Qari Abdul Basit (surah Fatiha and Baqarah)

Qari Abdul basit surah Fathiha, one of his best mashaAllah.

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Author Marghalarjan Ayubi ( ago)
the Quran is that what we read and hear the book is the mushaf

Author NasEem Zafar ( ago)
MashaAllah beautiful voice

Author Azeem Shan ( ago)
Mashallah Subhanallah Jazakallaho khair

Author 786 nice 786 ( ago)

Author Okey Laden ( ago)

Author ibolee lee ( ago)
@jilemo8 yes u r right.Allah is the one and no one and nothing is equel for
ALLAH.OUR limited brain and intelligence is not anough to explain the
eternal power of Allah(using this word of power also is not right and
anough becouse he created power we know that)to speak of Allah means his
verse and commandment,his love is mercy of Allah,his angry is torment of
Allah.his hand means is his unlimited power kudrah.we can never use the
adjectives in real meaning for Allah.WE TRUST IN ALLAH AS HE WANTS

Author ibolee lee ( ago)
Allahu akber..Allah is the most merciful.and Mohammed is our prophet...
thanksfully for Allah c.c..he sent us the miraculous QURAN and no one can
wtite a book equel with quran..ALLAH teached us the truth,and put faith in
our heart...we just worship for Allah and ask help for Allah.. eternal
peace and blessing and faith for of all uf us from ALLAH C.C.. SELAMUN

Author M SR (1667 years ago)
Ma Sha Allah. No words to describe the beauty of quran hakeem.

Author ignoranceisbad ( ago)
@billya123 thats not true. Allah doesn't speak with letters and sounds

Author jilemo8 ( ago)
@billya123 Allâh doesnt speak in voices he doesent resemble anyone Laysa
kamithlihi shay' Imam abu dja^far at-tahawiyy said in his book "al aqidatu
tahawiyyah" fa man wasaf Allaha bi ma^nan min ma^anil bashar faqad kafar it
means who describes Allah with attributes which are attributes of the human
beings, is a blasphemer

Author dsmooth871 ( ago)
wow this video is so calming .i love it so much , people should listin to
it more.

Author dsmooth871 ( ago)
wow this video is so calming .i love it so much , people should listin to
it more.

Author TheNadialove ( ago)
@fist444 allah akbar,i hope all omat muhammed get to hear allah (swt),and
thats for this hadith cause ive never heard of it.

Author mostafa hassani ( ago)
Qo ran 4 life !!!!

Author HindiUrduTeluguBest ( ago)
SalaamuAlaikum..,, Brothers and sisters , this recitation of Kalamullah is
soul enhancing. One of the B e s t.. Jzakallah

Author hawaiansalt ( ago)
most beautiful voice of all time, mashallah. allahu akbar

Author berberiniho ( ago)
Masha'allah, his voice makes the words even more beautiful. Jazaka'allah al

Author Is Pat ( ago)
My father once met him at a masjid called MCC in Chicago,Ill. When Qari
Basit came he recited beautifully. He inspires me. Mashalla. Peace be upon
him! Asalm'u'aliykum

Author bzulqarni ( ago)
Does anyone know where and when did he recite these gems.

Author berberiniho ( ago)
Masha Allah! so pure and fine, it's good for the ears and clears the soul
from evil influences from outside. He has been granted with an amazing gift
that very few people posess. This is the way to use your voice.
Alhamdoelilah Allah hoe Akbar!

Author akhtar16 ( ago)
woooooow... may Allah Subhanahu wa tha'ala bless his soul... wat a sound
and how usefully used... brothers and sisters plz leave comments when u
listen to sumthing like this....

Author trantis90 ( ago)

Author rahmanslave ( ago)
mashallah Allah please keep him in deen

Author Yavuz Torlak ( ago)
Maaşallah BarikaLlah.

Author Israa Esraa ( ago)
oh my god i cant describe how beautiful voice n fatiha!! may god bless him,
i love him.. he's great !!!!! allah uwakbar

Author Abdul Zreika ( ago)
excellent :D

Author ibrahims786 ( ago)
Masha Allah. cud u send it us or summot?

Author SlasheRR ( ago)
mashallah :)

Author rehanrehanrehan Abdullah ( ago)
Allah hu akbar. Beautiful recitation masha-allah

Author maryamv ( ago)
Allahu Akbar !

Author blisscarmen ( ago)

Author ChargeWestward ( ago)
May the beauty of his voice and the verses stick deep into our hearts and
benefit us here on earth and the here after inshaAllah....Ameeen.

Author aishlaish ( ago)
mashaAllah :) I don't like to praise AbdulBasit...I will Praise Allah (swt)
for giving him such an amazing voice and opportunity to recite Allah's
words in such a moving way. Alhamdulillahi reb al3alameen.

Author sbakht ( ago)

Author ALYAZGI ( ago)
best of the best !! it is a voice from heaven

Author hijabster786 ( ago)
Mashallah this is great!!!!!!

Author Flex99923 ( ago)
everyone praise abdul basit mashalah best reader and the best example of a

Author ademsaykin ( ago)
Assalamu Aleikum Warahmatullah Va barakatuh, Ahlan Va sahlan marhaba, The
best reciter to have ever lived. mashallah

Author CASPIAN1 ( ago)

Author zouwja ( ago)
masha allah

Author billya123 ( ago)
may allah reward you brother for explaining that hadith,

Author fist444 ( ago)
JazakhAllah Kahyr

Author Bashfulll ( ago)
That is a true hadith and reads similar to Hazrat Dawood (AS) reading from
the Quran , then the Prophet (SAW) will read Surah Yaseen and Allah will
read Al-Rahman.This will be a treat for the people of heaven and Allah is
the all-giving and all-knowing. May Allah forgive me if anything is

Author billya123 ( ago)
i read it a while ago wallah i cant remerber were but you should ask some
one at your local mosque its an authentic hadith

Author fist444 ( ago)
Bro, u you got any reference to that hadith?

Author billya123 ( ago)
if we think this is the best voice,then what about when allah (swt) reads
surt ar rahmen to the people of jannah,the hadith says the people will be
in a stunned like phase for thousends of years.inshallah i am one of those
people.amen,amen,amen inshalla i will make dua for the whole umma

Author arianabbasi ( ago)
Saeed Afghani. Listening to Qari abdelbasit I am speachless. God bless him.
He is the best of the bests

Author fist444 ( ago)
Oh mashaAllah, barakAllah fiq

Author MrMehdi ( ago)
Mashallah! Mashallah! May God reward Abdul-Basit the Paradise with Muhammad
and hid Progeny, may God's praises be upon them!

Author bruno beo ( ago)
the best voice of all times masahllah.

Author fist444 ( ago)
I have a few i think, i will check and send you some inshaAllah

Author Mick1Hasham ( ago)
Thanks so much fist444 for sending me the file. Its just as i expected,
nice clear recording. You wouldn't have sura't yusuf as well would you? and
with the same style

Author fist444 ( ago)
Yeah its a really nice recitation by Basit, this is one of his classics. I
have sent you the file through pm, jazakHAllha Khayr

Author Mick1Hasham ( ago)
fist444, this is an excellent clear recording, where did you get it from...
I have exactly the same one but with noise interuption and static probably
cause its a lasy copy. Please fist444, is there anyway you could send it to
me as a mp3 file, I would really appreciate it.

Author Abdul Zreika ( ago)
lol sorry fist, cos i saw this from cactus's profile thats why i wrote that
omg man i love abdul baset, im trying to learn how to recite mujawwad. I
can recite exacctly like Su3ud Ashuraim and i can do tajweed. Mujawwad does
it all for me but

Author fist444 ( ago)
Salaam bro, its fist444 lol, anyway i would be great if you could send me
it. I will make it into a video inshaAllah, reply back bro....waiting

Author Abdul Zreika ( ago)
Hey cactus bro, i got an mp3 of Abdul Baset where he reads Surat Al Fatiha
and the first 2 ayat of surat Al Baqara with only ONE BREATH!!! and it goes
for 1minute and 37 seconds. Id be glad if i can send it to u so that u
could make it into a video and post it up on YouTube. i think everyone
should hear it mashallah

Author salmnon ( ago)

Author cactus33 ( ago)
MashAllah!, excellent recitation

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