" HALEEM " Bajias Cooking

1kg Beef or 1 ½ kg lag of lamb, 2-3 bones with marrow,1+1 onions, 1 garlic, 3+3 inch ginger, 6 bay leaf, 20-25 cloves, 3 inches cinnamon, 3 large black cardamoms, 3 ½ ts black paper, 3 ½ ts cumin seeds, grind them fine. 3 ½ ts salt, chili powder, coriander powder each, 1 cup cracked wheat, daal chana, barley each. 1/3 rd cup daal masoor, daal mong, daal msh and rice each. Lemon juice, chat masalah, 1 ½ cup oil.
Brown I onion in ½ cup oil add all meat, garam masala, salt chili coriander powder. Add plenty of water pressure it. Boil all daals & rice separately presure daal chana separately boil wheat and barley, remove the meet from the bones, add back in the pot, add all the rest, brown 1 onion in 1 cup of oil pour it on haleem. Cook till thick and stringy. Serve it with lemon, chat masala, fresh mint coriander green chili and brown onions.

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Author Sip See (8 months)
Ever ever perfect recipe...

Author zaraLX23 (8 months)
Mashallah, looks like a beautiful recipe, I'm making it tomorrow for my
family and will let you know how it comes out xoxo. Love you Bajia

Author ambika timsena (3 months)
i love your voice.jaiseki koi soft music. 

Author lata1995 (8 months)
It is not authentic way

Author 27zahid (2 years)
je api mene apka koi tv show nehi dekhi. Yeh to internet pe pakistani
dishes search karne par ap mil gayi. Shukur Allah ka :)

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)

Author Tom jerry (1 year)
Thanks for this lovely recipe......

Author jalowalia244 (1 year)
Thanks for urdu tips

Author ilovemyhands (1 year)
What a beautiful tea kettle!

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
Yes :)

Author Jyohan3 (2 years)
Dear Bajia, thank u once again for the recipe.......i juz love haleem!!!!
One ? though, how much haleem is made with the above ingredients?.......the
amount of haleem in the serving bowl in the end? is that the total or u
have just taken a serving to garnish???? Plz clear my doubt.

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
fried fish dekho recipeaur malaye to doosh per he aati hai na

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
good luck

Author sania muddsar (2 years)
hi baji, mein kafi time say apki recipies dekhti hoon, and ive tried many,
they have turned out to be very good. apki videos ko dekh kr andaza howa
kay autralia mein rehti hain. my hubby wants us to shift there from
england. ive never been there. ap australia k baray mein bata sakti
hain,wahan ka mahol,weather,people and also give me your opinion. thankyou

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
@islamiauk thats great! Glad you liked it. Thank you :)

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
apni apni pasand hai. australia main aur UK main zameen aasaman ka ferq
hai. khud dekhne ki baat aur hai.

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
@bhoot70 thanks for the compliment, good luck with the recipe, batana kaisa

Author missshahisbd (2 years)
2much easy recipie...i really like it

Author Jasiya15 (1 year)
looks really good :) but it takes really long and alot of hard work to make
it :P

Author asif khan (1 year)
Salam Bajia, Haleem mey wo kon see cheez hai jo taar laati hai?

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
pata naheen, yoonhe dalaon waghirah ki daikh lo bana ker, ya eak baingan
daal ker daikh lo

Author 27zahid (2 years)
It is not an easy recipe, yet very very yummy... InshaAllah will follow u
more in future. Shahnaz here...

Author Sam Sunny (1 year)
Thanks a lot

Author Afreen Banu (1 year)
why don't u copy right.. ??

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
khana khane ki fursat naheen milti :)

Author 27zahid (2 years)
Salam baji... Yesterday only i tried this recipe of haleem for iftar and it
was yummy... I love all ur dishes. I follow almost all ur dishes. :)

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
@8000213559, thanks for the compliment :)

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
rice have lots of starch

Author Bajiascooking (10 months)
thanks, they dont make it any more

Author Afreen Banu (2 years)
I saw this video yesterday on Tv.. i guess Urdu Tv... Hyderabad..

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
aaj kal masroofiyat bohot hai jawab tak naheen diye ja rahe

Author baljit singh (2 years)
dear your voice and recipe both are mind blowing.

Author kholamalik (2 years)
Thank you for you reply on magic bullet.

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
phir dunyan bher se doosri zubanon main aane wale hazaron sawalon ke jawab
tum dena. Jo google seach kerte hain english naam se, jahan main hoon wahan
tum naheen.

Author jsschill05 (2 years)
Were you a News-Reporter before ???

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
@rehanasadique, achi banti hai yeh bus bakhira zara hai ziyadah :)

Author raj p (2 years)
hilati bhot hain aap.................

Author Bajiascooking (10 months)
freeze it :) hard work

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
woh khatam ho naheen sakti, tasla he acha hona chahiye

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
thanks, good luck

Author N Khalandar (2 years)
salaam baji ,aap ki dikhlayi haleem humne try kiya tha ,masha allahhamare
murshad buhut acha pasandkareee

Author Green206 (2 years)
Yum that lools very nice! Mere aap ke pasand heh!

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)

Author Bajiascooking (1 year)
all the credit goes to the people created these recipes :)

Author tajamal hussain (2 years)
i have seen many many cooking shows on the tv as well as on the internet
but no body explained like u and presented like u.your style is very nice
and convincing.khoosh rahain aabaad rahain.

Author MegaTruecolours (2 years)
bajia i love ur recipes.. however wish u would erase the pressure cooker
part, i prefer normal pots :)

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
@biashez i will post it on my facebook wall. i use fissler but all brands
made in europe of french are good

Author masudakhtar66 (2 years)
app tv per anay try kerhay ?bajicooking show on tv

Author Bajiascooking (2 years)
Great :) I am so hungry :)

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