7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

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  • Sofia Creative Garden

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video, dear! So nice and interesting - great job (at 0:55 I thought it was the sound from my stomach :)) I see this with great interest, was thinking of doing videos about this topic myself. You did it excellent! 😊👍

  • Toad Queen
    Toad Queen 9 hours ago

    my kitten makes a sound simular to trilling when shes in heat

  • laminarwing
    laminarwing 9 hours ago

    1:43 he's looking at "the two talking cats" video !

  • Idle Onlooker
    Idle Onlooker 14 hours ago

    My cat watched this while spread out on his (my!) bed. His reaction? He yawned, stretched his paws, rolled over and went back to sleep. Typical!

  • Madara Otsuki
    Madara Otsuki 15 hours ago

    so Fuck the cat

  • Camilla Tørnqvist
    Camilla Tørnqvist 15 hours ago

    the Trilling noise also comes when a female cat is in heat, ive had my fair share of those experiences when i had a cat and its very annoying tbh xD

  • Tami Hayes
    Tami Hayes 1 day ago

    The trilling is usually when they are in heat! The cat on the bed... wow.. he hates somebody in that house..

  • cammy bear
    cammy bear 2 days ago

    the yowling is cute tho

  • Shawn Barbour
    Shawn Barbour 3 days ago

    #8 olong Johnson

  • Pro Gamer GHOST
    Pro Gamer GHOST 4 days ago

    1:58 the new Ferrari

  • Lopri :3
    Lopri :3 4 days ago

    one of my cats always makes the second one when he wants human attention. often hear it when i go outside the house and wait a bit. or also when he wants to play with the others. generally more of an inviting gesture for him

  • alicia v
    alicia v 4 days ago

    this was so helpful tha k you

  • Dev Rifter
    Dev Rifter 4 days ago

    cats can also meow, in asking way, demanding way, begging way, they can also screem at you with meow if they are very angry but dont want to hurt you, they can also meow to inform you that there is something wrong with their health or something/ someone else

  • lps Harley Quinn lover XD

    my cat makes the yowling noise before she throws up..

  • None of your Business

    This is *far* too general. Cats also purr when under duress or even injury.

  • Jessica Gould
    Jessica Gould 4 days ago

    My cat usually trills when he's waking up from a deep sleep, and somebody woke him up. I usually take it as a "good morning" from him.

  • awesome alex00
    awesome alex00 4 days ago

    My cat yowls as in to say "ROMEO ROMEO COME HERE PLEASE ROMEO"

  • Gamesturbator
    Gamesturbator 5 days ago

    Number 2 is when my cat is torturing some tiny animal and wants me to come look. Heart breaking as I love all animals, even mice.

  • amethyst_ cat
    amethyst_ cat 5 days ago

    Me: "Kittens meow more than adult cats? Wow, KITTY-CAT, I NEVER would've guessed that!"
    Cat: "Mreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Meeeoooooow!"
    Me: "Geez, I already fed you and you apparently don't want cuddles judging by the way you just tried to disembowel me..."

  • lmao ok
    lmao ok 5 days ago

    actually, yowling can also mean that a cat is in pain or distressed somehow.

  • KorraLegendZ
    KorraLegendZ 5 days ago

    My cat used the trill when she was in heat. She stopped being affectionate entirely when we got her spayed.

  • Peace Walker
    Peace Walker 5 days ago

    thankyou this helped me understand my cat more

  • Dana Harris
    Dana Harris 5 days ago

    my cat hardly ever makes noise except for purring, and when she meows it sounds strange. I think she has deformities in her vocal chords.

  • Liv Koop
    Liv Koop 6 days ago

    yowling is also a 'pre-vomit' noise. like "umm I'm going to sick up all my cat biscuits, some grass, hair and a whole lot of froth. enjoy."

  • Drakoonlordie Demson

    Deep, Throaty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • My Ass
    My Ass 7 days ago

    i don't even own cat

  • JimMorrison MysticImages

    My cat Shiney who looks like this one does all these sounds but your video helped me understand what a few meant I was unsure of. Great Video work. Thank you..

  • Marco The Lynx
    Marco The Lynx 7 days ago

    My cat yowls when hes alone and scared



  • Ark Survival Play
    Ark Survival Play 9 days ago

    This is total bullshit. My China "yowled" when my Casper died, every time I would leave the apartment. It was clearly "don't leave! I am alone!"

  • Jenifer Elizalde
    Jenifer Elizalde 9 days ago

    the trilling sounds almost like a bird

  • Midnight Marathon
    Midnight Marathon 10 days ago

    if you listen closely when the cats were meowing it kind of sounds like here

  • Pheonixella Artz
    Pheonixella Artz 10 days ago

    My cat ran away when there was the youwling voice. Probably heard his " friend "

  • Skullpic 4
    Skullpic 4 12 days ago

    meows for me: let me the FUCK IN YOUR ROOM

  • Closed
    Closed 12 days ago

    Woah I have two cats named brownie and cinnamon as well! haha what a coincidence

    • Closed
      Closed 12 days ago

      Haha yes! the cinnamon in this video looks like my third cat "Spots" who is a calico cat who just had three cute kittens! I also have a senior cat called Jojo and he absolutely hates the three little troublemakers but he'll have to get used to them😅 I have a lot of cats and because I have so many I can't adopt every street cat I see now unfortunately :p

    • meow meow
      meow meow 12 days ago

      Really ? what a coincidence😊

  • Raph CJ
    Raph CJ 12 days ago

    My original cat Jack YOWLS a lot. He is not coming back home because he became an outside cat,

  • Nash The Pyro Maniac

    so cute

  • Creamy
    Creamy 13 days ago

    I have three cats, but the one that is the most attached to me (follows me everywhere, sleeps on me) he chatters at me when I am leaving the house. The others just kinda roll over like hey pet my belly before you leave, but my Siamese chatters at me, and kind of gives me a meow. Does he want to go hunt with me? I always hear chattering associated with other stuff, never when owners leave.

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 13 days ago

    If your cat is making a mating noise please bring it to a veterinarian and get it spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulated animals which kills tens of thousands every year

  • Ann-Sophie D.P.
    Ann-Sophie D.P. 13 days ago

    My cat is one year old and she doesn't do the typical meow but trills! It's so cute.

  • India Johnson
    India Johnson 14 days ago

    This video has been helpful, especially the yowling, chittering, & trilling parts.

  • Ramen_ Noodles_
    Ramen_ Noodles_ 15 days ago

    My cat jumped out of her sleeping position when she heard the hissing/growling, it was hilarious.

  • Flying Spark
    Flying Spark 15 days ago

    My cat called me a *"ʙɪᴛᴄʜ ᴀss ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀғᴜᴄᴋᴇʀ"* in a rather ᴅᴇᴇᴘ ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ should I be worried? 😓. 💔 🐾 😺

  • Freeman Norman
    Freeman Norman 15 days ago

    I used to tourture cats that I Grabbed Noodles the kitty by the tail and threw him So The Cat Was Like *BACK OFF BEFORE I USE MY CLAWS* so I ingored the Warning So That Kitten Used his Claws and I was like I'm Sorry Kitty and never did it since so I was very sad I even cried because he scratched me but the kitty was like *Head Bonks For You and I was sorry for using my claws*

  • Geordo1960
    Geordo1960 16 days ago

    Man your cats are adorable

  • Lutfi Haryandi Maulana

    pls tell me you take the kittens home!

  • RainAngel111
    RainAngel111 16 days ago

    My cat makes the yowling sound whenever he gets stuck on the roof. Basically anytime he's in trouble. I hear that, I go running!

  • Sofie Ziegler
    Sofie Ziegler 17 days ago

    Sometimes i open the door for my cat and he walks in trilling

  • Lit Gang
    Lit Gang 18 days ago

    i dont even have a cat why am i here

  • Amanda Badlands
    Amanda Badlands 18 days ago

    I love cats

  • Joshua Webster
    Joshua Webster 19 days ago

    My cat only ever makes the second noise when hes about to puke. Lovely, i know, but at least its a handy warning so i can grab him and get him off the carpet.

  • NekoKyoko_701 Hashimoto

    my cat always trills to me haha

  • XxAmaranthiumxX
    XxAmaranthiumxX 20 days ago

    I love the trilling sound... it's adorable!

  • Moqadas Nazari
    Moqadas Nazari 20 days ago

    Those kittens 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Colin Pike
    Colin Pike 21 day ago

    your kitty is a little disabled. but that makes them cuter

  • Mustard is good for you

    Purring is also a sign of pain, so check for fleas or any lesions on your cat while you're petting them. I'm not completely certain of this information, but there's always a chance.

  • Ishay Bar-Yosef
    Ishay Bar-Yosef 21 day ago

    Why the hell am I watching this? I have an important test tomorrow, and instead of studing I'm watching purring cats...
    Another great way to get likes.

    • M GM
      M GM 1 day ago

      Ishay Bar-Yosef And comments ?

  • Rae Grob
    Rae Grob 22 days ago

    My cat is about 7 and is literally the friendliest cat ever. She meows just as much as those kittens do lol

  • GalaxyDerpz Productions



  • Avi Anouk
    Avi Anouk 22 days ago

    cats are SO cute😍

  • Carmina dela Merced
    Carmina dela Merced 22 days ago

    Chattering is like a ritual or curse they're chanting saying, "Our fates will meet and I will eat the hell out of you next time." 😂

  • j_shadow 2001
    j_shadow 2001 22 days ago

    is it normal for my cat to constantly meow at me like a kitten for me to pet her and call her cute. just calling her cute and whispering to her makes her purr alot

  • Starkus
    Starkus 23 days ago

    The yowl is pretty much :
    A virgin Complaining about being a virgin

  • Louise Hake
    Louise Hake 24 days ago

    Yowling for our cat means "hey i got a sock for you!!!!!"

  • Wiggleskitten
    Wiggleskitten 24 days ago

    my cat does that trilling sound every time I walk by him

  • fra francyPv
    fra francyPv 24 days ago

    So my two cats make only number 1 and 5 so I take they are happy?

  • Jenny
    Jenny 24 days ago

    I was petting my cat while watching this, and when she heard the cat doing the yowling sound, she got startled and didn't know what it was, which was funny because her reaction was just priceless, she went "😳"😂

  • Omq_Itz_Katt
    Omq_Itz_Katt 25 days ago

    This is just too funny my cats sound exactly like this and IT SO KAWAII

  • Ƶєνєαι aka Cheesmeet

    2:40 that cat in the middle was about the mount the other guy xD

  • Sean
    Sean 25 days ago

    my cat was curious hearing these other cats making sounds

  • Teodor Mladenov
    Teodor Mladenov 25 days ago

    My cat wants to eat my telephone while listening to those sounds

  • Awesome IonutZ
    Awesome IonutZ 25 days ago

    I love the cat!

  • Andra Stoenescu
    Andra Stoenescu 26 days ago

    I am sorry Meow-meow but nr 1 is wrong.This is what most people believe it means, but it's not. Cats actually purr when they are unhappy, when they are hurt, when they are giving birth and, yes, when they are happy or relaxed. But you can make sure your cat is relaxed at the moment if it is getting in and out its claws lently and pressed. It's the same gesture kittens make on the belly of their mother when they are drinking milk.

  • killer kanary
    killer kanary 26 days ago

    My baby kitten chatters very loud and rapidly like mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew

  • Sanchita's Creations

    all this r so true 😘

  • Enca Zee
    Enca Zee 27 days ago

    The "trill" is the cutest sound😍😂😂

  • Ivan Baymar
    Ivan Baymar 27 days ago

    what's the sound when my cat goes "PSS" ?

    • Jenny
      Jenny 24 days ago

      Ivan Baymar When it goes "Pss"? I don't know, sounds like it's hissing or something, you could go to the vet and ask about that.

  • Bruno Cerri
    Bruno Cerri 27 days ago

    Aww, trill is so cute!

  • Mattaku
    Mattaku 27 days ago

    So, tell me what it means a cat meowing like the yowl with a plushie in her mouth in the corridor when he can't see us or nobody's home (she did it like 5 times a week for 6 years) ._.

  • SkyDrawz
    SkyDrawz 27 days ago

    Also cats Chatter to get birds to come to them. The mimic a bird's call to have the birds swoop to them so the cat can eat the birds :3

  • SkyDrawz
    SkyDrawz 27 days ago

    My cat purrs nonstop. Like you can't stop him. Even if I just walk up to him he purrs like crazy :3

  • Zana Larson
    Zana Larson 27 days ago

    my cats do 6 of the noises

  • Hakajin
    Hakajin 29 days ago

    Isn't trilling meant to sound babyish and appealing? We got a kitten when we already had an adult female, and the kitten obviously wanted her to be his mother. He'd make that trilling meow at her and roll around on his back, trying to look cute. She wasn't having any of it (they got along better when he was older and had calmed down), but that's how he approached her. Later, I noticed an adult cat act exactly the same way with his birth mother

  • Sam Faveluke
    Sam Faveluke 29 days ago

    One time I was at my grandfather's house, and my dad and I went on a walk at night, we heard a cat fight. One of them made a noise like a dying chicken that I could hear three fourths of a mile away. I'm surprised I didn't get nightmares that night.

  • ygolohcysp
    ygolohcysp 29 days ago

    I think I hug my cat so much it's scared of me. It never growls when I get too cuddly, it just waits for a chance to jump

  • Elijah Slavin
    Elijah Slavin 1 month ago

    Hiss-stroke me, I love you

  • Ryderzeespider
    Ryderzeespider 1 month ago

    Once my cat yowled at me

  • DelvisD
    DelvisD 1 month ago

    Your video is awesome, Thumb up!

  • Brendan MacLeod
    Brendan MacLeod 1 month ago

    so a yowl can mean "come over", but it can also mean "don't come over"... bet that hasn't backfired ever

  • itsnot aphasemom
    itsnot aphasemom 1 month ago

    is it bad that my cat use to stare at nothing and growl at air

  • mightym2
    mightym2 1 month ago

    my cat came running at the sound of the kittens mewing! She meowed back and rubbed the speaker, trying to comfort those babies 😻

  • Islathefoxca
    Islathefoxca 1 month ago

    1:04 That's growling? It sounds like it's choking on a toad....

  • JeDon Hopkins
    JeDon Hopkins 1 month ago


  • kels robinson
    kels robinson 1 month ago

    flick them in the head with marshmallows 😂

  • BJBrogdon91565
    BJBrogdon91565 1 month ago

    2:00 he sounds like a motorcycle

  • Çisenin Dünyası
    Çisenin Dünyası 1 month ago


  • Paxton Park
    Paxton Park 1 month ago

    My cat yowls like that when he's wanting food .

  • meowy potatoes
    meowy potatoes 1 month ago

    Here are some pawsome facts about cats:
    Cats cannot taste sweets
    Cats have three eyelids
    A cat's purr is known to stop anxiety
    Maine coon cats don't actually meow they chirp and trill (just like in this video)
    Maine coons love water
    Cat pee can glow under a blacklight

  • Anna M
    Anna M 1 month ago

    I never knew cats growled! Which on one hand means I've never made a cat really mad, so that's good.

  • Evrim Mekik
    Evrim Mekik 1 month ago

    so cute video

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