Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed

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  • Sam Elliott
    Sam Elliott 14 minutes ago

    Giving up smoking cannabis is one thing, but we shouldn't give up consuming one of the most healthy vegetables on earth... imagine if spinach helped reduce metastasis in cancer cells, to the point of effectively curing the body as long as the disease is caught at the right time... cannabinoids are effective anti-psychotic, anti-depressants, anti-convulsant... it helps balance the endogenous cannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating everything from mood at the anadomide receptors, to the anti inflammatory properties at the CB2 receptors.. also it's immuno-regulative properties where it can prevent an autoimmune diseased body from attacking itself... Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, almost every non pathogenic disease, and even the symptoms of some contracted diseases can be treated with cannabis... from cancer to aids, depression to schizophrenia, MS to parkinsons... it's singly the most beneficial plant ever discovered. Not to mention hemp and it's potential for being greater than cotton and paper pulp... How did we criminalize the key to health? We build a society that promotes sickness, and outlaw the compounds and plants which treat them... we need a mass revolution of education and thought... this is the darkages for drugs... if humanity makes it 500 years, we'll look back on life sentences for LSD manufacturing, and cannabis, as we look back on the salem witch trials...

  • Amanda Beaker
    Amanda Beaker 30 minutes ago

    She wants white peoples acceptance again

  • Jayne Gratton
    Jayne Gratton 48 minutes ago

    No one has ever smoked as much weed as her? Now that's funny! Willy Nelson begs to differ. 😂

  • Andreo Serrano
    Andreo Serrano 1 hour ago

    jjajajajajaaja stupid bitch

  • Tom White
    Tom White 1 hour ago

    'nobodys ever smoked more weed than me' 😂 bet she had a puff puff pass the fuck out 😂😂

  • Deefee
    Deefee 2 hours ago

    Wdym you don't know how to use a revolving door? Didn't you come out of a revolving door in the Hannah Montana movie when the girl saw that you weren't Hannah when you took off your wig. Nvm

  • Abby Ignacio
    Abby Ignacio 2 hours ago

    you've only been to the ocean once... are you telling me hannah montana and the last song were fake

  • Jonathan Ngo
    Jonathan Ngo 3 hours ago

    Doubt she smokes as much as she claims.

    THEE EYE 4 hours ago

    i used to love her asf when she was in hannah montana ,,,,now she is puting some cloth again

  • Iveth Baby
    Iveth Baby 4 hours ago

    So now that she's no longer into the rapper phase (clearly from what she is wearing) now that she no longer hangs out with "people that smoke" she no longer smokes? Lol okay... so that just leads me to believe she did it to fit in to a certain "type" of group 😤 oh Miley you're a hot mess sweetie

  • Sentanyl3
    Sentanyl3 5 hours ago

    So what's her reason for the stupid shit she's wearing this time?

  • Emotional Batch
    Emotional Batch 5 hours ago

    who else is excited to hear her upcoming album?

  • greenday1347
    greenday1347 6 hours ago

    Great, now girls who look up to her would think twice about getting into recreational drugs.

  • Melissa Coburn
    Melissa Coburn 6 hours ago

    I like mily Cyrus I don't want to but I can't help it

  • Oliver Berner
    Oliver Berner 7 hours ago

    Thats it! I'm masturbating in protest.

  • Brad Jennings
    Brad Jennings 8 hours ago

    Why do you think they call it dope?

  • power shots
    power shots 8 hours ago

    I've been a heavy smoker since 4 years regularly man........ 6 to 7 joints daily man you know...... but from past 35 days im off weed completely and i haven't even smoked a single joint. First week was very tough but now i'm used to it and dont think about it at all and let me get this straight that even after smoking regularly for 4 years im not addicted to it.

  • Totally Not William
    Totally Not William 10 hours ago

    No one smokes more than an addict who smokes joints and hash all day every day

  • strangebrew420
    strangebrew420 10 hours ago

    She sounds like she smokes a lot of cigarettes

  • Yuri VM
    Yuri VM 12 hours ago

    now the bitch on speed

  • Miranda Powell
    Miranda Powell 12 hours ago

    Is her fly open? 😂

  • Qveen Shan
    Qveen Shan 12 hours ago

    I prefer this Miley over the old Miley

  • logicalfilosifizer
    logicalfilosifizer 12 hours ago

    miley high on the coco.

  • Kyle Carr
    Kyle Carr 12 hours ago

    This coming out of Hannah Montana.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 13 hours ago

    Her controllers don't want her smoking pot, she is allowed to take any other drug except cannabis. Bob Marley smoked more pot than she ever did or ever will.

  • RedShiftRider
    RedShiftRider 15 hours ago

    So...she stopped smoking weed, and started doing coke apparently?

  • S Hartman
    S Hartman 16 hours ago

    Shes great

  • Aimee Moboti
    Aimee Moboti 16 hours ago

    Thank God she has never hanged around snoop dog and wizkalifa or weed nuns ! because they Literally live there life on weed 😭😂 so when she said nobody had ever smoked weed as much as she has then honey you have not meet enough people out there ....but I'm very happy she's changing her life around 💖

  • elchasai
    elchasai 16 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus seems a lot hotter nowadays, she got some meat on her bones and her voice is extremely sexy

  • nshshs shahanaj
    nshshs shahanaj 16 hours ago

    can jimmy shut the fuck up for fucks sake, everytime she's talking he starts cutting her off when she's still talking, like just fucking let her finish

  • Opinion Killah
    Opinion Killah 17 hours ago

    If weed makes you act like that bitch does you shouldnt smoke weed weak minded bitch straight up cant handle her shit

  • Diem Tran
    Diem Tran 18 hours ago


  • Yo Paulie
    Yo Paulie 18 hours ago

    she looks stoned

  • Thalia Gonzalez
    Thalia Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    I died when the ad was for quitting smoking.

  • H2O
    H2O 18 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus is so beautiful

  • intersanctum
    intersanctum 19 hours ago

    :) Willie Nelson, Snoop, Tommy Chong and so on, and on. Personally I know a guy that is 44 at the moment, and he is smoking for at least 15 joint per day last 30 years. That's more than 164 000 joints. Miley grow up.

  • GeekInCloset
    GeekInCloset 19 hours ago

    She might have quit smoking weed, but she looks and sounds like she's now smoking crack.

  • lenny blanton
    lenny blanton 20 hours ago

    She reminds me of a tweaker

  • caitlin stevens
    caitlin stevens 22 hours ago

    love the no shame in her

  • Nick James
    Nick James 22 hours ago

    One dab I guarantee she on her ass. No ones smoked as much as you??? Bullshit 😂

  • Some Chinese Guy
    Some Chinese Guy 22 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus decided to put on more clothes because it's cold during tour.

  • Sabrey Ball
    Sabrey Ball 22 hours ago

    I'm sure a lot of people are still criticizing her for sort of dabbling in hip hop culture to where it seemed she just used it for her personal gain and then ditched it when she started to lose relevance or fell out of the spotlight. I wouldn't totally disagree with that. I hope she showed/shows real gratitude to those who came before and made it what it was and influenced her.

    That being said, I think Miley Cyrus embodies a lot of the same introspective soul searching that my generation (I'm 22/born 1995) has been experiencing. I think she genuinely thought that was who she was then and sat down and said I don't feel like this is me, somewhere along the way I got lost, and reinvented herself again. I think her new image is more true to who she believes she is than her former country and hip hop personas were. I appreciate that as I am constantly reevaluating myself that she is doing that on a world stage. I think she is one of the few celebrities that my generation can really identify with in the sense that we can't always figure out how we identify ourselves.

    Call it an identity crisis, or a gypsy soul, but I appreciate that she is sharing this personal part of herself with us, letting us spectate as she works through her own challenges. The important thing is that in her position as someone with the world's attention, she is sending out a message that says, if you don't feel like "you" then its not too late to change, just because the people around you expect you to be the person they are familiar with.

    Let's use her transition as an opportunity for self reflection and introspection.

  • mattdominator I- ___-I


  • Diego Reznov
    Diego Reznov 1 day ago

    No one has ever smoked like you did? lmao I'm 17 and I bet what you smoked all your life, I smoke in a week. maybe not that much

  • Dakota Burns
    Dakota Burns 1 day ago

    Stopped smoking weed. Started popping 30mg of adderall every morning lol. She's wired up like a methed out mongoose.

  • Karlo Delija
    Karlo Delija 1 day ago

    hahahaha stupid girl

  • Darkstar Spacer
    Darkstar Spacer 1 day ago

    Playing too much with the Pig lol rich people problems or was she talking about her sex slave?

  • Michael Jovani
    Michael Jovani 1 day ago

    @3:21 re-what?

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown 1 day ago

    Now if she acted like that all of the time she may just turn out to be be a likable young lady with a little bit of sense about her.

  • The MarijuanaLlama

    "no one's every smoked as much as I did" Snoop smokes 80 blunts a day what type of crack is she smoking fr

  • Kyle Lorenzo
    Kyle Lorenzo 1 day ago

    The real reason is call submission to a man. she became so wild and free, and "feminist", but she lost her man. No she is the sweet little girlfriend. She trough all herself for a guy.

  • snebleh66
    snebleh66 1 day ago

    I'm sorry but her old weed phase was such a stunt, loads of kids started smoking weed because it was highly glamourised in the media thanks to her, now she's saying she doesn't want it anymore? Too late you just influenced a shit ton of young kids, well done

  • Jonathan Vallée-Duchesne

    Jimmy is now rolling into that fake, has been bs that hollywood is.. She f**k up and want to be back on the podium. No one stop getting rich and famous from smoke grass c'mon.. FAKE ASS BS Jimmy you are fallon short

  • D H
    D H 1 day ago

    Maybe she should keep smoking because she can't stfu

  • jasey rae
    jasey rae 1 day ago

    "remember the last time i was here i think i was dressed as a bunny rabbit then a cat there's a reason for that... i was high" LMAOOO

  • Ad Hoc
    Ad Hoc 1 day ago

    'no-one's ever smoked as much as I did.' Lol, looking forward to Snoop's slapdown track

  • Christian Fernandez

    Are we getting old Miley back?

  • Champak Das
    Champak Das 1 day ago

    you shitty wannabe artists are all bounded by chains of your producers, record labels, your designers etc. So stop talking about doing what you like doing. You are all dictated, don't fuck around uttering bullshit.

    RAINE M 1 day ago

    Stoned? ... Liar

  • Mel Ann
    Mel Ann 1 day ago

    pretty genuine gal right hurr

  • Riley Adams
    Riley Adams 1 day ago

    Her fly is down

  • StrawberryOrgasms

    She talks like a coke head.

  • BlackhawkX02
    BlackhawkX02 1 day ago

    Damn, she speaks like in that episode from Two and a Half Man, i thought it was just for the character role.

  • Adriana V
    Adriana V 1 day ago

    This is Miley Stewart not Cyrus so change the title pls

  • Andrew Fuller
    Andrew Fuller 1 day ago

    Jennifer Hudson has done The Voice, but U.K.

  • angel cat
    angel cat 1 day ago

    Even her hair is confused between Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.

  • sigaretta2
    sigaretta2 1 day ago

    Congrats on quitting weed. I'm so glad I did... you won't regret it. I can finally almost think clearly again. I like having my brain back.

  • Ludvig Patterson
    Ludvig Patterson 1 day ago

    She's gotten much better. Now, we got the demon from Katy Perry.

  • Kareem Hopson
    Kareem Hopson 1 day ago

    is it bad that I miss her being high?

  • John Mortensen
    John Mortensen 1 day ago

    oh I am quite sure i could've smoked her under the table

  • Maxi C
    Maxi C 1 day ago

    your flys undone. stop trying to be all subliminal. haha we get it, youre cool.

  • Mcat Productionz
    Mcat Productionz 1 day ago

    👏😂 yassss no more sexual Miley Cyrus

  • Chris Ledbetter
    Chris Ledbetter 1 day ago

    i want my sisters to live

  • Soraya Ellis
    Soraya Ellis 1 day ago

    But wasn't Hananah Montana filmed on a beach?!?!

  • Joseph Caskey
    Joseph Caskey 1 day ago

    She's very very stupid,so many people have smoked alot of weed such as Wiz Khalifa,snoop dog,Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong,and ect she's a retard

  • 123sayluvee
    123sayluvee 1 day ago

    uhm really? Snoop Dogg don't smoke more weed than Miley did?? or how about Willie Nelson? or Tommy Chong?

  • Celina Mae Senaradoes

    Good for Miley. She is so beautiful

  • Dasveiner
    Dasveiner 1 day ago

    Caitlyn Jenner looks great :)

  • capncrunch110
    capncrunch110 1 day ago

    3:22 she re-shit lol

  • Captain Kumu
    Captain Kumu 1 day ago

    I've always liked Miley....even when nikkas was talkin shiit about her twerkin and shiit I still gave her props....good shiizz

  • George Cobelens III

    mkultra mind control

  • Macarena Espinosa

    the last song? beach? no?

  • rosie deyo
    rosie deyo 1 day ago

    lets not forget not only was she on the beach for Hannah Montana but when she filmed the last song. it was on the beach too

  • Kim Jong Skill
    Kim Jong Skill 1 day ago

    She looks and sounds like a skank.

  • Miles Beining YA, AFA

    Who the hell is that?

  • KaraDawlish
    KaraDawlish 1 day ago

    can't believe how much her and noah have the same face

  • Becky Cruz
    Becky Cruz 1 day ago

    She has been to the ocean before when she filmed one of my fave movies the last song??

  • Andrew Higuera
    Andrew Higuera 1 day ago

    is this a parallel universe were willy nelson doesn't exist?

  • Doug Bairead
    Doug Bairead 1 day ago

    Good for her, giving up weed after about 15 years of smoking it is the best thing I've done in the past 6 months.

  • JJ Kirkman
    JJ Kirkman 1 day ago

    bruh I bet she still gettin lit

  • greer rankin
    greer rankin 1 day ago

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I could have sworn J Hud was a coach on The Voice in the UK - I'm guessing when Miley refers to her being new to the show she means the US one?

  • Knows Everything
    Knows Everything 1 day ago

    ... she talks... A WHOLE FUCKING LOT!!!

  • Kitty
    Kitty 1 day ago

    We get it.....YOU FUCKING SMOKE.

  • Jamison Teague
    Jamison Teague 1 day ago

    She's prolly high right then and there.

  • Hades.Child420 Maggot3

    HAHAHAHAHHA 1:30ISH "NO ONE HAS SMOKED MORE WEED THEN I DID" BITCH Snoop Dog and Tommy Chong And willie Nelson smoke more then your dumb ass!!get over your self lil girl you dont know shit!!!

  • Oliver Berner
    Oliver Berner 1 day ago

    "Give it time "Miley",as soon as "the russians" or "google" algorithms "turns sour" and the rest "dull down". . . "You'll" come running back." To "sweet mary. . ." Try to have " fun and enjoy "(without)."Staring into "the wall, or abyss."

  • stompkins1000
    stompkins1000 1 day ago

    I ended up in the ER last night cause of a marijuana induced anxiety attack. I can see why someone would want to quit. I'm not saying I'm never smoking again but yeah I'm cutting back for sure.

  • Angie Ross
    Angie Ross 1 day ago

    Wait what did Jimmy say the revolving door really was?

  • Pepelepew
    Pepelepew 1 day ago

    I've always loved her hair long.

  • Sue Burgess
    Sue Burgess 1 day ago

    Stop making stupid people and drug induced people famous.

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