Titanic 2 Jack is back

I found this video and i love leonardo decaprio so i uploaded it :) also ITS FAN MADE NOT REAL

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Author Jessie Mearns (3 months)
Fanpop xx

Author Alessio Marin (7 months)
For fucks sake, Jack was pretty stupid when they were in the water because
Rose didn't look anywhere near as freezing as he was so they could have
kept swapping positions in and out of the water. When one of them got
really really cold they'd swap. That's what I'd do. Every 3-5 minutes

Author alexis mcgroggan (1 month)
Is this even a real movie

Author Nikki Barrameda (3 months)
of course it's not real, because in the movie, Rose is already old and
mature... remembered the time when she threw the heart blue charm? it's
Rose sooo yeah kinda not real sorry :( but i'm sad it has no Titanic 2 :'(

Author MoMoMyPup10 (4 months)
I just knew he'd come back! Excellent.

Author TupacLives (5 months)

Author tr0ubledl0ve (4 months)
Oh my god. This is literally so perfect.

Author LoganKirkmanGames (7 months)
I actually really wish this was real, it looks like it would be a really
good movie!

Author supervideowatcher500 (6 months)
LMAO... did anyone else notice the tomb stone @ 4:08. It stated that Rose
was born in 1899, but she was on the Titanic in 1912. Wouldn't that make
her 13 years old @ the time she was on the Titanic? LMAO i think this is
the most underrated flaw of this video.

Author SuperWunderwaffen (7 months)
Warm liquid goo phase? ROFL who comes up with this stuff?

Author Amina Hussain (1 month)
Wouldn't it just be great if they made a film like this...that Jack came

Author Brian O'Neil (1 month)

Author Acia Granger (2 months)
PLEEEAAASEEE MAKE THIS MOVIE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
I cant live knowing Jack's dead!

Author SonicTheGhostYT (1 month)

Author Taylor Hutson (5 months)
To bad they aren't making it...for real:(

Author MC KIttie (4 months)
i love titanic ;-; im crying 

Author vwbussesareforever (1 day)
I would pay to see that if it ever came out

Author SuperWunderwaffen (8 months)
I think the old lady dropped the diamond around here ROFL

Author Anastasia Engqvist ♡ (4 days)
am i the only one who's crying even tho this is fake? :(((

Author Bc A (18 days)
Many clips are from the Basketball Diaries

Author TVD&Life1 (5 months)
This was really good! Everyone forgets it's FAN-MADE and criticize it like
an actual trailer. I thought the editing was fantastic! Like,this could
actually be a movie! Granted,it wouldn't be a very good one but still!
Definitely adding to my favorites (:

Author To Infinity_And Beyond (1 month)
That's really funny!!

Author sandstorm163 (6 months)
What movie did you get the clips from

Author Katy Winterburn (1 month)
I watched this a few years ago and ACTUALLY BELIEVED there was going to be
a movie about it. But when I realized it was fake, I started crying lol. 

Author tjieight i.e tristan dracowon (2 months)
if this only this was real

Author Eddie Orduno (1 month)
Lol looks great

Author Rose Watson (1 month)
poor Jack.:(

Author Matthew Currie (1 month)
most of these scenes sre from the romeo and julliet movie that Leonardo

Author hoi doei (4 months)
good job, i really like it.
it is to bad they aren't making it for real haha
but really good video xx

Author Je-Wan Ko (7 months)
how did u make this edit??

Author emily gonzalez (1 month)
i wanna see that thoo

Author Azure Mallone (1 year)
*Coming soon...*

Author Ida Svahn (4 days)
omg titanic 2 is so fake! Titanic 2 is the most bad film!

Author Lily Curnow (4 months)
This is an awesome FAN MADE sequel trailer to Titanic. There was an actual
Titanic 2 that was made (nothing to do with Jack and Rose :( ), but it
REALLY stinks. This one would be sooooooo much better. Please nobody say
that it's not real. I know it's not. But it's still awesome.

Disclaimer: I did not make this

Author Danone CZ (3 months)
it is true???

Author Paige Cederlund (4 months)
Also, the part when he's watching the musical is actually hilarious XD

Author Liam Wood (1 month)
And even if it was real why would he be getting chased down by the fbi?
This is just fcking stooooopid and gay

Author sariltv (2 months)
fake you've added many movies like titanic,catch me if you can ,hulk and
many more

Author 1ChocolateChimp (5 months)
in inception at the very beginning Leonardo gets washed up on a shore,
wearing what he wore when he died in titanic 

Author Evie Ratcliffe (6 months)
What's the song at 2:45 ? 

Author Timmy Gleason (2 months)
I was on Titanic

Author Margaret Pogar (1 year)
Part 2

Author jenny sanchez (8 months)
Hahaha the "Diamond finder"!! :D fake!! But will make an awesome movie!!

Author derpy pig (5 months)
Not sure if this is real but i bet its not :P

Author Kleopatra Altahi (6 months)
Omg i love these!! Is that a really movie?? Because then i really want see
all these movie.

Author Nayla Liev (5 months)
James Cameron is a genius, but he should have written a different ending
with Jack alive with Rose, giving them a happy ending and giving us happy
tears. The movie is already so sad cause it's a real tragedy and life is
already hard enough. We deserve happy endings and second chances. Titanic
it's not in my top 10 favorite movies because Jack dies and because old
Rose throws the diamond in the ocean, stupid decision. Why not allow others
to see in a exhibition or donate for charity? She did the last thing she
should have done.

Author Nathy Vargas Arias (2 months)
all i think is Capitan America 

Author Katie Eden (3 months)
His face deserves an Oscar

Author Hera Torralba (6 months)
I’m crying right now cos of Rose and Jack’s :( 

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