Cow Qurbani Video

Cow qurbani video 2007.

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Author Nitish Tehlan ( ago)
Ghar meh guss k marenge Hindu dhyan rakhna

Author Nitish Tehlan ( ago)
Muulo ya toh samaj jao varna karara jawab milega.

Author nadim A.k ( ago)
right hole afcource in EUROPE.

Author KishanSingh Araba ( ago)
Suar ki aulado suar ko khalo

Author Gurvinder Singh ( ago)
@tokaee aatankvadi maa chuda apni, sare ke sre muslim terrorist hai, anpadh
gawar, kuch ni aata salo ko, darpok mather chod, jo muslim terrorist nahi
wo apne se kamjor janwaro ko marta hai jo muslim terrorist hai wo insano ko
chup chup ke narte hai, kabhi samne aakar ni marte is lihaj se sab muslim
kayar aur darpok hai , matheechod sale

Author Gurvinder Singh ( ago)
@chicagoboy2k2 hinu to sirf bakwas likte hai tumhare baap (terrorist) to
hinduo ko marte hai, 99% terrorist muslim hai, kabhi socha hai kyun, apne
baccho ko ye sab cheece dikhoge , chaku churiya dikhoge, khoon dikhoge, wo
terrorist ne banege to aur kya banege

Author txxxanand ( ago)
Fucking Pakistanis.......Saale sab harami ke pille sab ko is tarah
sabke samne kaat dena chaiye..!

Author mouniszem ( ago)
@rajpurohitkishan24 khuda ki kis kis creation ko samjhaoo gay kabhi shayr k
agay gau mata ko khara karna africa main 2 se 3 mins main gau mata saf kar
dain gay wo yhe qudrat ka nizam hai jo char paye yani ghaday nahi samajhtay
yhe ap jayson ka QURAN PAK main naam rakha hai ALLAH RAB-UL-IZAT ne

Author mouniszem ( ago)
@rajpurohitkishan24 apni fikar karo agla janam nahi milay ga sidha jahannom
main dalay jaaoo gay

Author Kishan Harisingh ( ago)
jiv htiya mhapaap hai kyo is paap ko apne upar le rhe ho kudha kasam agle
janam tum bhi ese hi ktoge ye ek rajpurohit barahman ka tum logo ko sarap
hai jai gou mata jai bhart mata

Author facebookkingz ( ago)
@chicagoboy2k2 tere ma de lun saleya tere ma de posde de tote ker dene je
tu gaal kade maderchoda

Author fr8kashif ( ago)
ha ha

Author AttentionWh0re ( ago)
@alihasnain77 band k;a cuse and ma ki pussy!!!!!

Author ahmadcancerian ( ago)
camra man hai hi maa ka lora

Author Asim Raza ( ago)
Cow gives Milk because it was meant to be like this. And You may not take
its help, you can use tractors in the Field to grow food. You drink Milk of
Goat, You May Not drink Milk! But you have to slaughter the cow! Yum Yum!

Author 99knight ( ago)
STFU. go eat your electricuted cow

Author 99knight ( ago)
y dont u eat meat? thats the proper way to kill the animal by flushing all
the blood through beheading

Author Ghost ( ago)
hahahah pwned!

Author tomitza23 ( ago)
i would like to se their faces if 10 peple yheied them up and then show a
big sharp knife....stupid emptyheaded

Author zakir ali ( ago)
ok iam a vegetarian i hate meat some of u people saying that its horrible
and u hate these people whos doing this so why u guys eat meat then most of
u people cant live without meat

Author Aujla916 ( ago)
thats y i hate muslams.

Author AYEMAQ ( ago)
trinimafia first of all the quran dont say respect the cow the sura's name
is al baqara or (the cow) and plz its QUR'AN not koran and why are u
swearing man

Author ahsensuhail ( ago)
i miss pakistan :(:(

Author sialkot121 ( ago)

Author yasmin ali ( ago)
it is very graaphic but i have read also that it is quicker and kinder i
think it should be done a lot more kinder than this but what else would you
expect fomr these ppl they are not educated in being kinder to animals they
dont know any diffrent to this though i am muslim i choose not to eat red
meat for this cause.

Author faizankhan425 ( ago)
this is a sudden death,Scientist have proven that this method is less
painful than the american method

Author bappug ( ago)
listen u motherfuker its not about hindu, muslim or sikh wat the hell r
these fulkin assholes doin killing a poor anymal like this,u assholes if u
have to kill it give it a sudden death ,fukin losers

Author fahmid2007 ( ago)
This is very UnIslamic...People are shouting, taunting and bunch of wimps
cant even down a small bull despit tying it up?? shame

Author sarosh mahdi ( ago)
its not about hindus as a former muslim i feel ashamed of all this

Author chicagoboy2k2 ( ago)
Yaar aik kaam karo iss video pay comments off kar doo, warna loog apni
baqwas likhtay rahein gay, specially hindus....

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