Highlander Kit Plane from Just Aircraft

Watch as this light sport aircraft from Just Aircraft takes off and lands.

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Author wenieo (6 years)
thats so cool!

Author usernameavailable152 (5 years)
You need a pilot license to operate as the pilot in command anywhere in

Author curtis mcmanus (5 years)
fantastic plane , my auntie has a cessna float plane in canada , i used to
fly it on my own aged 12 ! no need for a license were she lives ! near
winapeg ...fab video

Author wezdog1 (4 years)
STOL that shit up man

Author curtis mcmanus (5 years)
not when your rich ! hehehhe

Author TheeOz (4 years)
Shortest TOL ive ever seen

Author 64wing (4 years)
@curtisducati yeah you didn't...

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