10 People Who Shockingly Look Like Disney Princesses

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  • Who says Disney Princesses don’t really exist? We came across 10 real-life people who look exactly like Disney royalty, right down to their big, wide eyes, their facial expressions, and their beautiful hair. These people have us convinced that with just the right amount of effort, anyone can transform themselves into their favorite princess.

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    Who says Disney Princesses don’t really exist? We came across 10 real-life people who look exactly like Disney royalty, right down to their big, wide eyes, their facial expressions, and their beautiful hair. These people have us convinced that with just the right amount of effort, anyone can transform themselves into their favorite princess. Here are a few real-life people who shockingly look like Disney Princesses.

    Sarah Ingle from Denver, Colorado has spent more than $14,000 on custom-made costumes to transform herself into various Disney princesses. Here she is as the lovable Snow White. It took her about six months to have the dress designed and created, and after putting on a short black wig, some bright red lipstick, and dark eyeliner, she looks almost identical to Snow White. All she’s missing is her seven dwarfs and her prince, of course.

    Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati has some major skills when it comes to transforming herself into real-life Disney princesses. Each of her transformations includes a hijab, and combined with some impeccable makeup, she definitely looks like she and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” were separated at birth. She’s even carrying around a fork just like the princess. The resemblance is pretty shocking, don’t you agree?

    Filipino model Sherri Lansang of California may not be the same ethnicity as Pocahontas, but they have the exact same facial features, the same olive complexion, the same eye shape, the exact same lips, and the same beautiful hair. Sherri works as a registered nurse, and we’re pretty sure she gets stopped in the hospital’s hallways all day long with people mistaking her for the Disney princess. We’re definitely convinced these two are long-lost sisters!

    Olayinka Mia Noel of New York dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween, and her photo was so shocking that the image went viral. People all over the world began telling her just how similar she looks to the “Aladdin” character. She says Jasmine was always her favorite Disney princess, and after purchasing her $10 costume, she realized she was definitely twinning with the Disney princess. When you place them side by side, it’s definitely hard to tell who’s who!

    Which of these real-life Disney princesses is your favorite?
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  • Francisca Easterling


  • Skyler Meaney
    Skyler Meaney 1 day ago

    of the tangled one called Skyler why are you saying my name?? my name is Skyler!😂

  • Neriah Chambers
    Neriah Chambers 1 day ago

    nether of them do not look alike

  • Tabatha Rice
    Tabatha Rice 1 day ago

    Patrick dempsey kind of looks like Eric for the little mermaid

  • liam milan
    liam milan 1 day ago

    the baby moana looks nothing like her

  • ILoveME #NoTime4FairyTalez

    I was looking forward to seeing a real Tiana, but they left her out :(

  • Jasmine Hollingsworth

    my name is Jasmine

  • Helen Piao
    Helen Piao 2 days ago

    The Ariel looks so CREEPY

  • Janet Orozco
    Janet Orozco 2 days ago

    😒 Non of those girls look like the Disney princesses... Maybe the only one if jasmine kind of.

  • CaboVerdeish
    CaboVerdeish 2 days ago

    lol definitely not a moana look a like

  • R-June
    R-June 2 days ago

    don't you guys think Priyanka Chopra would make a perfect Esmeralda?

  • Andrew Vos
    Andrew Vos 2 days ago

    Jasmine. And she's smoking

  • Blue Pastel
    Blue Pastel 3 days ago

    Guys, maybe that girl doesn't look like moana, but you don't have to blame them in a rude way. You try making this many videos as accurate as they do, I dare you.

  • Kaylyn Willis
    Kaylyn Willis 3 days ago

    those people look just alike

  • Mike Castricone Castricone

    it is not hard too see how is how

  • Mike Castricone Castricone

    lol the moana one and aril do not eve look alike

  • William Love
    William Love 3 days ago


  • Stephanie Gregory
    Stephanie Gregory 4 days ago

    snow white and Mona is my favorite and else is my favorite Disney characters ☺☺☺☺

  • Cheryl G
    Cheryl G 4 days ago

    The Princess Jasmine looks the best. The Pocahontus look alike looks way too arrogant.

  • Raj King
    Raj King 4 days ago

    is that a fork or a paint brush

  • Kendal Cook
    Kendal Cook 4 days ago

    that baby don't look like Moana

  • Goblin King
    Goblin King 4 days ago

    1:43 How the fuck.

  • sarah Folaumahina
    sarah Folaumahina 4 days ago

    That little girl looks NOTHING like Moana

  • Berlyn Tirbaniesingh


  • Whiskas 7u7
    Whiskas 7u7 5 days ago

    Hyuna is a corean Merida ;v

  • Benny Sumait
    Benny Sumait 5 days ago

    the baby does not look like moana 😂😂

  • Quinemeche Nufor
    Quinemeche Nufor 5 days ago

    They just want to show howcute their child is

  • Quinemeche Nufor
    Quinemeche Nufor 5 days ago

    They just want to show howcute their child is

  • Quinemeche Nufor
    Quinemeche Nufor 5 days ago

    The Meridah and Jasmine characters looked alike. The lil girl does not look like baby Moans at alllllllll

  • Gina Barretta
    Gina Barretta 5 days ago

    OMG she looks just like mulan

  • Lidy
    Lidy 6 days ago

    My name is Lidia, so it really freaked me out when I heard it....It's not a common name.

  • no nooo
    no nooo 6 days ago

    that baby didn't look nothing like that character

    OG REAPER 6 days ago

    That girl in thumb nail looks like a ant

  • truebeefae357
    truebeefae357 7 days ago

    Jasmine and pocahontas were the best.

  • The Which Squad Channel

    Jasmine Was The Best And The Bomb...

  • Heather Nicole 2275

    Elsa and Rapunzel!

  • felesha armstrong
    felesha armstrong 7 days ago


  • Odaine anderson
    Odaine anderson 8 days ago

    Jasmine and Pocahontas!!!

  • maite esquivel
    maite esquivel 8 days ago

    Like like or dress like
    I'm pretty sure is dress up

  • Khamauri Green
    Khamauri Green 8 days ago

    this video felt 20 minutes long

  • •MilanyaGo •
    •MilanyaGo • 8 days ago

    How does the first transgender look like belle? Wtf

  • Lara Maruna
    Lara Maruna 9 days ago

    Real Jasmine is so beautiful

  • Angelynn Freund
    Angelynn Freund 9 days ago

    My favorite were Ariel👰 and Belle👩🏽.

  • Lily Schott
    Lily Schott 9 days ago

    I thought Elsa was a queen

  • Lily Schott
    Lily Schott 9 days ago

    The things ,the talko, the trendy ,the richest what's next

  • Kelis Ajanee
    Kelis Ajanee 9 days ago

    Soo.... no princess tiana always leaving the black woman out lol

  • Charlotte Rodriguez
    Charlotte Rodriguez 10 days ago

    baby moana ?? ....nope...

  • Cutie dancer
    Cutie dancer 10 days ago

    Pocahontas and Jasmine

  • Lety Olguin
    Lety Olguin 10 days ago

    the girl that people say she like monan

  • Natastic
    Natastic 10 days ago

    Skyler does look like Rapunzel but her face shape did fail

  • Lety Olguin
    Lety Olguin 10 days ago


  • Brokelle Kyle
    Brokelle Kyle 10 days ago

    baby Moana and the lil girl look nothing alike

  • Hilda Bellamy
    Hilda Bellamy 10 days ago

    none of these look like the prencesses except jasmine and pocahantas

  • Tamia Rouse
    Tamia Rouse 10 days ago


  • Gellian Beatriz
    Gellian Beatriz 11 days ago

    Im a filipino

  • Angeni Weird Artist
    Angeni Weird Artist 11 days ago

    The baby Moana does not look the same

  • Spicer Brown
    Spicer Brown 12 days ago

    jasmine duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh

  • Forever Cosplay
    Forever Cosplay 13 days ago

    well.. it's called cosplaying

  • Ella Pearce
    Ella Pearce 13 days ago

    It's not pronounced READING - it's pronounced like (redding) and BERKSHIRE is pronounced like (barksheer)

  • Dorothy David
    Dorothy David 13 days ago

    Jasmine, mulan, n Pocahontas

  • Måns Granholm
    Måns Granholm 13 days ago

    pocahontes and jasmin was 2 mig favorits!!👍😉💓

  • Kara Knight
    Kara Knight 14 days ago

    my first time

  • _ shoresless
    _ shoresless 14 days ago

    I don't agree for the baby moana, I'm sure I can find a girl who look more like her, they have nothing in commun

  • Lacy Walden
    Lacy Walden 14 days ago

    I don't agree with the Ariel one, there was way to much make-up and looked nothing like her. You should of picked Traci Hines she looks spitting image of Ariel from the little mermaid hehe

  • Rahaf Mohammed Mohammed

    she doesn't even look like baby muana

  • Jordan Leavitt
    Jordan Leavitt 14 days ago

    0:06 a girl in my school Sarina I HATE her I'm being belle for Halloween this year and Sarina said " why do you ALWAYS have to be a princess for Halloween

  • Jordyn Lynch
    Jordyn Lynch 14 days ago


  • ko0lGuy23
    ko0lGuy23 15 days ago

    All she needs is her peasant boy now lol she better go to the market

  • Jia Gloster
    Jia Gloster 15 days ago

    All of them

  • Miss Nolver
    Miss Nolver 15 days ago

    Amerikanen houden echt van neppigheid en sprookjes zo te zien.

  • Baby K E
    Baby K E 15 days ago

    This video needs to be taken down.... str8 🐂💩

  • Kobe Tarrant
    Kobe Tarrant 16 days ago

    The Moana baby looks nothing like the real moana

  • karishacosme
    karishacosme 16 days ago

    i didnt agree with this list

  • Francisco hb
    Francisco hb 16 days ago

    belle ? for real he is a man wtf thats just sick

  • Angie Radabaugh
    Angie Radabaugh 16 days ago

    snow whites hair was way off

  • Thriflin 808
    Thriflin 808 16 days ago

    Jasmine on point though

  • Laela johnson
    Laela johnson 17 days ago

    phocahantas and Jasmine are the real ones no offense to the rest I really enjoyed it

  • Chris Logan
    Chris Logan 17 days ago

    Someone lied to these women. People who are your real friends would not have lied to you and told you you look like a Disney princess when you resembled them not. And if your friends tell you lies like that they're not your friends. I think some of these people should go see a psychologist and get evaluate does it need to be evaluated to spend that much money on a lie.

  • Lissa Retty
    Lissa Retty 17 days ago

    oooops the little girl don't look like moana at all

  • Keria Brown
    Keria Brown 17 days ago

    Jasmine ofc

  • Devin Durica
    Devin Durica 17 days ago

    10 People Who Tryed To Dress Up Like Disney Princesses ext.

  • Lyubomir1984
    Lyubomir1984 17 days ago

    Princess Jasmine ... :* :*

  • mary panaligan
    mary panaligan 17 days ago


  • Brandy Henry
    Brandy Henry 17 days ago

    Bell snow white Rapunzel Pocahontas's​ merida

  • Brandy Henry
    Brandy Henry 17 days ago

    your right it really doesn't look like Moana

  • Brandy Henry
    Brandy Henry 17 days ago

    else and jazzmen and Ariel

  • xXGerardo ViramontesXx

    Helllll no 1:41!!!!!!!

  • Kristy Epperson
    Kristy Epperson 17 days ago


  • Mia Diana
    Mia Diana 17 days ago

    Baby Moana not really

  • God
    God 17 days ago

    baby moana? no

  • Honey Ham
    Honey Ham 18 days ago

    Ariel - No. Baby Moana - No. Pocohontas - Dead on. Jasmine - Dead on.

  • Ar P
    Ar P 18 days ago

    I'm so happy my favourite Disney princesses Jasmin and Pocahontas had the best lookalikes 😁

  • Kitty Cat Seaus
    Kitty Cat Seaus 18 days ago

    I'm sorry but that child looks nothing like baby Moana. Im not trying to be rude just speaking my opinion.

  • Drucilla Van
    Drucilla Van 18 days ago

    merida was pretty good

  • Robert Brownlee
    Robert Brownlee 18 days ago

    2:49 and 4:20 are beautiful as hell.

  • Kaitlyn Nightflower
    Kaitlyn Nightflower 18 days ago

    That baby looks,NOTHING like moana

  • Khishigee Erdeneochir

    wtf is with baby moana they're totally different

  • Minh Quân Trần
    Minh Quân Trần 18 days ago


  • Ghfhfhfgb Dhghvgfgc
    Ghfhfhfgb Dhghvgfgc 18 days ago

    the eperlets to king love chanel fenal

  • Chasing Sleep
    Chasing Sleep 18 days ago

    I thought Sarah Ingle looked more like Elsa than the other chick. Sarah's facial expression as Elsa was dead on. I would have picked her for Elsa instead of picking her Snow White costume.

    And no....that kid looked NOTHING like baby Moana. Idk who picked that out but they need glasses.

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