Incredible Zion Adventure!

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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew head off on an incredible Zion adventure!

    Whether it’s high up at Angel's Landing or down the low in the slot canyon Narrows, Zion offers some of the most beautiful and iconic views in the entire United States; and quite possibly the world. So while in Utah hunting for Dinosaur tracks the Brave Wilderness team couldn’t resist seeing the sights for themselves on their day off!

    Get ready to follow along on some of Zion’s most famous hikes!

    HUGE THANKS to Jonathan Zambella for outfitting and guiding the crew on this On Location! If you would like to see the sights of Zion for yourself, contact the Zion Guru by visiting his website for all of your adventure needs! -

    Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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  • Logan Disabatino
    Logan Disabatino 1 hour ago

    dude zion is an amazing place I swam in the canyons cause it rained so much when I went

  • Justin Persad
    Justin Persad 6 hours ago

    1:33 there was ah squirrel behind you while you were talking about counting every footstep because you're not looking for wild animals. lol

  • Melanie Ponce Gomez
    Melanie Ponce Gomez 20 hours ago

    I've been there it's awesome and coyote please maybe one day come to Utah again an
    And me and my friend can catch lizards and stuff please oh yeah and me and my friend caught a lizard wahoo

  • Tommy Cao
    Tommy Cao 20 hours ago

    At 1:32 you can see a lizard crawling at the left side of the screen 😂

  • Danielle Taylor
    Danielle Taylor 1 day ago

    I'm too clumsy for this.

  • Sigurd Wake
    Sigurd Wake 1 day ago

    Lokk at 1:32-1:34

  • partyguy 63
    partyguy 63 1 day ago

    I have a place that you could go, in December go to rifle Colorado to the,. ICE CAVES

  • Sahil Paul
    Sahil Paul 2 days ago

    The music when they reached the summit was like straight outta Lord of the Rings

  • Aim Mep
    Aim Mep 2 days ago

    Look behind Coyote at 1:34 see if you spot it

  • anonymous B
    anonymous B 3 days ago

    You should do an adventure in the siskiyou mountains. Klamath river and Salmon rivers are beyond beautiful. go during blackberry season

  • Trey Savage
    Trey Savage 3 days ago

    Wheres Follows-Chalk at ??

  • ArsenalPlayz YT
    ArsenalPlayz YT 3 days ago

    7,000,000 subscribers
    coming up

  • Royalty
    Royalty 3 days ago

    There was something to catch at 1:31. I don't know what it was but it was running towards you Coyote

  • AllThingsPaper
    AllThingsPaper 3 days ago

    Chris the editor sounds like me XD

  • Gibran Elia
    Gibran Elia 4 days ago

    1:30 look at coyote back

  • Treena Woods
    Treena Woods 4 days ago

    thar wos a liserd

  • Anthony Colula
    Anthony Colula 5 days ago

    1:33 1:34 look behind coyote

  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy 5 days ago

    did you see the rat behind him

  • Afsheen Adil
    Afsheen Adil 5 days ago

    did enyone saw at 1: 33 bhind cayoudie

  • Jayden Holland
    Jayden Holland 5 days ago

    at 1:33 there is a Lizard behind him

  • Maria Zeledon
    Maria Zeledon 5 days ago

    At 1:34 I think a gecko was behind him

  • Nate Blevins
    Nate Blevins 6 days ago

    I just seen a animal.

  • Jude Cosgrave
    Jude Cosgrave 6 days ago

    I am from London but when I went on holiday to America last summer I travelled through many national parks but Zion was by far the best! I also did this exact same hike and it was very tiring but it was 100% worth it as I went on a sunny day so the views from 'Angel's Landing' were impeccable! Definitely reccommend taking a trip to Zion if you are in the West coast of America because it is the most incredible place I have ever been in my life!

  • Hala Addas
    Hala Addas 6 days ago

    Kiyote did you ever find a hedgehog

  • Ben Messervy
    Ben Messervy 6 days ago

    anyone else notice that little lizard that scurried behind coyote around 1:32 and 1:33

  • kyle schmid
    kyle schmid 7 days ago

    has any fossils been seen there?

  • Crystal Jenkins
    Crystal Jenkins 7 days ago

    You are cool

  • William Farbman
    William Farbman 7 days ago

    I've been there!

  • Alex Preston
    Alex Preston 7 days ago

    the rock Karen's are not there anymore

  • Braving The Outdoors

    Lizard 1:35

  • Karina/Ethan Gutierrez

    Wow so cool I wish i could be there

  • The Potato Boy
    The Potato Boy 9 days ago

    Did anybody see the squirrel in the background at 1:33

  • The Transformation
    The Transformation 10 days ago

    Coyote I love how your crew is so interactive

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner 10 days ago

    At 1:33 there is something moving behind Coyote

  • Peggy McCarthy
    Peggy McCarthy 10 days ago

    I have been there on those hikes

  • Giselle McCray
    Giselle McCray 10 days ago

    there was an animal in the background at 1:33

  • Cho Tube
    Cho Tube 11 days ago

    attempted angels landing last year. on the bus ride to the entry i chickened out and went to the narrows. treading through the water felt wonderful in 100 degree weather.

  • David MN
    David MN 12 days ago


  • David MN
    David MN 12 days ago


  • Thelynxqueen OP
    Thelynxqueen OP 12 days ago

    11:28 PM and I love I mean love your channels

  • Luv Noyes
    Luv Noyes 13 days ago

    Glad you liked Utah try some of the other canyons there are breathe taking just like Zion park I love Utah it's definitely beautiful here you show come when it snows it's beautiful to see on the mountains

  • LoveInGloves
    LoveInGloves 13 days ago

    There's seriously a dude at my school named Zion. So are you telling me he was a canyon the whole time?

  • Captain Potato
    Captain Potato 13 days ago

    These vids are so high quality and no clickbait

  • Newlegofilms
    Newlegofilms 15 days ago

    Lizard behind him at 1:33

  • Josh Mather
    Josh Mather 16 days ago

    Cool video

  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian Collins 16 days ago

    ha utar like utaraptor lol

  • CoralFailure
    CoralFailure 16 days ago

    My pams are sweating.

  • Ape man Commeth
    Ape man Commeth 16 days ago

    The USA has a ton of parks that look awesome this one here in Utah would be so cool to spend a week or two in!

  • Sergio Contreras
    Sergio Contreras 17 days ago

    there s a lizard behind your back

  • Stephanie Lall
    Stephanie Lall 17 days ago

    hi Coyote

  • Syz Stock
    Syz Stock 18 days ago

    I have been there before

  • Fabienne Moser
    Fabienne Moser 18 days ago

    Guys, improve Anybody watch larger this one /%.

  • Ryan Clarke
    Ryan Clarke 18 days ago

    1:33 minutes in the background there is a lizard

  • Derek Alvidrez
    Derek Alvidrez 19 days ago

    That's my home state

  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller 19 days ago

    coyote why don't you go to the Grand canyon

  • Spiritjammer30 Aj
    Spiritjammer30 Aj 20 days ago

    when you were saying you a mile in there was a small animal behind you

  • jacob rock
    jacob rock 20 days ago

    what is the story about youre cowboy hat

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez 21 day ago

    At 1:34 you can see a squirrel

  • Josue Pena
    Josue Pena 22 days ago

    anyone see that animal in the backround at 1:32

  • Josue Pena
    Josue Pena 22 days ago

    did anyone see the animal in back of coyote, like on around 1:30 and 1:40

  • TheHappy1
    TheHappy1 22 days ago

    5:21 OMG did he built that and touched it❔greyt now i gotta go i gotta climp there🙌❤jk😂👌

  • Sandra Bailey
    Sandra Bailey 23 days ago

    mee too definitely

  • Nancy Jaber
    Nancy Jaber 23 days ago

    The funny thing is that he said that it's harder to walk on a trail when you're not looking for animals then there was a gecko behind him at 1:34

  • TK 360
    TK 360 24 days ago

    1:32 pokemon at the squirl on the rocks

  • Giggletime TehPolarbear

    You forgot to go to bryce...

  • Rising Pianist
    Rising Pianist 25 days ago

    You mised a animal it liked like a sqirel or a mouse

  • PapaDolfuHitler
    PapaDolfuHitler 25 days ago

    but honestly honest hearts dlc was the worst

  • Sweet As Vlogs
    Sweet As Vlogs 25 days ago

    Hey, I'm just starting out with youtube and make adventure/discovery vlogs and videos hope you could check it out and let me know how i'm doing :)

  • Craig Coffey
    Craig Coffey 26 days ago

    There was an Alien at 1:34! I will never know what it was because Coyote didn't tell me about it. Unsubbing!

  • Ximena Cruz
    Ximena Cruz 27 days ago

    1:32 " nothing to catch" but there's a lizard in the corner running 😂🐊

  • Can_Of_Beans
    Can_Of_Beans 27 days ago

    Coyote, You should do a video showing us your favorite gear to use!

  • Liz W.
    Liz W. 28 days ago

    Coyote can. we go on an adventure. and d love to meet pup Pederson. I wanna catch some cool reptiles and some mammals

  • Reece Willams
    Reece Willams 28 days ago

    I found an animal at 1:31 behind cyote

  • lolo fuentese
    lolo fuentese 28 days ago

    1:52 look at the corner

  • Little Hiker
    Little Hiker 29 days ago

    I have completed the Narrows of Zion and Angels landing. It was tiring but it was worth it! So coyote good job!

  • Gaming With Jab
    Gaming With Jab 29 days ago

    1:33 there's a lizard behind coyote

  • Teddy Robedee
    Teddy Robedee 29 days ago

    Wheres the tribal's at? I haven't seen any White Legs around the video.

  • norma dominguez
    norma dominguez 1 month ago

    Me too

  • Luke Damron
    Luke Damron 1 month ago

    Now I understand Iron like a lion In ZION

  • Kristen Scott
    Kristen Scott 1 month ago

    So beautiful! Awesome and stunning views!

  • Blubbery Blue
    Blubbery Blue 1 month ago

    Mark has no expression

  • Ally Kat
    Ally Kat 1 month ago

    At 1:33 there is an animal crawling at the bottom left corner, what is that?

  • hey bitch
    hey bitch 1 month ago

    i've been there :D

    • hey bitch
      hey bitch 1 month ago

      that's crazy to think that when coyote was putting his shoe things on i sat in the EXACT spot to my water shoes on lol.

  • Momma Apollo
    Momma Apollo 1 month ago

    When I went to Zion It was one hell of a journey,I also went on every trail and All the way up to Angels Landing!!

  • Ivan Minagorashvili
    Ivan Minagorashvili 1 month ago

    There was a scorpion behind you

  • Cherrylaser2000
    Cherrylaser2000 1 month ago

    Been there once for spring break. Didn't have the guts to go to the top of Angel's Landing

  • Emina Osmanagic
    Emina Osmanagic 1 month ago

    At 3:33 there was a anamial behind coyote

  • Benedict Moleta
    Benedict Moleta 1 month ago

    thers a photo bomber in the video😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Lexi Sones
    Lexi Sones 1 month ago

    coyote you know when you where talking about animals and and not paying attention well when you bent down I saw a gecko climbing down the wall

  • Max Throttle
    Max Throttle 1 month ago

    Who seen that little squirrel at 1:32? skimming around like he owns the joint.

  • John Scarborough
    John Scarborough 1 month ago

    Hey coyote, if you're ever planning on doing another video like this i recommend the cairngorms national park in scotland

  • Joshua Charleton
    Joshua Charleton 1 month ago

    wow, right when he says you can't find any animals on 1:30-1:34, you see a lizard running behind him in the background

  • Link Slayer
    Link Slayer 1 month ago

    SO buitifull

  • ABrown 84
    ABrown 84 1 month ago

    Kinda surprised he's not a Christian considering all the wild life and locations he sees

  • pk621575
    pk621575 1 month ago

    Woe, how many staff members are there? How about during an anniversary, show all the staff members. And give a glimpse of what each one does.

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 1 month ago

    1:20 little anmanl behind cyodey

  • Maryn Leonard
    Maryn Leonard 1 month ago

    Drinking game: take a shot every time coyote says epic

  • M&G Adventures
    M&G Adventures 1 month ago

    awesome video!

  • Leslie Atkins
    Leslie Atkins 1 month ago

    the part where you show your camera man the part after that where it shows you sitting down if you look in the background there is a lizard.

  • Zyon Johnson
    Zyon Johnson 1 month ago

    my name is Zion

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