10 Mind Blowing Statistics from 2050

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  • 2050 is only a short 34 years away. For centuries people have predicted that the future will be taken over by robust robots. But what will 2050 really look like? We have a few ideas.
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    ➢10. The world’s population will increase from 7.2 billion to at least 9.6 billion - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aug
    ➢9. Minorities will reach 50% of the US population - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04auh
    ➢8. Sea level will rise by at least 1 foot - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aui
    ➢7. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans will be divorced - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04auj
    ➢6. Demand for food will increase by 70% - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04auk
    ➢5. 1 in 5 developing countries will face water shortages - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aul
    ➢4. At least 50% of Jobs will be replaced by robots - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aum
    ➢3. Nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aun
    ➢2. Renewable Energy Could Provide 80 Percent of U.S. Electricity by 2050 - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04auo
    ➢1. Cancer deaths will be effectively ZERO for everyone under 80 - Credit: http://linkbun.ch/04aup

    Music credit: "Inspired" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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  • Francis Luther De Guzman

    ww3 guys

  • inferno stir
    inferno stir 15 hours ago

    if they say we are going to run out of water then why are they saying sea levels are rising?

  • felixthefox
    felixthefox 16 hours ago

    Guys, the figures are huge underestimates HUGE.

  • Professional Gopnik

    the real question is, will the US start using metric?

  • Ibirahim Zaheer
    Ibirahim Zaheer 1 day ago

    4:20 the robot wants to go toilet

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 1 day ago

    Who is going to be 46 years old in 2050 😅

  • I C
    I C 1 day ago

    In 2050 cats will rule the world and all human needs will be replaced by watching YouTube videos.

    ....mainly about cats.

  • Bubble Butt
    Bubble Butt 2 days ago

    it won't be long until robots turn against us

  • StewTV
    StewTV 2 days ago

    I BELIVE that today's wars will escalate, causing a nuclear wasteland for all of the super countries.

  • Rain ouchen
    Rain ouchen 3 days ago

    5 !

  • ItzZayMC
    ItzZayMC 3 days ago

    Water levels rising - Water shortage


  • muchelle pringle
    muchelle pringle 4 days ago

    the world will be so fucked up by 2050 it will look like fucken shit its fucked up now w8th crime and killings i will be in my mid 70 s and fucken old bitch by 2050 asum michelle pringle i will grow old it goes to show how you go from 1 to 70 bab6 to old petson fast

  • BaDeR CooL
    BaDeR CooL 4 days ago

    Omfg here we go again with " how the future is going to be " like ffs we are the FUTURE we got everything, the only thing left is to make the future safer and better , and hope to not have a WW3!

  • Shadow Bot
    Shadow Bot 5 days ago

    fuck that shit robots will take over

  • MAXX10000000 21
    MAXX10000000 21 5 days ago

    I hope their is a nuclear war cuz we just need to decrease the human population.

  • Raygunz 4 Dayz
    Raygunz 4 Dayz 5 days ago

    Why do I watch these videos? They always make me sad

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins 5 days ago

    the fucked up part is population growing and robotization too, cities still growing with less water and food. We need to use solar energy and stop eating animal products asap

  • Marie -Chan
    Marie -Chan 5 days ago

    I hope everything will be alright for everyone.

  • Miguel Janerios
    Miguel Janerios 6 days ago

    A statistic is the function of the data. These aren't statistics, they are predictions and extrapolations from current statistics. I was promised statistics... clickbait!!

  • Zamkove DayGame
    Zamkove DayGame 6 days ago

    In 2050 kids will still rage over Minecraft 눈-눈

  • Damon Suarez
    Damon Suarez 6 days ago

    Probably a judge dredd like thing going on

  • goodlyboony
    goodlyboony 7 days ago

    By that time, I'll be 53. If I didn't die before hand first

  • carlos blanco
    carlos blanco 7 days ago

    i'll be 50, in 2050!

  • Sharu Thammanna
    Sharu Thammanna 7 days ago

    Except for technological advancements not much is really going to change. I mean try comparing 1967 to 2017 there are a heck alot of differences but ultimately the world almost seems the same.

    MAC VALEN 7 days ago

    I'll be 67 years old

  • Kesh Kumar
    Kesh Kumar 7 days ago

    We should have iPhone 43 by then

  • noobs are idiots
    noobs are idiots 7 days ago

    in 2050 I will be like 40 or something

  • TheRamos
    TheRamos 7 days ago

    I'll be 50 in 2050

  • himself raps
    himself raps 7 days ago

    this dude needs to get his facts straight it does not require 12 gallons a day to support the average person

  • Booby Manfanny
    Booby Manfanny 8 days ago

    I'll be 72 , stinking of piss and won't have a clue how to have sex with my robot partner. I won't know how to turn her on

  • Venusia Venus
    Venusia Venus 8 days ago

    In 2050, I will be 49 Years old.

  • Aaron89
    Aaron89 8 days ago

    I'll be 61 by 2050. I just hope that I'll be retired by then

  • Jherome Slays
    Jherome Slays 8 days ago

    I'll be 49 years old!

  • Pete Sam
    Pete Sam 9 days ago

    Not sure the human race will be here given current events. We'll be lucky to make 2025 😕

  • Jose Arellano
    Jose Arellano 9 days ago

    What an interesting video. a few things here are indeed scary. In 2050 I turn 58. Hopefully we live in a Star Trek paradise in 2050 and not the other way of fighting for water. Fingers crossed that we live in a Star Trek like paradise. I am excited and somehow also terrified by the predictions. I am terrified of the scary predictions. A good number of languages will be gone in 33 years, I would definitely say. I find that in 2050 we can be able to live even longer than now. self-driving vehicles may be around, the space elevator may be completed, new countries will have formed while many current countries will still exist, we could personally fly by means of flying cars, displacement of some people due to rising sea levels, robots around a lot, more advanced technology than now, perhaps no more snail mail, no landline phones, a number of extinct species, we can have ocean farming, different ways of schooling that are more about homeschooling than a school in a building.

  • Jayus
    Jayus 9 days ago

    we just got pushed back 20 years because of trump

  • mace wah
    mace wah 9 days ago

    this world is full of shit now so 2050 will be a fucking toilet.

  • Blake J
    Blake J 9 days ago


  • kryptonikal
    kryptonikal 9 days ago

    i will be 45 in 2050. yay.

  • adam k
    adam k 10 days ago


  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump 10 days ago

    Who here is watching on December 5th 2104 with an iPad pro

  • kamiles vlogs
    kamiles vlogs 10 days ago

    2050 ill be 47

  • Brother vs Brother
    Brother vs Brother 10 days ago

    2050 ain't gonna be so fucking different lol man it's like 30 years away probally increases in tech but dats it

  • srpska garda
    srpska garda 10 days ago

    in 2050 i will have 53 years and finally discovering how it looks like to be an old man

  • KLM738XO
    KLM738XO 11 days ago

    He forgot about electric vehicles, thorium nuclear power, desalination, and he has accepted without questions that the seas will keep rising. This looks like a PC climate alarmist's nightmare.

  • 나서린이
    나서린이 11 days ago

    Wait but if we stop illness completely, we will seriously have way too many people on earth. That would be awful for everyone.

  • Paul Rivera
    Paul Rivera 11 days ago

    If robots will be sex partners, how will the population grow?

  • MyNuclearRod
    MyNuclearRod 11 days ago

    Jesus Christ can India take it easy

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 12 days ago

    did you know that in 2017

    no one can predict what will happen. in 2050

  • dwayne the ROCK johnson

    whos watching in 2051 I AM

  • Thomas Korporaal
    Thomas Korporaal 12 days ago


  • Family Guy
    Family Guy 12 days ago

    Now 33 years!!

  • Trump Donald
    Trump Donald 12 days ago

    In 2050, my internet memes will decrease dramatically

  • Juliann Rose
    Juliann Rose 13 days ago

    this scares me and angers me at the same time. i'm apart of generation z, for i was born in 2002, and i will be 48 years old by 2050. i want to have a family, i want to see them grow and be happy. i'm 14 years old and i want to live in the social justices of the future and the economic and environmental liberties of the past. why are people so ignorant and blind to all the things around them. i'll look at plants and stuff way different now that i've seen this video. our time on earth is limited, let's please make it enjoyable.

  • Victor Ocelot
    Victor Ocelot 13 days ago

    well if push comes to shove, I'll just eat all of you. cannibals forever, joking of course or am i????

  • dean mcevoy
    dean mcevoy 14 days ago

    to think I'll be 117 then

  • A Random Cat
    A Random Cat 14 days ago

    maybe 2050 will look like what 2015 looked like in back to the future 2

    SUPEREDGYDARKLORD69 14 days ago

    In one more year, the year 2050 will be closer to us than the first BTTF movie.

    Let that sink in.

  • safa kaplan
    safa kaplan 14 days ago

    this annoys me, its only about the US. it makes it uninteresting for me

  • Joeyalexandros GD
    Joeyalexandros GD 14 days ago

    In 2050, most likely, there's a chance that at least 1% of Alaska's ice will melt

  • Aydan Flood
    Aydan Flood 14 days ago

    I'm mostly mad because white people won't make up most of America and lazy m*********ing Mexicans will come into America screw up everything get on welfare seem of black people I'm not trying to be racist or anything but black people Mexican people that will just get on welfare a whole economy will crash and I will end up like Denmark all Democrat or socialist America who is made so that you can make your own money and it's on and off so slick always Google warming b******t all b******t this video all depressing you know why mainly it's very very depressing white people gone transgender's going up gay people more gay people all these transgender think that there's 50 different genders guess what you male or female also he said by the year 2100 we will have as many as 12 .3 billion how are we going to have enough food we won't a lot of people are going to die I think this world that we live and it's going to be awful for the next two years like this comment if you agree with me

    • Drew Frank
      Drew Frank 12 days ago

      Before you try to criticize anybody, learn how to put periods at the end of sentences. You learned this in preschool, maybe kindergarten.

  • Funny as hell videos

    hit like 😩if you are lazy

  • Jojo C
    Jojo C 14 days ago

    I think we need to act now. Like= agree comment= make a difference subscribe= END CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

  • Jojo C
    Jojo C 14 days ago

    Honestly, there probably won't be human life in a thousand years. Climate Change is keeping us back and if anyone wants a "future" we need to work together and great a sustainable planet. We already have many problems like world hunger, overpopulation, climate change, war, and Donald Trump.
    Come on planet, let's end these problems and head on to a greener, and more sustainable living.

  • Katie
    Katie 14 days ago

    I'm gonna be 46 years old in 2050 which is a few years older than my parents wow. Also I feel sad that everything will be replaced by robots basically and my dream jobs are to be an singer, actress or writer. I don't want robots no!

  • Homo Erectus
    Homo Erectus 15 days ago

    By 2050 i'll be 70 and still kicking assess 😜

  • Mark Doby
    Mark Doby 15 days ago

    Probably end up being an "Idiocracy"

  • Mark Doby
    Mark Doby 15 days ago

    I call B.S. on the cancer prediction. "They" make waaaaay too much $$$ keeping it around.

  • Deven Mellor
    Deven Mellor 15 days ago

    Jesus Christ will return by then I hope

  • iRay IRidium
    iRay IRidium 15 days ago

    what will look like? not so hard to predict. its gonna be more brainwashed people. it tells you already now how fucked up it is. technology will grow but mind from the people will just go down and down. its just all sick already.

  • Carrissa Stevens
    Carrissa Stevens 16 days ago

    I hope THIS NEVER HAPPENS. (except the cancer)

  • MixiBerri
    MixiBerri 16 days ago

    How old will you be in 2050? I'll be 52

  • Lewis Biddle
    Lewis Biddle 16 days ago

    well shit were all fudged

  • Viren Mishra
    Viren Mishra 16 days ago

    I just want to know Kya 2050 me politics khatm ho jaaegi?

  • der dendemann
    der dendemann 16 days ago

    WOOOOOOOOW....HUMANS fuck yeah

  • Mia LaRuffa
    Mia LaRuffa 17 days ago

    I will be 46....whehwhwhat

  • BlazeKing252
    BlazeKing252 17 days ago

    4:22 A recent POO study????

  • Robert Neuner
    Robert Neuner 17 days ago

    As long as Marrying is a large disadvantage to Males, I see Marriage going away all together.

  • Life Pleer
    Life Pleer 17 days ago

    will my parents be here when blacks take over the US or when whites become the most pathetic minority on earth? only God knows

  • Char R.
    Char R. 18 days ago

    The population in 2050 won't be 9.6 billion because of Agenda 21

  • DMX Lasxhxdivids
    DMX Lasxhxdivids 18 days ago

    Robot Pimps are going to be a thing lol

  • AlbanianWildling
    AlbanianWildling 18 days ago

    Nuke africa, save man kind.

  • CHUßßZ ßUNNY
    CHUßßZ ßUNNY 19 days ago

    robus robots cough cough

  • mohammad saad
    mohammad saad 19 days ago

    will we able to play counter strike?

  • AllmcGaming
    AllmcGaming 19 days ago

    well i guess 2050 will look same as today but with better tech like better cars/self-driving cars and safer planes and better way to pay for things like better Mcdonals service or better ATMs and stuff like that :P

  • Syed Asrar
    Syed Asrar 19 days ago

    Who is watching in 2050 😆

  • ZekeDoesYT
    ZekeDoesYT 19 days ago

    By 2050 I’ll be 44

  • Drago Kan
    Drago Kan 20 days ago

    Not technically "from 2050", unless a proven time traveller has made this. More projections and predictions.

  • John Snyder
    John Snyder 20 days ago

    I enjoy the fact that only three of these were fucking positive.

  • Camyb40
    Camyb40 20 days ago

    In 2050 the U.S will have too many niggers.

  • Barry Cunningham
    Barry Cunningham 20 days ago

    Well I consider this prediction blasphemous this is some depressing shit God need to come get us all before the world come to this

  • dannystoast
    dannystoast 20 days ago

    this video makes me not want to live long...

  • Freezy Rachel
    Freezy Rachel 20 days ago

    We should all stop breeding now 😒

  • Intersella 5555
    Intersella 5555 21 day ago

    hopefully we have a crazy ass war and kill half the ppl . boom! problem solved.

  • TheEdgyEdShow
    TheEdgyEdShow 21 day ago

    I'm gonna be 50 in 2050. Shit.

  • Ethan Riggins
    Ethan Riggins 21 day ago

    At #7 oh shit that means no welfare

  • Rita Ballantyne
    Rita Ballantyne 21 day ago

    That was interesting, but hardly mind blowingly surprising.

    CHILLIN DILLAN 21 day ago


  • shack adoodledo
    shack adoodledo 21 day ago

    The USA is not running out of coal anytime soon. And with morons like Trump in control we will continue to burn "clean coal" into the future. In fact we are or will be the #1 world supplier of coal. The only way the US will be on 80% of renewable energy is if there's a break through in storage capacity. And if politicians truly put the environment in-front of profits.

  • Mallon Reaper
    Mallon Reaper 22 days ago

    I will be 51 years old so I wouldn't really care but for the cancer side of it I'm so happy

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