Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?

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  • Runtime: 18:33
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Comments: 27 084

  • James Parker
    James Parker 1 day ago

    Shock flow reinforce qpekbgk gift opportunity hall hope enemy.

  • Sutapa Bhattacharya

    I LOVE old women like the one @ 9:20. They just don't give a fuck anymore.

  • Laudableplain 42
    Laudableplain 42 3 days ago

    let the rapist in no wall!!!!!

  • George Blisson
    George Blisson 3 days ago

    LOL, this oilier had a sad school life, people use to put shit on him daily, SO HATED, he was known as the boy that never left the teachers skirts, plus he was gay then to. I miss the good old days, LOL

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt 4 days ago

    You see, Trump is smart, he doesn't pay for labor.  So he can keep that cost down

  • Kit Zoey
    Kit Zoey 4 days ago

    The loss in tourism continuing at it's current rate will cost the price of several walls before scrooge mcfuck completes a first term

  • Armin Bosten
    Armin Bosten 5 days ago

    yeah he talked about belgium!!

  • rudy ha
    rudy ha 5 days ago

    Fucking idiot

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 5 days ago

    this is hilarious and sad at the same time. I have never been so embarrassed to be an american until this president came along. America, Is this the best of all the possible choices, this is the man that represents this great nation. Sad to say that most of our politicians are useless money grubbing bastards.

  • Michael V. C. Bryson

    Any Belgians offended by John's counter proposal to the wall?

  • Skynet Gearhead
    Skynet Gearhead 6 days ago


  • 3RAN7ON
    3RAN7ON 6 days ago

    I read an article the other day where a senator proposed we used the billions of dollars seized by Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman to pay for the wall

  • J Pauly
    J Pauly 7 days ago


  • Toader Constantin-Ovidiu

    Mexicans are such amateurs. Everyone knows that if you want to throw an object of 75 kg to an approximate distance of 300 meters, you use a trebuchet!

  • Don Post
    Don Post 8 days ago

    Hey censors: Go FUCK yourselves! Seriously, everyone has heard the "big, scary" word. Nearly everyone will in their lifetime use it. So let's all grow the FUCK UP and stop with the silly little "bleeps".

  • Mike Beglin
    Mike Beglin 9 days ago

    Why do you keep censoring the word fuck? This is a YouTube video, not a holiday greeting for your mom (she says hi, by the way). What the fuck, people? Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Oh no! Look out! It'''s A BAD WORD!! Run! Aaaaaahhh!

  • Niranjan Biswas
    Niranjan Biswas 10 days ago

    use gps instead of wall

  • cogitoergosum751
    cogitoergosum751 12 days ago

    Yeah, no kidding. Why they should pay for the wall. Ilegal mexicans in USA sending money grams to mexico, that is te only thing that still keeps corrupted mexico alive. They have stolen from each other for ages there is nothing left to be stolen anymore. When they are born the first thing they learn is how to steal and take a "shoot" of marijuana. They have been using it since the crazy Aztecs. They trashed their own country, there is nothing left anymore to trash so they are coming here now to trash this country. It is like I would trash my house, see my neighbor's pretty house, go and take over his house.

    • cogitoergosum751
      cogitoergosum751 11 days ago

      I am not a sir. Last time I checked it was a "free" country. I am not surprised though.

    • jermiah schuster
      jermiah schuster 12 days ago

      I think you are an example of a racist bigot sir, and I believe you have no right to speak on this issue as you are blinded by both prejudice and a lack of information. Please, so yourself out of the internet so that your opinions don't reach young children and turn them into yourself.

  • Seth Brand
    Seth Brand 13 days ago

    Like John said, Trump held that kid just like a pussy. His words, not mine.

  • Billy D
    Billy D 14 days ago

    Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall.

  • Billy D
    Billy D 14 days ago

    I used to watch John Oliver and thought he was intelligent. Now he has ruined himself and I can not watch him any longer. What he has to say about Trump, all of it, is lies. billy from the CIA. I can't watch John Oliver any more....he is a puppet.

  • Booker Brickman
    Booker Brickman 15 days ago


  • Michal Matas
    Michal Matas 16 days ago

    John Oliver, do you actually have another plan, or suggestion how to stop drugs pouring to US and stopping illegal immigrants? I would like to hear from you, how would you do it.

    • ?
      ? 15 days ago

      +Michal Matas he is not a politician nor working in the government, it is not his job, so do not be a stupid asshole

  • Tony Fat
    Tony Fat 16 days ago

    I hope America do not build that stupid bloody wall For gods sake it's embarrassing. It will be a beacon of stupidity to the rest of the world Americans are better than that

  • Lazaros Poumpouridis

    ooohhhh my god! Trump is so fuckin dump!!! Good job guys!

  • trunk monkey
    trunk monkey 19 days ago

    Tiny digits, huh? Pretty sure he got 11!

  • Michey 99
    Michey 99 19 days ago


  • Pat Vel
    Pat Vel 20 days ago

    Some say he is a great business man, I believe he is an idiot with money, which he uses to pay people working for him. #heisstupid #patheticman #unbabosocondinero

  • Dalton Chew
    Dalton Chew 22 days ago

    The Berlin Wall. Does anyone remember that?

  • Anthony Rothwell
    Anthony Rothwell 22 days ago

    I just visited the wall

  • DR Ir M
    DR Ir M 23 days ago

    Build the Wall........... Build the Wall........... Build the Wall...........
    It’s a campaign promise....
    Build the Wall........... Build the Wall........... Build the Wall...........
    You got elected because of the Wall.....
    Build the Wall........... Build the Wall........... Build the Wall...........
    We must have the Wall.....
    Build the Wall........... Build the Wall........... Build the Wall...........
    Get the bad hombres Mexicans to pay for the Wall.....
    Build the Wall........... Build the Wall........... Build the Wall...........

  • some dudes
    some dudes 23 days ago

    omg does this non american brit ever shut the fuck up

  • Deadly Shadow
    Deadly Shadow 23 days ago

    The Great Wall Starring Donald Trump

  • Samuel Gordon
    Samuel Gordon 23 days ago

    Crap mission It looks like really weird %video cause :‑D

  • Jonny Cat
    Jonny Cat 24 days ago

    Trumps obsession for the boarder wall is real!

  • Eddi Muncy
    Eddi Muncy 24 days ago

    Little Johnny Oliver is gonna think differently when a group of drug smuggling banditos are gang raping him. He is gonna think to himself; "Damn. We should have built a wall or something."

  • Dusan Petrovic
    Dusan Petrovic 24 days ago

    Why cant you just do the interviews. I dont understand why you have to sing also

  • scott Johnson
    scott Johnson 24 days ago

    2:56 It shall be made, with the blood and tears of illegals!!! MWOAHAHAHAHH

    LETSGETREAL1000 24 days ago

    We could build the wall for 50billion dollars and still have 63 billion to spend ,it cost the USA 113billion a yr to harbor illegal immigrants so the wall would be worth it if we could throw out half of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

    Z0MBIETACO 25 days ago

    lets build the wall out of waffle irons.

  • DTrueView
    DTrueView 26 days ago

    I bet this guy either lives in a gated community, has a fence around his property, or at the least he locks his doors?  Why do people demarcate their property and why is it prestigious to live in a gated community? Because they are considered to be safer, and because they are guarded and limit access to people entering them and the residents are permitted to reject unwanted guests and have security evict those who enter illegally. Why is it ok to do this privately, but makes a person who opposes this nationally a hater because they ask their country to do the same? If you reside in a gated community, have a fence around your property, lock your doors or have a security system, if you oppose the same for our country, you are a hypocrite! There are legal systems that create paths to citizenship, many have used this path. Those who oppose the wall should go to Mexico and teach those desiring a better life here how to become legal citizens, with the legal systems in place. Rather than protesting the enforcement of the constitution, and encouraging would-be citizens to break the laws of that constitution, they should show them the right way to become a citizen here. Protest without legal actions erodes the very source that makes it worth becoming a legal citizen of America.

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 26 days ago

    he couldn't build a two piece Lego set

  • Richard Cerritelli
    Richard Cerritelli 26 days ago

    when Trump finishes the wall throw this asshole Oliver on the other side of it is this asshole even an American citizen with is accent sounds like a piece of shit to me.

  • Bert Letterman
    Bert Letterman 27 days ago

    John Oliver does a great impression of a pygmy owl

  • NewJayqwe2
    NewJayqwe2 27 days ago

    How have I just now hear of John Oliver :-;

  • Chocolate Muffin
    Chocolate Muffin 27 days ago

    I didn't get the Alec Baldwin reference someone please help :)

  • Pia Rossi
    Pia Rossi 28 days ago


  • Nuvia Sevilla
    Nuvia Sevilla 28 days ago

    trumps even worse then nixon

  • Nuvia Sevilla
    Nuvia Sevilla 28 days ago

    republican defense againts this video begin 3.2.1

  • JMagdalenaCLove
    JMagdalenaCLove 28 days ago

    ur such a dork

  • phizzelout
    phizzelout 28 days ago

    hey jon what the hell is a "woll". I like your canned laff track

  • Kat
    Kat 28 days ago

    Make Waffles not Walls

  • Jeremy Scherzer
    Jeremy Scherzer 28 days ago

    "We can stay up late, tell scary stories, and in the mornin, I'm makin WAFFLES!"

  • Swen Anthoine
    Swen Anthoine 28 days ago

    But why no one cared about the "2006: Secure Fence Act", and get mad about a wall now ?

  • randall conci
    randall conci 29 days ago

    This man clearly needs a panel of Psychiatrists from Sweden to check him out. And, please document this case!

  • randall conci
    randall conci 29 days ago

    Everything he does,, he wants it to be the greatest. Sorry Donald,, God already did that!

  • Amanda Wear
    Amanda Wear 29 days ago

    i don't trust you anymore, john oliver

  • Marie Farbar
    Marie Farbar 29 days ago

    When the wall is built - no footholds for climbing and have the smoothness of vaseline type product.

    • Skaianet
      Skaianet 26 days ago

      Marie Farbar, ladders and ropes negate that completely. Any one with any mechanical knowledge could get over the wall. The only way to prevent that would be to have guards along every bit of it, but that would be astronomically expensive.

  • Robert Jesson
    Robert Jesson 1 month ago

    Another thread full of children that have never experienced one day in the real world and think they have all the answers.

    PAMELA KNIGHT 1 month ago

    Love you show , Trump is nut he's not be long in White House he's be long to nut house .

  • TheLastSane1
    TheLastSane1 1 month ago

    How is that old lady not a Meme

  • TheLastSane1
    TheLastSane1 1 month ago

    I honestly believe Trump just wants his own monument. He wants his giant slab of concrete he can put his name on and everyone will have to say he is great for it. Hoover Dam, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial well he wants his own but what he doesn't realize is this.

    There was a small child holding a sign at one of his rallies that read "Build your wall, my generation will tear it down" now while the kids parents no doubt helped him write that sign. Its true.

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume 1 month ago

    upper 2%, the super rich, 98% of america'$ money ---- 1.8%, THEY CAN BUY THE WALL.

  • Mik Pop
    Mik Pop 1 month ago

    I think that you forget something: he is not going to pay all subcontractors, in this way the price of the wall fits with his prediction.

  • Estoniran
    Estoniran 1 month ago


  • MasterBean2003
    MasterBean2003 1 month ago

    So he is singling out mexico

  • Christian The W
    Christian The W 1 month ago

    And now, your moment of xenophobia

  • Mike Kozenko
    Mike Kozenko 1 month ago

    "Build the wall..." I get that; rulers throughout history have built giant edaphises (sp?) to hate, bigotry, their own douchebaggery, etc. Often at the expense of lots of $$ and human lives.
    "...get Mexico to pay for it." This is the part I can't wrap my head around... How the hell is THAT part supposed to work?!?!
    (I doubt Mexico is full of/run by financial masochists.)

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 1 month ago

    It's 67,000,000 and all from U.S. American Taxpayers. That is just to built it... Who is going to pay for the wall "YOU ARE MORONS"!

  • Robert Bernardin
    Robert Bernardin 1 month ago

    100 billion = health care for all Americans for 40 years

  • Ellen Roberts
    Ellen Roberts 1 month ago


  • Spider Pond
    Spider Pond 1 month ago

    Don't mind me, just over here yearning for a simpler time...

  • The Spanish Inquisition

    Just turn nasa off for a year or two and we are good!

  • vk S
    vk S 1 month ago

    Good luck America. Presidents IQ reflects countrymen's.

  • Reflexed Abdu
    Reflexed Abdu 1 month ago

    Texas belongs to mexico we stole it from them, before u get triggered look up history u cunt

  • Manoel C.
    Manoel C. 1 month ago

    I'm a offended Belgian.

  • Paper Gangsta
    Paper Gangsta 1 month ago

    You know every country has a wall right? Why are you acting like this is unheard of? There's already a shitty border wall, but it's like 6 feet fuckin high.. Anyone can get over it *illegally*. Trump wants a bigger wall. Big Woop.

  • Rafael Perez Barron
    Rafael Perez Barron 1 month ago


  • WW Alex
    WW Alex 1 month ago

    Trump must be chinese that's why he like the wall so much

  • iikk_a
    iikk_a 1 month ago

    "Imagine all the people, bulldozer on your family's grave"

  • Jeffery Fletcher
    Jeffery Fletcher 1 month ago

    As Elvis once sang ( to much monkey business).

  • jim
    jim 1 month ago

    Americans are so stupid.

  • God-Emperor of Mankind

    did i say mexico's paying for it? i meant US taxpayers

  • Rene Olguin
    Rene Olguin 1 month ago

    his "fucking" wall will never be built...."who could've known" that international economics is so complex? LOL

  • Marlene McGovern
    Marlene McGovern 1 month ago

    I love waffles👍😄

  • Christian Maldonado
    Christian Maldonado 1 month ago


  • Warcrafter3001
    Warcrafter3001 1 month ago

    Sure a wall is pretty outlandish, but there are plenty of probelms with illegal immigrants. At least sombody is saying such.

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper 1 month ago

    How is this pathetic hack still on tv

  • G Cgfdg
    G Cgfdg 1 month ago


  • Gaspar Peralta
    Gaspar Peralta 1 month ago

    I'm Argentinian I can perfectly understand english and what this man is saying is exactly how things are looking from the outside in and with the rest of that one billion for pancakes why not use it I don't know SOMETHING FUCKING USEFUL.Also I want one of those now yeah waffles sound good

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 1 month ago

    I want a waffle Iron! Donald Trump has the best Waffle Irons. The greatest and most wonderful fantastic waffle irons.

  • -A damn
    -A damn 1 month ago

    i feel like americans if they don't have any country they'll 'just use belgium' it was like that in Harry Potter and numerous other TV-shows like we're so underrated

  • Taylor Hartman
    Taylor Hartman 1 month ago

    5:02 😂😂😂

  • naveen kala
    naveen kala 1 month ago

    hello Americans!!! have u heard about ladders?

  • Paulo Fernandinho
    Paulo Fernandinho 1 month ago

    I cant stand that man speaking more then 3 ords I love John Oliver.
    He makes him look like he is what he is a Lunatic Lier.

  • Desiree Wilson
    Desiree Wilson 1 month ago

    The document excerpt seen around time 10:10 really confused me. I thought that citizens cannot sue the federal government. Please forgive my ignorance as I ask this foolish question: Why does the federal government have the power to sue its citizens just for legally owning property? Am I missing something???

  • Yasmin Wu
    Yasmin Wu 1 month ago

    This is such a mean show! Trump is our president and we need to respect him! Shows like this are so so rude

  • Essem
    Essem 1 month ago

    Its like having a neighbor whose tree keeps getting leaves in your yard, so you want to build a fence and make your neighbor pay for it. Its ridiculous, and leaves will still find a way into your yard.

  • LegendOfPichu155
    LegendOfPichu155 1 month ago

    This was the episode that introduced me to John. I've been hooked ever since

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue 1 month ago

    Such a shame D.T. can't see the immigrants and cartel drugs flying over the wall and into the U.S. on John Cena Airlines.

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