Denise Austin in Arizona #2

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Author RepnSINY52 (4 years)
Itz juss nice to know I'm not alone in this ....

Author faceman68 (4 years)
@timduzit I am not sure why Denise is surprised about how many men feel
about her. She is a very attractive looking woman, with a body that could
give women half her age a run for their money. She is very sensual, in the
way she moves her body. I mean the woman is straight up, one sexy and
mature looking woman. Plus, recently, someone uploaded a video, where
Denise was wearing a business suit with a short skirt and high heels. The
woman was looking mighty sexy.

Author faceman68 (4 years)
That is one of her best features. Her legs and thighs. I just love it when
she wears either a one piece or two piece. Here legs are just incredible in
my book.

Author ny5280 (1 year)
6:50! Hands around that waist and fucking Denise doggstyle! I fuck the shit
out of this bitch Denise!

Author timduzit (4 years)
I LOVE those legs and feet! I just saw her in person a couple days ago.
WOW. She looked so good. She was wearing this tight orange strappy top. I
wanted to mastubate to her when I saw her but I was in front of about 40
people, so I didnt' think it was a good idea there. I've read where she is
surprised by the stuff we write about her. But she must be into it. She was
dressed provacatively compared to everyone else at this function. She's
into it!

Author Michael Donovan (4 years)
6:47 is absolutely mind-blowing!!! Yep - this is the one I was talking

Author Igor Cherevat (1 year)
Good day! I'm Nicole.I did -25 lbs past two months.Go to\#O1Op

Author faceman68 (4 years)
Denise in that purple top with black bikini bottoms. One word: SEXY.

Author univibe23 (4 years)
I'd be satisfied just to hump her leg like a dog!!

Author keto6789 (3 years)
I'd love to stick my thang right up her sweet crap hole.

Author faceman68 (4 years)
@cipram74 I agree.

Author deanw0rmer (4 years)
Great legs! Feet on one end and snatch at the other!

Author The7legacy . (3 years)
Those black panties. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Dancing Spiderman (4 years)
Even the cactus gets wood Is that the shadow silhouette of ... a Winnebago
camper? The production really needed to have a #2 camera off to the side,
to catch the side butt shots

Author Michael Donovan (4 years)

Author miguelporraz (3 years)
she definitely has a great body but those legs are very how should I put
it, spreadable?

Author tromo03 (4 years)
It dosen't get any better than this. legman, you rock!!

Author faceman68 (1 year)
I am loving the purple tank top and black bikini bottoms. Just sexy. I love
the way Denise was looking in this episode, especially her legs. I think
that if I could say what body part that Denise has is the sexiest, I would
say her legs.

Author drdaveturbo (4 years)
i would much rather hear her then this gay ass song..

Author baberuth2863 (1 year)
imagine how tight her vagina is

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