Ash VS Paul (Sinnoh League) - AMV - Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 for the ending of the DP series. Hope you enjoy it!!!!! Subscribe and like. here is part 3

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Author clesio andrade ( ago)
go gliscor go

Author Construct Master ( ago)
Infernape is so flippin awesome.
Also, now I want Diamond and Pearl on Netflix.

Author Ogara Dragon ( ago)
What the music in 03:04

Author xxskullhead9 ko ( ago)
What is that music called sick

Author animes ( ago)
como se llama la primera cancion de el video

Author Hayden Crossley ( ago)

Author abson EX ( ago)
drapion ese pokemon se cargo la mitad del equipo de ash

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
I think Torterra's strong, Ash just keeps putting it up against pokemon
that are too strong.

Author Humberto Martinez ( ago)
But who sings break

Author B. Robins ( ago)
That Ninjask is quick. Fury Cutter should work like that in the game. 

Author Daniel Rodriguez ( ago)
ason broso

Author pikachusarah ( ago)
no the first one is break the second one is riot

Author Lucas Sanchez ( ago)
Cool video

Author antonia barrios ( ago)
The second song is break

Author Codysaur28 ( ago)
Three days grace + pokemon = unbelievably amazing♥

Author ronaldy silva ( ago)
Pokémon Anime

Author Justin Tuider ( ago)
I know one riot

Author ShottySniper14 ( ago)
Pokemon anime logic: let's overpower the fuck out of cool looking Pokemon
aka Drapion.

Author Eduardo Ramos ( ago)
Whats the name of the 2 songs

Author Stuttering Samurai ( ago)
What is the name of the song?

Author beren camlost ( ago)
i dont know about that but ash is a lousy trainer and it effects its
"should be" strong pokemon just like torterra. i mean you could teach it a
few handy moves. what the hell is rock climb it looks ridiciolus when a
heavy weight like that trying to run. paul's torterra knows giga drain or
such. now thats a good move. and after recover, torterra shouldnt fall that
quickly. and i remember it lost again to volkner's electric type. howcome??
i guess torterra was the one tajiri chose to fuck with

Author arithsem ( ago)
im getting too old for pokemon my age but im still excited for x and y to
come out

Author arithsem ( ago)
I do complain that the writers couldn't bother saying hey you know what we
can do lets shake the tv screen maybe that will make it look cool to our
viewers but i digress pokemon logic in games and in anime always seemed to
be in conflict with one another think about the kids

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
I seriously hate that they ban moves like Earthquake from the show. Don't

Author arithsem ( ago)
its all cool im not mad at you a I was mad at the video month ago but it
kind of seemed irrational as well looking back on it

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
Pikachu, epic fail! Hit Froslass with Volt Tackle, then ram into the Ice
Shard. Smooth.

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
My first was Infernape.

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
Didn't realize.

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)

Author arithsem ( ago)
let me get this straight you are commenting on something i said a month ago

Author arithsem ( ago)
i wrote this comment a month ago so i dont think it means much to the
current forgetable youtube comments out there

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
I do not believe that Drapion is Reggies

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
Ash's Torterra can't use earthquake.

Author roberto herrera ( ago)
riot and break three days grace

Author Thedogbuilder ( ago)
buizels awesom

Author iCreative ( ago)
Tort era was my first lvl 100

Author johnny 420 ( ago)
That drapion

Author pngtsgrsklr ( ago)
Both videos have great music keep on

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)

Author thegreatjman1999 ( ago)
Ashes Torterra rules!! Ash just puts it up against really strong opponents.

Author 53Spawn ( ago)
Ashs Torterra is pathetic. along with the rest of his Sinnoh team,
excluding probably Buizel.

Author Blitz ( ago)
The first time i saw this bate was at the very end when electivire fought
against infernape. So after that i watched the battle from the beginning
and i saw how Drapion was slaughtering Ashs pokemon, so i was like WHO DA
FUCK IS GONNA TAKE OUT DRAPION??? because i know electivire came after

Author Efe The Hedgehog ( ago)

Author arithsem ( ago)
Using leaf storm on a poison type when ash could have ask torterra to used
earthquake facepalm* derp

Author tristan tana ( ago)
The sad thing is, Drapion isn't even Pauls. It's Reggies.

Author 53Spawn ( ago)
Drapion and Electivire were owning the match. I dont know what the writers
were thinking making Paul NOT bring Ursaring and Torterra into the mix. I
mean, they mustve REALLY wanted to give Ash a free win.

Author mercurio _ ( ago)
riot-three days grace

Author mercurio _ ( ago)
break and riot-three days grace

Author Tittie ThighCreator ( ago)
<3 drapion

Author MikeyTheKnight ( ago)
One does not simply fuck with Drapion* Learn your meme.

Author John Smith ( ago)
Gliscor is far better than drapion. gliscor is an annoyer with toxic heal
and is used in ou and ubers. drapion maybe cool in the anime, but one good
earthquake would take it out. and tauros is nowhere near ubers haha.

Author John Smith ( ago)
pokemon died after johto. hoenn was so boring. sinnoh was better than hoenn.

Author John Smith ( ago)
and red and green would destroy the anybody in the anime

Author angel vazquez ( ago)
2 of the song

Author AsSaSsInSMaSteR48 ( ago)
old three days grace forever

Author Anthony Valencia ( ago)
why can't I find the 3rd part ! I click on the link and it can't find it

Author SAYAN GHOSH ( ago)
i think ash's infernape is the best pokemon he have in the sinnoh ! he used
it to end the battle against paul's electrivire which is damn strong!he
should have use it before to defeat drapion!

Author Brian ( ago)
any drapion is a fucking monster

Author galipblj06 ( ago)
One simply does not fuck with Drapion...

Author Angel Perez ( ago)
Why cant we have battles like this

Author Aleksandar Davidov ( ago)
Haha, Lol :D

Author the mad treecko ( ago)
opps i answard my salf (fail)

Author the mad treecko ( ago)
Break-Three Days Grace enjoy

Author the mad treecko ( ago)
what is the first song

Author Ignacio Silverio ( ago)
Donde está la parte 3 -.-

Author bluczu ( ago)
Gliscor I think beat drapion

Author Victor Lucky ( ago)
mt bom esse video. Nao sou mt fan de pokemon mas... esse video é realmente
mt bom, i a musica ajuda 1 pouco e.e

Author Eric-Mathew Thomas ( ago)
Paul is the strongest & most brutal rival Ash has had. I love Gary but he
wouldnt stand a chance against Paul. Gary to me, never actually cared about
battles, he was more interested in the pokedex/catching pokemon. Paul's
main goal was power, thats why his interest was Cynthia&Brandon. He never
acknowleged Ash as a rival as he didnt seem him as worthy.

Author Kniter ( ago)
Paul is the only one after Gary, worth the title "Rival". He was a stuburn

Author Tolea Bunescu ( ago)

Author froslass ice ( ago)
nice video thanks for putting froslass

Author matheus alves ( ago)
who is the name of the second song

Author hermerivera ( ago)
good music

Author Casper Fransen ( ago)
If Ash just would evolve all of his pokemon, he would kick ass

Author Blitz ( ago)
Ash first beat Aggron and Gastrodon with ease. Then Paul throws that
monster called Drapion and Drapion takes out Buizel, Staraptor and Torterra
and almost Gliscor.

Author Blitz ( ago)
fury cutter

Author thug scrafty ( ago)
What's that move ninjask used at 2:28?

Author Mudkip989 ( ago)
That why I love sinnoh because of dawn and epic battles

Author BOrtiz1126 ( ago)
Paul's Drapion should be 1 of the top 10 most skilled Pokemon!

Author kingpew ( ago)
i can defeat 4 and bang his hot mom afterwards

Author Duy Trần ( ago)
drapion is so powerful, it can defeat 3 pokemon of ash

Author phynxxxxx ( ago)
pokemon died after hoenn

Author nektarios zografos ( ago)

Author Zack West ( ago)
Both Drapion and Gliscor are equal, I've used them both and Drapion should
NOT be in NU (should be Ubers with Tauros).

Author stokespike ( ago)
This music really is awful

Author XXSonic9XX ( ago)
the songs name is break by three days grace

Author Edison Soque ( ago)
name of song?

Author AviShow128 ( ago)
My favorite flying type pokemon is staraptor

Author john tasos ( ago)
stone edje something like this

Author john tasos ( ago)
drapion could kill all ass' pokemon

Author john tasos ( ago)
drapion fucked almost all ass'es pokemon but that mother fucker bitch
gliscor did a fire fang burned drapion and killed it

Author Myronas Kapetanakis ( ago)
Three days grace break

Author tommyzoom1996 ( ago)
Holy crap!! Paul's Drapion is a fucking monster!!!

Author lewis chris ( ago)
@TheTransformers225 the break

Author Byrom Aguay ( ago)
pokemon is serie . i fam

Author Nicolas Ramirez ( ago)
como se llama la primera cancionn

Author Chris ( ago)
What is the first song called?

Author moises pessanha ( ago)
muito bom 123 valeu

Author silver0973 ( ago)
polska przejmuje ten film

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