico we stole it from them, before u get triggered look up history u cunt

Author Manoel C. ( ago)
I'm a offended Belgian.

Author Cha'mone ( ago)
You know every country has a wall right? Why are you acting like this is unheard of? There's already a shitty border wall, but it's like 6 feet fuckin high.. Anyone can get over it *illegally*. Trump wants a bigger wall. Big Woop.

Author Rafael Perez Barron ( ago)

Author WW Alex ( ago)
Trump must be chinese that's why he like the wall so much

Author iikk_a ( ago)
"Imagine all the people, bulldozer on your family's grave"

Author Jeffery Fletcher ( ago)
As Elvis once sang ( to much monkey business).

Author jim ( ago)
Americans are so stupid.

Author God-Emperor of Mankind ( ago)
did i say mexico's paying for it? i meant US taxpayers

Author Rene Olguin ( ago)
his "fucking" wall will never be built...."who could've known" that international economics is so complex? LOL

Author Marlene McGovern ( ago)
I love waffles👍😄

Author Christian Maldonado ( ago)

Author Warcrafter3001 ( ago)
Sure a wall is pretty outlandish, but there are plenty of probelms with illegal immigrants. At least sombody is saying such.

Author Happy Camper ( ago)
How is this pathetic hack still on tv

Author G Cgfdg ( ago)

Author Gaspar Peralta ( ago)
I'm Argentinian I can perfectly understand english and what this man is saying is exactly how things are looking from the outside in and with the rest of that one billion for pancakes why not use it I don't know SOMETHING FUCKING USEFUL.Also I want one of those now yeah waffles sound good

Author Al Somethin ( ago)
I want a waffle Iron! Donald Trump has the best Waffle Irons. The greatest and most wonderful fantastic waffle irons.

Author -A damn ( ago)
i feel like americans if they don't have any country they'll 'just use belgium' it was like that in Harry Potter and numerous other TV-shows like we're so underrated

Author Taylor Hartman ( ago)
5:02 😂😂😂

Author naveen kala ( ago)
hello Americans!!! have u heard about ladders?

Author Paulo Fernandinho ( ago)
I cant stand that man speaking more then 3 ords I love John Oliver.
He makes him look like he is what he is a Lunatic Lier.

Author Desiree Wilson ( ago)
The document excerpt seen around time 10:10 really confused me. I thought that citizens cannot sue the federal government. Please forgive my ignorance as I ask this foolish question: Why does the federal government have the power to sue its citizens just for legally owning property? Am I missing something???

Author Yasmin Wu ( ago)
This is such a mean show! Trump is our president and we need to respect him! Shows like this are so so rude

Author Essem ( ago)
Its like having a neighbor whose tree keeps getting leaves in your yard, so you want to build a fence and make your neighbor pay for it. Its ridiculous, and leaves will still find a way into your yard.

Author LegendOfPichu155 ( ago)
This was the episode that introduced me to John. I've been hooked ever since

Author Lars Chue ( ago)
Such a shame D.T. can't see the immigrants and cartel drugs flying over the wall and into the U.S. on John Cena Airlines.

Author Brandon Welch ( ago)
perhaps worth mentioning the possible cost of human lives in addition to the pygmy owl's.

Author SwatMax1 ( ago)

Author Erwin Vomberg ( ago)
One year later: Now you idiots (Mr. Pussygrabber-supporters) know what you have done. Stupid, stupid, childish and dangerous idiots.

Author Melanie Fitch ( ago)
I'm for WAFFLES!!!!

Author Kevin Carr ( ago)
What's his obsession with DeWalt lol?

Author Mary Udomah ( ago)
I want a waffle iron, now. GIMME!

Author navyclock ( ago)
Build the wall 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author Jakub Luykx ( ago)
I'm sorry, Belgians don't even see waffles as something special

Author Alyssa ( ago)
I want a waffle iron

Author Charlie Catesby ( ago)
John "Crypto Jew" Oliver.

Author Flaming Gorilla ( ago)
this man made a legitimately good argument that getting every person in the United states a waffle iron is a better cheaper idea then a border wall. This is when if you have not already figured it out. Stop eating the shit Trump spews.

Author dathnu ( ago)

Author Popopopper123 ( ago)
>not trebuchet

I see now why Trump wants to keep them out.

Author Larry Barter ( ago)
Come on people waffle irons for everyone!! Brilliant.

Author Just a thought ( ago)
Maybe we build wall around those wants walls. They can stay inside the wall. Will cost less than the 20+BB. #wallfortrump

Author Rick Bentley ( ago)
Establishment cunt, shills. Every one of you. Hahahahaha. Buh by progressives. Watch your terrible, hypocritical, non factual, ideology, take a dive off a cliff. You have been rejected, and still think you will impose your shit brained ideology, on everyone. You just don't get any stupider than progs.

Author samiamrg7 ( ago)
And history repeats itself...

Author A.M. ( ago)
I'd vote for the Waffle Iron plan for Anerica. I'd certainly use my own personal waffle iron FAR more often than a border wall.

Author K B ( ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂trump is sooo funny

Author Yuki Uchiha ( ago)
What Mr. Trump needs to build its a dome, that will be more efficient than a wall

Author Rolf Krayer ( ago)
comedians are more informative than CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC combined... fucking brilliant

Author TrainInVain ( ago)
Where's the wall Donny?

Author ForMiDaBLe ( ago)
congress wont pass it

Author DryBones271 ( ago)
This wall, is very "Offensive" Mr. Trump.

Author DryBones271 ( ago)
How about instead, we build a wall, around Trump... they throw in all his cabinet, good luck.

Author Thomas Punt ( ago)
So, about a year ago I commented that if Trump really wanted to stop the flow of drugs to the US, he should invade Mexico and destroy all the cartels, which people immediately told me was a shitty idea do to the sheer demand for illicit drugs and the power the cartels have in Mexico. So going back to the wall idea, Mexico will pay for it. I know they said they wouldn't, but that was before Trump actually became POTUS. Now that he is, things have changed. Given enough time, Mexico will cave. They may not pay the entire cost, but that's very unlikely. Mark my words. Mexico. Will. Pay. For. That. Fucking. Wall.

Author MrCic34 ( ago)
you see the (Ok sighn ? )

Author Popeye of the desert ( ago)
Based on his tone he also wants to fuck that wall 😂😂😂😂

Author Ivy J. ( ago)
I've come back to this and I have something to add:

Did he forget about boats??

Author Leonard Susskind's War ( ago)
Bill Odle seems like he would be a great drinking buddy.

Author Kampy187 ( ago)
Well put. The wall is nonsense.

Author Fire Shifter ( ago)
Did John just sell me a DeWalt Ladder and an Electric Waffle Iron?!

Author leslie sawich ( ago)
can't wait to see how they build the wall thru the rio grande river!!!!!

Author Deborah Crawford ( ago)
Adullahi M. - Yes! You said it! tRump is a charleton, a snake oil salesman, a con artist, a pathological liar, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc....

Author DR Ir M ( ago)
They'll use drones now.....

Author DR Ir M ( ago)
US$20b for 1,000 miles. Multiply that by 2 (for 2,000 miles) = US$40billion and that does not include annual maintenance. Est 20% ie US$4 per year.
Mexico will not pay for it. So they will export their product to other countries.

Author francois dinauto ( ago)
I did remember that Adam (From Adam ruins everything) the reason marijuana was illegal by using racial hate (Hating mexicans at that) to demonize marijuana

Author Optimum Research BV ( ago)
All you have to do is visit the border towns and talk to the police to hear how absurd hight the crime rates are due to illegal immigration. Do the same in LA and you'll hear that 85% of arrestsare illegal immigrant related! Also, drugs do get carried via the border.

Author Daniel Randal ( ago)
Cant argue with waffels

Author Diane Gillespie ( ago)
One thing any small child would ask, "WHY should someone else pay for our stuff?"

Author Leticia S ( ago)
american news is the best comedy you can get

Author Bart Bavel ( ago)
i am so offended by the waffle machine (greets from belgium)

Author rodrigo salgado ( ago)
Why is cursing bleep in this? what the FUCK!?

Author Koskalak ( ago)
I am happy John Oliver is still working.

Author G money ( ago)
go back to England  dickweed . go save the queen and leave the USA to us. ASS

Author vphuongdktdbk ( ago)
Hide your smiling face in the toilet, retard.

Author vphuongdktdbk ( ago)
Fuck you Oliver. Look who is the president now. Still laughing?

Author Dave Dee ( ago)
Closed captioning at 18:00
"and unlike doldrums wall, this makes clean water"

Author Benjamin T Haden ( ago)
If he wants to fuck that wall, there would be a lot of holes in it

Author rollo clevich ( ago)
Israel has a wall to keep out Arabs and another wall to keep out Africans.

Author John Smith ( ago)
Well US and drugs are = freee life why satop the imports....50 % of pop are addicted of shit anyway drugs like Zanax por you feel sad today....take a panax or butax ....get a relife

Author John Smith ( ago)
Build a secont wall .....up north to prevent ppl from lreaving usa ....the world not good with all them idiots runing wild in EU

Author John Smith ( ago)
50 bill defesit right...all fod in USA is made in Mexico ...even my waterfilter is made by a US company in D-T ,,,start tax the mexican exports now.....who gona whipe your ass then Mr bigg balls with no brain

Author John Smith ( ago)
The Pink gay wall of >USA ...better get some big ass rubber to cover my ass now - not to think about the aftermath of this shit storm .....2 trillions of dollars...and Mexico will pay .....say that idiot.....can he count to ten on his 11 fingers or not

Author Seela Mary ( ago)
A wall ????? what a bad idea that's all trump could come up with ? It sounds like he really didn't even think this through, like it was just an idea he decided to speak about, just to say we will do it or should do it . Sounds like something Hitler would do .

Author Russia Cheese ( ago)
I think Trump is making a great president

Author Cameron Mueller ( ago)
fuck no it isn't possible unless Trump is going to pull a ridiculous amount of money out of his ass.

Author jack schitt ( ago)
john oliver is a dork

Author Jt Hamy ( ago)
99% of Americans would rather have The Waffle Plan.

Author Oscar Wilson ( ago)
Provide fifteen segment currency estimate output beauty

Author StreetArtillery ( ago)
If the wall is built as tall as Trump wants it and runs nonstop from the pacific ocean to the gulf of mexico, then it'll work like a charm. It'll be expensive as fuck tho but it'll be worth it. Think about this. Not only will a wall of that nature keep drugs and illegals out, it'll also put a shitload of border agents out of work, saving the federal gov a shitload of money on salaries and equipment. The wall will pay for itself, no need to start a commerce war with mexico by strongarming them into paying for it. That'll surely put more americans out of work. You know what, mexico should pay a percentage of the cost because they too will benefit from it. Central americans will stop funding mexican "bad hombres" by stopping being kidnapped and held only to be murdered after extortion later to be found in some dump maggot infested mass grave. Central american mothers will sleep peacefully knowing that their sons and daughters wont be heading into mexico. With no drug money and no kidnap ransom money, cartel people will have no choice but to prey on their own. It'll be mexicans vs mexicans for a while until the mexican government steps in Mussolini style on their ass. In the end, an effective wall will be a good thing for all north and central america. Isn't central america part of north america? i forgot, been smoking pot for long

Author Al Masih ( ago)
How can anyone believe this shill after his failed predictions first the cubs not winning world series, then Trump will never ever win presidency. This shill is just reading the fake news script like a slave to his zionist puppet masters. Fuck John Oliver as a British man America you can keep him.

Author jana braun ( ago)
Take cholesterol apart union wine laser on marriage accuse.

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