Kitchen Nightmares - Return to Amy's Baking Company (REAL EP)

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  • Sip Sargeant
    Sip Sargeant 13 minutes ago

    Gordon Ramsey is like James Bond . He needs to handle all us foods pleases lol

  • DragonialBeast _RBLX
    DragonialBeast _RBLX 13 minutes ago

    If only they were as good as Wendy's when it comes to making comebacks.

  • Rosa Resmi
    Rosa Resmi 21 minute ago

    They made their bed now they have to lay in it

  • Meow
    Meow 26 minutes ago

    this shit got shut down after threathening to stab a customer

  • Victor Lee
    Victor Lee 1 hour ago

    Making fun of people with Tourettes syndrome....

  • Brendosky Viera
    Brendosky Viera 1 hour ago

    she starts talking nd never finish

  • Alejandro Soto
    Alejandro Soto 1 hour ago

    he was like fuck this shit im out

  • its Laaazer
    its Laaazer 1 hour ago

    they just want fame lol

  • Joshua Bowman
    Joshua Bowman 1 hour ago

    well when they do you say they bully you

  • Jeremy Johnston
    Jeremy Johnston 1 hour ago

    See this is why the buss is going down because the owner still thinks she's a fucking kid

  • Joshua Bowman
    Joshua Bowman 2 hours ago

    really nigga😂😂😂

  • Faizan Tahir
    Faizan Tahir 2 hours ago

    they are hell crazy

  • Abdurr Patel
    Abdurr Patel 2 hours ago

    evidence of aliens

  • Artemis Rex
    Artemis Rex 2 hours ago

    She never shuts up. I want two of them to get of this planet.

  • Black DEMON
    Black DEMON 3 hours ago

    13:05 Wow even the BuzzFeed was talking about it.

    This is just some clip.

  • HarryPottard
    HarryPottard 3 hours ago

    the tipping in America is retarded and a total scam

  • rola schoek
    rola schoek 3 hours ago

    I have (jump) proof

  • Lord Toast
    Lord Toast 4 hours ago

    Why da fuq does she say their hiding behind a computer screen WHY THE FUCK would anyone come all the way to your crappy place to tell you something that can easily be sent I a few seconds and an account on Yelp

  • Markus Johnsen
    Markus Johnsen 4 hours ago

    Im looking for that crazy cat lady in the comments..

  • Robertt Roddriguz
    Robertt Roddriguz 5 hours ago

    imagine how her ancestors acted like when they owned slaves? pretty bad man. she needs to get her head checked

  • Alcatraz's Realm Of Joy

    Melissa is such a sweetheart really.

  • Fia Atatagi
    Fia Atatagi 5 hours ago

    The pair of them are f**ken nuts 😂😃😄😁😀😅😆

  • w canes
    w canes 6 hours ago

    How are these 2 even married? Clusterfuck doesn't even begin to define this restaurant and couple. Wow

  • Chris Gutierrez
    Chris Gutierrez 6 hours ago

    This bitch look like a tranny

  • Chuck Scarlett
    Chuck Scarlett 7 hours ago

    Amy, you look like one of the anchovies in spongebob squarepants.
    And FU guys taking tips from that cute innocent girl

  • Joep Brounen
    Joep Brounen 7 hours ago

    The funny thing is that they think that they could get their customers back but that's almost impossible XD

  • krishna murthy
    krishna murthy 7 hours ago

    for god sake the restaurant is closed now

  • Cheesepuff713 YouTube

    I can't stand people who try to say "it never happened before so it didn't happen this time" it's like the movie passengers

  • Thomas Y
    Thomas Y 7 hours ago

    "Stood up to Gordon Ramsey."

    It's more like he gave you bitter medicine.
    And then you pull out a gun and say it's poison.

  • Gabrielle Harries
    Gabrielle Harries 7 hours ago


  • Who farted?
    Who farted? 8 hours ago

    They're so indenial

  • cudnokuindiai cudnokuindiai

    Omg look, one of the best Chefs on the fucking world. He's gonna help us, you know what, fuck it lol

  • Knight_XV
    Knight_XV 8 hours ago

    If I was chief Ramsey, I would build a world class restaurant next store. Run that mother fucker down to ground..

  • funnelweb10
    funnelweb10 8 hours ago

    TV gold, find more Gordon ,love it.

  • Bootleg Nigahiga 24
    Bootleg Nigahiga 24 8 hours ago


  • Megsha Kaul
    Megsha Kaul 8 hours ago

    I hate how they fired Katie...

  • C.E.L.L.
    C.E.L.L. 8 hours ago

    Holy shit, what is this mess of an Episode? 20 Minutes in and it feels like the Episode just started...

  • King Beef
    King Beef 9 hours ago


  • Camden Jandreau
    Camden Jandreau 9 hours ago

    Lmao. Amy is butthurt af

  • rickyslick1000
    rickyslick1000 10 hours ago

    come on where are the crazy Muslims we need you

  • KBella2007 also Louisa

    while Gordon talks about the dough they start talking about the cheese.

  • GD_ Harris_YT
    GD_ Harris_YT 10 hours ago

    You can't hate a hater if you are a hater :)

  • rickyslick1000
    rickyslick1000 10 hours ago

    Amy's mom should of swallowed instead

  • Eliszabeth Van
    Eliszabeth Van 10 hours ago

    well at least they are perfect for eachother

  • Afrida Kabir
    Afrida Kabir 10 hours ago

    "The customer is not always right"

    You must be the customer because you aren't right

  • Cheese's Sexy Neighbour

    I went to that place last year, it tested... anyway we sent the food back and the white hair guy kick us out and dropped a f bomb in my face so ya...

  • YoWazup Itzassassin
    YoWazup Itzassassin 10 hours ago

    You may think I am joking but I am serious................. these people need to be put in a mental asylum

  • Glass Walrus Productions

    Lol theres no such thing as cyberbullying just turn off your computer

  • Kevin Kato
    Kevin Kato 11 hours ago

    Lmao they legit are lunatics

  • Princess Stephanie
    Princess Stephanie 11 hours ago

    Starts at 29:33

  • Deadreckoning the3rd
    Deadreckoning the3rd 12 hours ago

    I don't think Amy took a breath this entire episode.

  • bread cat
    bread cat 12 hours ago

    why didnt you FRICKIN HIT HER OR SOMETHING?!?!?!???!? AGHHHHH

  • Sabian Riesgo
    Sabian Riesgo 12 hours ago

    Amy looks scary

  • Auto Journals
    Auto Journals 12 hours ago

    Subscribe to channel I'll subscribe you back in two accounts 💪
    When you subscribe don't forget to comment that you have subscribed

  • Nicolas Brandon
    Nicolas Brandon 12 hours ago

    Amy's Baking Company 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  • Engi boi
    Engi boi 13 hours ago

    raveoli raveoli, what's in the pocketoli?

  • Cynthia Hom
    Cynthia Hom 13 hours ago

    Damn, why cant the be normal

  • Carlos Mascorro
    Carlos Mascorro 13 hours ago

    Wow honestly I could only hear Gordon and when Amy was talking I thought that I was watching peanuts

  • muhammad khan
    muhammad khan 13 hours ago

    20:10 meow meow dying 🐱🐈

  • Dbz Dokkan
    Dbz Dokkan 14 hours ago

    cough cough FEMINISM cough cough

  • Shattered Hexagon
    Shattered Hexagon 14 hours ago

    "listen to me when i talk to you, you dont walk away. you dont work here anymore okay"

    well when she doesnt work there anymore, why does she have to hear bitch's voice?

  • DragonL0rd HELI0N
    DragonL0rd HELI0N 14 hours ago

    I actually saw that place in real life I'm glad I didn't eat there I went to a place called opa instead best pizza I ever had

  • Smitha Reghunathannair

    jesus gordon s killing himself

  • KingPoppa 15
    KingPoppa 15 14 hours ago

    what is a panzy

  • Shalyn Lane
    Shalyn Lane 14 hours ago

    The eyebrows prove the crazy. No one should have that thin of eyebrows

  • ixwillxkillxyouxall
    ixwillxkillxyouxall 15 hours ago

    still fucking crazy. im happy this place is Permanently Closed!

  • Inevercheckmyreplies
    Inevercheckmyreplies 16 hours ago

    I believe Amy. From the first episode, it was blindingly obvious that the customers were being extra for the cameras (just like in most Kitchen Nightmare episodes). In this episode the "customers" are even worse. One lady says she expected them to be good but in the same sentence said that they were exactly what she expected (meaning horrible). Does that even make sense? You were expecting something to be good, it turned out bad, so therefore it was as you expected? It's simple contradictions like these that reveals there's more embellishment than honesty.

    I also believe the Facebook was hacked, the phrasing seemed more like a caricature of Amy and Sammy rather than being actually them.

    Amy sucks, Sammy sucks, and logically, the type of people who would waste their money just to see a shitshow are natural instigators, so their new customers suck too.

  • Smashy
    Smashy 16 hours ago

    Sincere fuck you for keeping the waitresses/waiters tips. Who the fuck are you? Asswipes and they fucking edited you because it's like a 3 day operation and they want to keep the dramatic feel too, and you are batshit crazy ofc he wants the juicy things for the viewers to see. The people who come in the restaurant have no balls? Well guess what, you have nothing then because they put up With the shit you put them through. Sincerely FUCK You

  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 16 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg

  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 16 hours ago


  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago


  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago

    the food is not good ok

  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago


  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago

    amy look like 😱😠😳😲😭💩👹👺👿👎

  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago


  • Joel Aomonst 04
    Joel Aomonst 04 17 hours ago


  • TheFPSKingsGaming
    TheFPSKingsGaming 17 hours ago


  • Tharun Sankar
    Tharun Sankar 17 hours ago

    "Customer is not always right" hmmm

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 17 hours ago

    Amy: hi i'm Amy Garcia from kitchen nightmares!
    Sammy: kitchen nightmares? 😀 come in, come in!
    Me: I die 😅🤣😂😄😁

  • Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard 18 hours ago

    sammy looks like hes murdered someone

  • Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard 18 hours ago

    ana garcia lowkey a lil thiccy 👅💦

  • frozen zuke
    frozen zuke 18 hours ago

    I bet Amy gets crazy in bed too, she likes raw dick.

  • RobsVette01
    RobsVette01 18 hours ago

    Best thing about this video, are the reporters legs...those are fire!

  • Adam Amin
    Adam Amin 18 hours ago

    more like when the smart people become stupid

  • Dan GleeSack
    Dan GleeSack 19 hours ago

    After 35:00 , play it in half speed and she sounds like she's drunk

  • Jaime Goytia
    Jaime Goytia 19 hours ago

    oh my they are carzy!!

  • Edward Vicens
    Edward Vicens 19 hours ago

    Amy's Baking Company= ABC 😂

  • Daniel Burton
    Daniel Burton 20 hours ago

    Wait a sec...


  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 20 hours ago

    She needs a good fucking cause I guarantee his old, wrinkly balls aren't doing the trick!

  • H R
    H R 20 hours ago

    God what horrible people😡

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 20 hours ago

    She's nucking futs!

  • Furoki fur
    Furoki fur 21 hour ago

    Her pupils are a bit dilated lel. Bit.

  • cookie 101
    cookie 101 21 hour ago

    That Interview.
    That speech..

    Oh my god what are you the president of America?

  • Cayde - 6
    Cayde - 6 22 hours ago


  • Brittany Davidson
    Brittany Davidson 23 hours ago

    Amy reminds me of my sister sadly

  • s. lukather
    s. lukather 23 hours ago

    Essen is etzela gut un wer kein Ofenkäse mag, dem schmeiß ich die Prügel raus. Kagg Haider.

  • reflex ninja
    reflex ninja 23 hours ago

    At the end it sounds like an Isis speech

  • Beaver productions

    Man she's a crazy Bitch

  • Erick Zhen
    Erick Zhen 1 day ago

    I am not crazy 34:41. She said she can talk

    TO CATS 👋 boi

  • Omar Harb
    Omar Harb 1 day ago

    if i were pushed by that Sammy like that guy in the video, i would have made him swallow his teeth

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