In Christ Alone in ASL

Ok. So i am not the Best yet. i know. I am still learning though :) My Teacher is an Awesome teacher, She takes the time to help you with your problems in ASL. I am not deaf, But i really Enjoy doing ASL. and that if i am ever face to face with a Deaf Person. Lord willing i will have the Strength to be able to talk to that person in ASL. So thank you for Watching.

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Author tinmarcoo (3 years)
You are doing good. Keep at it and you will be very good.

Author Stephanie Mitten (2 years)
I know sings this song is now.

Author Stephanie Mitten (4 years)
who is the artist of this song

Author Crystal Wattel (4 years)
@Steph71189 I am not really sure! i am sorry

Author christiangrrl24 (3 years)
@Steph71189 If you still don't know the artist, it's Geoff Moore and
Adrienne Leishing

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