Top 10 Games With The Best Car Crashes!

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  • Top 10 Games With The Best Car Crashes! // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    These games are like NASCAR: some people only like em’ for the crashes! These are the games with the most spectacular vehicular carnage, the most awesome wrecks and the most bone crunching pile ups! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games With The Best Car Crashes!

    00:33 #10. “Blur” (2010)
    01:04 #9. “Grid 2” (2013)
    01:46 #8. “DiRT Rally” (2015)
    02:25 #7. “FlatOut Ultimate Carnage” (2007)
    03:02 #6. “” (2015)
    03:47 #5. “Watch_Dogs 2” (2016)
    04:27 #4. “Project Cars” (2015)
    05:07 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • 24 days ago

    Do some crashing yourself with these amazing games featured in our video!
    Dirt Rally PS4
    Watch Dogs 2 - PlayStation 4
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, XBOX 360

    • Tegjwok John
      Tegjwok John 12 days ago

      Kris Jarvis I agree too. Even buildings can fall. Its on PSP by the way.

    • Soap
      Soap 12 days ago

      GTA 4 -_-

    • Kris Jarvis
      Kris Jarvis 23 days ago

      I agree :) Split?Second is great game with soooooooooo many crashes ;)

    • Tenno Boy
      Tenno Boy 24 days ago

      You guys never mention Split/Second: Velocity in your list of car games. It is an amazing yet sadly underrated game that has a chance to be featured on these lists yet you guys always overlook it. Split/Second should have been on this list over Blur since Blur is just an SS reskin, in fact, it should have been featured on the majority of your previous car game lists, but I digress. This is an utter disgrace to those who enjoy your car game lists...

  • The Triple A
    The Triple A 10 hours ago

    Idiot EA, they are forcing criterion games to do side projects, without having any idea that they'll profit more if they let them make another burnout.

  • Elias Eshu
    Elias Eshu 1 day ago

    I have like all the ones 5-1 I got all of them all 5 I LOVE CAR GAMES

  • Steven Garza
    Steven Garza 5 days ago

    "Fallout Ultimate Carnage"

  • Christopher Hassen
    Christopher Hassen 6 days ago

    burnout 3 takedown should have replaced paradise. simply for the crash mode

  • wantedman 45
    wantedman 45 7 days ago

    How could you not put the NASCAR franchise in this list

  • The Jompa Channel -Destiny and More

    I have played burnout paradise for so long, Already knew it was nr1 when I saw the title.

  • James Bush
    James Bush 7 days ago

    Why watch dogs that one had barely anything to do with crashes and by how you are classing them GTA v would beat watch dogs

  • Mr. Khajiit
    Mr. Khajiit 7 days ago

    Where the fuck is "Big Rig Racing"?

  • chazerblazzer 21
    chazerblazzer 21 7 days ago

    You're not going to mention GTA 4 at all. Not at all, but you will mention GTA 5.. yea I'm unsubscribing

  • Jonah Barlow
    Jonah Barlow 7 days ago

    Uhhh, has no one here played Just Cause 2??? Best! Crashing! Game! Ever!!! Like seriously???

  • edible xbox
    edible xbox 7 days ago

    why isnt beamng in 1st place?

  • Xavier Salimbangon
    Xavier Salimbangon 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who just knew that Burnout Paradise would be #1

  • VarietySeries_Studios

    How the fuck did watchdogs get higher then beam

  • Emilis Kasiulynas
    Emilis Kasiulynas 8 days ago

    Blur was one of the best racing games i've played so far

  • lucas dix
    lucas dix 8 days ago

    split second

  • Berk Deniz Sofu
    Berk Deniz Sofu 8 days ago

    where is crashday

  • Maxim Pikalev
    Maxim Pikalev 8 days ago

    Waiting... second: some Car game. honorable mentions: something. number one: BURNOUT PARADISE! YESSS! i was waiting so Long for this game to appear in this list! thank you!

  • keity and more
    keity and more 8 days ago

    did he say fallout on 5:18

  • The Real Blaze
    The Real Blaze 8 days ago

    i had a feeling burnout paradise would be first

  • Glitch Guys
    Glitch Guys 8 days ago

    BeamNG still the best

  • Darren Lesmana
    Darren Lesmana 8 days ago


  • LEGEND 25
    LEGEND 25 8 days ago

    Burnout legends anyone?

  • Warrior 3012
    Warrior 3012 8 days ago

    where is destruction derby the old génération' best cars crash game

  • Jonah Byrom
    Jonah Byrom 8 days ago

    I agree with number one all the way, but beamng should have been second

  • EnderCreeperMan
    EnderCreeperMan 8 days ago

    I would've picked Burnout 3: Takedown for number 1. It had a dedicated crash mode, unlike Paradise

  • Derek Dickinson
    Derek Dickinson 8 days ago

    sorry but watch dogs 2 should've been replaced with Driver: San Fransisco

  • DKborom 13
    DKborom 13 8 days ago

    NFS Shift 2 Unleased should be in here instead of NFS Hot Pursuit

  • Jack Haines
    Jack Haines 8 days ago

    you are missing crash'n'burn

  • Fabian Alx
    Fabian Alx 9 days ago

    the best it's BeamNg drive

  • ౯KuBa౯
    ౯KuBa౯ 9 days ago

    I knew burnout paradise was going to be in first place the game is so epic I play it so much

  • Jeremy Priban
    Jeremy Priban 9 days ago

    beamNG is absolutely the best crashing game on the list

  • Denis Cachovan
    Denis Cachovan 9 days ago

    Beam NG at 6th and WD at 5th? watchmojo, you really need to do some changes in your team. They are highly incompetent.

  • A1M AND F1R3
    A1M AND F1R3 9 days ago

    i knew it

  • A1M AND F1R3
    A1M AND F1R3 9 days ago

    burnout paradise

  • Dustin Waddell
    Dustin Waddell 9 days ago

    were is test drive eve of destruction at that game hang amazing car crashes well mostly bc the game was made for that sole reason kinda upset now..

  • Cris Aguirre
    Cris Aguirre 9 days ago

    Burnout 3!!!!!

  • Angel Weston
    Angel Weston 9 days ago

    These are the games you chose? C'mon, the only game that was any good was Beamng, the others were horrible games.

  • Grunty
    Grunty 10 days ago

    WatchDogs having better crashes than BeamNG and FlatOut
    Who the fuck made this lists? he should be fired

  • Jay Christy
    Jay Christy 10 days ago

    Ah blur, Good times

  • RSGames
    RSGames 10 days ago

    I cannot believe Watch Dogs 2 is placed before BeamNG is the best one in terms of crashing

  • Oliver Nielsen
    Oliver Nielsen 11 days ago

    Lol you guys fucked up at 5:18, when you said fallout 4 instead of flatout 4... nice one

  • Oliver Nielsen
    Oliver Nielsen 11 days ago

    Why the f*ck is BeamNG at me 6? I know the game doesn't have much game to it, but what the heck

  • The Old Gentleman
    The Old Gentleman 11 days ago

    I remember flat out haha great game

  • Param Jani
    Param Jani 11 days ago

    i already knew #1 should be Paradise city .. still playing it and favorite one

  • EVJx Logic
    EVJx Logic 11 days ago

    how tf did beam ng get 6th

  • Npd1776
    Npd1776 11 days ago

    I was about to say where da FUK is burnout paradise but there it is in number one

  • fixer10091994
    fixer10091994 11 days ago

    Burnout paradise??? Are you high?

  • Gabriel Segura
    Gabriel Segura 11 days ago

    GTA V?? Are you fcking kidding me?

  • VTG Snakes
    VTG Snakes 11 days ago

    I expected to see Burnout Paradise in the top 10 but I was hoping to see Split/Second at least in the honorable mentions.

  • coolness
    coolness 11 days ago

    beaming is only 6 rethink your list

    • coolness
      coolness 7 days ago

      it has the literal best crash physics of all time

    • DW Gaming
      DW Gaming 7 days ago

      coolness ikr

    • coolness
      coolness 11 days ago

      also it came out in 2013

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 11 days ago

    woah woah woah how is watch dogs 2 in this list and GTA IV not.

  • Jalen Lewis
    Jalen Lewis 11 days ago

    I agree

  • Gavin Scoggins
    Gavin Scoggins 11 days ago

    Burnout paradise is a great game but how is beam ng not number one

  • Alexander Butterfield

    watch dogs 2 is one of my favorite games

  • Dawson Retter
    Dawson Retter 11 days ago

    Are you fucking serious? GTA 4 and Watch Dogs 2 should have been the honorable mentions, and GTA 5 should have been on here. You are losing your touch mojo!

  • Demolinizer5
    Demolinizer5 11 days ago

    gta iv why is that not on this list

  • Dacooldragon aka Danny

    I'm just going to comment early on:

  • Nowelz 442
    Nowelz 442 11 days ago

    someone tell me why is beamng drive is not first

  • Valentinas karpavicius

    what about grand theft auto iv? :(

  • Ben Mayall
    Ben Mayall 11 days ago

    GTA IV has much better crashing physics and feel than GTA V

  • Kevin Grimes
    Kevin Grimes 11 days ago

    Beamng Drive should've been #1

  • James Rushton
    James Rushton 11 days ago

    If beam ng isn't Num 1 then I will cut off my dogs toes

  • brandon johnson
    brandon johnson 11 days ago

    Gta 4? Driver 3?

  • KEY33 tgs
    KEY33 tgs 11 days ago

    you forgot bmg

  • mxmaniac6
    mxmaniac6 11 days ago

    lol technically beamng has unlimited gameplay since it's open source so anyone can make whatever​ they want for it

  • Salva NPS
    Salva NPS 11 days ago

    There's no place for Pro Street?

  • Cade Ferguson
    Cade Ferguson 11 days ago

    NASCAR 2011 has some pretty hilarious crashes

  • nikos3232
    nikos3232 12 days ago

    No L.A rush?

  • daniel ormerod
    daniel ormerod 12 days ago


  • Playful 66665
    Playful 66665 12 days ago

    Beamng > the rest of the list

  • RSxREAPERx1998
    RSxREAPERx1998 12 days ago

    #1 Beam NG Drive #2 Burnout pretty much any of them #3 Flatout that's the full list xD

  • BMW E30
    BMW E30 12 days ago

    how the fuck is GTA 4 not on the list?!?!?! GTA 5?!!!!? GTA 4 has better crashing physics

  • CrazyHawk 12
    CrazyHawk 12 12 days ago

    Beamng is the best crashing game its meant for crashing i wonder why its not on this list?

  • Unii
    Unii 12 days ago

    GTA 4

  • Fast Petey Gaming
    Fast Petey Gaming 12 days ago

    Test Drive: Eve of Destruction!!! Pretty much the same idea as Wreckfest but you can race SCHOOL BUSES!!!

  • The Bit-Kid
    The Bit-Kid 12 days ago


  • Ja' Crispy Gaming
    Ja' Crispy Gaming 12 days ago

    NfS Hot Pursuit should've been replaced with NfS Prostreet as it boasts the best damage modeling out of every NfS to date.

  • Grayly Wheel
    Grayly Wheel 12 days ago

    What about GTA IV?

  • Sonyxs 22
    Sonyxs 22 12 days ago

    Beam NG Drive !

  • rockhound468
    rockhound468 12 days ago

    Beam ng sure have been number one

  • DevilsFan53
    DevilsFan53 12 days ago

    Where the hell is Crash N Burn????

  • Vincent Videos
    Vincent Videos 12 days ago

    fall out ultimate carnage

  • harmless zombie
    harmless zombie 12 days ago

    beamng has a lot of potential actually

  • TheLorenzo00601
    TheLorenzo00601 12 days ago

    BeamMG should've gotten on the top spot IMO

  • slendr gamas
    slendr gamas 12 days ago

    why not GTA IV

  • Labrom
    Labrom 12 days ago

    Good list, WatchMojo but why did you guys use the most underwhelming clip of GTAV ever? I can make crashes in that game on par with Burnout.

  • Raiskader
    Raiskader 12 days ago

    Blur is actually les spectacular than split second, and i feel like Motor storm could be more than just an honorable mention. I mean, what other game makes you able to crash cars in an avalanch by honking , and to make people fall of bike by kicking them ? the crashes are pretty spectacular too.

  • Top Goon
    Top Goon 12 days ago

    How is watchdogs 2 #5, GTAV is only an honorable mention, and just cause 2/3 aren't even mentioned? I love WD2 and prefer it to both GTA and Just Cause, but come on

  • Clorox Wipes
    Clorox Wipes 12 days ago

    Fall out ultimate carnage? Kill me now

  • BonkersDude
    BonkersDude 12 days ago

    Ummmm. Beamng should be no.1

  • Flat
    Flat 12 days ago

    Now everyone knows you can't create a list of games with car crashes without including the burnout series

  • mustangbugatti xpert

    Based purely on the title of this video Beamng should have been no 1

  • DW_Drummer
    DW_Drummer 12 days ago

    1. Beamng
    2. Beamng
    3. Beamng
    There I fixed it.

    No but seriously
    1. Beamng.Drive
    2. Next Car Game
    3. Burnout Paradise
    4. Grid
    5. GTA IV

  • RoyalFusion
    RoyalFusion 12 days ago

    Swear to God if Burnout's not on this list

  • DW_Drummer
    DW_Drummer 12 days ago

    why the fuck is beamng not #1?!

  • salon jonnein
    salon jonnein 12 days ago

    Seriously where is Bunout 3 that game has amazing crashes

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez 12 days ago

    Burnout is the best game EVER

  • Lewis Albright
    Lewis Albright 12 days ago

    "Fallout..ultimate carnage"

  • Prince Skinni
    Prince Skinni 12 days ago

    i miss Blur 😭

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