How the remote start works on a 2010 Camaro

It is pretty simple, and there is a funny goof at the end that I left in for laughs. Brought to you by CamaroZ28.Com.

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Author zo “BE” phanessN (10 months)
How far can you be away from the car for the remote start to work. 

Author ArizalZz (1 year)

Author jdebler (2 years)
There is no one in the car. There is no reason to "fake" having remote
start...when it is easily proven that they come with remote start from the
factory. Even having the button for remote start on the remote should be
enough proof. Is there a roving gang of people trying to fake the world
into thinking they have remote start when they do not?

Author camsac (4 years)
@StigRossi yea ur exactly right, i knew it was only certain cars cos of my
valet experience (lets juss say i had my fair share of playing around in
the parking garage back in the day :P) but yeh like the brand new m3, it
shifts much faster cos the torque and boost is held throughout the shift
onto the next gear, am i correct along those lines?

Author kryssu91 (3 years)

Author Goldenglov4 (3 years)
how do i get the camero?

Author jdebler (2 years)
What is fake?

@jdebler Ok?? Do you really think I give 2 fucks??? Choke on a cock and die

Author Vincent Lee (4 years)
@khmerlbckid you can't break a automatic car. engines have rev limiters,
even in if you floor it in nuetral.

Author MrElio2000 (3 years)
Love Camaro

Author UltrakupraRebirth (4 years)
so the automatic transmission in the camaro doesnt let you to change
gears(manual mode) like most modern sports cars? :/

Author UltrakupraRebirth (4 years)
@jdebler cool then you can rev like a manual transmission car :)

Author jdebler (3 years)
@DerZaubererFN No problem. It was originally said to need to be pressed
twice, so I did. If you turn the annotations on, I mention it only takes
one. Thanks!

Author jasmenter (4 years)
nice one mate !

Author jdebler (3 years)
@abbreviateTome - Usually that is what people use it for.

Author josh198869 (3 years)
@EndureFocusEngageDie you dont have to be rich just get a base model lol

Author jdebler (2 years)
It has a V8. You also may want to look at my other videos of this car
before you criticize.

Author GileraXR1 (2 years)
wan be'?

Author T3CHNOTURK (3 years)
don't let him stand in first gear !!!

Author HunterXray (3 years)
@UltrakupraRebirth Nope, unless you can hold a clutch pedal in with your
foot, it's still just an automatic, although you have the option of "manual
mode" or telling the transmission when to shift.

Author jdebler (4 years)
@Gerberbaby922 Thanks, but I already know what it is because I own it. I
never said that are comparable to a true manual. Sorry that you have to
work on them, but what you might not know in the Camaro A6 is that when in
Manual/tap-shift mode, it will NOT upshift until you tell it to. If you are
slow on the tap, the engine will bounce off the rev limiter until you
shift. It leaves you in complete control. I have a trans cal in it so the
shifts are sharp and quick. I see no need to hate.

Author amboiking (4 years)
awesome car, hoping to get one by summer

Author Fotin Marius (3 years)
now all i need is a Camaro

Author jgarkinos (3 years)
not a stick shift huh?

Author Auto Young (3 years)
@MarkSchrewe Uhhhh, maybe to warm up the car and get the temp right b4 u
get in so u can just get in and go. Just an advantage of living in the 21st

Author Lithi Xuanum (4 years)
ROFL @ 0:31

Author Ricky Oliva (3 years)
here is something funny if u and a buddy both try to remote start ur
Camaro's at the same time for some reason it won't let u lol we found that
out the hard way. also i've notice that u can only remote start the car
twice after that u have get in and start the car ur self

Author FatPaws Fox (2 years)
00:08 u can see the guy in the car...

Author camsac (4 years)
@jdebler hahah alright my respect to u then, u sounded young in ur vid so i
made a false assumption

Author xXxchipperchopperxXx (3 years)
@jdebler you can facepalm yourself for the ending lol that was fuckin funny
as hell

Author elmasteryu (3 years)
nice car :)

Author mike schneider (4 years)
@jdebler better yet whats a drivier? is that french?

Author Adriano Ragazzi (4 years)
my dream

Author iCruzeRBB (3 years)
Guys On The car lols Faild thumbs up so he can se this

Author Alex Silcock (3 years)
i was gone buy a key like that for my corolla and get the key cut at Ace
hardware. but is it possible to program keyless entry so i can lock my
doors & open trunk with it ?

Author jdebler (2 years)
Not it they have a manual transmission.

Author jdebler (4 years)
Clarification...put it back in drive when the engine goes back down to idle
or you are asking for problems. Thanks, @Koshman32

Author p4horror (3 years)
Never understood why this feature was ever needed. You still have to get in
the car to move.

Author Randy Gareth (3 years)
you need a 2010 camaro? OH NO!

Author GileraXR1 (2 years)
it definitely does not sound like a V8. In contrast, this one v=M7-VpUgsZrM
does. Okay, the exhaust is not stock, but it is burbling for sure.

Author Ricky Oliva (2 years)
I love my remote start especially when it's 105+ outside and I have the a/c

Author Auto Young (3 years)
@akhan360 Dude, that's why I said "MOST". I've been to shops where they
won't do the install because there have been occasions where the car has
actually taken off when started. I never said it couldn't b done or that a
shop wouldn't do it. There's just that risk, which is why I think car
companies r smart not to offer it on their manual vehicles, too much of a
potential liability.

Author vijayabharathi v (3 years)
bumblebee lets roll!!!!!!!!!

Author Dhiren Sawh (3 years)
Dammit, I can almost do this! I just need a... hmm what did he say.. I
think it was a 2010 Camaro... AH WELL.. who needs all those unnecessary

Author Atrax-Divinum (3 years)
i have this key. its a prank shocker key. that big shiny silver button up

Author jovianksc (4 years)
@Gerberbaby922 who cares as long as chicks dig it. chicks don't care what
transmission type as long as it's a hot car. you can go and continue
driving your mom's Kia Rondo.

Author bored1980 (3 years)
I'd always imagined it was pronounced ca-maar-o. Is it normally pronounced
cam-eh-ro in the USA?

Author Cramos2174 (2 years)
@ 0:24 only your Halos turned on, without the HIDs and the Fogs. How do you
make the halos to stay as DRL? Cant figure it out on mine.

Author Ricardo Alarcon (3 years)
0:08 someone is in the car

Author jdebler (4 years)
@n70643 - You can in Park, of course...but when driving you can move the
shifter into Neutral and rev the engine and then move it back in the Drive.

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