Marina Mustafaeva - Ne Mogu Ne Pet

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Author Ali Abtahi (6 years)
Beautiful Video Dolalay, thanks for all your nice videos. Please get us
more videos of Laura Alieva.

Author scualiday (5 years)
Аллах благословит вас и да благословит эту сестру я Хассен из Алжира и
мусульманских .. Большое спасибо брат

Author Ordinary Sindhi (3 years)
@DarganNuSoiro Sposibo bolshoy vam! ya pakistanets i pozdrevlyayu vam

Author SalmanKings (5 years)
Allah has created you so beautiful and with such beautiful

Author SetenayAdiga (4 years)
aferin!!! отлично!!!

Author dsozso (3 years)
God almighty has blessed this sister with a wonderful voice.

Author tiger alnimr (4 years)
mashallah ged bless u

Author Ordinary Sindhi (3 years)
@DarganNuSoiro V Dagestane skolko chelovek govoryut po-darginskii?

Author Sanek 1978 (4 years)
Принцесса Востока!!!!)))))

Author sulemenable100 (4 years)
eto ne esty Mavlid,eto darginskya pesnya uje stavshaya narodnoy-))..Marine

Author DarganNuSoiro (4 years)
@oyamarovic Даргинский язык Дагестана - Dargin language

Author ACODUBAK (4 years)
Aferim from Serbia and Montenegro; song is very nice; Dagestan is ok,

Author fatimka8 (6 years)
Masha Allah!Kak krasivo1allah krasiv i lyubit krasotu!:)

Author oyama rovic (5 years)
which language is that ? and does she sing a nasheed or just a normal song

Author Ali Abtahi (4 years)
Long live Dagestan. Give my comment "plus" rating so that every one in the
world knows about those who say: "Long Live Dagestan". Да здравствует

Author obg94 (4 years)

Author Deden Soehendy (4 years)
Subhanallah..... I'm proud becouse I'm A Moslem and much brother in the

Author Ahmed127 (2 years)
did she recently become religious? some videos she is wearing hijab and
others she is not

Author Romarinho89 (4 years)
noodle0408 last time i checked we muslims should give nasihah on a nice way
not like a prick !

Author beqolki (4 years)

Author ingolstadli (5 years)
Hasallah. suphanAllah. a amaizing video . thanks Dolalay , viva Dagesdan...

Author DarganNuSoiro (3 years)
@Makrania В Дагестане даргинцев где-то 650 000 человек, еще 70 000-100 000
по остальной России

Author Ordinary Sindhi (3 years)
@Romarinho89 In which country do you live? I am Pakistani. Salam and

Author ruslan99999 (6 years)
super, Barkala Dolalay05

Author ellehadi (4 years)
молодец Марина!Мавлид очень красивый!!!молодец,так держать,голос
нереальный,и очень красивая!!!дал атто бойл хьа Марин!

Author fakes12 (5 years)

Author Atique Mirza (4 years)
@noodle0408 Are you really Muslim or some garden variety freak pretending
to be Muslim. As a Muslim I am appalled embarrased by what you just said.
Islam does not need NAZIS like yourself. You sound like a Taliban freak.
The Muslims throughout the world are our Brothers and sisters and we treat
them with respect. Have you ever heard of this concept of RESPECT, you
Freak of Nature. SHOW SOME RESPECT.

Author Eugene Bezhan (5 years)
slov net, odni emocii - do chego je krasivaja pesnja!

Author ELsan85 (5 years)
Masallah...Very Nice..!

Author fatimka8 (6 years)
Glavnoe ne vneshnaya krasota,a vnutrennaya!

Author ali a (4 years)
OK, CALM yourself.... ashamed of idiots like us? Go back to my country?? OK
first of all i am in my country.. YOU don't belong here with your mouth
open and clear to people.... stop embarrassing us and either take off the
hijab you disgrace or keep it on and shut your mouth... insha'allah Allah
will save the righteous and give hedia to people like you...

Author ali a (4 years)
How does wearing the Hijab and wearing fullmake up go together? with your
mouth open wide infront of the world to see, Women are suppose to be a
flower in Islam keeping their voice to a minimum not barking on a stage
-BEHAVE... Not like this .. How dare you display Islam on the media like
this, this is not what a Hijab is about.. I am ashamed of brothers and
sisters like YOU!

Author seriousgirl05 (6 years)
Barkalla,o4en krasivoe video.Marina hidjab adela,ya i neznala..o4en
krasivo.Priyatno slyhat',tem bolee kogda ponimaesh))

Author shvedenish (6 years)
asalamu elejkum vse bratja....marat iz sweden

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