Top 5 Awesome Facts about Doctor Who

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  • 1 month ago

    This video is brought to you by RED NOSE DAY​! Win the chance to have breakfast with SEVEN of The Doctors from Doctor Who. If you’re based in the USA head to where all prize entries will go towards the Red Nose Day in America. If you’re based in the UK go to to enter, where all prize entries will go towards the Comic Relief UK charity. Both organizations are working for a just world, free from poverty.

    • Rose Blight
      Rose Blight 1 month ago

      One incomplete actually occurred due to a writer's strike during 4th Doctor's run. "Shada", though incomplete in filming and audio, is possible to be seen with a commentary and missing lines given by Tom Baker (I have it in my collection).

    • sara s
      sara s 1 month ago

      pls make more doctor who videos it was my first tv Show

    • Chris tew sands
      Chris tew sands 1 month ago

      Ulkhor hello

    • Ulkhor
      Ulkhor 1 month ago

      same question here for germany! can i join for UK and/or USA?

  • tylerx2f01
    tylerx2f01 16 hours ago

    the doctors name is "doctor who" MIssy even says so. his biggest oldest friend in the universe is a pretty solid source

  • Simon Lasim
    Simon Lasim 1 day ago

    Video about my most favourite tv show came in my birthday. Just thanks you

  • Jmaul85
    Jmaul85 1 day ago

    3:55 Did you say my dick is too strong for you? Lmao that's what it sounds like.

  • kant
    kant 3 days ago

    Delete this channel. It's one of the worse things on youtube.

  • JFEntertainment
    JFEntertainment 4 days ago

    i knew them all :)

  • TheTorontoKid
    TheTorontoKid 6 days ago

    You should have included the fact that Doctor Who was created by a Canadian, seeing as how this is a Canadian channel.

  • The Niss
    The Niss 6 days ago


  • Ryan Spees
    Ryan Spees 7 days ago


  • Kitten Mommy
    Kitten Mommy 8 days ago

    The American anchorman reporting on JFK's assassination was the late, great Walter Cronkite. RIP. 😞

  • Geek With A Box
    Geek With A Box 16 days ago

    I saw David Tennant, I clicked!

  • BlackRedDragon777
    BlackRedDragon777 17 days ago

    I've got 5 and they are he's awesome he's awesome he's awesome he's awesome he's awesome no other reasons

  • Jack Collins Martin
    Jack Collins Martin 17 days ago

    Just going to slide in here a few lesser known facts because the ones provided in this video are so well known:
    - We already know one name for the Doctor. In the academy on Gallifrey, he was known as 'Theta Sigma', and was good friends with 'Koschei', aka 'The Master'.
    - When the Doctor was still young and known as Theta Sigma, he murdered someone with a rock. Koschei (the Master) ended up taking the blame starting the whole evil thing.
    - In an unproduced Third Doctor episode, it would have been revealed that the Master was actually the Doctor's brother. Unfortunately, Delgado's (the actor for the Master at that time) untimely passing led the story to be thrown in the bin and it to never be produced.
    - The Doctor has a canon brother. His name is Braxiatel, and he works for the CIA (the Celestial Intervention Agency). He's honestly a bit rude, but oh well.
    - The Eighth Doctor could be considered one of the most sexual Doctors, due to his constant kissing of companions, as well as having intercourse with characters canonically and in front of the audience. In his official books released in the late 90s and early 2000s, he slept with a man named Karl, and even an entire planet's ecosystem (the ecosystem was in the form of a woman).
    - It's alright to call the character 'Doctor Who'! Throughout the credits of a large chunk of Classic Who, his character was referred to as 'Dr. Who' in the credits, he's been called it in interviews, and there was even a line in a classic episode where a Dalek cried out: 'Doctor Who is required!' This mainly changed later in the show's run, and also mainly became a big thing when David Tennant took the stage and started the trend of 'you can't call him Doctor Who! It has to be the Doctor!'. Both names are correct, so feel free to call him whatever you like! :D
    - The longest Doctor Who performance ever was the Big Finish audio 'Zagreus', with the Eighth Doctor and his companion at the time, Charley Pollard. It ran for over _three and a half hours_ long. I won't spoil much of the story, but it did include the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors in it too!

    It's too bad that this video didn't include deeper and lesser known facts or information, but hopefully this comment does some good. xD

    DOCTOR 19 days ago

    how is it awesome that some episodes are missing?

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 23 days ago

    Shame the BBC destroyed many of the black and white episodes, I really want to see the Dalek Masterplan....

  • Yet Another Broken Soul In The System

    i don't think fact 5 is awesome
    except the fact its doctor who

  • The Anonymous one
    The Anonymous one 23 days ago

    I have no idea who Dr. Who is but I feel like I'm gonna like it

  • GravityDavid
    GravityDavid 24 days ago


  • Mathilde Boersma
    Mathilde Boersma 25 days ago

    huh... I suppose I must be more than a seasoned Whovian then... I knew these facts within a month of starting to watch Doctor Who

  • Rhys Cairns-Hoare
    Rhys Cairns-Hoare 27 days ago

    who the hell is this guy talking

  • Good old Barnable
    Good old Barnable 1 month ago

    Best show ever

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who 1 month ago

    Great facts guys! ✨

  • Kyra Peacock
    Kyra Peacock 1 month ago

    I'm a simple human. I see the Doctor, I click.

  • The Grassy Man Productions

    If I was the doctor I would be longer than Tom bakers run

  • eduardo montano
    eduardo montano 1 month ago


  • Tom the Dalek fan
    Tom the Dalek fan 1 month ago

    fan fact Colin baker (the 6th doctor) is also a doctor who fan

  • Jay D McGuinness
    Jay D McGuinness 1 month ago

    Well this was a waste we all knew this anyway....

  • Blockman 350
    Blockman 350 1 month ago

    WatchMojo you idiot I knew all of these...

  • Elijah Brandt
    Elijah Brandt 1 month ago

    I knew all of this. Thought you said even weathered whovians would be surprised at some.

  • Missy K
    Missy K 1 month ago

    J'y comprend rien :(

  • JennyM1998
    JennyM1998 1 month ago

    what kind of whovian doesnt know these, thats the first things you do find out when you join the fandom

  • babysnoops14
    babysnoops14 1 month ago

    Number 1 I already know! You can see it on Netflix as the eps skips!!

    Also I know that Peter wants to be the doctor ever since he was a child

  • All Things Doctor Who!

    Nope wrong XD Paul the 8th doctor has the longest as he is still currently going on big finish since 1996 tom baker is a close second tho

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    Elian Laurent 1 month ago

    its day of my birthday !!!

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    Tory Davidson 1 month ago

    November 23rd is also the day i celebrate my birthday lol

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    DoctorWho Jack 1 month ago

    I knew all of these

    SHOCK WAVE 1 month ago

    Are you kidding me i knew them all

  • Argletrough Mann
    Argletrough Mann 1 month ago

    I already knew all these.

  • ItsTheRealMusicMan
    ItsTheRealMusicMan 1 month ago

    Clearly I know too much about this show, I can never find a list like this that says anything I don't know..

  • xjaketheminerx
    xjaketheminerx 1 month ago

    knew all of them probably because i'me British

  • Michael Strange
    Michael Strange 1 month ago

    Every one of these facts is common knowledge. Fail.

  • Alana Lee0316
    Alana Lee0316 1 month ago

    Any average fan knows these

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 1 month ago

    he's now blind...

    EMERGENCY SWAG 1 month ago

    is it bad i already knew all of these facts.

  • Rheno Black
    Rheno Black 1 month ago

    Isn't the second serial of the first season about the Daleks? I'm pretty sure the scifi element was introduced pretty early on.

  • chere100
    chere100 1 month ago

    I don't think these are _awesome_ facts, but I shared because as a whovian I just can't help it.
    If one person sees this, decides to watch the show, and is infected by whovian fever, I'll consider this a job well done. :)

    YA BOI NED 1 month ago

    Dr Who was the first tv show i actually liked

  • Matthew Bolitho-Jones

    Doctor Who is my favourite TV show of all time

  • Arthur Hillard
    Arthur Hillard 1 month ago

    Why do you say there are "nearly one hundred" missing episodes in this featurette when it would be both quicker and more accurate just to say "ninety seven"? Typical modern "news speak".

  • Kato86
    Kato86 1 month ago

    No shocking facts but still decent video.

  • Tony
    Tony 1 month ago

    Hi can I won

  • Aahil Somani
    Aahil Somani 1 month ago

    These facts are so Boro g they are so obvious and even that smallest of Whovians know these tho g

  • Isaac Pettigrew
    Isaac Pettigrew 1 month ago

    Really cool video!!! How did you come across these facts

  • LawndaleLancaster
    LawndaleLancaster 1 month ago

    Tom & David!!!!!!

  • Morgan Hoffmann
    Morgan Hoffmann 1 month ago

    I alredy knew every last fact they talked about.

  • Stephen Clementson
    Stephen Clementson 1 month ago

    The last Dr Who clip was set in the year 2017.

  • Chibi Who
    Chibi Who 1 month ago

    I knew all of these... is that a good sign?

  • Munchkin Falls
    Munchkin Falls 1 month ago

    I know all this and I'm 11

  • JP Studios
    JP Studios 1 month ago

    These are things that most of us Whovians already know LOL

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones 1 month ago

    #1 number 10 is the best

  • Twylyght2020
    Twylyght2020 1 month ago

    Oh my gosh, they just threw away or recorded over episodes?! They didn't think that someone might want to watch those again? That's sad.

  • Camime
    Camime 1 month ago

    Fact 1: Banana's are good
    Fact 2: 4th Doctor wore a scarf!!
    Fact 3: did you know T.A.R.D.I.S stands for "tethered aerial release developed in style"

    Fact 4: 7th Doctor played the spoons

    Fact 5: David Tenant counts as 4 Doctors if u really think about it

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook 1 month ago

    What I find amazing about Doctor Who, is the fact its a show about time and time travel. When most of us here will be dead and gone, the show will still be going...through all of time. Like the Doctor himself. That blows my mind.

  • Skullexandria Gloomelda

    Most of this is shit we all know, let alone hardcore whovians.

  • Benjamin Timothy Sherlock Gobey

    I know all of them 5 facts all ready so I'm the top Whovian

  • Xperox Schwarnigger
    Xperox Schwarnigger 1 month ago

    Everyone thought capaldi was going to be a bad and old doctor but now knowing he is leaving I even consider him as my favourite.

  • Ionut Maris
    Ionut Maris 1 month ago

    Despite this being branded for all whovians, this list is definitely done for newbies which don't know too much about the show, which is a great thing.
    I say newbies cause Watchmojo don't seem to realize this facts are basic facts that even most people who have only watched the new series know about.

  • Сой Лен
    Сой Лен 1 month ago

    Is this CharlieIsSoCoolLike??

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    Collin Cash 1 month ago

    Hello sweete

  • retnavybrat
    retnavybrat 1 month ago

    Knew all of those! 😛

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    Macfuckinbay 1 month ago

    Lol sorry watchmojo but almost every whovian knows all 5 of those facts. Including myself and I've barley seen any eps. Of classic who.

  • Tony Cleveland
    Tony Cleveland 1 month ago

    team David Tennant!!!! best doctor ever!!!!!

    • Tony Cleveland
      Tony Cleveland 1 month ago

      Thomas McDonald well I'm sorry you feel that way but you're not the god over who says what so stfu 🤙

    MALVINDINHO 1 month ago

    can't believe it's been 4years of peter, really!? , 2013!?

  • Bryson Graves
    Bryson Graves 1 month ago

    The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcasted on JFK'S assassination

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 1 month ago

      +Bryson Graves The day after the assassination.

  • Davros Oswald
    Davros Oswald 1 month ago

    Oh no it's the mojo man run 🏃 the TARDIS

  • PotterheadGeeK7
    PotterheadGeeK7 1 month ago

    I enjoy Doctor Who, but I'm not a huge Whovian - and I knew all of those facts....

  • Joely Dorman
    Joely Dorman 1 month ago

    I knew all of these facts.

  • Star Pream
    Star Pream 1 month ago

    Where's a fez???

    Huh huh HUH?!?!


  • hazel grace
    hazel grace 1 month ago

    i would love to donate but I have no money

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 1 month ago

    You had me at Doctor Who

  • GreyHulk2
    GreyHulk2 1 month ago

    "For it's first four seasons, the show featured serials with no sci-fi elements beside The Doctor, his friends and the TARDIS."
    The second serial famously featured The Daleks. That's the SECOND story. I would say that was within the first four 'seasons'.

    • Joshua Simpson
      Joshua Simpson 1 month ago

      It's badly worded but it's referring to the fact that the first four seasons included stories that had no sci-fi elements, not that all of them were like that.

    • Ionut Maris
      Ionut Maris 1 month ago

      I think they meant that stories without Sci-Fi were featured, not that aliens and other stuff weren't a thing.

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 1 month ago

      +GreyHulk2 Plus, the Mechanoids, the Sensorites, the TARDIS team being shrunk to the size of ants, the TARDIS team jumping ahead a brief time in their future and seeing themselves as museum attractions, the "TV" set that let you see any event that had ever happened (like the Beatles playing), Monoids (and the futuristic ark they were on), the Celestial Toymaker, the Meddling Monk, and WOTAN. And those are just the ones I came up with without googling! No sci-fi elements in the first four seasons, my derrière! 🙄

  • Out ot the Grave {Creepypasta}

    Sorry,knew them all.

  • Herobrinedanny playz official

    my mum: The Doctor's Daughter who played The Doctor's Daughter then married The Doctor and gave birth to the Doctor's Daughter.

    me: **head shatters into 2 billion parts**

  • Herobrinedanny playz official

    at least episodes like Power Of The Daleks had their audio remaining so they could be turned into official animated episodes.

  • Epic gamer 360
    Epic gamer 360 1 month ago

    who else new all of these before this video

  • cybrmaTS
    cybrmaTS 1 month ago

    well the first 4 seasons did have sci fi elements cause the daleks were in the 2nd story and we're a returning enemy aswell as the cybermen appearing too. christ I know more than watchmojo

    • Ionut Maris
      Ionut Maris 1 month ago

      I think they meant that stories without Sci-Fi were featured, not that aliens and other stuff weren't a thing.

  • TheExplodingBacon
    TheExplodingBacon 1 month ago

    I knew all of them

  • Jamie Berry
    Jamie Berry 1 month ago

    Could probably think of better things than this. Basic stuff like how long someone portrayed the Doctor or who wanted to as a kid is too easy. And for the love of god you don't need to put the "Doctor Who" (1963-89, 2005-) on every clip. Not to mention that just about the entire planet knows what BBC stands for.

  • Saku Koutaniemi
    Saku Koutaniemi 1 month ago

    Kennedy was shot!! AWESOME!!😍

  • xiLoveYouix
    xiLoveYouix 1 month ago

    why would the rest of the world be mourning JFK's death? Americans really do think the world revolves around them

  • Lily Ringler
    Lily Ringler 1 month ago

    Try me!
    so, let's see....
    5: how do you think I remember the date of Kennedy's assassination?
    4: -_-
    3: I can count my DVDs, thank you.
    2: don't ya say
    1: you kidding, right?

  • Lucius Johannes
    Lucius Johannes 1 month ago

    the next: Top 10 strongest and most powerful female-anime-characters! (who's with me?)

  • fnaf gamer
    fnaf gamer 1 month ago

    I'm in England

  • Callum
    Callum 1 month ago

    i genuinely knew all of these already and am not ashamed to admit it 😂

  • Luna Schauer
    Luna Schauer 1 month ago

    Doctor who was a pony on my little pony friendship is magic

  • eskimomax
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  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan 1 month ago

    Only one I didn't know

  • Aryaman Datta Chobey

    I'm Scottish now, Scots are cool. (Oh my god, AMYYYYY)

  • SuperLameGamer
    SuperLameGamer 1 month ago

    number 5 was not an awesome fact, just saying. No hate

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