How To Crochet Bead Rope Necklace
This is a quick demonstration how to crochet a beaded rope necklace... once you have had a little practice.

More info about how to crochet Beaded Rope is here

I have made a sample using large pony beads so you can see the different effect .

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Author mary callahan (1 month)
Enjoyed your demo. M.

Author vokas57 (5 months)
It's pretty. I will give it a try. Thank you.

Author fatmiri pr (7 months)
Qa banu

Author jojo bean (11 months)
Thank you! I was wondering how this was done. You made it look easy : )

Author ThreeArabianHorses (5 years)
hi craftmastery, thank you for the video. but can you make a video about
ending the necklace so that what you've said about ending it be more clear
to us cause i've almost finished my necklace and i don't know really how to
end it and what's the best way to end it with. waiting for your comment.

Author tweetspie06 (1 year)
You could, in theory, unravel the other end of the ball and thread your
beads on then re-wrap it.

Author copper9lives (3 years)
You are a careful and meticulous teacher -- excellent at explaining. Thank
you so much; you helped me figure out what I was doing wrong!

Author Dianne la Chasseresse (2 years)
I loved the explanation! i am a beginner in this technique and it results
easy to understand! Thank you so much! and by the way... l ♥ you accent!!!
:) ("Manos Artesanas Perú" /Bijouterie)

Author melindaedes (4 years)
Thank U very much, wonderful tutorial video.

Author PACERGIRL68 (2 years)
I had the same problem when I first tried to do this. The solution for me
was to stick a bamboo skewer in the middle of the ring and crochet around
that. It helped me to see where I needed to put the hook to make the bead
stitch, and to keep track of where I should be. I mostly use e-beads to
make this design. I have been making this design for over a year now and I
still use the skewer to help me keep my place and just slide my work down
as the project grows. I hope this helps you.

Author lalosaaay (4 years)
Thank you very much for your great videos

Author Undeadftw711 (2 years)
She did start from the beginning row. If you don't understand how to chain
6, then you should probably learn the basics of crochet before coming here.

Author craftmastery (5 years)
for Arabic... I use Google Translator :) it helps me to understand comments
in different languages :)

Author Angela Harrison (5 years)
It's very good info and demonstration. I prefer spiral design with three
colours, random is too random :)

Author lalosaaay (5 years)
thank you very very much

Author quinkes (4 years)
Very helpful, thank you very much.

Author krembach18 (2 years)
@AlisonMP14 Don't know if you got an answer, but the start is chain 6
stitches and join to the first first stitch using a slip stitch to form a

Author pamklein (3 years)
@XxILoveSkittlezzxX Before you begin your project you string the beads onto
the yarn in the order you want them to be in your final project. Hope this

Author Scott S (4 years)
Thank you...well done video! :) Now can use my limited crochet skills for a
new project!

Author TheNanateca (4 years)
Very good explanation! Thank you!

Author Kateřina Machů (2 years)
I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I come to the third row and I can´t
even recognize the first one and the second one. It is a mess not rows.
Should I use more tension when crocheting? Please anyone help me! I really
want to learn this.

Author AKAPedge (2 years)
clear instructions and excellent video.

Author lovepuppy823 (4 years)
@craftmastery or u can go to bable

Author hafsa1471 (2 years)
@kookingkorner its ruined

Author Direness (4 years)
@artoftranscription I know, would also like to see the starting stitch. I
crochet just a bit, but don't know if I'm just joining a row of singles to

Author Dora Schubert (1 year)
Thank you for your video, it's well-explained, well-put and by far the best
demo I have seen for crocheting bead rope. Your method beginning with the
chain stitches but without beads makes sense. Appreciate your ending demo
on how to do the finishing-off.

Author Muna Ashoor (1 year)
Wonderful work

Author Parianparlay (2 years)

Author GeWiky (2 years)
Thank you so much! I learned more from this than a class that I took! :)

Author RubyTuesdayWA (5 years)
Great stuff! Thanks so much! Can't wait to try this. (Now I know why I
bought those pony beads!)

Author JoAnn McBrady (3 years)
I am wanted to say that this is the best tutorial on the rope crochet. I am
so pleased to know that I will now be able to make something I have been
wanting to learn for years. Thank you ever so much JoAnn

Author Nancy D (4 years)
i like this technique.

Author mohniqua sarser (1 year)
clearly explained........thank u so much.....

Author michiekyaramiga (3 years)
Thank you so much!! Finally I got it!!

Author Ritu Vipul (3 years)
thank you so much , i feel bad why i didnt link to your tutorials before

Author theapplefactory (2 years)
How do I connect the to ends?

Author Faye Carpenter (3 years)

Author siawsharingan (1 year)
Very good demo. Effective - right pace to follow

Author Paula Cruz (3 years)
Thank you so much! Nice Tutorial!!!

Author kathye holcombe (3 years)
this is exactly the way my grandmother used to do it, I still have some of
her beadwork and now would like to start doing some of my own. thank you
for this.

Author Kimmy Kim Hoffmaster (3 years)
I dont understand how you start it!!!! :(

Author ThreeArabianHorses (5 years)
hi craftmastery, what kind of needle d i use to end this necklace?

Author Becky Ponder (2 years)
Hi, Can you do the crochet beaded chevron, I spotted it on the how to
channel and would love to see a video. Thanks Becky

Author Polina K (3 years)
WOW how can that NOT be hard espically with the smallest hook ive EVER seen

Author Kimberly Conrad (2 years)
I liked this viedo, but would like a tutorial on Annie's Attic chrochet
hemp jewelry book number 871812, please email me @

Author Castlestoney (4 years)

Author suzannemobileala (4 years)
Thank-You! I might actually get the hang off it!

Author Terry Hansen (2 years)
Very nice and well demonstrated! Thanks!

Author Marguerite Eudora Smith (3 years)
Thanks so much for that lovely video! I had watched a lady doing beaded
crochet yesterday on Create TV (KnitAndCrochetToday) but I couldn't see
exactly where she was placing her hook. Thanks for making it so clear for

Author consuelo garcia (2 years)

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