Part 7, Labrador Town Hall Meeting at LCSC - May 5, 2017

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  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph 1 month ago

    He seems nice! Sugarcoating poisonous policies!

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 1 month ago

    He knows next election he's out. gerrymandering will not help this time.

  • Kyle McGinnis
    Kyle McGinnis 1 month ago

    What happened to being independent and doing things for yourself? Everybody in these comments expects things to be given to them and makes fun of a man who wants limited government who doesn't give free shit to citizens that are capable of obtaining those things by them selves

  • Ticotech Houston
    Ticotech Houston 1 month ago

    The best example of the republican idea of being pro-life.

  • pc
    pc 1 month ago

    This piece of shit needs to go.

  • Mare Tomaski
    Mare Tomaski 1 month ago

    This guy is about as arrogant as they get. VOTE HIM OUT

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 1 month ago

    IDAHO !!vote this peace of shit out of office

  • contracide
    contracide 1 month ago

    seems like he don't want to do shit. if the people want it's government to do stuff then why not.

  • Sam Austin
    Sam Austin 1 month ago

    hey tom - thanks for posting this. can you point to the place in the full video where labrador says "no one dies because they don't have access to health care"? would love to see it in context.

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