Respecting Women in Times Square

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  • Demon Whisperer
    Demon Whisperer 2 days ago

    all he's doing is treating women like fucking children. This is pretty sad. Women are just as capable as you and I and they don't need help processing the road or stepping down from a one footstep unless they have a we call six inch heels on

  • Demon Whisperer
    Demon Whisperer 2 days ago

    is this for real? This is the most pathetic piece of shit crap on the entire fucking planet.

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 4 days ago

    cucking out in time square

  • Lord Particle
    Lord Particle 5 days ago

    I just wanna get high with this guy and respect women

  • Vulnerable,Guliable Sheep

    creep out on woman is more like it.You can tell this is his half ass attempt to get laid. He isn't old enough to realize that woman don't mean it when they say they like all that hyper feels shit.

  • Cobrye Boye
    Cobrye Boye 8 days ago

    "On the count of three, say "respect women". 1,2, 3...
    *only girls* RESPECT WOMEN!!

  • MrBlueD3V1L
    MrBlueD3V1L 11 days ago


  • Pvt Torres
    Pvt Torres 11 days ago

    Wow interesting I didn't know times square was in downtown LA. I thought It was a few minutes away from me in Manhattan. it's probably because I didn't respect women enough.

  • Jeff The God
    Jeff The God 12 days ago

    Haa downtown LA.

  • Splyne [Free Intros]

    This guy is a genius.

  • babbelfisch789
    babbelfisch789 13 days ago

    I don't get it

  • Marissa Davis
    Marissa Davis 13 days ago

    Beautiful. I've never felt so respected in my whole life.

  • Thomas Hickey
    Thomas Hickey 14 days ago

    How bout they do a video like this to respect men lol. Shitt who am I kidding if you did that you'd be a misogynist

  • Harvey Taylor
    Harvey Taylor 14 days ago

    He's the hero we all need, but not the one we deserve

  • jenny wuz here
    jenny wuz here 16 days ago

    589 people don't respect women 😤

  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 16 days ago

    Fuck he's cute

  • SkankHunt42
    SkankHunt42 18 days ago

    Fucn redard Das not dtLA. His on Chayna n shit u no?

  • Dylan Tlusty
    Dylan Tlusty 19 days ago

    0:55 "Oh shit y'all got batman here too?" funny asl

  • MGTOW 101
    MGTOW 101 20 days ago

    Respect is earned not given.

  • A A
    A A 21 day ago

    this ni🅱🅱a lying he's not in LA he in Detroit

  • Paul Summerhill
    Paul Summerhill 21 day ago

    Here in Toronto, holding open a door for a woman means you raped her.

  • Egyptian Egyptian
    Egyptian Egyptian 22 days ago

    Meninists believe in equality women.

  • Cyniix 303
    Cyniix 303 22 days ago

    My nigga's a gentleman! lol

  • Lawn Bleach
    Lawn Bleach 23 days ago

    Was that a fucking Mexican Spider-Man?

  • Ozzie- 6000
    Ozzie- 6000 25 days ago


  • Mathew Hurst
    Mathew Hurst 26 days ago

    I really wish he had a yt channel

  • jookbj
    jookbj 26 days ago

    Who knew respect women video would be so sad?

  • Zandranna
    Zandranna 26 days ago

    Awwwww! Love his heart. What a sweetie.

  • Kyle8175
    Kyle8175 26 days ago

    When respecting women memes become a person

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 27 days ago

    Almost cried, we need more people like him the guy who said he loved gods women, everyone was on their phone not talking to anyone

  • Bridget Golubinski
    Bridget Golubinski 27 days ago

    I liked the guy at the end

  • Braden Lail
    Braden Lail 28 days ago

    Does this guy have a channel?

  • Hansel Thepedo
    Hansel Thepedo 28 days ago

    I wouldn't trust my phone to you.

  • Do Not Visit /Pol/
    Do Not Visit /Pol/ 28 days ago

    Do not look up the Bell Curve.
    Do not watch Murdoch Murdoch or Jared Taylor.
    Everything is fine.
    You are the same as everyone else.
    Go back to sleep.

  • squiredog
    squiredog 29 days ago

    this is pretty dumb

  • peter fabian
    peter fabian 29 days ago


  • ArcaneTricks
    ArcaneTricks 1 month ago

    He was PANDERING to women, not respecting them, he showed respect there to the men but decided to be extra helpful to the women, that's called pandering and special treatment.

  • VauxhallViva1975
    VauxhallViva1975 1 month ago

    To be honest, he comes across as a bit creepy, so most of those women are probably just trying to suss him out.

  • rare pepe
    rare pepe 1 month ago


  • Nate Diaz Fan: 5th March 2016 - 20th August 2016


  • Daniel Harrison
    Daniel Harrison 1 month ago

    Carlos is the real G out here in this shit we call life. Fuck all you haters.

  • killer970116
    killer970116 1 month ago

    0:01 "Hey I'm Steve Vaas and I'm respecting women in downtown L.A." WTF it's NYC, dumbass...

  • Navil Hernandez
    Navil Hernandez 1 month ago

    i respect the fuck out of women

  • Simo J
    Simo J 1 month ago

    in fact this guy is really funny.

  • Noman Rasheed
    Noman Rasheed 1 month ago

    The last dude was very attractive.

  • caryn p
    caryn p 1 month ago

    Respect Animals next? :D Celebrate heaven on Earth? Want some rain dude? Food? ;)

  • caryn p
    caryn p 1 month ago

    Love this Milo :D

  • The human shrug.
    The human shrug. 1 month ago

    The cringe isn't fake. It's just implied.

  • André Bhutta
    André Bhutta 1 month ago


  • Marci pereira
    Marci pereira 1 month ago

    make this viral

  • Number Name
    Number Name 1 month ago

    there is no hitler. there is however a boy who became a man who suffered and some really nice people who tried to help a boy who suffered under circumstances vastly diffrent then most while greedy selfish individuals came in and wanted to take down the human rights the man and all else so they could lie gossip be insane and real narcistic.

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      only because confussed nosy and a certain group of people didnt come together... its fairly disgusting to realize. meanwhile if you enjoy first world thank i and my family while alot jist proved how crazy stuff truly is. theres thousands of documentation readily available online. meanwhile sadists peep maime secretly destroy innocents and good. youre welcome

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      then o got to losten to some confussed sadists play leader wgile being more sadistic.

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      i didnt cause it...

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      and playtimes have already cost some their jobs as i stand far above gov and all else in one place...

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      tests ran. discern. but i will tell you this. im very good... i often correct judges

  • Voidaken
    Voidaken 1 month ago

    I, I just don't understand what exactly this video was for. Is that guy some mass-feminist target or something?

  • Number Name
    Number Name 1 month ago

    you better sit the fuck down. Im an ultra legal citizen in almost all first world countries but especially this ine im in. i was teained by cia fbi milatary and more from the day of my birth. and the level of stupid is way off the goddam charts. lay down milo and let next gen work on those teeth wgile dumbasses come in and act way goddamn retarded... sit the fuck down. Im purely science as far as you need to fucking know. Now go clean up the messes youve made...

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      you did deserve it... as it caused decay of edu and families and mkre.

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      infact. it already has while you were not looking. and here i am to tell you how cringe it is to watch adults misbehave so badly

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      im focused on serious things. i sat and spoke to master degrees. im deffinetly right to take a serious tone. you better fucking fix the xlcrazy fast or truth is gonna smack you hard regardless of tabloid.

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      as pampered today laugh... inly a few sgort years from now new folly wipes it out. i will not stand in the way again... if you guys fail on this.

    • Number Name
      Number Name 1 month ago

      better get dexter under control... that attitude is repulsive to everyone everywhere. still acting childish. adulthood hasnt hit yet for some and were on tue threashold of new things. you send someone to where i am... or may your playtime find you.

  • Maddy Perennity
    Maddy Perennity 1 month ago

    Something liberals can't say.

  • J Alchemist
    J Alchemist 1 month ago

    Here is a free joke

  • Clau77
    Clau77 1 month ago

    Love the guy talking about God wish you had his name! God bless you all

  • Luke Janis
    Luke Janis 1 month ago

    Is it DTLA or Times Square?

  • John Motherfuckin' Coltrane

    R E S P E C T

  • amare bare
    amare bare 1 month ago

    Milo, can you do something interesting? Like not post random shit? You are starting to look like a right-wing buzzfeed for fuck sake. I'm tired of your shit in my sub box. Sort yourself out.

  • Luke Hinkle
    Luke Hinkle 1 month ago

    Well to be fair, I wouldn't let a stranger watch my stuff or take a picture of me with my phone. I'm afraid the person would run off with my stuff. I get the spirit, and I like it.

  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby touched my doodle.

  • Black Market Goodness

    If we can't respect women, we're screwed, because once women turn ugly and mean the beautiful world turns to shit. We have the culture we do because men learned that they need to submit their hearts to women for inspection, as women have always had to submit their hearts to nature. Women are in a state of rebellion from their nature now, And because of their refusal to bow to their capacities men are deprived of the wisdom living inside women. We need to start loving women again and if we do we will be at peace. And women won't have to be so bitter. Amen 😘

  • Brianna
    Brianna 1 month ago

    When he said he respects God❤️ ma heart bruh

  • The Soldier Speaks
    The Soldier Speaks 1 month ago

    Whoever says women are oppressed needs to go to saudi

  • Noki Redtail
    Noki Redtail 1 month ago

    Where is the fabulous gay hero of the right? It sure doesn't seem like you are back yet =P

  • A & J C
    A & J C 1 month ago

    Respect doing what he's doing? Times have changed....attitudes differ. He is being thoughtful at times to both however; he is being a nuance.

  • dinesh chawre
    dinesh chawre 1 month ago

    oh..god..i can't stop laughing. ladies be like who gives a shit...

  • Strider 91
    Strider 91 1 month ago

    I respect people who earn and deserve my respect...your gender isn't a free ticket

  • JBV Films
    JBV Films 1 month ago

    1:00 "Whoa, how'd you do that?" made me laugh for days.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 1 month ago


  • Val B
    Val B 1 month ago

    That was pretty #cringe if I do say so myself.

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 1 month ago

    Did he assume their gender ?

  • So So
    So So 1 month ago

    Black people will do anything for a few bucks

  • Wrippley
    Wrippley 1 month ago

    You pussy.

  • hershey mchocolove
    hershey mchocolove 1 month ago

    that guy at 2:18 : "nigga, how high are you"

  • Will Ruth
    Will Ruth 1 month ago

    People saying this is cringy are normie freaks

  • まんこ
    まんこ 1 month ago

    this is Meme Lmao

  • NorwegianKnifeDude
    NorwegianKnifeDude 1 month ago

    I watch a video.

  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 1 month ago

    These women react this way because most men who approach them do NOT have respectful intentions.

  • starmanskye
    starmanskye 1 month ago

    This guy apparently doesn't know the difference between patronizing and respect. What a douche. He's making a spectacle display of 'respect' which is its antithesis -- its not genuine or pure-intended. A hip-hop slacker wannabe trendy with a faux attitude looking for some back-slapping acclaim in the guise of sexist sensitivity spreading the lOVE, man. How fake.

  • Sheriff David Clarke

    Milo i can fit two fists and foot in my asshole. Hit me up.

    NINU TURTLE 1 month ago

    Low key did more than half of feminist in us

  • Meme Lord Mark
    Meme Lord Mark 1 month ago

    I respect women on most days except Saturday because Saturdays are for the boys

    GODOFHELLFIRE3 1 month ago

    Wait, so this is making fun of the idea that we should respect people? :/

  • Lisa Outrequin
    Lisa Outrequin 1 month ago

    tannhauser....never got wagner until milo

  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Next time try not covering yourself and dressing like a douchebag.

  • boxingguyty
    boxingguyty 1 month ago

    this is retarded

  • warlock
    warlock 1 month ago

    Trump and Ivanka are in Saudi Arab respecting women.

  • król SOBIESKI
    król SOBIESKI 1 month ago

    What a fucking idiot. Women should get respect if and ONLY IF they earn it.

  • Crystal_Costello
    Crystal_Costello 1 month ago

    I want to get a Make America Great Again hat signed by both Milo and President Trump.

  • Ghostdreamer
    Ghostdreamer 1 month ago

    That was so sweet. Chivalry is not dead & it's nice to see there are still some ladies around, who aren't offended by it.

  • giovanni pacheco
    giovanni pacheco 1 month ago

    lol usually i laugh my ass off at these videos but this was too cringe xD. I kept feeling like when he asked if he wanted to take a picture of the girls they would think he was trying to steal their phones or something xD

  • thalonelygirl
    thalonelygirl 1 month ago

    So damn sweet! Feminists prolly hate it!

  • Electron Ghoul
    Electron Ghoul 1 month ago

    I like the meme, but this is pretty autistic

  • stevengvdr
    stevengvdr 1 month ago

    this dude is a savage

  • Crafty Ape
    Crafty Ape 1 month ago

    Why, Milo, WHY

  • James Winter
    James Winter 1 month ago

    Yo how many levels of irony is this guy on?

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