*NEW* Kino Der Toten: AK74u Barrier Glitch Tutorial

This is a New Barrier Glitch Found by ZombieMaps you can go check his Channel out if you want but This is A New Barrier Glitch near the AK74u and it can withstand a Crowd of Zombies and you will not ever get hit. Well Thanks for Watching, Hoped you guys liked it. Please Subscribe and Like to see more Glitches in the Future maybe because later on i might try to do some Gameplays and Commentaries and stuff and ill see if it works out then i might stop glitching and do Comms and get Partnered with Yeousch.

Text Tutorial:

Step 1. Get a zombie behind the barrier
Step 2. Jump and crouch on the first barrier
Step 3. Make yourself or get the host to lag the game (it may take a couple of tries to get onto the roof)
Step 4. You should be ontop of the roof
Now for the Barrier Glitch:
Step 1. When on the roof jump onto the building
Step 2. Now come where i do
Step 3. Walk along the side of another building
Step 4. Sprint and jump into the other building
Step 5. Dolphin dive through either window
Step 6. Sprint and jump onto the bin
Step 7. Your in the barrier glitch

Song Name: Ladida - UpperWestMusic

Please Subscribe to xAndrew2007x New Channel:

Credit: zombiemaps

Selling my OG Youtube Account if you want to Buy then give me and Offer and i might think about it.

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Author Trkish Kake (6 months)
intro was OGZxFTW's type but who cares

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dat bitched breasts are so fake!

Author xSuperxCALLUMx (2 years)
shame hes on crapbox

Author Jamal (2 years)
everybody says u need host to lag, but ive literally gotten oub atleast 100
times lagging myself

Author San xD (1 year)
Why i enter in the room, and not in the top of the map.

Author Mega4sS (1 year)
i did it 6 times today :)

Author Ryan Mce (1 year)
hey imcods can you be my friend on xbox 360 my name is optic rar83

Author niklas504 (2 years)

Author StealthyCarrrot (1 year)
There's a beautiful fucking thing called the description.

Author montezleath3 (1 year)
I like the song

Author G4merZzInNorWaY (2 years)
ps3 = start triangle xbox = start Y

Author TheDJEMAIL1018 (2 years)
ajoutez moi sur ps3 j le fait psn : Mirza1020

Author justin marzolino (1 year)
read the description

Author jullien garcia (2 years)
@ohBrinKerz nice it workes

Author BatmanArkhamcity5 (2 years)
what does lag mean

Author Jack McNally (2 years)
OMG! too...

Author TutorialAndVideos (2 years)
hahah! dised!

Author Gabriel Rodriguez (1 year)
Lmaoo v

Author AZ HIGH ROLLERS (1 year)
Fagget ass bitch dont just do it say how

Author ckaye121 (2 years)
this is xbox and you have to lag switch it because pressing start then Y
don't work on xbox

Author Minecrafter4000 (2 years)
works on the version usk?

Author Sinan Tolga (2 years)
Who is the tutorial???

Author JHONProZ EpicOne (1 year)
how to men?

Author brock aj (1 year)
Add me on ps3 if you want me to get you out of the map ?

Author Jo Po (2 years)
what song is dat

Author Christopher Deleon (11 months)
fucking fags using lag swithches and modded controllers

Author CaliBoiVic (2 years)

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You took this video

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It's gay but my name is XxPuRpXx42

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song : Upper West ladida

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What is the song name?

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its amazing!!!

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Does it work on wii?

Author martin huy (1 year)
brock stacey we played lol remember me ?? Paul0092

Author TheErhaniho (1 year)
Tim ur so retarded Its a glitch Not a hack.

Author juliofigueroa28 (2 years)
that is cool

Author traxxasslashje (2 years)
its only xbox in the roof ?

Author delzirockz (1 year)
No, ImCods and OGZxFTW are friends and they work together... -_-

Author stskelly (2 years)
new this one about 6months ago

Author slendr man (1 year)

Author FranzenZombies (1 year)
jug at round 5 wtf

Author ProjectNL (2 years)

Author BbLOL (2 years)
OGZxFTW faker?

Author unboxing247 (2 years)
Lag is when your screen rate is really slow and your game starts freezing

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how can ou di that????????????????

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