40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Steve W
    Steve W 2 days ago

    One shady thing about olbermann ------- he invented 40 shady things about Trump.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 5 days ago

    we know Keith dropped the mic

  • M Zajac
    M Zajac 9 days ago

    Keith, it looks like you are in a mental institution. Do they give you medication to calm you down?

  • EarlyLove2014
    EarlyLove2014 10 days ago

    SPOT ON..!!!

  • N Smith
    N Smith 11 days ago

    40 things we know about Keith...

    1. deranged
    2. deranged
    3. deranged...
    ...39, deranged
    40 DERANGED!

  • vioman 2016
    vioman 2016 20 days ago

    We love you Keith, never stop! RESIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • factsaregrand
    factsaregrand 25 days ago


  • santos curser
    santos curser 26 days ago

    Keith and Rachel Maddow... tug boats dragging the ice berg out of the water for all to see its underbelly, ... what patriotic sainthood is about... like MLK jr.

  • Gavin James
    Gavin James 26 days ago

    Resist this fool, all smoke and no fire! Where is your evidence? Everything you said is already known, nothing leads to anything criminal! Hook up with Maxine Waters, she is very smart, she is going in for impeachment with another brilliant mind Al Green. You are in good company. People on the ground are in shock! People who supported Dems are now full Trump supporters like me! We will resist you!! Trump is a master at handling you losers. You are spinning around in circles and Trump is moving alone getting things done.

  • Gavin James
    Gavin James 26 days ago

    You're a RAT going down another rabbit hole lol!!! How stupid are You? You can't even put a convincing spin on this hogwash!!

  • Bill Hampton
    Bill Hampton 26 days ago

    Don't worry folks , no matter what evidence the Trumpanzees are shown they will only double down on their support for Trump 😨

  • the bagle Warrior
    the bagle Warrior 26 days ago

    There hasnt been any proof of this

  • Derp Derpus
    Derp Derpus 26 days ago

    7:00 Thank you, Eric, for blowing the whistle on your stupid family.

    We will remember you all the better for it.

  • m. rude
    m. rude 26 days ago

    Oooooh ! "shady"! How damning! I thought you morons had irrefutable proof. Now you're down to "shady"?

  • Brothers Karafuchov
    Brothers Karafuchov 27 days ago

    The main thing we know is that whole Russian collusion thing is a delusion by the left as part of their unprecedented campaign of hatred and disruption.

    • Brothers Karafuchov
      Brothers Karafuchov 27 days ago

      the last mild one: You didn't like what I wrote? Oh, darn. I was so hoping that brain-dead liberals would like it.

    • the last wild one
      the last wild one 27 days ago

      Karafuchov   The name says it all comrade another braindead inbRED REDneck white trash knuckle dragger go diddle your MAMA some more BOY!!!

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 27 days ago

    Last November the Canadian intelligence service informed American counterparts there was strong evidence that Trump had ordered Jared Kushner to open a secret line to the Kremlin to facilitate communications between Trump and his Russian handlers.

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 27 days ago

    Great keep informing the American Public about this.

  • Barry Nelson
    Barry Nelson 27 days ago

    This is so bad. We wouldn't leave a live rat with rabies in our house, why don't we clean out the White House, asap? Trump and Crew are a danger to our security, health, and nation.

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect 27 days ago

    Trump and his supporters are collaborators with the enemy and should be treated as such. Traitors. They have drank the orange kool-aid.

  • Jonathan Wiskee
    Jonathan Wiskee 27 days ago

    Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold U.S. Uranium to the
    Russians, making her and her husband very rich. Where was your outcry
    then Keith?

    • the last wild one
      the last wild one 27 days ago

      whaaaaaaaaaa  Hillary whaaaaaaaaaaaa Bill whaaaaaa Obama whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa JFK whaaaaaaaaaaaa RFD whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as long as you have something to cry about your happy right jonathan

  • Knightsburg
    Knightsburg 27 days ago

    All the news I need! Thanks Keith!

  • wormraper
    wormraper 27 days ago

    the more I watch this video the more hilarious it becomes. olbermann does nothing but theorize the entire time and speak in an ominous voice. simply hilarious. "Russians drinks water. guess who else drinks water? TRUMP!!!! he's a Russian agent!!!!"....same logical trailer that bathtubboy follows

  • Becky Alexander
    Becky Alexander 27 days ago

    As much as I want the US and Russia, who between us have over 90% of nukes worldwide, I admit this is suspicious.

    PAMELA KNIGHT 27 days ago

    Thank you GQ for you show love it , I am believe Trump made sure Republican ever win the presidency again ,

  • alexa jessop
    alexa jessop 27 days ago

    Go Keith you are a Star. Keep up the pressure.

  • Madeline Swartz
    Madeline Swartz 27 days ago

    Get rid of Donald Dump and his ENTIRE administration. They are just as bad as our so-called "president". The "president" had committed a crime.. It's called Obstruction Of Justice.


  • John Wood
    John Wood 27 days ago

    No evidence. NO EVIDENCE!!! Trump supporters are deluded!

    • John Wood
      John Wood 27 days ago

      I've thought about it and they could be just fuck'n stupid!

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 27 days ago

    a cargo ship belonging to Hillary Clinton was caught in Baltimore Harbor on board were found 450 Isis terrorist weapons and drugs heroin Hot News YouTube 24h YouTube check it out

  • JoeJoe1959Truth
    JoeJoe1959Truth 27 days ago

    Question Keith, say that all of this Trump's "Presidential Campaign" Russia BS is true & proven, how does that make it an "Impeachable Offense," since he wasn't in office as the US president? Has there ever been such a case, whereby our president was Impeached because of an act committed before and while-not in office? Because of this, my question, a Basic Question posed, and not answered nor has it been addressed by You or the Democrats? Ultimately in the end, and history will show, that this Trump's "Presidential Campaign" Russia BS is much to do about nothing after all and was a colossal waste of time, no? I think the story, and focus should be more about Trump's acts while in office if the goal is Trump's Impeachment, no?

  • Emre Remeta
    Emre Remeta 27 days ago

    Thanks Keith for letting me belly up to your campfire. It's been too long since hearing a steady sober voice. Thanks for a small taste of sanity while I stumble through our daily social cacophony. Thanks for saying everything that's on my mind.
    I'd like to add that I've seen several News flashes on the use of the Rico act, and I'd just like to see the Trumps and the Kushners stripped of every nickel, just like what would happen to every other, "Joe", that tried the shenanigans these clowns have perpetrated on America.

  • Sherry Griep
    Sherry Griep 27 days ago

    They all need to go!

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 27 days ago

    You know, his brother killed himself (with alcohol).

  • John Rose
    John Rose 27 days ago

    If this is a movie ,it is a bad one. when is enough , enough? AMERICA THERE IS A PROBLEM!

  • Lester Pace
    Lester Pace 27 days ago

    if u don t have anything nice to say don t say any think just stick ur middle finger in the air

  • Jeff
    Jeff 27 days ago

    jesus, how much smoke does there have to be until people realize that yeah, something is definitely on fire here.?.

  • musicmaster101
    musicmaster101 27 days ago

    Republicans can't sink this low, why take loyalty to him over country

  • austin thomas
    austin thomas 27 days ago

    As an #Anarchist it is amusing that this obvious red herring is constantly pushed....if the left really wanted to bury the Trumpster they would have to throw Billy Boyy Clinton to the wolves along with Trumpster and expose the trips TOGETHER at Epsteins's Lolita Island....until then the laughter will continue .... #TheRussiansDidntDoIt

  • THESocialJusticeWarrior

    Trump wont go down until the GOP turn on him.

  • mr10man69
    mr10man69 27 days ago

    Nothing will happen. The same garbage will continue.

  • Dennis Secret
    Dennis Secret 27 days ago

    Through their words and actions, the Trump tribe have brought this on themselves. At the same time, their pathetic attempts at travel bans, health care and budget legislation have added to the campaign rhetoric that has divided the country. The Democrats haven't done themselves any favours either. Neither party speaks for the shredded Middle Class who are quickly losing their collective confidence in Government. It's a mess, and Trump is to blame.

  • Rk Ding
    Rk Ding 28 days ago

    Here are some topics you could look into:
    Eric Braverman , Seth Rich , Rod Wheeler , Craig Murray

  • Susan Dreamstobefree

    I want to resist, but how? I'm feeling as though the damage may be irreparable. Our country had its issues before, but now we are sinking.

    • Rk Ding
      Rk Ding 28 days ago

      If you have an open mind and a little courage, George Webb is on Day 219.6
      Join the Party. Things are about to change.

    LARRY BLAZE B 28 days ago

    all of this thick smoke n yet they wanna deny theres anything that causes this smoke😏

  • John Major
    John Major 28 days ago

    We sure know a lot about that iceberg.

  • David Shiplet
    David Shiplet 28 days ago

    Keith and his boyfriend should get out of his mom's basement. Give the poor lady a break.

  • Rob Russell
    Rob Russell 28 days ago

    Cuck Olbermann, please consider assisted suicide. thanks.

  • jt4880
    jt4880 29 days ago

    The video and audio recording of Trump and his cohorts needs to be released. That would give the TRAITORS no where to hide.

  • Johm
    Johm 29 days ago

    ranting of an insane man

  • Matty G.
    Matty G. 29 days ago

    Trump for firing squad!

  • Gentle Art
    Gentle Art 29 days ago

    We know the Democrats hate Trump, but they will never win until they start hating Hillary.

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 29 days ago

    Why does Keith Olberman banner his opening images with safety pins used to hold baby's diapers up? This is what is called fake resistance. Whatever he says might be true or not, but the associations on the video and with Olberman are easy negative targets.

    Get rid of the safety pin Keith, and gets some power associations, study some neuroscience ya ditship

  • Jarvis Morrison
    Jarvis Morrison 29 days ago

    This scandal keeps getting bigger and bigger. Throw the Whole bunch of the Trumpanzees and Retardicans Out...

    • Jarvis Morrison
      Jarvis Morrison 29 days ago

      White Devil Dumbold is your Rev. jim jones and you are delusional. Go ahead keep drinking the koolaid you will be just fine. It is amazing how some people will blindly stupidity and think they are being smart. When he cuts your food stamps and health care you will believe he did it to help you. Eight years 😂😂😂😂😂 good luck chuck.

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 29 days ago

    ' Trump Is A Zionist Shill '

  • 3.1415926535 pi
    3.1415926535 pi 1 month ago

    I am ready to watch trump fall live in my tv

  • Patrick Manning
    Patrick Manning 1 month ago

    My goodness Mad Dog's on another tear. Perhaps he should return to sportscasting. I hope he has some anti anxiety medicine available when the Seth Rich story fully explodes. He's gonna need it. There is definitely panic setting in around DC. The fake Russia narrative is going to be blown right out of the water. The Dems are in way too deep now to walk it back. What are they going to do? It's too late to back off. Little Debbie Wasserman has been threatening the DC police chief. Donna Brazile has been threatening Rich's family & the ex DC detective who is the private investigator into Rich's murder. John Podesta has also been threatening people involved in the investigation.

  • Deborah Lefler
    Deborah Lefler 1 month ago

    We also know that with Republicans controlling the house, the senate, and the white house, nothing is going to be done about anything they discover about Russia.

  • Light of the World
    Light of the World 1 month ago

    Last time I watched Olbermann was 1 month ago. He's getting more and more unhinged & is struggling more and more with just pronouncing words. Watch out, Keith, in a month's time, you'll sound even more unhinged than your nemesis.

  • Mindy Newell
    Mindy Newell 1 month ago

    Today is May 27. Now we know the name of the person high up in the White House. Son-in-law Jared Kushner.

  • giles Liddell
    giles Liddell 1 month ago

    Mr. Oberman please look at the electoral college and individuals connected to the federal reserve

  • aja whytee
    aja whytee 1 month ago

    DONT FORGET TO GET Gorsuck, Toomey, Pence, McConnell, et al!! KICK THE DOORS IN AND GET THEM OUT OF THERE NOW IMMEDIATLEY TODAY NO MATTER WHAT, THEN INSTALL President Hillary Clinton and the Dems and all will be fine. NOTHING stopping anyone as no precedents in any laws, the Constitution, etc whatsoever!

  • Debbie Corbin
    Debbie Corbin 1 month ago

    Thank goodness for Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow!

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 1 month ago

    all bark no bite

  • arti
    arti 1 month ago

    Impeachment papers already drawn up. Sounds like the whole White House is going to the slammer for treason.

  • Mick Swagger
    Mick Swagger 1 month ago

    Maxine Waters, Crazy Nancy have business dealings with 🇷🇺 hmmm

  • frededison
    frededison 1 month ago

    The Orange King should take his own advice and lock himself up.

  • Mxeng
    Mxeng 1 month ago

    Olberman is such a lying snake. It's scary how many lemmings listen to this clown and buy into his lies and propaganda. Very scary...

  • Denbigh Brown
    Denbigh Brown 1 month ago

    All the investigators need to do now is follow the money.

  • Cj Johnson
    Cj Johnson 1 month ago


  • Thomas T
    Thomas T 1 month ago

    Keith please debate me

  • Adrienne Saffer
    Adrienne Saffer 1 month ago

    Keithie boy your an irrelevant, laughing stock.,

  • Waldos Morales
    Waldos Morales 1 month ago

    locked them up all the scum...

  • Will Payne
    Will Payne 1 month ago

    Seriously man, go back to sports

  • Courtney Henley
    Courtney Henley 1 month ago

    Yep #WeKnow all of this.

  • Johnathon Taylor
    Johnathon Taylor 1 month ago

    this tramp is so pathetic, its not matter of if he will be impeached, it's when.
    watch him shove the newest NATO pm, Trump has a huge inferiority complex, No one with integrity and decency can give an ounce of respect to this true tramp (no offense to all tramps). He making a joke of himself and USA

  • Luigi Pazmino
    Luigi Pazmino 1 month ago

    The Trump-minions will conveniently categorize this as Fake News even though all of this information can be verified ,i.e.Knight Shade!

  • SuperNoobTroll
    SuperNoobTroll 1 month ago

    Olberman forgot #41... WHAT CRIME was ACTUALLY COMMITTED?? You would think that a journalist would present this first before going down a rabbit hole of emotion and hypotheticals.

    • TOP DAWG
      TOP DAWG 1 month ago

      This is hyped BS that has no proof to cover over Seth Rich

    • Jed Kinght
      Jed Kinght 1 month ago

      Witness intimidation & obstruction of justice are two actual CRIMES that Trump is guilty of. But impeachment isn't a legal process, it's congressional. He doesn't have to have broken any laws to be impeached. The fact that he HAS, is tangental bet cannot be ignored or downplayed.

  • SuperNoobTroll
    SuperNoobTroll 1 month ago

    But Olberman forgot #41.... SPECIFICALLY WHAT CRIME was COMMITTED? You'd think a journalist would present this info first before going down a rabbit hole of emotion and hypotheticals.

  • Thomas T
    Thomas T 1 month ago

    I wish I could debate Keith I wanna debate him sooooo bad

  • Christian ayala
    Christian ayala 1 month ago

    russia russia russia! wheres the proof??? fakenews! i feel sorry for people who believe this crap!

    • Christian ayala
      Christian ayala 1 month ago

      feel sorry for u bro, the media has brain washed you.

    • Jed Kinght
      Jed Kinght 1 month ago

      What, like every American intelligence agency? You know more than them, do you?

  • Dorian Graye
    Dorian Graye 1 month ago

    Trump is selling America up the river and the American people are allowing him to do it!

  • factsaregrand
    factsaregrand 1 month ago

    Trump , drunk with power, stoned out of his mind, and behind the wheel of  our   Democracy bus. CRASH !... Trump  the TREASONOUS president .. Trump jackals, will be held accountable for their crimes. This is all sorted , spooky and maddening ..

  • Michael Fensterheim
    Michael Fensterheim 1 month ago

    Answer this survey!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Eu9FEECH9S63JpwE3e9_-zWYRnJ89ssYQRlXzVek9Ac

  • Sean Banta
    Sean Banta 1 month ago

    a lot of speculation

  • Sam Haug
    Sam Haug 1 month ago

    As usual your ducks are in a row. You speak the absolute truth. When can we get rid of Trump stain on America?

  • The Truth !
    The Truth ! 1 month ago

    CNN as a reference...hahahahahaha

  • The Truth !
    The Truth ! 1 month ago

    Russia collusion is a Hoax...SETH RICH EXPOSED the DNC through Wikileaks by showing Democrats TRUE colors NOT Russia, you sheep

  • Berry Ebere
    Berry Ebere 1 month ago

    Stick to fashion. You got your suit wrong too much Trump

  • Berry Ebere
    Berry Ebere 1 month ago

    can GQ just stay in their lane.

  • D D
    D D 1 month ago

    Because Barack Obama was such a bad president, voters gave you trump. The pendulum swings both ways. Get used to it.

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 1 month ago

    In the spirit of innocent unless proven guilty, I would remind folks that a many of Keith's "We know" points are, at this time, nothing more than hearsay or 2nd hand accounts.
    As much as I despise Trump and personally do believe he's broken the law *and* colluded with Russia, I'm doing my best to hinder my biases on the matter.
    After all, Trump's POTUS line of succession looks like something that George R.R. Martin could have written.


    Is this where Snow flakes melt .

  • Atreyu Tower
    Atreyu Tower 1 month ago

    Republicans fail to understand that if this kind of thing is allowed to continue it could also potentially be used against them in the future if it could serve the interests of Russia. They need to look at the larger picture instead of turning a blind eye just because they're getting their way right now.

  • Jimmy Hadder
    Jimmy Hadder 1 month ago

    What "SHADE" of BROWN, does this Olberman prick, have in his shorts?

  • Robin Redbreast
    Robin Redbreast 1 month ago

    So here's the thing... will anything EVER be done about any of it? Probably not.

  • Clint Hammer
    Clint Hammer 1 month ago

    The Democrats just lost again. What a lousy party.

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