Titanic 2 Jack is back

I found this video and i love leonardo decaprio so i uploaded it :) also ITS FAN MADE NOT REAL

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Author Feral FireWolf (16 days)
I hated this film made no sense and they only made it because they wanted
more money for the film tho it was bad...

Author Linus Ericsson (1 month)
I hate the ending of Titanic. I wanted Jack to live so Rose and Jack could
live happily ever after.... 

Author Anneka Ehrenberg (1 month)
What movie is the clip from 3:53 - 4:00 or are they all different movies?

Author MioChan (2 months)
Don't care if it's fake, I'd pay to see this movie get made and watch it.

Author Anastasia Engqvist ♡ (3 months)
am i the only one who's crying even tho this is fake? :(((

Author TheTTParty (20 hours)
Would anyone else be REALLY excited for this if it was real? lol

Author Cat196 (6 days)
The ''My heart will go on'' remix was the worst thing about it. :D

Author Steven Edwards (8 days)
It would of been good flim that after titanic jack made it and tried to
find rose 

Author Akiles Koo (13 days)
donde puedo encontrar esta películs?

Author Jimmie Abernathy (23 days)
Ladies and Gentlemen...JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

Author Brian O'Neil (4 months)

Author David Evans (29 days)
WTF, I laughed so hard when I saw this.

Author alexis mcgroggan (4 months)
Is this even a real movie

Author Amina Hussain (4 months)
Wouldn't it just be great if they made a film like this...that Jack came

Author Gini Malanaphy (2 months)
This makes no sence bc jack and rose was in the boat in heaven with all the
others that died

Author Ajarmetta A (2 months)
a really good fan made trailer whoever made this made a really good trailer

Author Isha Sanico (2 months)
Well this is odd why did they made the title "titanic 2 the surface" well
here is my question why did they made the title with a word titanic even do
the ship is gone well I wish the movie was real

Author Emma de la Llave (2 months)

Author Perlotka :* (2 months)
I love Leonardo DiCaprio

Author Donnie Robinson (3 days)
Ok who made dis shit i seen like 20 movies I kno in dis damn preview 

Author alex hernandez (2 months)
are u guys serious look theres no way this movie could be real people look

Author Sam Adams (10 days)
So much win here. Well done. 

Author Acia Granger (5 months)
PLEEEAAASEEE MAKE THIS MOVIE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
I cant live knowing Jack's dead!

Author Nikki Barrameda (6 months)
of course it's not real, because in the movie, Rose is already old and
mature... remembered the time when she threw the heart blue charm? it's
Rose sooo yeah kinda not real sorry :( but i'm sad it has no Titanic 2 :'(

Author yogesh ruhela (14 hours)
How possibly made jack is back

Author This_is_luke (2 months)
This should be real though

Author Jack Keane (11 days)
I like to imagine a headcanon where, in a scenario such as this, Jack is
best friends with Steve Rogers, because they were both defrosted in the
same place at the same time...

Author Imogen Royce (4 days)
that is just a serious fail of Captain America

Author Madison Groom (5 days)
Sorry is this real

Author 000xyz (9 days)
this actually looks like a more interesting movie than the original movie.
btw, i thought the alternate ending to the original film was better than
the theatrical ending....although it did have me almost think that the
leader of the recovery team was actually the descendant of the evil rich
guy in a sick-ass plot twist too good for even shyamalon to concieve. btw
the original titanic movie sucks in my opinion. you may have good actors
and special effects, but the plot is just downright pretentious. but
still....what a twist

Author MinecraftPro 333 (3 days)

Author AnnaCupCake (2 months)
Wow, pretty cool Fanmade :3

Author REXON45 (7 days)
jack dies once and he came back to the world and rose dies this will
continue again and again

Author lacrossemaster31 (8 days)
haha even though that this is fake, the editing and the whole video itself
is actually pretty awesome!!
great video!!

Author Isha Sanico (2 months)

Author Mark Baker (11 days)
what remix of my heart will go on is used in this video???

Author vwbussesareforever (3 months)
I would pay to see that if it ever came out

Author Yvonne Kramer (16 days)
very cool and funny!!! Thx!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Author Tamás Cseh (14 days)
movie in the jurassic park schene :)

Author kevin dante (22 days)

Author Jesse Paloma (19 days)
I know that Jack will come for rose this is going to be a good movie

Author Adam Wylie (16 days)
Wow but would he not have disolved or something

Author Nathan Cowan (19 days)

Author Fikri Ardiansyah (21 day)

Author Yasmin Grayson (23 days)
For the da's if u read the description they said it was fan made

Author Leslye Guerra (26 days)
I wish is real as a movie plz plz :(

Author Elin Marklund (28 days)
Where can I find the "My heart will go on"-remix?

Author Hans van Kranenburg (26 days)
Its just pure class to make this video!! haha great

Author Malvern Pony Club (1 month)
Where did you get the clips from

Author xx1986NyMetsxx (1 month)
This is a funny but cool spoof

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