The Fibonacci Sequence: Nature's Code

Hank introduces us to the most beautiful numbers in nature - the Fibonacci sequence.

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Vi Hart's Fibonacci series starts here:


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Author Hamza Har ( ago)
I feel illuminated after knowing about this

Author James Henderson ( ago)
I love the way he is usually so enthusiastic when talking about science but when it comes to maths...

Author Alexandre Rocha ( ago)
Hank looks (and sounds) like he just had the worst hangover ever

Author Op Zero Film's ( ago)
So different from the newer videos.

Author Rikio Rikio ( ago)
It seems Hank's got a hangover or something cuz he's not as energyzed as he uses to be. Time for some coffee!!

Author iambiggus ( ago)
Stoney Hank?

Author TheKidThatCubes ( ago)

Author Anna Lisina ( ago)
thank you so much! you helped me on my extention menu I will give a like

Author Harrison Gomes ( ago)
thanks I can use that for tomorrow

Author Reason Paudyal ( ago)

Author Matt and Zach ( ago)
isnt that the same code from the Davinci Code book

Author Youssef Benm ( ago)
nature made not tools but tools made nature ... tools named mathematics physics etc .
so how made the tools?!
he must be so unique and powerful

Author Samurai Jack ( ago)
Correction, the numeral are Indian numerals, they were just introduced to the west by Arabs from India, they were discovered by Indians in the first place.

Author dontzenyourselfout ( ago)
...get your face off the screen
voice overs will suffice
stop the self publicity
endless narcissism
vanity vanity all is vanity

Author Channel402 ( ago)
Sequences created by a random expansion...

Hmm, that doesnt make much sense.

Author pantslizard ( ago)
I like the shirt Hank. Good job.

Author Scorpio Snake ( ago)

Author Kristopher Guillaume ( ago)
wow saved me watching through a bunch of garbage youtube vids thanks

Author Aras Nestani ( ago)
For wisdom of the east and the energy of the west! They brought everything over and develop it. 👌

Author shockwave ( ago)
I being forced to watch this aginst my will

plz send help

Doing math is more sole cruhing than watchin Schindlers list

And trust me that shit was sod

Author SpaceMau5 ( ago)
why does he look like a gigantic nerd? and why is he so monotonous?

Author Leslie B ( ago)
Happy Fibonacci Day!

Author Lost Time ( ago)
The Da Vinci Code anyone?

Author Praghadd ( ago)
wow, thank you for the video

Author Jason Cox ( ago)
Today I learned that Leonardo Fibonacci just used the rabbit illustration as an example problem to answer in his book that was about introducing arabic arithmetic to italian merchants. Not as a pattern in nature. Like at the end of a math chapter it has little problems that, if you can answer, you've got the gist of the chapter. Also, fibonacci wasn't his name... it was given to him by a historian guillaume libri in 1838 and that wasn't even the name he gave him. Filius Bonnaci was the name which means son of bonnaci. All my life i've been lied to!

Author Dan A ( ago)
"Math... it can be beautiful too!" - Truth

Author The Arrow ( ago)
Too much talk; no work.

Author folumb ( ago)
Math was invented by nature?

Author kibichi Altair ( ago)
The name of the Indian mathematician who discovered Fibonacci sequence is 'virahanka' the fun fact is his name have hank in it lol vira-hank-a. hows that hank?

Author Spook_Dog ( ago)
Oh wow. Looks who's 5 years younger..

Author Andrew Kilgore ( ago)
They could have very well received a cosmic mandate BECAUSE it's the most efficient...

We're all oneeee1111

Author Abid Hassan ( ago)

Author Malik Suleman Ahmad Awan ( ago)
Fibonacci was an Alien! .. ;) a mathematical one!

Author diesel potter ( ago)

Author Droidge ( ago)
I'd be surprised if Hank wasn't high.

Author muhamad abdullah ( ago)
"Plants dont do this because they are receiving a cosmic mandate. They do this because its the most efficient way. (how the f*** plants can know what they are doing)" yes you would do anything to disprove god. smart ass! or i should say dumb ass!

Author joshs dkytre ( ago)
lol, no energy Hank.

Europe has a habit of stealing and taking credit for Aboriginal people's work.

Author Chaliye Suru kartey hai ( ago)
Indian are smarter AS always

Author SpoogeMaster 999 ( ago)
Swing on a spiral too, swing on a spiral ....

Author Andalus Z ( ago)
amazing thank you

Author CRISPISHOTS ( ago)
The numbers what do the numbers mean ???

Author Josh AG_10 ( ago)
Hank, have you been smoking weed

Author Bishwash Pokhrel ( ago)
I guess mustard flower has 4 petal

Author Ovikoston ( ago)
"evolution" lol

Author michael zaragoza ( ago)
If this doesn't Prove intelligent design a creator for everything in existence , I don't know what does .

Author Agaperion Rex ( ago)
I think he's high in this vid.

Author esy2006 ( ago)

Author macsnafu ( ago)
The Fibonacci sequence isn't mathematics. It's simply a natural phenomenon that can be described mathematically.

Author Russell Delbridge ( ago)
Did you really just say math was invented by nature? Do you understand the depth and breadth of that statement? I think its more obvious to say the Universe was created with math....don't you?

Author 2consider ( ago)
Nature cannot make anything!
To make something requires intelligence. So unless nature is a thinking and reasoning being, then nature did not make mathematics or the sequence.

However, if the sequence was made, it was made by a thinking and reasoning being, we might call it God.

Author Alexander Carvunaris ( ago)
thanks man

Author Kyle Marie ( ago)
Vi Hart <3

Author MrGalpino ( ago)
Hank seems a little subdued in this one.

Author YVES CAJUSTE ( ago)
this video rocks!!!!!👩👩👩👩👩

Author the Insane Artist ( ago)
Uh, Hank? You're not as energetic as usual, you doing okay?

Author Fluffypear ( ago)
Oh the agony of saying "fee" and having a dozen or more people all gang up trying to tell me, "No, you're thinking of pi." No. I am thinking of phi. It is infinitely cooler than pi.

Author Gary keenan ( ago)
go away evil dogger

Author Noorquacker ( ago)

Author Sam Th3R4nd0mGir1 ( ago)
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 32, 53, 85. Yay! I calculated all that in my head.

Author Karaleigh Loya ( ago)
I am a math teacher and very much want to play this for my students. Our school blocks YouTube. Is there another way to get this video in a different format?

Author Ted ( ago)
(boy bunny & girl bunny)How the 3 can be 5?

Author Sanjit Suresh (1082 years ago)
When you said that you get the same number when dividing almost all two successive Fibonacci numbers (1.55), I was a bit confused because I always thought that you never get the same number as the ratio- it approaches the golden ratio as the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence get infinitely large? I think I get what you mean because they become very similar when the Fibonacci numbers you use get very big, but their not the same, right?

Author Ethan McCormack ( ago)
1.618 the most beautiful sequence of numbers :-)

Author TheMasonX ( ago)
Math can most definitely be beautiful. As a graphics programmer, my entire job is teaching the computer how to color pretty pictures with math.

Author computerkopman123 ( ago)
He seems high

Author nyandragons ( ago)

Author Shaikha Gee ( ago)
valuable information but boring.

Author yugij0319 ( ago)
You learn a lot of this in art class.

Author Inherent Emperor ( ago)
If it was not khwarizmi and al jabir, ibn alhaytham. etcc. then physics without maths would be baseless

Author Salvo D'Ippolito ( ago)
Hank looks so hammered/ bored in this video:D

Author Magmorix ( ago)
I'm still dumbfounded that all these obvious and brilliant patterns and complex designs exist, yet people think it all happened coincidentally...

Author Ralitsa Kost. ( ago)
probably first and probably last time commenting on Youtube :) :
After years of watching CrashCourse i decided to watch this math video and i see this guy and think "lol is this john green? looks like him but i feel its not" so i check out the comments to find out the name of this guy cause i've seen him in CrashCourse but i just blanked and couldn't come to terms with it. found out its hank green. searched him. found out his brother is john green. my world is complete. Life makes sense. (no wonder he looks the same but different in crash course videos.)

what i learned the most from this video : hank and john are brothers and more than 1 green exists and hank lives in montana and the Fibonacci sequence was made 1300 years ago in India.

I hope that one day you too can solve life and feel wholeheartedly complete with a simple math video - 3 min 19 sec of your life.

Author Brett Moore (1721 year ago)
If plants follow this pattern then why does some cannabis plants have 9   or 11  sometimes 13 depending on species?

Author Sunny Patel ( ago)
How can you make the explanation more suitable for kids in K-6?

Author richard reeves ( ago)
It's also the ratio of credit cards length/width - to make them more appealing to use

Author TheShockerKnocker ( ago)
God's code

Author Timo Meijs ( ago)
Interesting to see that everything is arranged. Everything has its own sequence and fits. From flower petals to the shape of our milkkyway to the shape of things in the rest of the universe, its ALL in the sequence. Yet they still claim it was an explosion of nothing because nothing happened to it. _suure_

Author DP Mclaughlin ( ago)
ha! the Fibonacci sequence is my favorite of all sequences! I learned it when I was seven. I love it it is so amazing and if you think about it our odd to even with some skip counting in it is the also the Fibonacci sequence too! I LOVE the... 1 2 4 8 16....but just in a spiral!

Author Adolf Hitler ( ago)
you uh..
you alright?

Author Eddie Barley ( ago)
I swear, you look like the guy from the Crash Course videos I watch in class.

Author jesusstudentbrett ( ago)
'Math was invented by a little something called Nature' said this man.
"Nature" an unintelligent nonliving imagined mother nature... that does not do anything, doesn't manage anything, but Nature follows the established laws, governed often by electromagnetic forces, but other fundamental forces as well in nature.

The infinitely intelligent being created things like this to point us to him... but we choose our response. This is His goal, to reveal what is in our hearts.

Romans 1:19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

21 For although they knew God,
they neither honored him as God
nor gave thanks to him...

Author Kamal Hossain ( ago)

Author sarah xo (1807 years ago)
thank you so much 4 this it practicaly did my homework lol ☺☺☺☺

Author floralundies ( ago)
"Math was invented by Nature" – Math is a human construct, so not sure if that is really correct.

Which leads to the question: did humans discover or invent math??

Author Daniel Taylor ( ago)
Nature created mathematics? right okay

Author Ruairi doherty ( ago)
How can we use this in music?

Author Evan Knowles ( ago)
The Fibbonacci sequence can start with any two numbers and still accomplish the same thing. Somebody reply and give me 2 random numbers.

Author Voltaire's Army (72 years ago)
I think this is the only scishow episode EVER i didn't learn a thing. That's not because the video was bad; I just had to write a 20 page paper on this all and read about a hundred pages getting my source info. (I am meaning to complement Hank; he is brilliant, just like his brother.)

Author TheAlternateAir ( ago)
is that like pascals triangle

Author theakstonsrock ( ago)
Fantastic video! Told me exactly what I wanted to know. By the by, is the presenter okay? He put the information across clear as crystal (I got it and I'm definitely on the slow side!) but I'd be cautious about leaving him alone in a room with a knife and a toaster. Thanks for the info anyways, I'll be sure to check out some of your other videos some time!

Author 1.618 Tony ( ago)
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144... (...233.377.610...)
- I was noticing a while back that 144 is the 12th # in the sequence...
- 12 is also its root
- &if you take144's mirror-441, it's root is 21, the mirror of 12 who's square is 144
- same thing with 13 (13x13=169 31x31=961)
( I haven't bothered to check how many more numbers might do that but I notice that not all do, so that' is kind of interesting but I don't know if its profound or significant) or if I should see it as pointing toward something else.

Also, this could be meaningless or just coincidence... but I was also recalling how I read that the Mayan's use 144,000 (144,000 days in a Baktun) and also 144,000 is used in the Christian Bible too. Maybe someone has some thoughts on this too.

Also, the divine number is neat in the way in which if you square 1.618 it will be roughly the same as if you added 1.0 to it. Kind of weird.

Author Kiko Joseph ( ago)
Leonardo Fibonacci the Catholic mathematician.

Nature: from the Egyptian word NETER - which meant "of God; Spirit".

NETER literally meant God in Egyptian. Thanks to NETER, we can study the Fibonacci sequences.

Author C.B. on P.C. ( ago)

Author magonzz ( ago)
Woah... Hank, you are much more animated in your videos now (2015) than here. Lot's of progress has been made 👍🏽😃

Author Aeroscience ( ago)
"Math wasn't made up to harass English majors"
-hank green

Author bassplayersayer ( ago)
Not invented, it was discovered.

Author MHDuPont ( ago)
i just wanted to add: the tahitian tiare flower has 7 pedals

Author Bambi Jenner ( ago)
how do you spell the greek sculptors name??

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