Titanic 2 Jack is back

I found this video and i love leonardo decaprio so i uploaded it :) also ITS FAN MADE NOT REAL

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Author Dicki Minaj (1 month)
Ugh i remember when i was 9 and i watched this trailer, i thought it was
real movie so i actually went to blockbusters and asked if they had this
movie and they didnt. the worker was so confused. lol

Author J Duff (2 months)
I'd pay good money to see this happen xD

Author Flint Beastwood (2 months)
Anybody else stuck in an endless loop of Titanic related videos?

Author toddsmitts (2 months)
*Nick Fury:* Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we
thought it best to break it to you slowly.
*Jack:* Break what?
*Fury:* You've been asleep, Jack, for over one hundred years.
(Jack looks around in shock)
*Fury:* You gonna be okay?
*Jack:* Yeah, yeah, I just... I had a date...

Author kiyonexus (1 month)
I got so excited about this movie after seeing this trailer, I decided to
walk to my nearest Blockbuster with my dog Max, but it turned into a
different store... now, I'm out of luck. I'm a big fan of the original
Titanic... I'm really happy Jack is alive! I hope he finds his way with
Rose and the world can be normal again. I really want to watch this! 

Author Linus Ericsson (8 months)
I hate the ending of Titanic. I wanted Jack to live so Rose and Jack could
live happily ever after.... 

Author Ella Lover (2 months)
how is this fake? its real right??

Author Jane Peek (1 month)
i'mpretty sure the bit at 4:00 minutes is from romeo and juliet 1996 film

Author CodyMSP (2 days)
Only if this was a real movie *cries*

Author karolinehs98 (3 months)
I almost believed this. Almost.

Author Zborns Channel (1 month)
*im using my friends youtube account* In the end of the titanic movie Rose
drops the diamond into the antlantic ocean and in the jack is back *not
real* they start to look for the diamond and instead they foad a fricking
Body that belongs to jack dawsome

Author MegaLlamalord (1 month)
Rose Dewitt Bukater Dawson Calvert.

Ok then.

Author Faiza Hoque (2 months)
I would watch this is like really exciting thanks fir uploading this video

Author SmashGamer (4 months)
Funny how he is in a perfect square block

Author Kamen Videos (4 days)
Tem um pequeno erro nesse fã trailer kkkkkkkkk, Depois que Rose é
resgatada, ela troca seu nome para Rose Dawson para não ser encontrada e
também para não se esquecer de Jack :)

Author Country's Angel (4 months)
Well then

Author christine Boylan (1 month)
I would pay a lot to see this film

Author Lolli LOO (1 month)
so lächerlich

Author Kellan Lim (2 months)
why did they arrest him

Author Mary C. (1 month)
Titanic - Jack is back
Bellissima la musica!!

Author Rafael Dasigni (2 months)
Fuck you funmade is no fan it's boring 

Author Aleesha Hannahs (18 days)
This would be an awesome Fanfiction!

Author Trey Smith (15 days)
your lying if jack died why is he young

Author Sonya Blake (2 months)
It can't be a movie because at the end of the real movie they met in heaven

Author Diviya Makhija (2 months)
Why didn't they release this movie????

Author xxnathan18xx1 (1 month)
This is not real its a fan made 

Author Engin Akdan (21 day)
Good :)))))))

Author Ana Stykhayson (25 days)
no please no, they're destroying the real Titanic movie...

Author Khải Nguyễn (2 months)

Author Minny Reviews (28 days)
This is just fantastic :D

Author ver Ant (19 days)
I don't understand this, how Jack could live? thank you, if you explain.

Author Helios Eusebio (18 days)
I wouldn't mind seeing this.

I mean, c'mon it's not like Jack's going to wash up in a Christopher Nolan
film or-

Oh wait.

Author irish andy (4 days)
I love titanic

Author Feral FireWolf (6 months)
I hated this film made no sense and they only made it because they wanted
more money for the film tho it was bad...

Author Arykhilmar2000 (1 month)
It would be so great if this was a real movie! So sad that it isn't

Author John Kim (1 month)

Author GD TM (1 month)
"we're gonna find this son of a bitch and take him down" is my favorite
part!!! What could Jack have possibly done to piss people off so
much...this story must be told.

Author Jason Carrillo (2 months)
Lol, anybody else notice how they used scenes from "The Hulk" movie?

Author gibbs615 (1 month)
Ya know this is kinda like how Captain America was found and revived in the
modern world of today.

Author Crystal Romero (2 months)
what the heck! does rose die this time!

Author BehindtheScreen (17 days)
It's a great movie concept! It should happen! Although it wouldn't be very
realistic, I would pay more then another good Pokemon movie in theaters!

Author Juan Miguel Javier (25 days)
this is not real after he back

Author flapte (16 days)
I am so releaved this is fake!!!!!!!!

Author sleepynavigator 1 (1 month)
This time jack's alive and rose is dead... ?

Author Nasaria Flores (2 months)
They put movie clips from titanic

Author James Spazer (1 month)
Wow.... It actually looks like a proper trailer. Well made!

Author Joe B (19 days)
The Fugitive, Titanic stile!

Author cielo gonzalez (1 month)
i sware i cried when i saw this trailer and i literraly need to see the
movie 😭😭 i feel incomplete if i dont know what happened next 😫😫 whyyy
didn't they make this movie WHYY 😫😫😫......wait........i can ask leonardo
d caprio what happened next 😍😍😍😍😍 oh leonardo he is so handsome
😭😭😭😭 wHY IS HE SO HANDSOME!!! 😭😭😭😭.....their are many things i need
to clear before i die.....seriously....its good i have plenty of time to do
that beacause i am only 13 yaers old but still.i'm so sending a tweet to
leonardo i need to know what happened next!!,

Author Gillian Williston (1 month)
There is Jake in these states

Author NaturerocksXD (17 days)
Omg!!!!!! This is sooooo epic even if it's fake , it just blew my mind
👏😍love this!!

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