How the remote start works on a 2010 Camaro

It is pretty simple, and there is a funny goof at the end that I left in for laughs. Brought to you by CamaroZ28.Com.

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Author Miguel Bravo ( ago)
Hi, my camaro is completely dead with the key inside... I cant even open
the trunk by pushing the button, any suggestions?

Author Wendell Johnson ( ago)
thanks u so much!!!

Author zo “BE” phanessN ( ago)
How far can you be away from the car for the remote start to work. 

Author hacking hillary ( ago)

Author Tina Carte ( ago)
I have a 2010 Camaro that I just got over the weekend and I was wanting to
know how to do the Remote Start Thanks so much 

Author Joe Puff ( ago)
now all i need is to find mine

Author Collapze ( ago)
Just an fyi, nearly all Camaros that have that little slit in front of the
hood are equipped with a V8 engine, with the exception of no more than 100
cars in the world (my guess).

Author Crystal Marie ( ago)
just bought a 2013 and i couldnt figure out how to work the remote start :)

Author bigkarl24 ( ago)
lmao funny how ur keychain was upside down 

look the driver in the carrr fakee shit

Author OCquattro ( ago)
Ahhhh thank you, been trying to figure it out for hours.

Author Cramos2174 ( ago)
@ 0:24 only your Halos turned on, without the HIDs and the Fogs. How do you
make the halos to stay as DRL? Cant figure it out on mine.

Author Dan Fretwell ( ago)
looool the keys look like the keys from a 2010 vauxhall meriva

Author GileraXR1 ( ago)
wan be'?

Author APEX ( ago)
u dumb brah 

Author GileraXR1 ( ago)

Author GileraXR1 ( ago)
it definitely does not sound like a V8. In contrast, this one v=M7-VpUgsZrM
does. Okay, the exhaust is not stock, but it is burbling for sure.

Author GileraXR1 ( ago)
no v8? what a piece of shit

Author RiOT ( ago)
now all i need is a drivers license

Author Ricky Oliva ( ago)
I love my remote start especially when it's 105+ outside and I have the a/c

Author Numb Diggers ( ago)
@jdebler Ok?? Do you really think I give 2 fucks??? Choke on a cock and die

Author Numb Diggers ( ago)
Too bad it only comes with pussy automatic.

Author sweetlou512 ( ago)
do all 2010 camaro ss with the 2ss pkg come with remote start?

Author FatPaws Fox ( ago)
00:08 u can see the guy in the car...

Author kysike666 ( ago)
hahaha good fake

Author sweetlou512 ( ago)
Do all 2010 camaro ss come with remote start

Author panamera ( ago)
you dont need to lock it twice

Author Alex Silcock ( ago)
i was gone buy a key like that for my corolla and get the key cut at Ace
hardware. but is it possible to program keyless entry so i can lock my
doors & open trunk with it ?

Author busymama6743 ( ago)
Cool car

Author Deta335 ( ago)
i have the key now where can i buy one of those moving boxes?

Author suliman aloriny ( ago)
يسمونه كميرو اسمه كومارو يآ دلخ <<< خخخخ 

Author Ricky Oliva ( ago)
here is something funny if u and a buddy both try to remote start ur
Camaro's at the same time for some reason it won't let u lol we found that
out the hard way. also i've notice that u can only remote start the car
twice after that u have get in and start the car ur self 

Author Fotin Marius ( ago)
now all i need is a Camaro

Author iCruzeRBB ( ago)
Guys On The car lols Faild thumbs up so he can se this

Author CAPRICIA81 ( ago)
Some ppl are just retarded, The camero comes with a remote start I just
brough mine 2 days ago and its the same exact key... even if someone is in
the car, geesh he is just trying to help ppl, (myself) use the feature. get
a life angry haters..Thanks for uploading and helping me

Author Abdulelah Khaled ( ago)
No one inside the car , and all GM cars like that

Author DerZaubererFN ( ago)
@jdebler Oups, nothing. I ment an other video, it wasn´t yours. I watched
it again, there he presses the button twice, too. Sorry, my fault :P

Author DerZaubererFN ( ago)
In the first video you pressed 'lock' just once, not twice!!

Author Atrax-Divinum (285 years ago)
i have this key. its a prank shocker key. that big shiny silver button up

Author Ricardo Alarcon ( ago)
0:08 someone is in the car

Author T3CHNOTURK ( ago)
don't let him stand in first gear !!!

Author Auto Young ( ago)
@MarkSchrewe Uhhhh, maybe to warm up the car and get the temp right b4 u
get in so u can just get in and go. Just an advantage of living in the 21st

Author Contact902 ( ago)
@nvtuning Not too odd, considering both are GM cars ;)

Author elmasteryu ( ago)
nice car :)

Author Auto Young ( ago)
@akhan360 Dude, that's why I said "MOST". I've been to shops where they
won't do the install because there have been occasions where the car has
actually taken off when started. I never said it couldn't b done or that a
shop wouldn't do it. There's just that risk, which is why I think car
companies r smart not to offer it on their manual vehicles, too much of a
potential liability.

Author aspirinemaga ( ago)
i like the part 0:05 when he says: It's pretty simple, you have a key and
you have a 2010 camaro..." lol... dude, i have a scooter piaggio zip 2t man
, of corse it's pretty simple

Author Sascha Ottenburg ( ago)
Did you see the guy at 0:08 in the car? xD 

Author Sascha Ottenburg ( ago)
Did you see the gus at 0:08 in the car? xD 

Author Auto Young ( ago)
@blowupuate13 This is an L99 car so it has it. The LS3 cars don't have
remote start. Cars typically dont come with remote start for a manual
trans. Most aftermarket shops won't even take on putting a remote start
system in a manual car for fear of it taking off, it happens all the time.
Search for it.

Author Auto Young ( ago)
@archiemaco How is this fake and or gay?

Author vijayabharathi v ( ago)
bumblebee lets roll!!!!!!!!!

Author Locruid ( ago)
@vvcguy24 Challengers? LOL. I got a 95 z28 and trust me, Challengers dont
make me nervous unless its the SRT8 then im having to actually work. Vettes
on the other hand....

Author Rayco Herbert Schmeller Pérez ( ago)
Lol I have the controler, now I need the camaro... 

Author Zcypot ( ago)
I gotta try this, my dad left me that same key in case I ever want to use
the car :D.

Author Gabriell Bishop ( ago)
i have 2010 camaro but i forgot to guy's pocket.

Author bored1980 ( ago)
I'd always imagined it was pronounced ca-maar-o. Is it normally pronounced
cam-eh-ro in the USA?

Author SkyKngiht ( ago)
that logo inverted lol! !!

Author Dhiren Sawh ( ago)
Dammit, I can almost do this! I just need a... hmm what did he say.. I
think it was a 2010 Camaro... AH WELL.. who needs all those unnecessary

Author Adam Rivera ( ago)
thank you 

Author Samuka Sepulvida ( ago)
Não sei se vc entende portugues, mas achei maneiro este video com faz pra
desligar o camaro no controle , tem como ? I like this video, but how you
do to takeoff camaro´s engine using the control ? I don´t know to wiright
in english , i m not too good , hahahahaha 

Author Goldenglov4 ( ago)
how do i get the camero?

Author nvtuning ( ago)
key looks like a opel insignia one :) 

Author EVILWS666 ( ago) people really need this video? Oh lord

Author blowupuate13 ( ago)
But won't you need to have the car in neutral and the clutch pressed to
start the car?

Author MrElio2000 ( ago)
Love Camaro

Author Randy Gareth ( ago)
you need a 2010 camaro? OH NO!

Author tase85 ( ago)
i have the key...i only need the camaro 

Author josh198869 ( ago)
@EndureFocusEngageDie you dont have to be rich just get a base model lol 

Author John Crusader ( ago)
I have a key, but no camaro... anybody can help? One camaro would be
enough, I don`t even mind the color much :)

Author kerrlocher ( ago)
Quick question, when you start up the Camaro using remote start, does it
unlock the doors or will it stay locked till you hit the unlock button?

Author xXxchipperchopperxXx ( ago)
@jdebler you can facepalm yourself for the ending lol that was fuckin funny
as hell

Author xXxchipperchopperxXx ( ago)
@JeffYaddow ive never sen a C5 with paddle shifters only a C6

Author Marc Schrewe ( ago)
Aaaaaannd, what exactly do you need remote start for? It just wastes

Author 境界空の ( ago)
Wish i had your car :D but i couldn't afford to keep it >.< wish i was rich

Author yosef Habib Hafiz ( ago)
i was just wondering is whats the point of having a start buttun on a
remote. is it for like winter starts. to heat it up while ur still in the
house ?? thanx :)

Author HunterXray ( ago)
@UltrakupraRebirth Nope, unless you can hold a clutch pedal in with your
foot, it's still just an automatic, although you have the option of "manual
mode" or telling the transmission when to shift.

Author HunterXray ( ago)
@JeffYaddow In my opinion, it's not a manual unless you have a clutch
pedal. All of these cars with the "manual mode" are just automatics with
the ability to allow you to tell them when to shift.

Author Shin Tech ( ago)
@jdebler I dont know what a "Chevey" is but i sure know what a "Chevy" is.

Author Junior Ramos. ( ago)
was it like that 

Author 3abbosi ( ago)
@p4horror I have a 2006 Impala with remote starter, it's really helpful on
Canadian winter mornings. Unlike aftermarket remote starters, this one has
so many integrated features: It starts the A/C automatically (no need to
preset) hot or cold depending on outside temp then turns off when you put
the key in. The engine runs for 10 minutes and shuts off. Wont start if the
hood is open so your hand wont get caught by any moving part. If the
computer detects a malfunction will shut off. 

Author p4horror ( ago)
Never understood why this feature was ever needed. You still have to get in
the car to move. 

Author Kakda Sovann ( ago)
That is fuckin CLEAN!!!!!!!!

Author comlax22 ( ago)
There yuu hayve it. Silly mid-westerners & their silly accents. 

Author Newmarket Vintage ( ago)
halo lights are the best

Author Erik Rivas ( ago)
@EmptyGamingHD x) or to cool it down on hot after noons

Author Adam (1976 years ago)
thumbs up on halo hid's

Author EmptyGamingHD ( ago)
@BansheeBLN The purpose is to warm up your car on cold mornings. :)

Author BansheeBLN ( ago)
Sooo...what is the logic behind this autostart? You LOCK the car and then
START it? Why? If you want to drive you have to sit in it anyway. So you
could start it then. 

Author NeNe, M.D. ( ago)
@vvcguy24 challengers? really?! HAHAHA!!!

Author MIke Mancino ( ago)
i feel the dealership should tell you how its done. 

Author HHRDUDE09 ( ago)
Doesn't the key have the instructions on the back?

Author UltrakupraRebirth ( ago)
@jdebler cool then you can rev like a manual transmission car :)

Author UltrakupraRebirth ( ago)
so the automatic transmission in the camaro doesnt let you to change
gears(manual mode) like most modern sports cars? :/

Author Virat Aulakh ( ago)
thumbs up for the rs package

Author Youssef Zaky ( ago)
ROFL @ 0:31 

Author Kyle Koshman ( ago)
@jdebler Move it back into drive when the revs go back down. Unless you
don't value your transmission.

Author Vincent Lee ( ago)
@khmerlbckid you can't break a automatic car. engines have rev limiters,
even in if you floor it in nuetral. 

Author jasmenter ( ago)
nice one mate ! 

Author Tweegyblink ( ago)
Mine works if you hit the lock once !!!

Author Bluevegas ( ago)
you only have to hit the lock button once FYI

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