Gordon Pours Disgusting Gravy Into the Street | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • SmileyBoySa Gaming
    SmileyBoySa Gaming 4 hours ago


  • slender films_RBLX
    slender films_RBLX 4 hours ago

    I've always question movies and shows to be sexist cuz they always say mums cooking is the best but meh dads better

  • Norbi2000Gamer
    Norbi2000Gamer 6 hours ago

    Can i get gravy on the side of the street?

  • OHs!hitwaddup
    OHs!hitwaddup 15 hours ago

    Hey fockin hell we got some town (couldn't understand that part) :(

  • Is Loos
    Is Loos 17 hours ago

    ヽ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ ʀuʙ ᴍʏ ᴅᴏɴɢᴇʀ ヽ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ

  • koichi fukuda
    koichi fukuda 1 day ago

    your awesome

  • nheztor
    nheztor 1 day ago

    i thought that was mud

  • Filbert Olivares
    Filbert Olivares 1 day ago

    Who else thought that you were watching a asmr video when Gordon commentated

  • Cat Person
    Cat Person 1 day ago

    The gravy might have been bad but I'm sure if he manages to find the lamb sauce everything will be ok

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 1 day ago


    I'm so sorry I can't resist D:

  • Joe De La Paz
    Joe De La Paz 1 day ago

    The gravy looks like ink from splatoon

    • ItsBen
      ItsBen 1 day ago

      Haha i saw this a while back...i loved every second of it

  • Flux Gaming
    Flux Gaming 1 day ago

    Omg that owners accent is sooooo annoying

  • Lau Zhen Zhoa
    Lau Zhen Zhoa 1 day ago

    Now Nino has to clean the road

  • Tk Bandele
    Tk Bandele 1 day ago

    Gordon sounds more British in the British episodes

  • Emma Mendes Xx
    Emma Mendes Xx 1 day ago

    2:49 my face when I open the first page of my exam paper.

  • al Mamlūk
    al Mamlūk 1 day ago

    There's something heartwarming about Gordon throwing out the Gravy and laughing with the chefs about it.

  • topkek bottomkek
    topkek bottomkek 1 day ago

    theyre busting their nuts for you! -Gordon Ramsay

    DIES IRAE 2 days ago


    Gordon Ramsay, everytime.

  • Darth Vapor
    Darth Vapor 2 days ago

    How do u fuck up gravy

  • General Beaver
    General Beaver 2 days ago

    its so raw nino has to clean up its shit

  • GOKU_GAINS Kevin
    GOKU_GAINS Kevin 2 days ago

    Nino would clean that

    KING POTATO 2 days ago

    I'm sure I took a big shit that had the consistency and look of this gravy.

    Btw it was a steamy shit

  • Jason balderas
    Jason balderas 2 days ago

    that food looks like shit

  • AnAmericanMan
    AnAmericanMan 2 days ago

    "We don't know!" People can be so delusional and so in denial, and this as they are aging, drinking, poor diet...

  • winterwolf211
    winterwolf211 2 days ago

    One minute in and I can already tell, this is not kitchen nightmares US.

  • Lewis Daniels
    Lewis Daniels 3 days ago


  • IYozaI GD
    IYozaI GD 3 days ago

    I kind of feel sad for that old man cause he is tearing and he is also about to cry 😭

  • Hugo Chan
    Hugo Chan 3 days ago

    It's illegal to do that

  • Duffzilla12
    Duffzilla12 3 days ago

    omg I thought that gravy was chocolate gnash

  • RageNova
    RageNova 3 days ago

    Savage as fuck woww lol

  • Omar Castellon
    Omar Castellon 3 days ago

    why does that guy sound like connor mcgregor lmao

  • mediiskit
    mediiskit 3 days ago

    the owner guy has beautiful accent and voice

  • Pikachu Pikapika
    Pikachu Pikapika 4 days ago

    thats gravy? it looks like bbq sauce or mollases

  • LuvUtube FixItDoe
    LuvUtube FixItDoe 4 days ago

    1,400 comment git good boys Gordon Ramsay is amazing

  • Omer Sohaib
    Omer Sohaib 4 days ago


  • Aihara Kanade
    Aihara Kanade 4 days ago

    That gravy looks disgusting so much..

  • Ocarina Ninja
    Ocarina Ninja 5 days ago

    I legit thought the "gravy" (if you can even call it that) was chocolate sauce...

  • GhostlyScout
    GhostlyScout 5 days ago


  • psyc
    psyc 5 days ago

    kids in africa could have eaten that street
    now its ruined with gravy

  • The JurassicMan
    The JurassicMan 5 days ago

    UK version is much better. it has that for an error feel

  • Press-On Gaming
    Press-On Gaming 5 days ago

    I just got over a pretty terrible run in with food poisoning today and my diarrhea bears a shocking resemblance to that gravy

  • Levi
    Levi 5 days ago

    Take a shot everytime Gordon said fuck

  • David Bui
    David Bui 5 days ago

    what did the road do to him

  • Arkitik Korn
    Arkitik Korn 5 days ago

    He actually filled a pothole with gravy

  • xXNetherGamingXx Nether Army

    "Brown sauce" Damn Gordon

  • xXNetherGamingXx Nether Army

    God damn! 😂

  • Jason Jacobo
    Jason Jacobo 6 days ago

    gordon had the owner thinking about life after he cussed the fuck out of him.

  • Unicorn L.
    Unicorn L. 6 days ago

    How to be Gordon:

    Words to say- Fuck Fucking Shit Shitty Bullshit Disgusting Fuck Me

    What to use- Olive oil

  • nathan covington
    nathan covington 6 days ago

    The owner looks like a original character someone made for harry potter

  • Trenton Gober
    Trenton Gober 6 days ago

    which episode and season is this

  • MatteGuinno
    MatteGuinno 6 days ago

    Be free gravy

    FAT CUNT 6 days ago

    Is that chocolate

  • Savage Potato
    Savage Potato 6 days ago

    My wet shit looks more appealing.

  • Joleen Nelson
    Joleen Nelson 6 days ago

    wheres NINOOOOOOOOOOOO to save the day

  • Xernoid
    Xernoid 6 days ago

    When I Saw The Thumbnail I Though It Was Melted Chocolate!!

  • Brazen Spy
    Brazen Spy 6 days ago

    Gordon hates the gravy.

  • Ji Kook
    Ji Kook 7 days ago

    Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was chocolate or something lmao

  • Proxania
    Proxania 7 days ago

    Gordon should go to Swiss chalet

  • Bunny Films2
    Bunny Films2 7 days ago

    Read More

  • Nico Roldan
    Nico Roldan 7 days ago

    that gravy looks like diarrhea

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 7 days ago

    still better than amys baking company

  • Cesar Zepeda
    Cesar Zepeda 7 days ago

    I feel bad for three man

    GENERAL NOLiJ 7 days ago


  • BlackOblivian
    BlackOblivian 8 days ago

    Fuck Gordon is honestly daddy af

  • CBas _
    CBas _ 8 days ago

    1.111mil subs

  • Cameron Morris
    Cameron Morris 8 days ago

    has anyone noticed that Gordan has permanent scowl wrinkles because he's always scowling

  • KJ Crane
    KJ Crane 8 days ago

    Going on 2 hours of this funny ass show

  • Niccolo Buonocore
    Niccolo Buonocore 8 days ago

    thought the gravy looked like my dogs runny shit at first

  • Might Canon
    Might Canon 8 days ago

    Only wish Niño was there to clean that up and .....Wait! Niño is coming!

  • Maffers Z
    Maffers Z 8 days ago

    Why was there a bag of Hershey Squirts in the thumbnail?

  • MrJoshuaSalway1990
    MrJoshuaSalway1990 8 days ago

    The amount of times owners have said they don't know why their business is failing... Well that's why these idiots suck. They can't figure out what the problem is.

  • Juan_aids
    Juan_aids 9 days ago

    The description just says "Gordon hates the gravy"

  • nighthawk gaming
    nighthawk gaming 9 days ago

    for now on ill stick with the salad

  • AJ of Mars
    AJ of Mars 9 days ago

    Don't know about the UK, but if I poured that on the street in the US I would get fined for littering.

  • aaron samuels
    aaron samuels 9 days ago

    he didn't like the gravy.

  • Odd Berry
    Odd Berry 9 days ago

    "I can cook, Joe."

  • Kenneth Bowers
    Kenneth Bowers 9 days ago

    gordon makes me bust my nuts :)

  • iliketowin win
    iliketowin win 11 days ago

    Th UK version is so calm :)

  • John Stuart
    John Stuart 11 days ago

    Has there ever been a moment when Ramsay enjoyed a dish?

  • Andy Zullo
    Andy Zullo 12 days ago

    It looks like fucking melted chocolate.

  • Arianna Ali
    Arianna Ali 12 days ago

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't know who Nino is 🤧

  • Juliam Dolce
    Juliam Dolce 12 days ago

    Eww they're busting nuts in the kitchen? No wonder the food is crap

  • Platinum Rage
    Platinum Rage 13 days ago

    I was half expecting the gravy to burn through the concrete

  • Rachel Reyes
    Rachel Reyes 13 days ago

    fillin em potholes with gravy like gordon ramsey

  • - Zilla -
    - Zilla - 13 days ago

    Fuck yeah
    400th dislike

  • Yaretzi Rodriguez
    Yaretzi Rodriguez 13 days ago

    3:06 is the best part ever

  • Autistic Cracker
    Autistic Cracker 14 days ago

    Gordon: Look at this tarmac! It's so uneven! This looks shottier than Charlton Heston fucking gun collection! What temperature are you laying this down this at?!

    Roadworker: About 90 C, Chef.

    Gordon: 90 C?! Hot mix virgin asphalt should be /at least/ 105 Centigrade when you lay it! How in the goddamned shit did you not know that?! When was the last time this asphalt was heated?!

    Roadworker: About an hour ago, Chef.

    Gordon: Fuck me... *puts hand over mouth* ...wow

  • Daniel Bluecat
    Daniel Bluecat 14 days ago

    It looks like disgusting chocolate or diarrhea.

  • ShadowHawk
    ShadowHawk 14 days ago


  • RaiderLuke078
    RaiderLuke078 15 days ago

    _-what dumb owners-_

  • Djlink01 minecraft
    Djlink01 minecraft 16 days ago

    1:49 the title said gravy not diarrhea.

  • Enotechian
    Enotechian 18 days ago

    I feel like Gordon is more disappointed doing the U.K. Version of this show

  • Number - X - Gamer
    Number - X - Gamer 18 days ago

    Lol who else thought that gravy was chocolate pudding before reading the title of the video?

  • Mr. Unitato
    Mr. Unitato 18 days ago

    whos ganna clean up that shit

  • Jaba The Pegasus
    Jaba The Pegasus 19 days ago

    "They're busting their nuts off for you." Kinky.

  • MonsterHunterRoon
    MonsterHunterRoon 19 days ago

    The thumbnail makes it look like really bad diarrhea.

  • Lonely Peach
    Lonely Peach 20 days ago

    Sometimes I feel so sorry for those people (like here)

  • The Yak
    The Yak 21 day ago


  • Nicholas monterroso

    it looks like when a psa shows a smokers lung and they squeeze the goo out

  • Piggle Piggi
    Piggle Piggi 21 day ago

    I love how the waiters laugh at him pouring the gravy in the road

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