Ash VS Paul (Sinnoh League) - AMV - Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 for the ending of the DP series. Hope you enjoy it!!!!! Subscribe and like. here is part 3

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Author animes (28 days)
como se llama la primera cancion de el video

Author Hayden Crossley (2 months)

Author thegreatjman1999 (8 months)
I think Torterra's strong, Ash just keeps putting it up against pokemon
that are too strong.

Author Humberto Martinez (8 months)
But who sings break

Author abson EX (6 months)
drapion ese pokemon se cargo la mitad del equipo de ash

Author BRobins1087 (10 months)
That Ninjask is quick. Fury Cutter should work like that in the game. 

Author Myronas Kapetanakis (1 year)
Three days grace break

Author arithsem (1 year)
Using leaf storm on a poison type when ash could have ask torterra to used
earthquake facepalm* derp

Author Victor Lucky (1 year)
mt bom esse video. Nao sou mt fan de pokemon mas... esse video é realmente
mt bom, i a musica ajuda 1 pouco e.e

Author TheHulkbuster13 (1 year)
I knew there had to be a reason why DP was cool and why BW sucked. two
things I didn't like about DP was Ash didn't use his Charizard in the
battle after this. I thought he was going to use Charizard in either this
battle or the next one and the music of the theme openings. Everything else
in DP I thought was good. It was the most violent and dramatic series. I
liked how Paul was so different to Ash and the idea of Paul owning Chimchar
first. The battle was epic. Team Galactic and Hunter J.

Author Tittie ThighCreator (1 year)
<3 drapion

Author matheus alves (1 year)
who is the name of the second song

Author Blitzbanmagarin (1 year)
The first time i saw this bate was at the very end when electivire fought
against infernape. So after that i watched the battle from the beginning
and i saw how Drapion was slaughtering Ashs pokemon, so i was like WHO DA
FUCK IS GONNA TAKE OUT DRAPION??? because i know electivire came after

Author Lucas Sanchez (10 months)
Cool video

Author axellara94 (1 year)
Maybe if paul wouldent have been such an ass to chimchar he would have won.
Lol dumbass let him go just to get he's ass kick by it. But best battle in
the series

Author Steven Grant (1 year)
Both Drapion and Gliscor are equal, I've used them both and Drapion should
NOT be in NU (should be Ubers with Tauros).

Author phynxxxxx (1 year)
pokemon died after hoenn

Author Blitzbanmagarin (1 year)
Ash first beat Aggron and Gastrodon with ease. Then Paul throws that
monster called Drapion and Drapion takes out Buizel, Staraptor and Torterra
and almost Gliscor.

Author Mudkip989 (1 year)
That why I love sinnoh because of dawn and epic battles

Author stokespike (1 year)
This music really is awful

Author thegreatjman1999 (11 months)
Didn't realize.

Author serla98 (1 year)
Infernape es el mejor

Author Narutoandpokemongirl (1 year)
Wish black and white battles were this epic, I mean the moves looked good
in BW, but I remember watching this battle with a smile on my face because
of how it it was.

Author john tasos (1 year)
stone edje something like this

Author 53Spawn (1 year)
Drapion and Electivire were owning the match. I dont know what the writers
were thinking making Paul NOT bring Ursaring and Torterra into the mix. I
mean, they mustve REALLY wanted to give Ash a free win.

Author thegreatjman1999 (1 year)
Ashes Torterra rules!! Ash just puts it up against really strong opponents.

Author ulakkedemoodu (1 year)
i thgt i was the only one crzzy abt pokemon, iws damn wrng.

Author stoner clouds (1 year)
That drapion

Author Blitzbanmagarin (1 year)
fury cutter

Author Darkecoo (1 year)
part three is prive wtf man

Author TheTransformers225 (1 year)
What is the first song called?

Author youtubyasin (1 year)
Kategorie Film & Animation Lizenz Standard-YouTube-Lizenz

Author the mad treecko (1 year)
what is the first song

Author ivandsjj (11 months)
Xd .con

Author MOo8996cz (2 years)

Author kingpew (1 year)
i can defeat 4 and bang his hot mom afterwards

Author Jose Manuel Boullosa Aguilera (2 years)
Gliscor´s my favorite Pokemon.

Author GamerMikey (1 year)
One does not simply fuck with Drapion* Learn your meme.

Author XXSonic9XX (1 year)
the songs name is break by three days grace

Author hermerivera (1 year)
good music

Author Canal do Brenner (1 year)

Author Leo Messi (1 year)
can you tell me what's the meaning of 'AMV' please??? lol

Author antonia barrios (11 months)
The second song is break

Author pngtsgrsklr (1 year)
Both videos have great music keep on

Author iCreative (1 year)
Tort era was my first lvl 100

Author Ibby Abdullah (1 year)
this roooooooooooooooooooooocks

Author silver0973 (1 year)
polska przejmuje ten film

Author thegreatjman1999 (11 months)

Author สากล เดชาภิชน (1 year)

Author spiritdeathcyth (1 year)
Break I love this song

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