DragonBall Z Budokai 3 PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3482) (PAL) Full Speed 50 FPS 720p Video

Me playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 in pcsx2 on my computer. If you want to know my Full PC specs look at my profile!
PC Specs at time of Video Recording.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Quad Core Processor Black Edition @3.6GHZ

OCZ/KINGSTON Dual Channel 6GB DDR2 @5-5-5-15 @900MHz

Song's 1.Unite and Conquer - GO FUCK YOURSELF! 2.Unite and Conquer - There you go! 3.Unite and Conquer - Rock N' Roll Brutality

PCSX2 FORUM LINK (Go here if you need Help) -

Link To PS2 BIOS (datafilehost)

PCSX2 Version Aug 11th 2010 r3634 -

PCSX2 Version Sep 20th 2010 r3812 -

Go Here to Download the latest PCSX2 Builds -

Link to where I downloaded this game (torrent)

It seems Btjunkie is gone forever, so i have made a new torrent of this game here as a download on the piratebay.

Help me seed this torrent if you can, it will be greatly appreciated.

You will need utorrent etc before you can download it tho

Plugin Setup

I used PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3482)

Graphics - GSdx 3454 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16. I ran it at screen resolution 1280 X 1024. In DX11 Mode with Texture filtering (Checked) Allow 8-bit Textures (Checked)

PAD - Xpad 0.2.0 (Xbox 360 Controller)

Sound - SPU2-X r3475 1.4.0

Cdvdrom - cDVDGigahertz (r3429) 0.8.0

Bios - USA v2.20(10/02/2006) Console

Every thing else left on default.

No speed hacks or CPU settings changed.

Thanks for watching!

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Runtime: 10:42
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Author GT M (6 months)
the links on pirate bay dont work :\ can you put a new working link? i cant
find a working version .

Author 41benni (1 year)
do u have to have a controller or can you oly use your pc keyboard

Author Jack Goldman (1 year)
Hey so I have everything setup just wait for torrent to finish. I used the
one you linked =) Once that is finished will I be able to play? I have the
emulator setup with the bios. I set controller, sound, and graphics
settings. Do I need to do some like iso crap to play still?

Author Sybrid (1 year)
Awesome music dude,\m/ I have a question... how did you managed to
configure the keys? i can only practice and fight in the world tournament.
I can't move in the dragon ball universe,I mean i can't fly to the mission.
did you download something? Oh yeah and I'm playing with a keyboard

Author Tobz Gamah (2 years)
ok, let stop this your vid is awesome, how do you get pcsx2 to run so fast?

Author BROLY KUN (2 years)
Where is the blody fuking bio rom

Author GokuCloneX (3 years)
@TheESFProductions same here man! Intel(R)Pentium(R) M, Single Core 2.0
GHz, 2 GB RAM, SSE2, Ati Radeon x300 and to think the actual ps2 only ran
at like 550 MHz >_>

Author killkill200 (2 years)
@jose2090 PCSX2 has forums you know. That's a good place to start.

Author killkill200 (2 years)
Ah, i can see how that would make the ISO load. I assume you're using the
plugin lilypad? I don't really use that plugin since i have a Xbox
controller and just use the xbox plugin. I would try the PCSX2 forums i
think they have a tutorial of how to setup lilypad. Or I'm sure some random
youtube video has the same thing.

Author killkill200 (2 years)
I'd try lowering your PCSX2 settings. What type of CPU do you have?

Author killkill200 (2 years)
Maybe in laptops, but for Desktops there have been 3GHZ dual core CPUS for
many years. Which are very cheap these days. Besides, that speed is more
for the demanding games. It's the recommended speed to have to run for ex
.this game at full speed. Other games that are not so demanding you could
get away with a lower clocked cpu easy. At this point in development
Desktops would be much better then laptops for this emulator. Laptops can
in no way compete with a Desktop anyways.

Author Hemic (2 years)
Hey what is bio? It says select a BIOS rom

Author GravityX (1 year)
budokai tenkaichi 3 lags like hell so ill download this one. btw cool music
\m/ check BVB

Author x1XGideonX1x (3 years)
@killkill200 Thanks for ur anwser

Author killkill200 (2 years)
I totally agree.

Author Tobz Gamah (2 years)
DA fuq did i just read? that made no sense

Author 10123roger (3 years)
if this is slow can u make a vid of ur settings plz i couldnt see that good
ill tell u if slow or not id bt3 is slow is this gonna be slo?

Author Tulanir1 (1 year)
How can you like this kind of music...?

Author Dezly (2 years)
Will this spec work for this game for pcsx2? Intel Core 2 duo CPU E8400 A
3.00GHz 3.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Author PascalMETAL!!!! (1 year)
Slipknot and Blue Stahli is nice

Author TheESFProductions (3 years)
@GokuCloneX i tried everything i can even make graphics shit it still so
slow my spects.. Intel(P) Pentium(P) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz

Author Ashwin Krishnan (2 years)
hey bro but where did you download the dbz budokai from? i mean, is it the
ps2 version? please reply .

Author killkill200 (2 years)
Sounds like an issue with the ISO. Did you download this *ISO* from my
torrent link in the video description? If not then the ISO you have could
be corrupted by not being ripped correctly from the game disc. I would try
another ISO or download my link. Also, if you have this game on disc you
can always rip your own ISO with the program imgburn.

Author xtronix856 (2 years)
Jaka zjebana muzyka to juz chuj!

Author MasterOfDel (3 years)
@masterofdel Also i tryed the other GS options and its pretty much he same

Author Lipe Ferreira (1 year)
cara que musica é essa

Author killkill200 (3 years)
@Ryzuh What is it with people and replying to old posts that have been

Author Dezly (2 years)
wtf plz help me with my game when i turn on pcsx2 and run game everything
turns black...forver!!! Reply if u can help!

Author Jacelleroxas (1 year)
can i use ps3 controller with this?

Author killkill200 (1 year)
I don't see why not, as long as the plugin lilypad can see it as a
controller device. Then you should be-able to map the controls just fine.

Author killkill200 (3 years)
@x1XGideonX1x Using a xbox 360 Controller with the xpad plugin works alot
better then anything else. Unless you have an original PS2 Controller. But
the xpad is much easier. Lilly pad is kind of hard to get to work, the
PCSx2 forums have a tutorial i believe of how to set it up. *don't know why
your post was marked as spam?*

Author Sybrid (1 year)
Thanks man :)

Author Tobz Gamah (2 years)
XD dbz noob

Author Sonerr9700 (2 years)
Uh, hello, I'd like to ask some questions. I got the emulator working, with
the BIOS, but I got a issue. I downloaded a big ISO file of DBZ:B3 but when
I try to open the file in the emulator, it just shows me a blue light and
then warps me back to the select menu of the PS2. Did I do anyting wrong?
I'd like some help.

Author WinsomeBrush (2 years)
what if we using win rar to run PCSX2?

Author MarcusKuan (2 years)
15 fps lol

Author peerliss164 (2 years)
No he uploaded 40gb to people that game is 4GB

Author killkill200 (2 years)
@hirochagan32 I never said you were a Troll. That was mostly pointed at the
others who have commented and who will possibly comment in the future. And
yes, I hate him too. What Sane person doesn't? I find it alright if you
don't like this type of music, all i was saying is that i see no point in
going to someones video and feeling the need to tell them their music sucks.

Author killkill200 (2 years)
If you didn't already figure this out. Try Google. Or ask a Friend who
knows about computers if you're that lost.

Author Ankamaandre (2 years)
the opening intro theme is way better than this shitty music.. just
saying.. cool for u it works very well, do u have the .iso file somewhere
on ur computer or do u read it from the CD ?

Author BROLY KUN (2 years)
why is it sooooo laggyyyyyyyyyyyyy can u tell me

Author Sonerr9700 (2 years)
I can send you my specs if you want. Sorry for spamming your inbox with
this, but I am desperate.

Author killkill200 (3 years)
@rdk2505 Plus of the maggots...? Wait... my video doesn't have Slipknot

Author Legendshadow Man (1 year)
this music is just f-ing jacked up

Author killkill200 (3 years)
@chris5462 Well for your CPU what i really wanted was the band/model
number. Speed does not tell me much. Your GPU should be fine if you can run
blackops. And emulation has nothing really to do if you can play the latest
games since it mostly just uses the CPU to emu the hardware of the system.
So the faster the CPU the faster the emu will go. Do you have PCSX2 3812?
Its in the video description. After i know what your CPU/what version of
PCSX2 you have I'll send you some settings through pm.

Author killkill200 (2 years)
Then why did you reply to my post then? Why not his? Good job sir. <3

Author TheESFProductions (3 years)
@GokuCloneX yea i guess the best idea is: 1. Buy PS2 2. Download and burn
to Bluray disk, Budokai 3 3. Play with no problems

Author killkill200 (1 year)
The "Xpad 0.2.0 Plugin" should be included in my "PCSX2 Version Sep 20th
2010 r3812" Download link, In the Video description. I can't seem to find
it on the PCSX2 forums anymore.

Author zaske uchihaLDK (2 years)
friend can teach me download

Author Crimson Facade (2 years)
how do you get the bios into the pcxs2 emulator

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