Titanic 2 Jack is back

I found this video and i love leonardo decaprio so i uploaded it :) also ITS FAN MADE NOT REAL

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Author Linus Ericsson (5 months)
I hate the ending of Titanic. I wanted Jack to live so Rose and Jack could
live happily ever after.... 

Author Bella Amell (4 months)
This seriously needs to be a movie.

Author TheTTParty (4 months)
Would anyone else be REALLY excited for this if it was real? lol

Author karolinehs98 (1 month)
I almost believed this. Almost.

Author OLMECA (3 months)
Holy ice berg! This was pretty creative.

Author Diviya Makhija (9 days)
Why didn't they release this movie????

Author toddsmitts (6 days)
*Nick Fury:* Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we
thought it best to break it to you slowly.
*Jack:* Break what?
*Fury:* You've been asleep, Jack, for over one hundred years.
(Jack looks around in shock)
*Fury:* You gonna be okay?
*Jack:* Yeah, yeah, I just... I had a date...

Author MioChan (6 months)
Don't care if it's fake, I'd pay to see this movie get made and watch it.

Author J Duff (9 days)
I'd pay good money to see this happen xD

Author Natalie Kailos (1 month)
This film it's totally fake! I know that is a film but it's got scenes from
other movies that Leonardo DiCaprio played , like <> ,
<> and I don't know which else!!! Also how did they do
that film?? Leonardo DiCaprio when he played in titanic he was 21 years
old, and this film is a 2013 film!! Now leonardo is 40 years old!! He
couldn't be the same like 20 years ago!!!!! HOW!! ???? I love Leonardo
DiCaprio but..........

Author Jason Carrillo (11 days)
Lol, anybody else notice how they used scenes from "The Hulk" movie?

Author Ella Lover (5 days)
how is this fake? its real right??

Author Kellan Lim (4 days)
why did they arrest him

Author Crazy Dude (26 days)
are you fucking kidding me it's fan made! Well i have some advise for
filmmakers make it a movie it has a chance to be another hit

Author Rafael Dasigni (8 days)
Fuck you funmade is no fan it's boring 

Author i haq (2 days)
My mum thinks jack is hot but on this video she thinks jack should not cut
his hair 

Author maria Rivera (14 days)
Damm what imagination i thought it was the second part of the movie titanic
for real i was like I got to see that!! is all i can say lol... Good
job u trick me well done!!! i was about to check on it i was happy cause i
didnt like the way the movie ends when Jack dies. They should make second
par for real!! they should hire u

Author Reggie Leocadio (3 days)
Where the whole movie 

Author Hossein Ghanbari (2 days)
Fuck your fake idead, this is mix of many movie that leo played there

Author EspadaAranca (21 hour)
Is this even real?

Author Crystal Romero (24 days)
what the heck! does rose die this time!

Author USSEnterpriseNCC1628 (24 days)
This better be a fucking movie

Author Sammy Barbinkska (1 month)
What the fuck, this is the fucking ending to captain America.

Author Diana Cassidy (8 days)
Would make a good movie if u winded it back a few years so rose and jack
would be reunited

Author Khải Nguyễn (14 days)

Author Sonya Blake (7 days)
It can't be a movie because at the end of the real movie they met in heaven

Author Roshele Annie (1 month)
OMG I looove it! Titanic is just an amazing movie!

(Anyone knows the name of the song from 3:20? :D)

Author john tomer (10 days)
who would pay to see this movie if it were real

Author britney edwards (1 month)
Some one tell me is this real and tag me cause I saw Romeo and Juliet

Author Sheyla Mendez (22 days)
Piz i want the movie when rose is merryed with jack and i want to
Jack was not dead in the titanic

Author Vera Wati (19 days)
Jack died rose life and rose died jack life

Author Nasaria Flores (9 days)
They put movie clips from titanic

Author Vivette Newby (1 month)
If this was a movie, at the end, they should totally show Jack as Jay

Author Seth Winters (2 months)
A lot of Basketball Diary scenes. Another good DiCaprio movie

Author Joey Johnson (1 month)
Did any of you catch this it said on Roses tombstone that she was born
1899-1997 should would be 13 when the titanic sank epic fail!!!!!

Author hexagon523 (1 month)
"This Summer...Jack's Back!" hahahahahaaa too funny xD

Author ���G �� (28 days)
anybody knows the title of the song from 2:41?? its cool :D

Author Jackie CHAN (2 months)
Oh my god... ist so good <3

Author Yusif Rehimov (23 days)
I love titanik movie

Author Feral FireWolf (4 months)
I hated this film made no sense and they only made it because they wanted
more money for the film tho it was bad...

Author SmashGamer (1 month)
Funny how he is in a perfect square block

Author Wolfpack 3 (1 month)
The real titanic sunk before we were all born 

Author SnApErKa BoBcIa (1 day)

Author mimi crazy (1 month)
OMG!!! i wwoulld so go watch this.. wish it was real

Author Bonpapa Marie (2 months)
WHAT THE FUCK il survie dans l'eau antarctique le pire de tous il est en
glaçon c'est impossible prenez un bœuf congelé décongelé le il sera
toujours MORT !!!!!!!

Author Cyndi Smith (2 months)
The is really well made. shit. 

Author Geath Gun (1 month)
Why this movie was never finish :( ?

Author Michelle Rutz (14 days)
This is so sad :(

Author Montserrat LB (2 months)
Great edition!

Author dlz124 (3 days)

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