Marvel Netflix 2018 will be a Huge Year for The Defenders

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Comments: 187

  • CNFunnyJon
    CNFunnyJon 5 days ago

    Netflix.... pimp slap CW Seed and take the Blade series. It is the Marvel's Supergirl. (Great TV show, greedy channel producer)

  • Kevin Sheridan, Jr.

    How about a she hulk show?

  • Umar Soaries
    Umar Soaries 6 days ago

    Wait a minute. If Netflix does not release it's numbers, how do you know how many views Iron Fist got?

  • alien hunter
    alien hunter 6 days ago

    I think the Netflix shows should get 2 seasons each, then move on to different heroes. ... like moon Knight and psy force! ( how's that for a deep cut?)

  • Jacob McLeod
    Jacob McLeod 6 days ago

    Like cage was pretty good! I'm waiting on a 2nd season. Daredevil to me is the best of all though!

  • The Iron Melon
    The Iron Melon 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks there should be a miles morales Netflix show?

  • Ryan Piper
    Ryan Piper 6 days ago

    so black widow can fight thanos but Luke cage can't? super strength strong skin, but not strong enough to get in the movies with the avengers, same ass iron fist and ms. Jones? OK marvel sure hawkeye is easily the weakest movie hero

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 7 days ago

    Your thinking way too far ahead" after the Defenders series, comes Season 3 of Daredevil (that's first) Jessica Jones After that, Luke Cage " the PUNICHER, might be before Luke's series as for "IRONFIST " not so sure /(we might get that buddy -hero "hero for Hire" we all wanted in the first place, Power-man & Iron-fist series, there were article of Netflix, looking into Moon-Knight, and another female character, (Hoping it's SPIDER-Woman Not Hellcat )Do you really think Netflix & Marvel are going keep spending any amount of money on producing a show that got "Rip-apart" remember if a show tanks/ or some public out cry /Netflix will drop it like it HOT, they do Not deal with Credit's or Social media , Remember it a Stream-line channel, their separated from the regular Cable systems Not part of Direct TV "you have to pay for it separated"

  • BronnsAlive
    BronnsAlive 7 days ago

    I really want to see a Netflix series about the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider in the mcu, since he exists in that universe, but i don't know if that would happen, because the effects and cg would cost theme a shit ton

    • TheJudgementofDog
      TheJudgementofDog 7 days ago

      I believe Columbia Pictures still has the rights to the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider character. I think that's why they had to use Ronnie Reyes in Agents of Shield.

  • lionhart2728
    lionhart2728 7 days ago

    Moon Knight I cannot wait

  • Μαρία Τσιγκρη

    How about this:
    Defenders and Spider-Man team up at one or two episodes of the Defenders!

  • edwin henri
    edwin henri 7 days ago

    Please do moon knight

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 7 days ago

    no iron fist season 2 unless better fighting choreography.

  • tyler moran
    tyler moran 7 days ago

    Man... im still waiting for those Moonknight and Ghost rider announcements

  • Firefly 98
    Firefly 98 7 days ago

    For 2018... forget Luke Cage & Jessica Jones...I want to see Daredevil!!!!!😈

  • Ever Nolasco
    Ever Nolasco 7 days ago

    I just hope Danny can finally use both of his iron fists and fight like that 1948 footage.

  • king muppy
    king muppy 7 days ago

    I want a Netflix man-thing series

  • FaceClef
    FaceClef 7 days ago

    Iron Fist was fucking garbage, why would they make a season 2? Sure season 1 had views but it was so shit I doubt it will even get half the views again

  • Unicorns
    Unicorns 7 days ago

    by 2020, MCU will be packed

    • Unicorns
      Unicorns 7 days ago

      they better make atleast one Marvel DC crossover as they have many times in comics

  • André
    André 7 days ago

    Marvel taking over Netflix I love it they been doing an incredible job over there with there shows excited for all of them and what's to come.

  • Chris&Josh
    Chris&Josh 7 days ago

    marvel taking over Netflix? I'm in [for now].

  • Keith Hooten Jr
    Keith Hooten Jr 7 days ago

    I really can't wait for the punisher

  • Theragingbean
    Theragingbean 7 days ago

    i want a buddy cop ghost rider with robie and johnie too expensive but still would be cool than maybe a moon knight blade and midnight sons

  • Jake Moreh
    Jake Moreh 7 days ago

    Will we see a punisher cameo in the defenders or no?

  • Devil of Hell's Kitchen

    really wish we got a Elektra show instead of overrated high praise punisher

  • Jeff Patterson
    Jeff Patterson 7 days ago

    So not interested in a punisher series. He's a supporting character only.

  • Tamahj Jamison
    Tamahj Jamison 7 days ago


    April-Daredevil Season 3

    June-Iron Fist Season 2

    September-Jessica Jones Season 2

    October-Marvel's Moon Knight

    February 2019-Luke Cage Season 2

    May 2019-Daughters of The Dragon

    July 2019-Defenders Season 2

    September 2019-Punisher Season 2

    • Tamahj Jamison
      Tamahj Jamison 7 days ago

      IBN IBN Shit

    • IBN IBN
      IBN IBN 7 days ago

      Tamahj Jamison Marvel and Netflix already confirmed what series they're going make in 2018.

      1)Daredevil S3
      2)Jessica Jones S2
      3)Luke Cage S2

  • sha'king Branch
    sha'king Branch 7 days ago

    I Know ima get hate for saying this but i hate the Daredevil show a little his suit is BS where is the DD ? is fighting is the worst omg i hate the fact that they made his fighting skills so raw he doesn't fight like that. Marvel really know how to depower characters

    • Spidey Lego Productions
      Spidey Lego Productions 7 days ago

      sha'king Branch I know nothing about Marvel? Please... your the one saying a show is trash just because of the fighting, which is amazing. His fighting style is accurate you dumb shit. Cap is everything but nerfed... if anything he was overpowered. Exactly what Marvel does. Nerf the powerful heroes like Thor. You keep contradicting yourself there

    • EpicInc Production's
      EpicInc Production's 7 days ago

      Dumbest comment i have ever read, Daredevil is a street level hero he fought that way in miller's run. Also daredevil has some of the best fight scenes in all of television AND film

    • sha'king Branch
      sha'king Branch 7 days ago

      Spidey Lego Productions I have over 200 marvel comics especially the X-Men comics so what the fuck you talking about. Clearly you know nothing about Marvel and of course they have to depower Superman and flash. But theirs is no reason they depower Daredevil alot. You see how they depower Tobey SpiderMan but not to much but he was still throwing hard punches. And what does he freeze breathe have to do with depower ? maybe he doesn't know about it yet they depower his strength. Just like they depower captain America strength but Daredevil show is bullshit and Daredevil is .y second favorite character

    • Spidey Lego Productions
      Spidey Lego Productions 7 days ago

      sha'king Branch HAHAHAHA😂😂😂. This comment is too funny... Just like DC depowered Superman in the DCEU? He doesn't even have his freeze breath... Just like they depowered Flash on the CW? Can't even catch up with a motorcycle... it's clear your a DC fanboy because of that comment.

  • LadiesKingsMen 217
    LadiesKingsMen 217 7 days ago

    cw arrowverse > netflix mcu just sayn man 😞

    • one more set
      one more set 7 days ago

      LadiesKingsMen 217
      for real?? arrow, flash, and super girl are the worst comic shows on tv. they are a 1980's daytime soap equivalent

    • Parag Basu
      Parag Basu 7 days ago

      LadiesKingsMen 217 in ur dreams...

    • Ira Ford
      Ira Ford 7 days ago

      nah CW/DC shows have nothing on the Netflix defenders universe even agents of shield is on par with the best of the arrowverse shows.

    • Jake Kale
      Jake Kale 7 days ago

      LadiesKingsMen 217 Nah

  • Kingdom Come
    Kingdom Come 7 days ago

    Hye why dont you ever talk about Valiant Comics. They imo are putting marvel and DC comics to shame.

  • Kryptonian Brilliance


  • The Punisher
    The Punisher 7 days ago

    Who is hyped for my show?!?!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 7 days ago

    May you do a video over Sony Valiant Shadowman Movie News, Shadowman Finds Director In Reggie Hudlin please

    IBN IBN 7 days ago

    Expect Luke Cage in Season 2 to have coffee with a different lady.

    Expect Iron Fist Season 2 to be worser than Season 1.

    Expect a hallway fight scene in
    Daredevil S3,Iron Fist S2,Jessica Jones S2,and Luke Cage S2.

    Expect Claire Temple in Jessica Jones S2,Luke Cage S2,Iron Fist S2,and Daredevil S3.

    I hope they don't shoehorne Claire Temple in Punisher.

  • veaom is boss
    veaom is boss 7 days ago

    then of course

  • Hermanator LBH
    Hermanator LBH 7 days ago

    I'd like it if they introduced Maphisto as the real big bad of the defenders, then they could introduce ghost rider NOT Johnny Blaze NOT Robbie Reyes, but Danny Ketch here's how they could do this. With the second meet up between Alexandra and the defenders the defenders defeat Alexandra,but she then escapes. After she escapes she discusses with the hand and possibly Elektra she declares that she needs another weapon to stop these "heroes" she looks over at the sidewalk as a man (Danny Ketch) hops on his bike and puts on his helmet. In the next meet up between Alexandra and the defenders she introduces Ghost Rider in all his glory and as the defenders face off against Ghost Rider Alexandra leaves for good this time going back to wherever she came from (Hell) Ghost Rider can't take on all them at the same time and notices Alexandra leave him behind, this angers him and he pushes all the defenders back and knocks them out (yes even Luke), we then see Ghost Rider walk off into hiding. After the defenders they make a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider show spinoff where they begin where the defenders left off with Ghost Rider's disappearance, it begins with him limping away as the sun rises he then turns back into himself and passes out by a random persons house. We then find out this random persons house is actually Johnny Blaze' s and Danny tells Johnny what happened and Johnny already knowing what it is tells Danny what it is he possesses and tells Danny that he was also the Ghost Rider once. Danny asks what happened and how he got rid of it? Johnny tells him that he passed on the spirit to a man involved in a car crash (referencing to Robbie Reyes). Through the whole season it's just Danny finding out more about the Ghost Rider and Johnny being his mentor while also trying to get vengeance on Alexandra/Maphisto. They could introduce Robbie too, but they could also introduce him in another season, but what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree?

    • Hermanator LBH
      Hermanator LBH 7 days ago

      Phasmid9 I think this is a good way to tie in all the Ghost riders into one group, I'm saying both Robbie and Danny are both ghost riders at the same time and Johnny's their mentor as he was the Ghost Rider the longest (other than Carter).

    • Phasmid9
      Phasmid9 7 days ago

      Hermanator LBH They just shouldn't put Ghost Rider in the Defenders tbh. He doesn't belong yet. Maybe in season 2 or 3 of Defenders if/when they get there he might belong, but I can't seem to see a real point to having Ghost Rider in that story, much less introducing and explaining ANOTHER Ghost Rider. If they do end up putting Ghost Rider in a season of Defenders they'll have Robbie Reyes.

  • Neither Realms
    Neither Realms 8 days ago

    I want 8 episodes a season for each hero and 13 episodes a season for defenders.

  • Bruce LeeVsWalking Dead

    I just want them to crossover with the movies. At least a Spider-Man and Daredevil crossover.

    • Sy IN Ta X
      Sy IN Ta X 7 days ago

      Like Kevin Feige teased it a bit taht the TV Shows will crossover sometimes with the movie. Maybe they will just put a easter egg like mentioning Fisk or Daredevil in Spiderman Homecoming. If its not happening now then we will probably need to wait for the fourth Avengers Movie.

    • Ever Nolasco
      Ever Nolasco 7 days ago

      I wish Luke Cage was in Black Panther and Daredevil was in Spiderman Homecoming

  • Retro Hero 276
    Retro Hero 276 8 days ago

    Who else is hype for Daredevil season 3!?

    • Retro Hero 276
      Retro Hero 276 7 days ago

      +Daniel del Cid Wasn't he teased in the 1st season with the sniper

    • André
      André 7 days ago

      Me !!

    • Lucas Reed
      Lucas Reed 7 days ago

      Retro Hero 276 I Am!!!!

  • a user has no name
    a user has no name 8 days ago

    They should do Hero's for Hire instead of IF and LC S2

    • greenbeancom38
      greenbeancom38 6 days ago

      a user has no name why can't marvel do both the defenders and heroes for hire afterwards

    • BrownTownReviews
      BrownTownReviews 7 days ago

      Adam Heida I think they could give us a great 26 episode story with heroes for hire and it would be more like an agents of shield in terms of how it tells multiple arcs in one season without excluding the supporting characters from both shows. Just episodes switching back and forth from both characters perspectives and then them meeting up for mini finales. That would be really ambitious and really hard since all these shows have different writers and directors. depending on how Inhumans turns out I don't think Scott Buck is our guy for Ironfist XD.

    • Adam Heida
      Adam Heida 8 days ago

      a user has no name Agreed completely. LC and IF were the weakest Netflix shows, but put together it could be great. And it would make room for a Ghost Rider or Moon Knight series

  • Uglyguy 25
    Uglyguy 25 8 days ago

    So far it isn't official though. As weird as it might sound, I only trust it 100% when Wikipedia says it's true, because their pages about the MCU etc are always up to date and ignore rumors and unofficial stuff.

    • Uglyguy 25
      Uglyguy 25 8 days ago

      +Jesus Ramirez Romo Like I said, not with MCU stuff. There are responsible people taking care of those pages, and even when someone writes something that isn't true or official in it, it's deleted within hours. They pretty much don't allow information that doesn't come with reliable links for references. Obviously I can't say the same for every other page of the site (historic stuff, for example), but if you don't believe me go check it out yourself. I've been using it to check out MCU stuff since 2015 along with the MCU Wiki, IMDb and actual news sites, and I can say Wikipedia is the most reliable of them.

    • Jesus Ramirez Romo
      Jesus Ramirez Romo 8 days ago

      Uglyguy 25 Wikipedia is the LEAST relaisble source, ANYONE can edit it

  • Steven Wang
    Steven Wang 8 days ago

    Armin's "of course" count: 6

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 8 days ago

    She-hulk needs a show so do hellcat

    • The Iron Melon
      The Iron Melon 6 days ago

      IBN IBN iron fist was good ( I have an opinion plz don't kill me...)

    • greenbeancom38
      greenbeancom38 7 days ago

      IBN IBN hellcat is like batman no real power's just some martial arts so they can do that she-hulk would be a little tricky but can be done

    • IBN IBN
      IBN IBN 7 days ago

      greenbeancom38 Yeah,so they can ruin with shitty budget like Iron Fist.

  • cosgrove360
    cosgrove360 8 days ago

    Maybe they'll bring in moon knight?

  • P3 TripZz
    P3 TripZz 8 days ago


  • Joshua Ojeda
    Joshua Ojeda 8 days ago

    They should release Luke Cage S2 same date as S1, around there

  • Joshua Ojeda
    Joshua Ojeda 8 days ago

    Fuck yes

  • TheNeofromthematrix

    Would love a DC Netflix show with The Question, The Huntress, Black Canary, Constantine etc

    • Kryptonian Brilliance
      Kryptonian Brilliance 6 days ago

      +TheNeofromthematrix Not sure at the moment.

    • chaos lord
      chaos lord 6 days ago

      TheNeofromthematrix they couldn't hahahaha

    • TheNeofromthematrix
      TheNeofromthematrix 7 days ago

      Kryptonian Brilliance id like to see your own list as well

    • Parag Basu
      Parag Basu 7 days ago

      ***CyberSlaYer1204 Aka-NinjaThug*** no sorry but the Defenders are darker than those characters. Just because they are more violent doesnt mean darker. Daredevil, Jessica Jones are darker than anything DC has put out. Yes, even the Dark Knight. Dark knight is not as dark or adult as DareDevil or Jessica Jones, if you believe otherwise then u clearly are a DC fanboy or someone who thinks more violence and darker colors= truly darker . None of them
      Are as dark as the Netflix shows( except Iron Fist, it was lame)

  • CJ Phoenix
    CJ Phoenix 8 days ago

    Looking forward for Defenders, but I'm more excited for the Punisher series.

  • Luke Sky walker
    Luke Sky walker 8 days ago

    Sigh, were never gonna get a crossover between movies and shows because everything is to FUCKING DIFFICULT.

    • Sy IN Ta X
      Sy IN Ta X 7 days ago

      Feige teased it already. They are waiting for the perfect opportunity to connect everything.

    • Cjischill
      Cjischill 8 days ago

      Luke Sky walker patience young one. use the force.

  • Shellyman Vol.2
    Shellyman Vol.2 8 days ago

    I hope Moon Knight gets a Netflix series.

    • Always watching
      Always watching 6 days ago

      Shellyman Vol.2 Phase one of Marvel Netflix is Defenders. Maybe Phase two will be Midnight Sons? [Punisher, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade.]

    • Shellyman Vol.2
      Shellyman Vol.2 7 days ago

      +Moon Knight lmao 😂

    • Moon Knight
      Moon Knight 7 days ago

      Shellyman Vol.2 I'm working on it

    • EquinoxDisaster3 [Evan]
      EquinoxDisaster3 [Evan] 7 days ago

      Shellyman Vol.2 same here

  • Akeed Anjum
    Akeed Anjum 8 days ago

    Netflix Marvel tv show sucks, why they always do hallway fight????

    • Cjischill
      Cjischill 4 days ago

      onyourleftbooob people are already dumb now, what do you think their descendents will be?

    • onyourleftbooob
      onyourleftbooob 4 days ago

      im never gonna trust anyone's opinion on anything in the future if they say this to me tbh

    • Tamahj Jamison
      Tamahj Jamison 7 days ago

      Akeed Anjum 3/4 had a hallway fight.And they all made sense.

    • Cjischill
      Cjischill 7 days ago

      Snehil Shrey CW shows are just pure crap

  • SwaggitySwooty
    SwaggitySwooty 8 days ago

    Marvel soon has more TV shows than movies lol

    • onyourleftbooob
      onyourleftbooob 4 days ago

      not even close

    • CJ Phoenix
      CJ Phoenix 8 days ago

      There's going to be 19 MCU movies (up to Infinity War being done), and 10 tv shows (up to Cloak and Dagger being premiered in 2018).

    • Uranus
      Uranus 8 days ago

      Milkyway2099 t.v/netflix is still cinematic. cinematic doesn't mean movie.

  • Alonso Arana
    Alonso Arana 8 days ago

    Marvel is not only reigning in the big screen, it's taken over TV now.

    • Jose Bracero
      Jose Bracero 5 days ago

      Smart move not to keep wasting Money on a comic book that later on you'll find on the 50cent box, I thought I was done ,but my brother couldn't help it, So now like a bad omen, I can't escape the terror of DC- Romita jr can't even draw superman "he looks so weird.

    • Cjischill
      Cjischill 5 days ago

      Gehrman, the prideful wanderer fuck SJWs! man

    • Cjischill
      Cjischill 5 days ago

      Jose Bracero by suck it means I dont like it, its my opinion i dont represent anyone else plus i love marvel dude.

  • Greninja 1
    Greninja 1 8 days ago

    Why doesn't DC make Netflix shows?

    • GreenMachine
      GreenMachine 6 days ago

      DC is going to have its own streaming network service soon. Their new stuff aside, if they load all the DC content onto that they've ever had (like WWE did) it will be epic.

    • Spidey Lego Productions
      Spidey Lego Productions 7 days ago

      Akeed Anjum it is. You already said the only reason why they suck is because of hallway fights... that shows you're reaching.

    • veaom is boss
      veaom is boss 7 days ago

      Ryan Irwin- Diehl all but flash

    • Milkyway2099
      Milkyway2099 8 days ago

      Ryan Irwin- Diehl except for Supergirl!! 😊😄 (my opinion, don't hate)

    • Ryan Irwin- Diehl
      Ryan Irwin- Diehl 8 days ago

      Iron Fist and Luke Cage suck but DD and JJ are good. But all of the CW shows suck

  • Dev Vora
    Dev Vora 8 days ago

    1st to comment

  • The Man The Myth The Legend Bocajing

    Probs Not number 1

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