Dr. OWUOR - time is over - part 1

Dr. OWUOR ne serait-il pas le prophète (sauveur et defenseur) annoncé dans ESAIE 19:19-20 ?

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Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (1 year)
Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others weigh what is said. (1
Corinthians 14:29)

and the spirit of prophets are subject to prophets. (1 Corinthians 14:32)
God is the Judge. Those who know him are to judge with righteous judgment
and be very aware of someone who calls himself a brother and is proclaiming
prophecies that do not come to pass as he claims they do. We all need the
grace of God. We all need repentance and to walk in God's ways, including
Dr. Owuor. He is a false prophet. If I want what is good I would read the
word of God and depart from evil, by his grace and power alone. May our
focus be on the cross and our hope in what Jesus Christ did for us there
instead of on a man claiming to be a prophet. @ Warren Barack

Author Peace ontheearth (1 year)
Je suis d'accord avec ce commentaire, il est question de l'Egypte

Author reramwana (5 years)
Le prophète dont parle Malachie c'est Jean-Baptiste. Lis Matthieu 11v 12 à

Author divine137 (4 years)
@combatvetlawstudent what does this have to do with what you said? zilch.
you claimed that false prophets can know the future, according to
Deuteronomy that is false. ONLY a 'true' prophet of GOD can tell the
future. Thus why Moses said that the evidence of a 'true' prophet of GOD is
not love, righteousness, peace none of that. It was "...that WHAT HE SAID
CAME TO PASS..." Simple really.

Author cash4medaily (4 years)
so i wonder how long we have before the rapture. I hope its soon i really
really do but if not I will rejoice on His cleansing of the world the He is
about to do soon.

Author divine137 (4 years)
@combatvetlawstudent No they don't. Only God the Father knows. Moses said
that what determines a prophet of "Yahuwah" is that "what he says COMES TO
PASS..." So devils can NOT know the future. Period.

Author migjuls (4 years)
this r the times en days that every true christian is supposed to stand
firm without compromising any kind of sinful nature

Author 73834174 (3 years)
This is the generation that wil c the coming of messiah,so let us not
argue.whatever have bn said has come 2 pas,so even the coming of jesus wil
come 2 pass.take care.

Author Lerato Morwa (2 years)
He is preaching Repentence and holiness,and rebuking the sin in the house
of the Lord.How many are preaching like that,most of our pasters are not
feeding the truth to the flock,they preach the gospel of prosperity,they
practice sexual immorality,ladies come to the holy alter on trousers or
bare back dress where is modesty in that, they forgot that their bodies are
the the temple of God,they are enticing with their breasts exposed.Pasters
are accountable for the flock so they should teach us

Author divine137 (4 years)
@combatvetlawstudent Um, and how does that pertain to this? I'm waiting...

Author David Tite (1 year)

Author Why Scribe (2 years)
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was visited by Jesus on 12/06/11 "I hear the Spirit
of the Lord speaking many more great earthquakes are going to come upon the
face of this world such as the world has never seen before, not since the
time of Peleg” (earthquakes divided the continents during the days of
Peleg, Genesis 10:25) Above quoted from Open Heavens Prophetic Conference
in Jerusalem (from 1 HR – 18 MIN point - watch?v=6brCk4D958U

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 years)
Dr. Who? He is leaven!! I used to be immersed in his videos and thought he
was p prophet and was mislead! Thank the LORD I got saved. I now know that
this is a false prophet and he is deceiving many. Where is the good news?
Where is the love of GOD? Take it from me. I was deceived by him and I was
in rough shape from him and other false teachers before GOD saved me from
their deceptions. Trust in JESUS alone. Read the word. You do not need this
fraud. Repent and Beleive!

Author divine137 (4 years)
@combatvetlawstudent I did quote the WORD. It was Deuteronomy 18:22. Nuff
said? Anything else added by 'your' own mind is private interpretation and
contrary to God's word.

Author pichuchu titi (4 years)
c'est fini il n y a plus de prophete le dernier etait muhammed paix sur lui
vous attendez en vain

Author Psquit (4 years)
people want to belive that all is work of the devil because they are afraid
to die and no continue living in "heaven"

Author David Tite (1 year)
non il n'est suremment pas le sauveur ou defenseur car il y en a un seul ,
le prophete fait un travail : c celui de montrer l'agneau comme jean
baptiste ou encore annoncer l'époux comme il le fait lui et d'autres . car
rappelons nous il y a toujours un reste qui ne flechit pas les genoux
devant baal . meme si il lui (david owuor) arrivait de se tromper , le plus
important est le message de la préparation aux noces de l'agneau et d'etre
sur d'etre trouvé vetu et non nu . QUE DIEU LE FORTIFIE

Author LuckyIzzy659 (3 years)
@cash4medaily So? Jesus said to watch for the signs of the season

Author divine137 (4 years)
@combatvetlawstudent dude are you on medication or something? i quoted
Deuteronomy 18:22. Um, that's a chapter and verse IN THE BIBLE. Hello?

Author Why Scribe (2 years)
Surely the Lord GOD will do NOTHING, but he revealeth his secret unto his
servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 Dr. Owuor so far has accurately predicted
the quakes and Tsunamis in Haiti, Iran, Chile, Russia, Samoa, Malawi as
well as Hurricane Katrina. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: "Earthquakes have been
appointed by the decree of the watchers” "The "Watchers" are in charge of
executing and overseeing the plans and judgments of God over each nation."
Japan Tsunami Prophecy - watch?v=x-L07GGeyQY

Author Jzel Mupenda (2 years)
May the Lord forgive u! u're the one who's lost!! repent and turn from ur
wicked ways!!! the Narrow is path, not everyone enter the kingdom, he's
teaching about Holiness and Repentance, and people hate theses msg coz
they're comfortable living a life full of sin! yes God is LOVE but GOD hate
SIN!!!! only those who are pure will see the lord!!! so make sure that u're
living a HOLY life!!!

Author jol (4 years)
Come Lord Jesus COME!!!!

Author cash4medaily (3 years)
@LuckyIzzy659 or 100 or maybe one of us dies today and we meet him tonight.
who knows.

Author LuckyIzzy659 (3 years)
@cash4medaily Probably in 50 years. That is what I would guess.

Author David Tite (1 year)
how did he deceive you ? because if you look for good news that give joy to
your flesh , yes of he has deceived you in that matters but if you are
tired of fake gospel in the church and mixture in church , you wont be
deceive when some preach repentance and holyness

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