*NEW* Kino Der Toten: AK74u Barrier Glitch Tutorial

This is a New Barrier Glitch Found by ZombieMaps you can go check his Channel out if you want but This is A New Barrier Glitch near the AK74u and it can withstand a Crowd of Zombies and you will not ever get hit. Well Thanks for Watching, Hoped you guys liked it. Please Subscribe and Like to see more Glitches in the Future maybe because later on i might try to do some Gameplays and Commentaries and stuff and ill see if it works out then i might stop glitching and do Comms and get Partnered with Yeousch.

Text Tutorial:

Step 1. Get a zombie behind the barrier
Step 2. Jump and crouch on the first barrier
Step 3. Make yourself or get the host to lag the game (it may take a couple of tries to get onto the roof)
Step 4. You should be ontop of the roof
Now for the Barrier Glitch:
Step 1. When on the roof jump onto the building
Step 2. Now come where i do
Step 3. Walk along the side of another building
Step 4. Sprint and jump into the other building
Step 5. Dolphin dive through either window
Step 6. Sprint and jump onto the bin
Step 7. Your in the barrier glitch

Song Name: Ladida - UpperWestMusic

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Credit: zombiemaps

Selling my OG Youtube Account if you want to Buy then give me and Offer and i might think about it.

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Author Marcus Kirby ( ago)
R u raping cool

Author Trkish Kake ( ago)
intro was OGZxFTW's type but who cares

Author Christopher Deleon ( ago)
fucking fags using lag swithches and modded controllers

Author Koz Mic ( ago)
Copy Intro Of Cheatlikeachamp

Author kalani luck ( ago)
jacking OGZxFTW theme song wtf?

Author carlos contreras ( ago)
Add me lbmex and I have xbox

Author mh637 ( ago)
This is monkie king how do u lag out

Author Callum Pratt ( ago)
You took this video

Author Beastshot845 ( ago)
You copped cheat like a pro

Author ParkourRocket ( ago)
U copied ogzxftw

Author TBaum0007 ( ago)
Would u add me kipalo7

Author Brandon Armstrong ( ago)
When did the barrier send u up it doesn't usually do that

Author martin huy ( ago)
brock stacey we played lol remember me ?? Paul0092

Author Carolyn Turner ( ago)
i never try it but do it real somebody tell me

Author Aleesha DeQuina ( ago)

Author brock aj ( ago)
It's gay but my name is XxPuRpXx42

Author brock aj ( ago)
Add me on ps3 if you want me to get you out of the map ?

Author ZeeCreed ( ago)
hey imcods can you be my friend on xbox 360 my name is optic rar83

Author Hawdam Kurdsh ( ago)
how can ou di that????????????????

Author justin marzolino ( ago)
read the description

Author Shana Williams ( ago)

Author zhunie subhani ( ago)

Author aaron delgado ( ago)
drop it XD

Author Dage Ent. ( ago)
on ps3 can you do start & triangle lag or the sensitivity lag bro ?

Author Zephyr ( ago)
Where did you get the intro I want one

Author San xD ( ago)
Why i enter in the room, and not in the top of the map.

Author MrFishy5000 ( ago)
needs way more xplanation

Author Kenton Elliott ( ago)
Needs more explanation

Author evilzombies192 ( ago)
I'll put a better video up to show you how check out my channel
gamingdude178 I'll put one up today 2012 saturday October 20 mabey 7-8 or
mabey 6 o'clock

Author Margolynbrooksters ( ago)

Author Murrchik ( ago)
i never get on top of it only behind the barrier

Author adeledr ( ago)
No, ImCods and OGZxFTW are friends and they work together... -_-

Author baba aller babas ( ago)
what is the name for the song

Author lithecascade7 ( ago)
The song is awesome

Author ichigo hollow ( ago)
press start and triangle realy fast at the same time just before ur gonna
do the thing u want to do

Author El Jamon Chedar ( ago)
wow NICE another glitch that it doesnt work

Author reggie Brice ( ago)
how do u lag , can someone else me do the glich please , add me
reggiemiller31 please

Author Anthony Longsworth ( ago)
Tight looks hard though

Author JHONProZ EpicOne ( ago)
how to men?

Author AZ HIGH ROLLERS ( ago)
Fagget ass bitch dont just do it say how

Author Mega4sS ( ago)
i did it 6 times today :)

Author Beast Killer ( ago)

Author leonardo moratelli ( ago)
negro drama e nois so um negro fudido cuzao

Author ahmed galal ( ago)
howwwwwwwwww please

Author Theis Perney ( ago)

Author sean mc cann ( ago)
waht part of this video was a tutorial?

Author jelle kniest ( ago)
whats the name of this song?

Author Gabriel Rodriguez ( ago)
Lmaoo v

Author FranzenZombies ( ago)
jug at round 5 wtf

Author cherrybombwaffle1 ( ago)
Does it work on wii?

Author itsthekill ( ago)

Author janice murphy ( ago)

Author Midnight Covers ( ago)
OGZxFTW faker?

Author TheQuazart ( ago)
idd fanboy :d

Author Mw2OfficialMinT (137 years ago)
in welchem raum ist der am anfang?

Author Corde ET ( ago)
He's obviously a Fanboy.

Author 4lifecwalk1 ( ago)
Wow that's explains how to to it... Doesn't it... Nice :)

OGZxFTW's intro

Author M1Garandstudios ( ago)
whats your gtag mines BERRETTA97 maybe i can add you as a friend

Author juliofigueroa28 ( ago)
that is cool

Author 10000 Subscribers without Videos Challenge ( ago)
ja ich habs probiert es geht

Author Minecrafter4000 ( ago)
works on the version usk?

Author ZombieRaper04 ( ago)

Author OhhMagiq ( ago)
Fanboy of OGZxFTW u little bitch

Author jullien garcia ( ago)
@ohBrinKerz nice it workes

Author Tyler Juanez ( ago)
he stole it

Author PayTeamNmE ( ago)

Author Michael Moon ( ago)
Whats the song called?

Author Sinan Tolga ( ago)
Who is the tutorial???

Author RaVV Angel ( ago)
Psn is xPhanton-ModzZ my bad guys jus message me first i know how to do
this on ps3

Author RaVV Angel ( ago)
I can do this on ps3 add xPhantom-ModzZ jus message me on psn and i will
add u jus message me first

Author abdullah rehman ( ago)
when its no ammo what do you do then

Author Muhammad G ( ago)

Author Spongeboboyyy ( ago)
How did u do it

Author hunter cancel ( ago)
holly shit how the fuck sid u do taht add me papunisher98

Author hassan anwar ( ago)
how do you do that

Author electric9910 ( ago)
i fell on top and got stuck

Author Dario Raschdorf ( ago)
hello what`s the song :)?

Author Danny Ramirez ( ago)
Hey wats ur psn mines Rainmaker1099 I tried it on solo but I need someone
to help wit da glitch

Author sxghel ( ago)
Sure man, only if it's PS3! I have a new account and I'm not online atm so
you add me,; WinkyPatrol

Author Robert Langley ( ago)
On xbox I have one xbox but I can't connent to xbox live help me GODDD I
fix it back I am offline

Author Simon Benitez ( ago)
add me ples red_waffle

Author Simon Benitez ( ago)
i dont get u ps3 or xbox but if its ps3 add me ples red_waffle1999

Author Robert Langley ( ago)
Thsi is not xbox this is ps3 I have xbox

Author Tyrial Makaveli ( ago)
That song is hard af...This video got me addicted beat..instrumental remake
coming soon, I subbed bcuz of tha song...XD#Team Upper West/@hasib noori I
added u on psn im Manniac-615 I need help if u wouldnt mind..Im online all
tha time.

Author OnceUponAnIndie ( ago)

Author Jo Po ( ago)
what song is dat

Author ItzOrigamiFTW ( ago)
@xSuperxCALLUMx shame you on ps shit (joke)

Author xSuperxCALLUMx ( ago)
shame hes on crapbox

Author GoofproofCat ( ago)
When your picture is slower than the actuall game.

Author Callum Thomas ( ago)
are you dumb hes on xbox

Author chance harrington ( ago)
@EDGARD CASTRO i agree with u

Author Infect Theworld ( ago)
He said add me PS3! are you blind?

Author StopDropNTrolol ( ago)
it was just a fluke that he got in the roof guys. Usually it pulls you
through the barrier into the other side.

Author Antropolise ( ago)
ps3 or xbox?

Author Seymore Buttes ( ago)
If you go on my channel i'll show you more to this glitch this video covers
about 1/4 of the glitch

Author brandon ( ago)
song : Upper West Ladida

Author brandon ( ago)
song : Upper West ladida

Author sam unsworth ( ago)
heyy i ave tried this and all i do is see the sun from below me add me on
ps3 cool-rocks10 and add my mate xFLeTcHeR-X-

Author OG Sonni ( ago)

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