Binging with Babish: The Moistmaker from Friends

I never watched Friends but I couldn't google "thanksgiving sandwiches in television and film" without getting about a billion Ross Geller references. Disgusting as the word "moistmaker" is, it makes a damned fine sandwich out of your delicious turkey day leftovers.

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Author Stranger NotDanger ( ago)
Eat this much and and look this good howwwwww

Author dean summers ( ago)
I fucking love this channel

Author Daniel Saroori ( ago)
Jammers looks awesome!!! Where did you buy it? And also - awesome videos man! Keep up the good work!

Author jibberjabberwocky ( ago)
At first when you started with the Stovetop and canned sauce, I was wondering why the heck someone recommended your videos to me. But it got way better, great sandwich!

Author michael wheeler ( ago)
his show is awesome i wish they were longer though

Author Burak Bozkurt ( ago)
Ok I'm pretty sure that he is William Strife

Author Borborygmi ( ago)
I love how you never take shortcuts. You pretty much cooked an entire thanksgiving meal for a sandwich from scratch

Author epile3teenaonoma ( ago)
none of your videos made me more hungry than this one

Author sack943 ( ago)
humans have killed for less glorious things than this sandwich damn I want this so bad

Author Sebastian Gerhard ( ago)
Honestly my kind of cook show

Author Aisoi ( ago)
I like how he moved out of the way for that rogue onion piece that shoots out of the pan as soon as it touches it.

Author Faith Stratton ( ago)
Was so disappointed when I saw the packets at first! Nice to see proper cooking from scratch (can relate on the scissors, best brand are Victorinox, German brand)

Author Nikola Tesla ( ago)
Do Naruto ramen :D

Author Apekshita Karajagi ( ago)
you inspire me! love your videos

Author Leonar12345 ( ago)
Died at "make sure it's not poisoned"

Author lespatriotsfan ( ago)
What I do after Thanksgiving is use seasoned roasted turkey and I add mayo on my bread. I think I will start adding a middle piece of bread and dipping it in gravy though

Author Kristina Giuliano ( ago)
This is great! And as much as I love Friends and the "moistmaker" sandwich, I'm more inspired now to make a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch! :) Edit: And using this method of cooking a turkey because who doesn't love cutting down cooking times?

Author lizzy xoxo ( ago)
whats the song from the beginning? it was from a tv show I can remember ?

Author jack junior ( ago)
who got hungry when they watched this.

Author TheMadmanAndre ( ago)
"A package of 90-calorie I'm just fucking with you."

Fucking Epic.

Author michelle carbonell ( ago)
i watch this videos eating my dinner every knight, i really feel like its my dirty secret i have to hide to the world because of how much i enjoy doing that.

Author Lynn_B0TXD ( ago)
"I like my gravy how I like my women, thin and rich." That alone deserves a sub!

Author commissionergordan ( ago)
Get those Turkey pan juices in that gravy

Author Juliette Grantham ( ago)
damn that looks good! you should make Rachel's disgusting (but delicious if you ask Joey) trifle next.

Author LukezyM ( ago)
This is ludicrous, too much meet! Why on earth would you prepare such a sandwich? There is enough meat to feed the hole family. Too much of a good thing is wonderful.. - this is I guess the moto of our western society.

Author Jack Reynolds ( ago)
Oh fuck me now Im hungry again

Author Maria lwom ( ago)
he should make that dish that Rachel made when she was in charge if the thanksgiving dessert and no one liked it except for joey 😂

Author Sebastian Huerta ( ago)
You sound like a more happy bob from bobs burgers

Author BIGgourami ( ago)
Plain pork sausage? So... ground pork?

Author s kittmer ( ago)
This video made me so hungry

Author Gin G ( ago)
I'm making myself stop watching your videos because I'm freaking starving now and I'm trying to diet.

Those cranberries.... 😍

Author 07flaugh ( ago)
I saw the buddig and for some reason instead of thinking 'he's kidding' i thought 'gross i cant watch this if he's using that' {because buddig is... so gross but my grandma and mom love it??? It's so flavorless} but as soon as he said 'jellied cranberry sauce' i realized the joke. my disgust overwhelmed my logic

Author josh mayer ( ago)
Can you do Rachel's trifle sautéed with peas and onions? This was a great vid, thank you!

Author Ahlam Lavin ( ago)
He's voice is so sexy

Author serrato12 ( ago)
I was so happy when he didn't use that pack of Turkey in the beginning

Author xkuma ( ago)
great videos! love everything ive watched so far! proud to sub to you!

Author Kristina Easiley ( ago)
a pack of 90 calories I'm just fucking with you😂😂😂

Author Bee Merry ( ago)
I just subscribed and am voraciously watching all of your videos way into the AM. I can't get enough 😍

Author Isabella Langhus ( ago)
hahahahahaha im just fucking with you i fucking died

Author Euphoria ( ago)
chanberry sauce?

Author darkangel102860 ( ago)
Maybe some Harry Potter recipes?

Author Mririanno1fan ( ago)

Author Frank Bags ( ago)
the gravy comment made me subscribe

Author Christina Kim ( ago)
the Frasier opening theme song throws me off haha. still great vids!

Author OGesus Christ ( ago)
this is literally my favorite channel (:

Author Rachel B ( ago)
You should make the truffle Rachel makes on friends!!

Author Right-Wing Snek ( ago)
"I like my gravy like I like my women, thin and rich" hahahah

Author Zaine87 ( ago)
How was it?

Author Bob Chen ( ago)
all the adjectives

Author Brian Kee ( ago)
This man is so chef like, he could find a way from studying a bird to break every bone in a human body.

Author MagicCardboardBox ( ago)
he cooked an entire turkey to make a single sandwich...

Author Gordy Brown ( ago)
that is the best looking turkey iv ever seen

Author Dr. Dallin ( ago)
Well it's spring sand now I'm making a turkey

Author Exploding Fish Shitposting and Senseless Drivel, Inc. ( ago)
YOU DIDN'T SAY IF YOU LIKED IT OR NOT! Kinda frustrating. So, was it good?

Author Carlos Silva ( ago)
you need more subs

Author paperchasin23 ( ago)
you didn't put enough gravy in your penis bread. and too much Ingredients. no one wants a sandwich they can't bite.

Author Mythias ( ago)
Not sure how I stumbled upon this channel, but thank god I did.

Author Sally Tian ( ago)
you should do the dessert rachel made in friends!

Author Dylan Millikan ( ago)
You are a god among men

Author Starr Rosseter ( ago)
"i like my gravy the way i like my women, thin and rich"

Author Brooke Katich ( ago)
di.. did he just made a whole Thanksgiving dinner for a sandwich


Author Tomato Potato ( ago)
What kind of faggot can't say "moist-maker" without cringing? You're a fuckin' pussy-ass snowflake.

Author Lizard God Bleach ( ago)
U make me want tone a chef

Author Hi I'm A Potato ( ago)
*M O I S T*

Author Elias's Account ( ago)
He looks like Vsauce Michael

Author NPC ( ago)
The only thing I'd say about this sandwich, is don't toast the middle slice of bread it'll absorb more gravy that way and you'll get more flavour. I'm no expert this genius but I've done that with sandwiches in the past.

Author Chris O'sullivan ( ago)
this is better than porn

Author Чика Насирдинов ( ago)
i want you to be my father

Author Chris Hewson ( ago)
that moment @ 1:38 when you are seasoning a god damn headcrab from half life.

Author SFK Gaming ( ago)
Wierd that you use Frasiers music but don't have any videos about Frasier

Author Flame Beats ( ago)
My... sandwich??!!

Author Thesuperman367 ( ago)
Could I be any more hungry.

Author Moon Pie ( ago)
You should make the English Trifle dessert Rachael makes on Friends

Author Victor Rosas ( ago)
dude you sprinkled your meth on that turkey.

Author Moses Bushido ( ago)
You, sir, have the life I one day aspire to have. Well done.

Author Nick Henrich ( ago)
great googley moogley

Author WindyCityAssassin ( ago)

Author Queen Castillo ( ago)
He's funny so I'm gonna subscribe

Author Jjdjjdj Kjdjjd ( ago)
Why do I actually mind that he worked in his Jamers?

Author Sam Richards ( ago)
Wow, no wonder Ross was so pissed!

Author Jason Fulton ( ago)
Please please make the Broodwich sandwich from aqua teen hunger force

Author jen ( ago)
at 0:58 his voice reminded me of ryan reynolds lmao

I shouldn't watch this while hungry.
*Watches more*

Author Lia Hansen ( ago)
aw man did you only dip one side of the gravy bread? You gotta get that bitch soggy

Author Gaming with Jam ( ago)
That wasn't "soaked in gravy"

Author Matthew Smith ( ago)
i'd hire this guy as my personal chef

Author FranciscoCasablanca ( ago)
0:51 song?

Author SpoonfishLee ( ago)
I see that Yamazaki 12y in the back! Was it used for any recipe on the channel?

Author Regina Kaplan ( ago)
No mayo on any thanksgiving sandwich is a crime.

Author Nathan Rojas ( ago)
M Y S A N D W I C H ! ?

Author MisterX3866 ( ago)
Maybe use the roasted veggies and turkey juices for the gravy (?)

Author Ethan Horn ( ago)
did you legit not season that turkey, smh

Author CHONCHINATOR.9000 ( ago)

Author I LIKE TURTLES! ( ago)
Your video is a "Moist maker" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Brady Johnson ( ago)
how to make a hipster thanksgiving

loved the vid

Author Emily Claydon ( ago)
He must have a lot of tyme on his hands!!!

Author Brian McBroom ( ago)
You're awesome

Author Somebody else ( ago)
Did anyone else get "moist" while watching this?

Author William Spring ( ago)
Love this cooking show man by far the best one I've seen on YouTube.
I would love to see you make Sole meunière from the movie Julie and Julia

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