Sesame Street Born to Add

ADDDDD!!!! lol

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Author scorpio fairy ( ago)
lt sounds like Bruce Springsteen

Author drumsNstuff79 ( ago)
haha.. It's Bruce Stringbean and the Sesame Street Band! Love this!

Author Mark Lawrence ( ago)
Hey I was born to ADD TOOMAN!!!!

Author sweetlife031 ( ago)
As we all know this is a parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run," but I
seem to hear "Jungleland" (the piano intro) and a snippet of "Thunder Road"
in there as well. And I can't seem to listen to the original lyrics and not
want to sing these lyrics. Those of you who said so were right; this WAS
touch-up improvement to the original song lol

Author Fart Gecko ( ago)
Them pigs were alright daddy-o

Author Geri Dupre ( ago)
I used to think he said "BORN BAD"

Author Soh Melissa (1601 year ago)
Lion dance

Author Misty Aoudia ( ago)
I knew this song before I knew of the Boss!

Author Sengchanthra ( ago)
No Hot Pink

Author Sengchanthra ( ago)
Bruce Springsteen

Author sheslostcontrol24 ( ago)
Sesame Street used to be cool.

Author spideydew20 ( ago)
16 people can't add.

Author trdidion ( ago)
the melody kinda sounds like Roll Me Away by Bob Seger

Author Leigh Silver ( ago)
sing it Bruce

Author Bruce Fredrick ( ago)
There's a cartoon with a little girl and boy and the boy says, "I learned
to count to 4 from Springsteen"

Author Bruce Fredrick ( ago)
He never learned to add? Ha

Author Bruce Fredrick ( ago)
To say the LEAST. Integral part of E Street Band for over 40 years, not
just his sound, but his on stage antics with Bruce, their one ness, so to
speak. Some thought they shouldn't tour anymore when he died. His nephew
Jake is doing wonderfully, though. Go to Jungleland NYC on youtube..C's 3
min solo is perhaps the most defining of his career.

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
Clarence must have had some real talent. Sounds pretty cool.

Author Bruce Fredrick ( ago)
As much as he loves kids, supporting education, I wouldn't be surprised.
Jake Clemons and the others would be right there with him.

Author Bruce Fredrick ( ago)
That's where she had the stand with it on there. I was always interested to
see how Clarence switched so quickly from percussion to sax and back..

Author TacticsTechniques&Procedures ( ago)
One plus Two!

Author Kadene Harvey ( ago)
A little better than born to run sorry real Bruce

Author apiff909 ( ago)
i was just randomly singing this and BOOM! im here .____. memories XD

Author Barnabas Sudre ( ago)
Very true, nearly teared up after hearing it for my fifth time.

Author Hal Narthax ( ago)
Is it sad that I think they actually improved upon the original song
musically? I mean, I love Born to Run, but I kind of like this better...

Author Daniil Prov ( ago)
My Kindergarten class is in love with this video! Teachers!!! Get on this!!

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
How did that girl come out from behind a trash can with a saxophone in her

Author MsPandaRosa ( ago)
Every time I hear the original I try to make it fit this, in particular I
sing this version, it's just better!

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
I bet if Bruce Springsteen saw this video, he'd get a good laugh out of it.
Wouldn't it be funny if Bruce Springsteen appeared on Sesame street and
sang this song? CC would probably be rolling in his grave laughing.

Author MattyDsPokemonCards ( ago)
Jim, Joe, Jeff, Richard and now Jerry are dead, and Frank and Chris hardly
work on the show anymore. Man I miss the old crew. They were just about the
most creative people on the planet. The new guys don't have a creative bone
in their bodies.

Author kidteach1 ( ago)
First time I've seen this...LOVE IT!!!! AS a huge Bruce fan and an
educator..WOW! I love how it is "Born to Add" but with the style of
"Jungleland", including the "take it Clarence" part!!! Wonder if Bruce has
seen a very involved Dad, I'm sure he'd love it!

Author mrbtapir ( ago)
Its Bruce Stringbean and the S. Street Band. Great stuff. I'm sure i've
seen the blue-faced police person arguing over a hamburger somewhere

Author John W Landry ( ago)
If I saw this as a kid on Sesame Street,I wouldn't have caught on it was a
parody of Springsteen's "Born To Run".

Author Arvin Jay ( ago)
I used to watch this on VHS, nice upload

Author Leigh Silver ( ago)
how could mitt romney want to get rid of this stuff

Author remon dijk ( ago)
cause kids like you and me are born to add..

Author Nellie K. Adaba ( ago)
Nice music, it's true it's like Bruce Springsteen, my fav singer

Author GalileoMagnifica ( ago)
You don't know Bruce Springsteen? Normally I'd kill you... but you like
sesame street, so all is forgiven.

Author IRH ( ago)
It's basically Jungle Land, except for the opening piano bit and the chorus.

Author NarrowPathVideo ( ago)
Anyone else think the sax solo on this song beats the Big man's solo on
Born to Run? Also, I think this parody sounds more like Jungleland. My two

Author Kyli Rouge ( ago)
21 years old and loving this! Why can't kids grow up on this, now?

Author cr87129 ( ago)
That Muppet sings with so much conviction.

Author Eurodance90schick ( ago)
@1982crichtonator ok and same here, my how sesame street was so cool in the

Author Eurodance90schick ( ago)
This song sounds like a paordy? What song's it from? I remember this and
this song taught me to add simple number sesame street taught me a lot, Is
it Chris Cerf singing this song?

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
@ChampionDriver01 Hey Champ, do you know how this is? This was around when
I was a little girl. Everytime i hear "Born to Run" I'm always reminded of
this little kid. I think he's cute. Too bad Springsteen's saxophonist just
died. Nice tribute to him, Springsteen and the E-Street band. LOL.

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
Hey Lesles92, I really like your comment. I think that's kind of funny. Did
you get my comment that i wrote a couple of days ago?

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
It's like Bruce Springsteen teaching math, if that makes sense.

Author ravager48 ( ago)
@TheRandomosityExpert /Facepalm

Author Hillary Crichton ( ago)
LOL Oh my God!!!! Can you imagine Bruce Springsteen dancing around and
freaking out like that? RUUUUUUNNNN!!!!! LOL!!!! Sooooo funny!!! HA HA

Author Jim Saldivar ( ago)
@philbert313ify Not a spoof. More like a tribute, I think

Author Devon Waschitz ( ago)
im having a nostalgia attack!!!

Author Edwin North ( ago)
@TheRandomosityExpert guess you feel foolish now huh? I seem to remember
Bruce thought this was great. I love the original an dthis makes it even
more special.

Author Edwin North ( ago)
6 people can't add

Author Maggie9220000 ( ago)
You gotta be kidding me.

Author uglynoob100 ( ago)
she raped the

Author wiggyandtee ( ago)
@MrWhitneytraylor true and 301 plus 6 makes 307 definite hits for this
video. lol

Author No Vin ( ago)
This parody is very catchy. I like how they mention the Jersey, which is so
Bruce. Also, the saxophonist's name is Clarice (correct if I'm wrong),
which is close to Clarence as in Clarence Clemons

Author Aaron Gillie ( ago)
damn it, I'm learning and having fun!

Author violet46 ( ago)
Just saw a Bruce Springstein cover band Thunder Road last night in Dallas
TX. They played Born to Run as their last song. Made me think of this song
since I heard the Sesame Street version first as a kid lol

Author rockandrollforever23 ( ago)
thunder road, jungle land, and born to run all in one. I LOVE IT

Author HxzerSinful ( ago)
I really love how most of the Rock Sesame street songs end up with the
police taking them away.

Author amethystnebula ( ago)
i love that this is so accurate that just like the Boss, u can't understand
most of what the puppet is saying. :) major love to Springsteen and Sesame

Author YourNewFavouriteBand ( ago)
I guess 6 people (in the dislike section) don't like to add! I DO :D we
were born to add!

Author JenTA102 ( ago)
Love it!

Author Dersu DeLarge ( ago)
Sesame Streets of Fire, lol! I read a lot of comments about how kids' shows
today aren't as good as this. That may well be true, but keep in mind that
most shows back then weren't as good as this either. Sesame Street was one
of those "once in a blue moon" shows that creatively towered over
everything else, and is very probably one of the few mass media milestones
that truly deserves its high place in the pop culture pantheon.

Author Jay Stafford ( ago)
always my personal favorite!

Author Juanita Wotherspoon ( ago)
Haaa love it!!

Author mrkingofkings ( ago)
This song can be heard in "Sesame Street Numbers" for the PC.

Author malaris60 ( ago)
Does anyone know the chords to this?

Author malaris60 ( ago)
Check out the 4th cop that shows up around 1:40. He's looking around all
confused and thinking "What the fuck is going on here?" Then at about 2:13
he's like "Oh well fuck it!" and starts dancing around.

Author Emily Coufos ( ago)
@ChampionDriver01 So true about Sesame Street and The Boss :)

Author rose mary ( ago)
@RogueCannon i know i have 2 yr old twins so i watch current sesame street
and i am like don't know what happened since i was a kid lol

Author Biggus63 ( ago)
Part of the genius of vintage Sesame Street is that it didn't treat kids as
if they were stupid, and this is a prime example. I hope Bruce liked this
cause he should. This is pure magic!

Author OffWhiteCow ( ago)
So this is why New Jersey is so out of control. Someone please tell those
police to get back to work :) No, but seriously I love this

Author monkeysxplaybills ( ago)
I work at Sesame Street and I hear this every day that I'm there. My
personal favorite of the songs they play there =)

Author razoleg ( ago)
The song of most people on facebook.

Author Skyyedink ( ago)
@patricia1138 That is SO true!! It seems that the "Spark" went after Jim
did...even though his son is WAY talented. I still watch it too, but I do
prefer the "vintage" skits!

Author zdillenger ( ago)
@ChampionDriver01 im 28 an still enjoyin this more than i did when i was 8

Author glowworm2 ( ago)
Best part is when the police officers start to dance along! XD!

Author Emily McLongstreet ( ago)
bizarre missed connection ad - if you're the Canadian teacher that sent me
this i'd love to talk more...

Author Ian Sterner ( ago)
I heard saw this on the 35th anniversary special on TV at the end...I only
saw 5 seconds of it but it was awsome! And I'm 16 XD

Author Me'Shell Henderson ( ago)
I love it!!!!

Author Square54321 ( ago)
a weird medley of the two songs. I usually hate covers, but sesame street
pulled it off. Long live sesame street. Long live springsteen. Long live
rock n roll. Short live tokio hotel.

Author ChampionDriver01 ( ago)
It's funny how when you're a teenager this "little kid" TV makes your day.
I for one, just had my 16th birthday but find this quite AMAZING. Let's not
forget Springsteen!

Author aboutashow ( ago)
i remember when i was a little girl, i had a sesame street tape and brought
it to class to listen to during lunch, and so popular until the teachers
made a copy, and no one relied on me to bring it anymore, but it was still
awesome :)

Author violet46 ( ago)
I also loved Letter B by the Beetles lol

Author violet46 ( ago)
We were born to run

Author Teagan Eschborn ( ago)
"Born To Run", with a touch of "Jungleland".

Author angela1894 ( ago)
What song by Springsteen was this???

Author Christopher Lavenz ( ago)
Another great song sung by Chris Cerf

Author Teagan Eschborn ( ago)
Yeah, I know what you mean. You can't beat the "Boss".

Author tishafi ( ago)

Author Imran Berment ( ago)
Good stuff.

Author kev28721 ( ago)
Has Bruce seen this he really should. he would be proud.

Author Cherrycoke9997 ( ago)

Author brianklick ( ago)
doesnt get more classic then this

Author lijana ( ago)
Clarice looks real stoned!!! LOL

Author joshkitchen90 ( ago)
at 1:25 did he say take it clarence

Author Lane Lawley ( ago)
This is half Jungleland.

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