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UNITROL TM-4 Touchmaster .avi
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UNITROL TM-4 Touchmaster
JBL Speaker 2226 Recone Repair Subwoofer
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In this video we show you the easy way to repair a JBL 2226H speaker with our recone kit. We show you how to replace the cone, voice coil, spider,...
UNITROL TM-4 Touchmaster 02.avi
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UNITROL TM-4 Touchmaster 02
ALTEC 604B & 604C Demo Video
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Blowing Up Speakers
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A simple cure for boredom: Send entirely too much power through cheap speakers. Note: we were all amazed by how much juice the Lightning Audio...
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Listen a pair of DIY fostex speakers plus tractrix horns and a pair of DIY SV811-3 single ended tube amps
Vintage Altec Lansing Horns and Subs
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for bid on ebay
AvantGarde Acoustic Duo Horn Speakers
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This amazing set of speakers is offered for sale on eBay by Theaterboy. To check them out and see more gear check out this link...
Altec 601C Duplex Speakers with Dividing Network (crossover) demo pt. 2 of 2
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Now listen to the tweeter of the other one, and the woofer of the other one. Sounds great. The phone video doesn't do justice to the sound . . .
Massive Sound Designs M2 Hybrid Folded Horn
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The video says it all. This is my latest design for large low frequency fill. The design was based off using 2 18" EV. Please rate or comment. Enjoy.
How to Build a Speaker box
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Quick time lapse of me building a Subwoofer enclosure for a sundown SA8v2 SoundCloud shared music
5 way DIY horn system
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vintage drivers
sony icf-sw1 glitching.avi
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Sony ICF-SW1 Shortwave AM FM Travel Radio Receiver bad capacitors
Ev Speakers Sound Car Competition
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Ev sound car comp at one of the shows we went to. tuned up your volume all the way and cover your ears so you feel like you are there. Haha.
JBL 4355 speakers restored by Kenrick Sound has been delivered to Mr. Abe's room
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Sale page Website Webcam in our showroom...
The Woodie Tonearm- Pete Riggle Engineering
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Amazing sound and collection. One of the top 10 speakers of ALL TIME- the Beveridge 2SW-2 with upgraded horn loaded subwoofer(6 by 6 foot...
Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set of Home Audio Speakers in the World?
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Views: 112668 This amazing pair of vintage horn speakers...
Altec Lansing 604-8g
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I was given this pair of Altec Lansing 604-8g speakers in nonworking order. The aluminum diaphragm tweeters were blown the high-frequency section...

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Review: Altec lansing BXR1220 Speakers
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*****Read for More Info***** In this video I go in dept with the pros and cons of these well priced speakers To summarize what I have to say about...
2 way passive crossover
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this is a video of a 2 way passive crossover I use in my speaker cabinet
Bluetooth Speakers Comparison 2013
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Views: 263640 - After just a few Speakers, now we have eight different Modells that we cranked to the maximum Volume and tried with one Song....
Altec 604E+ Custom Spiral Horn Cabinet
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Altec 604E with Custom Spiral Cabinet
Altec Lansing BXR 1220
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Altec Lansing BXR 1220 2.0 speaker system for laptops and desktop computers. Unboxing and checking the sound of the speakers.
Altec Horns-test run 414z woofers, 806a driver w/811b horn
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Test run of DIY Altec based Horn system. Same concept seen on JE Labs site. I had some Jensen CN-100 speakers in the garage that sounded...

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