Titanic 2 Jack is back

I found this video and i love leonardo decaprio so i uploaded it :) also ITS FAN MADE NOT REAL

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Author Ti2JRR ( ago)
Did anyone else notice that Rose's grave says she was born in 1899? That
means she would've only been 13 when the Titanic sank. 

Author Mila Vukadin ( ago)
Is this fake?

Author crazy crafter ( ago)
really !!!!???

Author TheGreatO1E ( ago)
saw it. great movie

Author Morgan Cooper ( ago)
I think someone should make this into a movie

Author jctheman ( ago)

Author Brigid Saretsky ( ago)
OK nvm it IS a fake

Author Brigid Saretsky ( ago)
it is real they made a movie I see it on u tube wanna watch it

Author Araceli Trujillo ( ago)
IT'S FAKE!! Sorry, and besides when rose went to Heavan Jack was there

Author Isabella Rehart ( ago)
I wish that really happened

Author guillegmz ( ago)
Ha ha better than Titanic 1

Author Joey Bautista ( ago)
Even though it's not real. Fvck!! This trailer looks it's best and going in
the cinemas soon!! :(

Author Keren Huggett ( ago)

Author Natasha Powell ( ago)
I am watching this in 2015

Author Lead SAF11 ( ago)
Hello sir.. Where do I buy this ticket.. I love, please give me a ticket.
to watch this film

Author Kerem Tay ( ago)
3:52 which movie?

Author Venice Kara ( ago)

Author speedygamer uzuchiha ( ago)
what's the movie where he's shooting the gun at the police

Author JB Bro ( ago)
I like this fake trailer

Author smith doe ( ago)
i would honestly kill myself before going and seeing this.

Author Brotheran Gamer ( ago)
3:43 the dance goes with the song lol

Author Jerome “joker” vodriguez ( ago)
I wish this was true

Author Jerome “joker” vodriguez ( ago)
I wish this was true

Author Ryley mcg ( ago)
It's a real film

Author Arjay Deocareza ( ago)
lets produce the movie.,., haha

Author Charlie Busker ( ago)
1:43 Austin Powers. Really?

Author Dumb scooter bros ( ago)

Author Killer Dude ( ago)
Music name???

Author Killer Dude ( ago)

Author ruukaoz ( ago)
what is the song at 4:21? i believe its Simon and Garfunkel but what is the

Author Robin Jansen ( ago)
Racists be like Jack is black ok bye

Author Amber Mariah Carey Ruiz ( ago)
I got a question for everyone is that real if it is I'm glad there making
another one about Jack now

Author Rosemary Lebron (1116 years ago)
I would seriously watch that movie. Someone should make it real

Author Chloe Yarwood ( ago)
OMG!!! This film looks sick! Just fund out that technically jack didn't die
he just froze so if you put him in a hot room he would melt and still be

Author Pacific Fire ( ago)
if this were real it would be one of those i can watch this over and over
again movies

Author Adrian Diaz (903 years ago)
lol this doesnt tell about the titanic this title must be jack is back

Author Jhim Del Rosario ( ago)
ohhhh jack is back but rose is gone shes died

Author nihilus able loafy ( ago)
anyone know the movie that's in 3:51

Author Carolyn Aguilar ( ago)
omg I just wanna see that part where he sees that musical. Who ever made
it. Could you please make a real movie or at least a 30 min film.

Author EllenBeautyGold hr ( ago)
it is true that this is titanic 2? please answer poor jack :(

Author Carolyn Aguilar ( ago)
Loved that song at the end. I WANNA SEE THIS SOO BAD. WHY CANT THEY MAKE IT

Author Patricia Vas ( ago)
Omg this would be such a good movieee!!! 😱😱

Author Crystal shine ( ago)
it's sad for Jack to lose rose anyways can he move on
on yeah BESIDES this is

Author mirna mohamed ( ago)
At the first he dies and now she :any way it is Avery sad end

Author ST1TCH ( ago)
This is so well made. For a fan video, of course. I remember watching this
years ago when I thought it was real. xD

Author Crecida Carter ( ago)
Jack is still alive

Author Helen Siddaway ( ago)
wly is it a move

Author Bianca Ayala ( ago)
that's just sad
it makes me cry

Author Dumb scooter bros ( ago)
Is this real?

Author Annalise Zeider (Foreverfangirl) ( ago)
Captain America

Author Remi Mayo ( ago)
I wish it were real😭 I love Leonardo decaprio

Author Coolguy 2792 ( ago)
Jack is CapthinAmerica

Author murrymurf ( ago)
best movie ever

Author Naomi Gennace ( ago)
Ok how can this be possible titanic is real

Author xSoaring PvP ( ago)
He would have died of old age if that was real. But that would be sick if
they did that.

Author CallMeAstrid x ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2015?

Author Francis Albert ( ago)
"ROSE!!!" Lol

Author essam07-thegamer 1 ( ago)
this movie awsome it made me cry

Author kyle m ( ago)
Thank god this is fake!!! One more thing today's world would fuck up

Author Lenny (1742 years ago)
:DD It is funny :D

Author Rosie G ( ago)
this is real I saw jack in the titanic but he jump off but I got his hand
he died don't let me fall again

Author Lara Hamoud ( ago)
i cant finde the movie

Author Albert Vakdez ( ago)
I wish there was a titanic 2

Author Yaren yılmaz ( ago)
titanic 2

Author Random_Z ( ago)
the most 90s trailer ever. Lol. nicely done

Author Narathip Piboom ( ago)
What is the name of soundtracks?

Author Naumaan Shaik ( ago)
Hi jack and rose

Author Juju Fagot ( ago)
Je kife leonardo dicaprio

Author Carmen Ciobanu ( ago)
Rose death??????

Author Juju Fagot ( ago)
Titanic c est mon film preferer quand je les regarder la premiere fois j ai
aimer directe

Author Juju Fagot ( ago)
La chanson j adore le film et manifique et mon leonardo et trop beau je l
adore il et manifique

Author Kayla Johnson ( ago)
The original TITANIC was so sad I loved it so much! #TITANIC #FavoriteFilm

Author Iva Minarikova ( ago)

Author Hunter Wood ( ago)
god I wish this was the real outcome

Author Red Hood (Ameya) ( ago)

Author Andreas Bobrov ( ago)
this is Not titanic

Author josie knable ( ago)
Omg i remember watching this when i was 8 and i literally cried cause i was
really happy (thinking this was real) but really sad cause i loved titanic
and Jack and it hurt seeing him like that at the end so when i went to my
parents they asked why i was crying and i told them and they knew why i was
crying cause i am in love with the movie titanic it was my favorite movie
always has been always will be :)
Ps: Sorry this is so long

Author Drew Houghtaling ( ago)
I remember my mom showing me the trailer when i was 11, i thought it was
real until i saw a titanic 3 trailer 2 years later. My hat goes off to
whoever made this video, you had me waiting 2 years for something that will
never come out. 

Author BADLUX ( ago)
Hahahahahaha wtf

Author Vince Batac ( ago)
i remember when i was 6 i watch titanic in the end it's so sad rose survive

Author Susan Caporina ( ago)
Cal should've died instead of Jack

Author Autumn Ponsford ( ago)
I know this is fake , but if it was real I would pay good money to see it

Author Eylence Sever ( ago)
Ala 2 de bu qeder ilboyu heyatda qalamgi bacaran kack olmedi qayitdi. 3
dede rosemu qayidacaq? Yoxsa 2 nin ozunde qayidir? Uje kinofilm yox nagil

Author Cam Mims ( ago)
Lol this would be dumb
1st. He comes back from Drowning.!
2nd. What would they be tryna chase him for lol. Unless he had a warrent
out! and they decided to unfreeze that Nigga lmao!

Author OmegaCraft ( ago)

Author Alex Odin Van Thorson ( ago)
2015th and still waiting for a continuum

Author Selina Samara ( ago)
If this movie is reall i would love 2 watch it

Author Awesome Foxayyy ( ago)
I watched this when I was about 8 years old and thought this was real. I
And my parents were so confused.... I found out it was fake when I went to
blockbuster and told me it's not a real trailer. My heart shattered. I was.
A huge fan of Titanic, I STILL AM!!!!! Hollywood, MAKE DIS SHIT HAPPEN

Author Claire Walters ( ago)
I watched the real titanic 2 and it is the stupidest movie I have ever
watched and this movie dose not exist I wish it did though

Author Forever Mads ( ago)
someone please make this! it would be amazing! and good job with the

Author Sunniva Lundbekk ( ago)
I belivd this was a reel movie when i first watched it!!😂😂😂

Author BRANDON R ( ago)
Hollywood make this this shit HAPPEN NOW!

Author Kim Davis ( ago)
even know this is fake

Author Kim Davis ( ago)
im crying my eyes out

Author Miguel Cardoso (1751 year ago)
its 2 films scenes

Author Joelma Geovania (1372 years ago)

Author yery ahadian ( ago)

Author Christina Wesley Salvatore (VERIFIED) ( ago)
Omfg! I don't care if this is fan made or not! This is incredible. You
should seriously think about actually making this film.
#R.I.P #JackDawson #RoseDawson

Author EchoOfficial.TV ( ago)
I'd give a kidney to see full version of this movie.

Author TheReivenlocke ( ago)
The only reason they thawed him out was to put him on trial for his
culpability in the Titanic sinking.

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