Launch of Worlds Largest Rocket Delta IV Heavy with NROL-37

The worlds currently largest rocket active has successfully launched with the top secret NROL-37 payload for the United States. The Delta IV Heavy launched from Space Launch Complex 37B at 17:51 UTC, June 11th 2016. This was the 32nd Delta IV launch, and the 9th Delta IV Heavy launch.

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Author wonderful ( ago)
how good will be peace on earth, soon we home base at galaxy away...

Author Mariana Teixeira ( ago)

Author Mac Anix ( ago)
all that money spent and you can't bolt a couple of go-pro's to the body so we can see further than a telescope...?

Author Jordan Bergstrom ( ago)
Currently the "world's largest rocket". All-time record still goes to the legendary Saturn V.

Author Mruvym ( ago)
4 minutes Mach 15!?!?!???

Author Septyan Putra ( ago)

Author RIchard Davidson ( ago)

Author Fegelein and Friends! ( ago)
SpaceEX fans also don't seem to realize that their equipment has failed more than any other private space company.

Author Richard Brandu ( ago)
5.00 fuck carton

Author Kenneth Liu ( ago)
Is it reusable?

Author Johan Iswara ( ago)
maybe that's how we should send ISIS out of the solar system to terrorize every place but earth.

Author ZOE SMITH ( ago)
Did the up-loader just count down his own video....

Author Kenneth Ou ( ago)
I don't think Delta IV Heavy is the largest rocket ever made

Author Exteriores Spatium ( ago)
Largest rocket? world's largest rocket? That's the Saturn V. Not the delta

Author Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera ( ago)
This video could be better with superman music at the background

Author Tom Bombadil ( ago)
Land it.

Author MrBubbleJet ( ago)
Hereby I proudly present another Kerbal Space Program Youtube comment:


Author stanley61860 ( ago)
mass= weight/acceleration.  Extremely heavy load.  Amazing that gimballing still works with so much thrust and mass!

Author Harry J ( ago)
would be awesome an onboard camera.

Author Jimmy B ( ago)
Great footage

Author Thizz Fox ( ago)
definitely not as much testosterone as the old rocket launch countdowns used to have

Author theregnarute ( ago)
Isn't this as dumb as having a three engined plane?

Author biscuitninja ( ago)
Its s Big Boy!

Author Robert Zeurunkl ( ago)
1:35 there appears to be a little plume of flame above the nozzle on the far right side engine.

Author Narata ( ago)
Sorry religious people, but science will continue.

Author mary monty ( ago)
what goes up must come down hahhahaa. search eric dubay. time to wake up sheeple

Author Ieuan Symmonds ( ago)
space x just made history mate

Author The Disturbed ( ago)

Author dank woofer ( ago)
And people wonder why global warming is a thing

Author Thunder Runner ( ago)
Last time I checked, the Saturn V is the largest rocket in the world

Author Roller coaster Lover ( ago)

Author Medicine Medicine ( ago)
Escape velocity

Author xc5647321 xc5647321 ( ago)
likes this!!!

Author La Leaf ( ago)

Author john halamka ( ago)
1 + R^2 I=m X R^2 mass = weight / acceleration on earth 32.2 pounds has mass of 1 slug . F=ma 32.2 pounds = 1 slug x 32.2 feet/second/second. sea level acceleration = 32.2 feet/second/second. speed = feet/second. acceleration is how much the speed changes per second. also for larger r changes , g= g(R/r)^2

Author john halamka ( ago)
I , I , I not the middle I as is demonstrated by this launch. Or was it the camera?

Author Mis Love ( ago)
SpaceX is becoming overrated like an iPhone :P

Author Derpster ( ago)
Status check: Go Kerbal.

Author Richard Heslker ( ago)
Should have never gotten rid of the Saturn V. Just improved on it over the years.

Author Jak dat Boi ( ago)
people coming here to watch giant rockets getting launched because they are obsesed with things about space

Author MilesDei ( ago)
For what country is the ULA?

Author Gauranga Dutta ( ago)
Does a chemical engineer play a role in this project?

Author marc80s ( ago)
Those are some nice looking engines.

Author Steve Sellers ( ago)
Man this thing takes awhile to get moving. Compared to the Atlas 551 this thing moves like a tortoise. (Yes I get these are entirely different classes of rocket mades for entirely different types of payloads. Just making an observation)

Author emac john ( ago)
why it is flipping middle finger?

Author Alpha Adhito ( ago)
Hard to believe that the satellite is sitting 36000 km above me now haha. I mean really, according skywatcher it's above Australia :'D

Author Shill Stoppers ( ago)
2:20 in......that rocket is headed back down to earth buddy!

Author Fahmi tnt ( ago)
ماهادا الهراء

Author Roberto Lusardi ( ago)
The amount of bullshit in this video is revolting...and the animation of the rocket at the end can maybe convince a three year old child but only if you tell him that is real...

Author Transvestigations by Hans ( ago)
Wow, great CGI.

Author E K ( ago)
Starting at 4:47, the booser separation etc...that doesn't look real, I don't believe it is..anyone think the same?

Author Jeff Beck ( ago)
space is fake. Watch Russianvids channel, or O.D.D. Reality channel.

Author Alvin Canzon ( ago)
nice editing - stupid flat earther

Author f0rkyspo0n ( ago)
is this falt earth dome shit some kinda of inside joke?

Author JD K ( ago)
fly me to mars

Author bigdog1 ( ago)
animation after the rocket reaches the dome. you can't escape the flat earth, but they keep lying and trying

Author NewtonInDaHouseYo ( ago)
Must be one hell of a spy satellite... jokes aside: What is the explenation for the "crackling noise"? Why isn't it a more even white noise?

Author Gerald Ander Lee ( ago)
vtech kicked in.

Author Louie Lauria ( ago)
Lol that's called dick fear, "what?! their dicks are bigger than ours?!!" "Bomb them!!!!!" lmao and of course the bombs and bullets are all shaped like dicks lol.

Author hemantanna ( ago)
looks like a middle finger.. lol

Author Джейсон Хичкок ( ago)
Oh look, 105 idiots who dislike this video and think the earth is flat with no satellites... 😂😂😂😂. Lol. It makes me wonder how many times I have said... I'll take a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fry to the face of these idiots with out even knowing that they were flat earth idiots working at McDonald's!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀.

Author Chad Snow ( ago)
If SpaceX is able to launch the Falcon Heavy this year, it will be smaller but lift at least twice the weight. I'm sure the ULA SpaceX haters will jump on me for making this statement.

Author Jeffrey Nelson ( ago)
Is it a solid fuel rocket?

Author ψ Holographic Principle ( ago)
i know its rocket science but igniting a substance to achieve propulsion seems a bit primitive and outdated at this point. Oh wait, that makes sense, every time man invents something it seriously impedes many great & much more viable solutions that could follow. What because someone will lose their job? because some butt fucking rich company wont have more money they dont know what to do with? give me a break. I dont give a fuck. we should be on mars already. This shit is fucking primitive, a fucking flame coming out of a metal can. Like wtf, thats caveman shit.

Author Barry Sabahat ( ago)
Is it bad that the only thing I could think of was a giant middle finger?

Author gh nm ( ago)
an straight in to the ocean

Author SteefHartman ( ago)
we need go-pro's on the side detach boosters

Author theswagler ( ago)
What did they do, put a neutron bomb into orbit.

Author Guitarfollower22 ( ago)
2:24 Is that, what appears to be smoke from the exhaust, actually the engine exhaust force pushing clouds behind it?

Author InspectHerGadget ( ago)
Needs more boosters!

Author Keith Harris ( ago)
It"s alright looks like it will be quite a ride. Not as impressive as the Saturn 5

Author pbmdh ( ago)
Man for a second there I didn't think it was going to take off. Might need to add 2 more large tanks and 2 sold rocket boosters to each tank......dammit ksp.

Author Stephen Needham ( ago)
OK Where are the SNERTS???

Author Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan ( ago)
Space is fake, we can't go anywhere.

Author Jared Hoessel ( ago)
nice animation

Author greenaum ( ago)
What's happening to the exhaust as it goes transsonic? All of a sudden great big clouds start to trail after it.

Author al Khwarismi ( ago)
Its big engines are based on an old Soviet design. Just saying...

Author Cassio VA ( ago)
Powered by Rockomax comglomerate. lol

Author SYKOMORF ( ago)
yet more space junk to imprison future generations on the planet.

Author THE REPROGRAM ( ago)
We've never been to space look how the rocket curves goes away from our view them they show you a CGI

Author Ramu Singh ( ago)

Author MrTagnan ( ago)
I almost saw this, the launch was canceled on the day we went

Author Chris Kennedy ( ago)
Great video! I need one of these, maybe I can actually get to work on time!

Author Digitrouble ( ago)

Author samous ( ago)
I thought flat earthers were a meme

Author Raidzor つ ◕_◕ つ ( ago)
World's largest rocket is the Saturn V

It cuts to an animation so you can see the rocket and not just an on-board camera, it's not like an unmanned vessel has a camera crew on it..

So stop nagging NASA about it..

Author Spill Burg ( ago)
Would watching this in person be even louder than space shuttle?

Author Artis Pugacovs ( ago)
I'm looking for rocket launch where first you see light and after some seconds you hear thrust sound.

Author Hindhustan jindhabad ( ago)
is it a real rocket launch or just a fake one like Moon landing?

Author dakota diesel ( ago)
Cool... But can it twerk?

Author Asghar Ali ( ago)
Delta not biggest roket
Russian proton .m rorket biggest and havy roket

Author jeff i ( ago)
there is no space why do u think they cut to computer generated graphics, cause on engine cutoff it just falls back to earth

Author Gwang suzumiya ( ago)
Rocket look going down.

Author Alpha Adhito ( ago)
Dang, the satellite was found and actually hovering above my home!

Author dutch ant guy ( ago)

Author Aydin RZ ( ago)
Rip earphones

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