Binging with Babish: The Moistmaker from Friends

I never watched Friends but I couldn't google "thanksgiving sandwiches in television and film" without getting about a billion Ross Geller references. Disgusting as the word "moistmaker" is, it makes a damned fine sandwich out of your delicious turkey day leftovers.

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Author Benjamin Fisher ( ago)
why baking soda with the salt?

Author Jay the Climber ( ago)
a slice of bread SOAKED.. SOAKED IN GRAVY.. you need to apply more gravy to your moist maker to ensure maximum moist making potential man!

Author CravenTHC ( ago)
My greatest wish, as I'm watching your videos, is that I had a kitchen capable of storing all of these fantastic ingredients you use. I'm no slouch with the pots and pans, but I can't ever remember having whole cinnamon sticks in my spice rack. Loving the food pron. xD

Author Vaibhav Vijay ( ago)

Author Jim Dear ( ago)
This has concerned me on alot of your videos (Im a big fan ;D), but ill post here as this is possibly the most egregious example.
Please, please, please tell me you dont waste insane amounts of excellently prepared food, you talk about finishing a plate (let alone what you prepare) as if it is some special exception where as so many people (myself included) would love to just try your dishes.
Not that I want to be all discouraging, cooking this well is an expensive hobby but you have inspired me to try however I can. Lastly I'd like to congratulate you on your channels success, your videos are very well edited, your commentary is concise and funny and it never feels as though there is a wasted moment.

Author Maksim Vucetic ( ago)
The outside of the turkey had no colour or crispiness, that's a shame, considering that those two things are the most important things in a roast turkey, other than it being moist and juicy.

Author Katie DiCristo ( ago)
Please invite me to your house this thanksgiving and feed me this 😂

Author LadyLatias ( ago)
Jesus, is that what Thanksgiving is like in America ? Kind of terrifying how much work goes into all this

Author Stagnant Lasagna ( ago)
stop it. throw that abomination away, anything involving any kind of stuffing needs to burn in hell

Author HidetoraToujou ( ago)
you need to make a some vids of Seinfeld dishes man. make a vid of you making pizza without washing your hands after a piss. some muffin tops. a big salad. rye bread. eggplant calzone. some Kenny Rogers chicken, soup nazi... so much more

Author Jovic Beltran ( ago)
Last Thanksgiving my granddad made something he called the "Cajun Wellington" which is basically your basic wellington except it's got a gravy soaked puff pastry, boudin ball stuffing and beef fillet wrapped in deer bacon

Author Amanda Jones ( ago)
Marry me?! Lol. jk. Yum though, love your recipes. :)

Author Joezze-Bear ( ago)
Lol.... jammers

Author 11maxed11 ( ago)

Author apolbee ( ago)
Please make one on The Best Hamburger in New York from How I Met Your Mother. :)

Author MisterZ3r0 ( ago)
"Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin tossed salads and scrambled eggs..."

Author F L A M R ( ago)
It is not safe to watch this late at night

Author Jake Mcewen ( ago)
Ok, you got me with the budding turkey. I literally paused this video to rant about how budding is basically dog food. Whats bad is I didn't even question the stove top...

Author Clinton Leonard ( ago)
So weird, this video is called "Thanksgiving sandwich" in the sidebar, but when you click on it the title changes to "The Moistmaker From Friends"

Author Superssam87 ( ago)
I use 'trauma shears' whenever I need to butterfly a bird. You can buy then on amazon fairly cheap.

Author Ra's Al Ghul ( ago)

Author I am kill_em_all3456 ( ago)
5:03 see like I said not afraid to speak your mind thumbs up man

Author Vanilla Bleach ( ago)
Start a restraunt that makes movie and show foods.

Author AnderProductions ( ago)
Makes entire Thanksgiving meal virtually from scratch...just to make a leftover sandwich

Author Ben Franklin ( ago)
The turkey looks flavorless af

Author Boof ( ago)
I wasnt even there and I could smell the Thanksgiving

Author Handsaw [ESK] ( ago)
If I'm gonna be honest, my mouth watered while watching this video.

Author Paige Brady ( ago)
You should totally make something from Spirited Away! That would be amazing!!

Author Bleep Bloop ( ago)
When he said "I like my gravy like a like my women, thin and rich" I had to drop a like

Author XxLewthatruthxX 97 ( ago)
Smh yea I'm unsubscribing; why is salt literally the only seasoning you use on the turnkey and it doesn't even look done all the way ✌🏾🚶🏾

Author seize the daiseez ( ago)
Krabby patty pleeeaase

Author DrawMationz ( ago)
You should make the "Sandvich" from Team Fortress 2.

Author Seamus Walsh ( ago)
I watched all of these in a about 3 hour span, now to decide which one to make every night for a week. I think I'll start with this delicacy

Author TheOffenderBlog ( ago)
On the one hand, I hate Friends and David Schwimmer in particular. On the other hand, this does look delicious. Delicious in or out of sandwich form.

Author Jessica Amber ( ago)
Hey! I noticed you have never done food in anime. If you were up for a challenge, check out Food Wars! You have 1001 options and the food looks AMAZING!

Author Samizdata ( ago)

Author Nik Veresch ( ago)
how are u not supper famous??????

Author Magma Neo ( ago)
The friends series are one of the best

Author sonikmuff ( ago)
A food from Friends you need to make: the Trifle Sheppards Pie.

Author Fox Charlie 86 ( ago)
hey, Babish, how about Rachael's Thanksgiving Desert? you have a video for that one?

Author FULLM3TALPR0 ( ago)
Why don't you Americans butter your bread?

Author Luke Posadas ( ago)
Wow you really got me with that troll at the start, when I saw the lunch meat I about had an aneurysm!

Author Nicholas Pretel ( ago)
I found myself cheering him on with each piece of the recipe like it was a sports game. I get way too into these videos.

But seriously this was great to see. I haven't done too much cooking. The one thing i've really prepared was a collard greens recipe from my grandmother but the satisfaction afterwards was great. I hope you feel the same with each of these.

Author Coen ( ago)
love that Ratatat

Author Cookie_Monster95 ( ago)
I love this I'm a huge fan of Friends so this made me so happy. You should definitely do Rachel's English trifle. That would be amazing to see made.

Author Outer Macaroon52 ( ago)
Filthy Franks human ramen

Author Rachel Monte ( ago)
Please do recipes from spongebob😩🙏🏻

Author Shacopagano ( ago)
Best. Cooking. Channel. Ever.

Author polyopulis ( ago)
I kinda wish you would have commented on the taste. I still don't know from watching this vid whether that moistmaker slice is a good idea.

Author yelladude ( ago)
this video makes me feel like I have never done Thanksgiving right

Author PoshMurder ( ago)
Love your videos! If there's one thing I would've changed, honestly the only thing, it would be to completely soak the middle slice in the gravy, making it a true 'moist' maker :D

Author Teri Scallon ( ago)
Best sandwich

Author Mack ( ago)
HEY! You can't be using Country white bread! It needs to be marble rye bread!

Author Justin Wiles Music ( ago)
this channel is the tits!

Author Matt Veillette ( ago)
make krabby patties

Author Lauren Nicole ( ago)

Author Alex Alfonso ( ago)
Damn that looks good!

Author Jonah Villarreal ( ago)
If you're name is oliver babish why is the chanel named andrew rea

Author Jacob ( ago)
I don't know how to say this without sounding like Pee Wee Herman: you make cooking fun!

Author Jaden Colopy ( ago)
It would be neat to see your version of Jake the dog's sandwich from the "Time Sandwich" episode of Adventure Time.

Author VlRGlL ( ago)
I like my gravy like I like my women


Author Andrew Simpson ( ago)
I never cooked turkey before, but I'm just wondering how come it doesnt go dry with 2 hours in the oven without any butter or anything on it :O

Author Carlos J Cintrón ( ago)
Thin & Rich hahahaha

Author hobossuck2 ( ago)
yeah I like my women like that too

Author OfficialXeroMusic ( ago)
Ever thought of attempting Ninja Sex Party's "The Ultimate Sandwich"? I'd love to see that

Author lillskiten1337 ( ago)
best music ever for a video <3 ratatat <3

Author Florence MacKenna ( ago)
Help, I couldn't find any bags of 90 calorie I'm Just Fucking With You at my local grocery store, will the reduced fat version work?

Author MKM ( ago)
Nit-pick... the bread in the middle is supposed to be soaked in gravy, not just dipped. But great video :)

Author RaidingBadger ( ago)

Author Coffee Ninja ( ago)
Now do Rachels Trifle

Author ghazt101 Gaming ( ago)
I like my gravy like I like my women

Thin and rich

Author HugeFanOfNOFX ( ago)
After watching this all I want is your thanksgiving sandwich with a moist maker...

Author Manticore Leo ( ago)
Just found the best YouTube channel ever!

Author scrubl0rd ( ago)
Too much work, I will pay $5 to someone who makes me this sandwich.

Author Sychosis ( ago)
He's over here making a complicated recipe and im wondering how many minutes to microwave popcorn

Author Jim Beaux ( ago)
Ja, think I'd never cook an entire turkey for a sandwich.  Don't underestimate what being inside a turkey does for stuffing, nor what stuffing does for a turkey.  The sandwich looked great, but half would probably end in the trash. It was quite a large sandwich.

Author MEGA BOSS ( ago)
Never trust edited comments

Author Melo Banana ( ago)
hey could you make the steak cake from Pair Of Kings or the Special Goulash same episode.

Author JIMMI ( ago)
im sooo hungry now

Author Sizzla Wizzla ( ago)
Make something from The Godfather!

Author Rival Blue ( ago)

Author k EB ( ago)
if you don't want to use pork for the sandwich, what would be the best thing to substitute the pork?

Author Jasper Moore ( ago)
Well, I certainly didn't plan on going home and making Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but...

Author Élisabeth Grégoire ( ago)
''Thin and rich'' hahaha

Author kookopola ( ago)
u r the best utuber ever

Author TriniRCmodels ( ago)

Author Kevin Kibble ( ago)


Author Joli-coeur Wouter ( ago)
A lot of work for a sandwich ............

Author ech31 ( ago)
Hi, I think this is my 56th video that I watched one after the other. Just wanted to say I love this channel and all the food you're making. Also, can I ask where did you get your 'jammer' robe? looks awesome. Thanks!

Author Spaghetti Wap ( ago)
You're so funny oh my god!!!! Like idk if you actually wanna be funny but I just find you so funny lmaooo

Author John Underkofler ( ago)
the turkey is thicc

Author Nick Johnson ( ago)
This was just an excuse to make thanksgiving dinner wasn't it

Author unluckiest gamer ( ago)
make the sandwich for wizards of Waverly place (to the max)

Author rologinger12 ( ago)
Do a krabbypatty

Author Saba Ora ( ago)
Making a Friends sandwich, opens with a Fraiser song. Love it

Author ParkerJBelonio ( ago)
whats the thing youre using to sautee?

Author Sam D. ( ago)
😂😂😂😂 oh my god. I was like ...why the fuck is there a package of lunch meat!? Hahaha. That was awesome.

Author koraxwright ( ago)
love this channel so much!!! made a whole thanksgiving meal just to make a sandwich hahaha

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