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  • Fathers day special. Meet my adoptive parents.

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  • Prettyboyfredo
    Prettyboyfredo 7 days ago

    Happy fathers day to all of the fathers out there really impacting & making a difference in their kids life. Im soo appreciative of my Dad because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t look at him as an Adoptive Dad. I look at him & my mom as much more than that…. They saved my LIFE !!! & He’s truly taught me how to be a man! So I’m very thankful to have the parents that I have. Happy Fathers day Dad. I tried to answer all the question you guys have about my life in this video. Hope you guys enjoy this wonderful day with your families. More videos on the way LETTTTSSS GETTT ITTT MANNNN!!!

    • Mega_Matrix85
      Mega_Matrix85 2 hours ago

      Prettyboyfredo hi I just wanted to know if you could give me a shout out in your live stream or any video just to help me get started

    • CoryTBG
      CoryTBG 4 hours ago

      REDswag gaming FUCK U ASS

  • Trey Martin
    Trey Martin 17 minutes ago

    That's what's up FREDO 2x

  • Free Zilla
    Free Zilla 19 minutes ago

    This man fredo just done went straight Hollywood..nigga don't even play 2k no more 😂😂

  • Yuh Foolie
    Yuh Foolie 38 minutes ago

    Nothing but respect bro 💯🤘🏽

  • Sosa 2 Timez
    Sosa 2 Timez 53 minutes ago

    No disrespect but was your sister adopted by him to?

  • elite3 ejm
    elite3 ejm 58 minutes ago

    sub to my channel if u lime pretty boy fredo

  • Terrial Jackson
    Terrial Jackson 1 hour ago

    Why is his live video not playing??

  • Kayden Kroeber
    Kayden Kroeber 1 hour ago

    I just want 100 or more subs 😩😰

  • TheLegend27 1
    TheLegend27 1 1 hour ago

    Your dads white

  • Swag Boy
    Swag Boy 2 hours ago

    Hey fredo can u tell your subscribers to subscribe to my channel at Markeskandar

  • Dougie Seibert
    Dougie Seibert 2 hours ago

    Do a tp fort

  • XDino Gaming
    XDino Gaming 2 hours ago

    I was an a banned kid I was left on the streets no food and no one would take me I went to foster kid still didn't get taking then a year later I was adopted

  • DaRealSway Savage
    DaRealSway Savage 2 hours ago

    look like he make a good pizza

    XLX_GAMING 3 hours ago

    Sorry prettyboyfredo but you guys didnt realize that at 00:51 a spit from your mouth lol

  • killer crock Griggs
    killer crock Griggs 3 hours ago

    I look up to u and love u

  • killer crock Griggs
    killer crock Griggs 3 hours ago

    I love your videos and I look up to

  • Xavier OCK
    Xavier OCK 3 hours ago

    do you know tyheem proctor

  • 2k Gameplay
    2k Gameplay 3 hours ago

    Sub to me = every kid will live with a perfect life

    JASONMONTANA Tv 3 hours ago

    get this to 1k likes if your apart of ssh make sure prettyboy fredo see's this even though he didnt pick me to get me to 1k subs spam ssh

  • SoWavey Tino
    SoWavey Tino 3 hours ago

    It would make sence that his dad is a cheeser

  • Jaden Gales
    Jaden Gales 3 hours ago

    i saw that spit come out your mouth

  • Larry Mitchell
    Larry Mitchell 3 hours ago

    You low key look like dangelo Russell

  • Okush Lit
    Okush Lit 3 hours ago

    shout out glo tayy here since 1k

  • Yate Crosby
    Yate Crosby 4 hours ago

    what's your gamertag

  • WaVy Dom
    WaVy Dom 4 hours ago

    0:50 fredo slobs

  • KingDoubleAA 05
    KingDoubleAA 05 4 hours ago

    He spit so bad at 0:51

  • Young Boss
    Young Boss 4 hours ago

    am I the only one who thinks fredo look like deanglo Russell?

  • XKid _Casa
    XKid _Casa 4 hours ago

    do more 2k vids get ck and aveendaboss

  • REDswag gaming
    REDswag gaming 4 hours ago

    Fredo dad look like butt ass crack

  • Wide_ Receiver79
    Wide_ Receiver79 4 hours ago

    I don't have twitter bro I love your vids and u inspire me to persever

  • Jack Eaton
    Jack Eaton 4 hours ago

    At 51 this man droolen like a dog

  • Nick Tv
    Nick Tv 4 hours ago

    Happy Father's Day feedo

  • Jayden Robinson-Spickard

    Can I get 1 like

  • Michelle Thomas
    Michelle Thomas 4 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Larko Official
    Larko Official 5 hours ago

    buy your father a new car for a gift!

  • OutsideTheGameplay
    OutsideTheGameplay 5 hours ago

    your dad is a true blessing.

  • Malakai Jordan
    Malakai Jordan 5 hours ago

    love u bro

  • super saiyangod
    super saiyangod 5 hours ago

    I'm adopted no lie I'm not lying just. to get likes

  • luke lehner
    luke lehner 6 hours ago

    I sub you

  • tentacion 2k
    tentacion 2k 6 hours ago

    No disrespect FREDO @ ALL but we followed this page for 2k 😕

  • Activerks
    Activerks 7 hours ago


  • king khopeer
    king khopeer 7 hours ago

    life changed

  • Anthony Scarpa
    Anthony Scarpa 9 hours ago

    anyone see that at 0.50 seconds

  • A somalia King
    A somalia King 10 hours ago

    Ur lucky Im not ohh dad i miss you😶😦😭😨😱😰😢😥😪😓😭

  • The realx havoc V
    The realx havoc V 10 hours ago

    😂😂😂 @ 0:49 when fredo said it's Father's Day he started slobbering

  • Dalton Alvarado/Nelson

    do you have any sibling fredo ?????

  • kyren billie
    kyren billie 11 hours ago

    Yo prettyboyfredo what's ur PS4 account name so I can face u the n 2k🏀

  • Eric Saveng
    Eric Saveng 11 hours ago

    I feel your feeling because I'm going to the same situation that u did 😭

  • Golf Davion Vlogs
    Golf Davion Vlogs 11 hours ago

    Salute on the success fredo. Stay up.

  • Derek Scott
    Derek Scott 11 hours ago

    Did any body else see him slob

  • Cloudy P
    Cloudy P 14 hours ago

    Fredo, I'm 14 and I bout to be playing on a freshman team. I would want to face you in a 1 on 1. Here in Austin Texas. Hit me up if you wanna play. I'm up for any punishment. 2x I'm ready. 512-552-1634

  • Jacob Gutierrez
    Jacob Gutierrez 14 hours ago

    u haven't posted since this video wassup

    EXTENDO 15 hours ago

    big motivation man fredo I didn't know you had a sister

  • Smokey Bandet23
    Smokey Bandet23 17 hours ago

    can we get more 2k vids plz

  • Saman
    Saman 17 hours ago

    Why does he call himself pretty boy? He ain't pretty.

  • Aidan Hoops
    Aidan Hoops 18 hours ago

    Watch my last video on Jimmy Butler and give advice!

  • Popo Twelve
    Popo Twelve 20 hours ago

    I'm dead he said you gon be someone some day😂

  • UnKnoWn GaMErZ
    UnKnoWn GaMErZ 21 hour ago

    I REALLY MISS 2k Fredo ...but 2k is so trash...He made that 16 fun asf

  • _Boss4LYF3 _
    _Boss4LYF3 _ 22 hours ago

    are u ever gon play 2k or u dun... for good

  • TheImmortelOne
    TheImmortelOne 23 hours ago

    Please follow my channel

  • Anwar The Great
    Anwar The Great 1 day ago

    He should do more 2K videos

  • RedSnakeBytes
    RedSnakeBytes 1 day ago

    +Prettyboyfredo can you make a video on how you feel about bankrole fresh's death

  • Diogo Arias
    Diogo Arias 1 day ago

    but didn't in one video u said u have a mom and tht she was gonna beat ur ass when u brought tht Asian girl home

  • Danielle wilkie
    Danielle wilkie 1 day ago

    i live beside pretty boys dad!

  • Danielle wilkie
    Danielle wilkie 1 day ago

    I live beside pretty boys dad!!!

  • Isaac Breland
    Isaac Breland 1 day ago

    *most hardest thing i've ever done*

  • Michelle _delcid
    Michelle _delcid 1 day ago

    Can you talk Spanish tho?

  • Inboundwheel Gaming

    Do a video where you go to see your biological parents or just go and visit them see them in privite

  • young Iverson
    young Iverson 1 day ago

    make murch


    Man your my favorite YouTuber when you post videos it just makes my day thank you man

  • elijah roblox gamer

    1 like = god is good

  • Terrence T-bone Freelove

    Fredo give me a shad out

  • Soray
    Soray 1 day ago

    Wait so ur adopted?

  • Hussein Yare
    Hussein Yare 1 day ago


  • Onyeka Ayo
    Onyeka Ayo 1 day ago

    Thanks for sharing Fredo ❤️

  • Bob White
    Bob White 1 day ago

    "You going to be something in life one day "

  • Marc Nunez
    Marc Nunez 1 day ago

    Prettyboyfredo look like dangelo Russell

  • jesica martincova

    omg i crayed your such a champ who els crayd 😎😍😘😗😇😢

  • Chrissy Gaming HD

    Hey Fredo wasnt there a 2nd Sibling?

  • Hello Dude
    Hello Dude 1 day ago

    Yo no lie you kinda look like dangelo russell

  • Steven Marcano
    Steven Marcano 1 day ago

    Bring back the homie Jabari

  • xXAnonymouzCJXx
    xXAnonymouzCJXx 1 day ago

    My dad just passed away because of heart attack I don't know what to do..

  • Kevin's Life vlogs

    Do another vid with jabari

  • kinglion 456
    kinglion 456 1 day ago

    This is Dope Asf

  • SupremePooney
    SupremePooney 1 day ago

  • Kell4Short
    Kell4Short 1 day ago

    On 2k

  • Kell4Short
    Kell4Short 1 day ago

    Get back on 3k

    _KIDGAMER_ 1 day ago

    hey fredo keep up the positive thing.Hope You Go Bigger!!😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉❤❤❤

  • King Slasher
    King Slasher 1 day ago


  • Rise Geco
    Rise Geco 1 day ago

    I understand this is your life and stuff but when are you gonna upload 2k vids or storytimes

  • Mamie Muhammad
    Mamie Muhammad 1 day ago

    u and jasmine should do if u rap u lose

    LISMY POKE 1 day ago

    he spat on 0:51

  • IGot_DatSwag 2406

    We jus gon act like we did not see him drool at 0:52

  • Axelle Stamati
    Axelle Stamati 1 day ago

    wha car do you have nice car...!

  • JeLan Harwell
    JeLan Harwell 1 day ago

    Also I'm a Leo August 12 so plz read this because I watch ur video every time u upload I really wanna see u and jas and congrats u guys and I also commented the same stuff on u and has channel

  • JeLan Harwell
    JeLan Harwell 1 day ago

    I hope u read these because I really wanna meet u and for u to get to know me

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White 1 day ago

    Wait I thought u had a mom cus before u made a video of worst ass wopen

  • JeLan Harwell
    JeLan Harwell 1 day ago

    Hey Fredo hope to see u in Orlando I'm a huge fan

  • MonkeyGaming2007 [savage]

    Another Clickbaite

  • Damone Vlogs
    Damone Vlogs 1 day ago

    Fredo I didn't have a dad I was sad can you subscribe to my channel if you can't I understand

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