3D Sound - WEAR HEADPHONES - Virtual Reality Audio - WWI

These 3D sounds were originally mono recordings. Then mixed into 3D binaural audio. Virtual Reality sound. Film by Joe Higgins. Sound by Sozo 3D Sound Design -

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Author Voss Legion ( ago)
How did I come here from holding on to you?

Author Giuliana Paz ( ago)
This makes me sad.. :/

Author Mxskills__ ( ago)
That Really Cool

Author DrDuske ( ago)
People who think they would have survived world war 1 need to shut the fuck up, soldiers there knew they weren't going home

Author ihavecojones ( ago)
wtf im hearing everything in the center...

Author Nicholas Ciran ( ago)
Ear rape

Author Heavenly Knight of Harley Quinn ( ago)
"Do you know what's gonna happen if ya don't get up that ladder?"

Probably the same thing that would happen if you do

Author Phil said he want beef with me, phil no last name ( ago)
this makes dead WW1 soldiers cringe

Author Ben Blevis ( ago)
this shit is depressing...

Author Roda Pineda ( ago)

Author Dark Knight420 ( ago)
So fake😂🤣🤣

Author Pvt. Michael J. Caboose ( ago)
Not enough people, not enough small arms crackle

Author Cybronikai guy ( ago)
That whistle must have been the most terrifying thing a trooper could hear

Author Wolve FX ( ago)
During the battle of no man's land, there was no silence, in this video it was quit when they started putting the ladders.

Author Kpop Days ( ago)
im afraid.. ._.

Author Rusty ( ago)
this would be terrifying holy god and this was only 100 years ago

Author Alex's Stupid Vlogs ( ago)
"Ready men?" *7 nation army starts playing*

Author krimsonsun10 ( ago)
Did anyone wince r jump when things blew up?

Author Mari Xavier ( ago)
I got resurrected from the great war and this how you can only tell what it is like to be in it

Author Kelpo ( ago)
i'd shove that yelling guy up first tbh

Author Nathanimation ( ago)
Woah this video was so tense! it really made me feel like an actual soldier in WW1. the emotions they went through when being sent out to (most likely) die a horrible death were perfectly captured in the video. great job!

Author Smearyboar2005 ( ago)

Author escotg GAMING ( ago)
Don't listen with 100% audio trust me I almost died

Author Fifty0ne ( ago)
Wow this is awesome. Would love to see something like this for WW2 during D-Day, from the eyes of a paratrooper jumping out of a c-47. With thousands of tracer rounds flying past him, landing in a town that's held by german troops and then having to fight your way out, alone, to meet up with your platoon.

This was really immersive and very well done... but the scenario I just described would take the cake if done in this manner.

Author Xomega Games ( ago)

Author Croatian Mapping ( ago)

Author Mustafa Dabbagh ( ago)
i've heard that sound in aleppo and i don't miss it

Author Unsung ( ago)
Lol i had my volume on full and wtf i was jumping out of my bed when the first artillery shell landed god awfull

Author Extream Overwatcher ( ago)
When I heard one of the bombs dropping I actually got scared

Author Matthew Chestershire ( ago)
This was incredible, great work

Author Willie Peck ( ago)
this would be cool to watch with a pair of VR giggles

Author Nicholas Ashton ( ago)

Author Pabu's Animations ( ago)
What monster of computer did it take to get those graphics.

Author Filipe M ( ago)

Author Sean VanTull ( ago)
War... War never changes

Author Gioia Gozzo ( ago)
It is kind of sad!!!

Author John Duppleingham ( ago)
Came here from russian interrogation chamber

Author PoohBearBlake ( ago)
i felt like a bomb just went off beside me

Author Badmanaaron Hazel ( ago)
I was just getting a hair cut now this ?

Author theshinglesvirus ( ago)
Tapping on books, soothing voices? No this actually gives me asmr

Author زين وناس العراقي ( ago)
From the clothing i think they are British boys

Author Patriotism Defined ( ago)

Author Jmf 17004 ( ago)
2:02 Hey there buddy, watch the bayonet.

Author Elishah Prior ( ago)
holy shit

Author James Lake ( ago)
Not as good as holophonics

Author Lůıż Henrīquə ( ago)
E morreu

Author Piroclanidis ( ago)
i like how the majority of the viewers here know that ww1 existed only from battlefield

Author Matasanos ( ago)
what a waste of time

Author swedishfishgod ( ago)
i didn't wear head phones

Author Dr. Lyric ( ago)
Revive me plz I have the ray gun

Author This Bird Has Flown ( ago)
1:38 Destroyed my ears

Author Calvin IDK ( ago)
so i got a haircut than got i interrogated and now i'm forced to go to a war and died. seems like a normal day

Author Matthew Buck ( ago)
What is the stuff he is pouring in the cup at 0:57 ?

Author iLikeTheUDK ( ago)
What programs and/or plugins did you use to mix the audio binaurally? What was the workflow? I'm quite curious and I'm considering doing the same with my upcoming movie as an alternative to the standard 5.1 mix.

Author leo bravo ( ago)
this is just too immersive... love it

Author jagtar singh ( ago)
Ha Ha Colored Cameras in WW1

Author Raluyen Skylance ( ago)
He should have went up the ladder

Author James Uphill ( ago)
They didn't have metal hats in ww1

Author gangstalishis ( ago)
cowards will be shot!

Author Roby Askara ( ago)
what the hell!!

Author Harmphrey ( ago)
You never hear the shell that kills you though

Author AllHateIsBait ( ago)
Bullshit he saw that shell before it even came into the cameras view. He is lower than him so he couldn't see it.

Author Paladin Boyd ( ago)
And this is why I hate call off duty and battlefield they will never captured the true hell of war it will always feel like a fun game to the players.

Author Dogeasuar Rex ( ago)
one second he was screaming " you don't get up that ladder ill shoot you my self!" and then 5 seconds later he was screaming for cover.

Author Marine_sniper 141 ( ago)
I don't have headphones

Author Skizzims123 ( ago)
it stunk in those trenches

Author K Webster ( ago)

Author ebrheem ebrheem ( ago)

Author TBL-TTB ( ago)
Should've left the trench earlier lol

Author Poolpea Minecraft ( ago)
i was see likes hardcore henry in WWII

Author Grayson Berkshire ( ago)
Cool vid

Author Gustavus II Adolphus ( ago)
clean uniforms lol

Author Razor Tanner ( ago)

Author Paintball Legacy ( ago)
Damn bout shit myself from those explosions and I was not expecting that mortar at the end xD

Author Gregory Kanniard ( ago)
You wouldn't have heard the whistle on the last one. If you heard a whistle you were safe.

Author It'sCarieLie ( ago)
Omg, I never would have realized what it's like....

Author xuan giang trinh ( ago)
am I dead yet?

Author LittleArmyNut ( ago)
Do one with the French please.

Author Spinnin Records Nerd ( ago)
Battlefield 1 is nothing like World War 1 nerds

Author Arizona man ( ago)
That artillery fire legit made me flinch.

Author Overgrownrose 0 ( ago)
I feel like I'm at the cinema

Author Remington Dog ( ago)
The shell got me

Author JNR5_21 ( ago)
R.I.P headphone users

Author Son Herobrine ( ago)
He should have gone over the top, man....

Author sandeep singh ( ago)

Author Kool nãosei ( ago)
I sense great "3D Audio" Bullshit material on here.

if you want to make these cheap 3D Audio Bullshit, then there´s this tool called "Audio Pan" or "Audio Panning" look it up

Author Ealdy ( ago)
Too quiet. My ears should be bleeding.

Author Vico Abel ( ago)
There should have been more machine gun fire, whistles, and shouts/cries in the background

Author th3 dark3r sid3 of things ( ago)
I want to rp like this with people like this

Author Dawson Lee ( ago)
It's simple audio panning. Stop it with the "3D sound" gimmick.

Author Marcus Tullius Cicero ( ago)
I though this was going to be asmr...

Author Officialvladimirputin ( ago)
this is fucking horrifying

Author Unoriginql ( ago)
i feel like the shell explosions would be a lot louder.

Author Undead Equestrian Gamer ( ago)

Author Tired Chara ( ago)
some bullshit right here, abusive player voice chat then spawn camper using the mortars. ugh, servers nowadays. smh

Author Ezcomer ( ago)
10000% fake

Author Jake Stutzman ( ago)
not the best audio but cool

Author ZSX 3000 ( ago)
do u fuckin know how many times I shat meself

Author Joshua Williams ( ago)
was this real

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