James Blake - Retrograde - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two HD

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Now in HD. James Blake performs Retrograde on Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two (1st October 2013)

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Author Wolfgang von Goethe ( ago)
The problem with this world is that you'll never hear this on the radio. Instead the new world order prefers to rape our ears with songs like "Panda"

Author Peter Gordon ( ago)
Very intense song, especially the "we're alone now" repeat. A grown up love song

Author Fabíola Azevedo ( ago)
Masters of sex 😋

Author Sérgio Siverly ( ago)
Tales From The Borderlands sent me here! :D <3

Author Pale King (419 years ago)
Hauntingly beautiful track

Author Laurence Williams ( ago)
at 02:32 theirs a dude having his beliefs questioned. Genius music still exists

Author Sima Camelia ( ago)
I had sex on this song! :))

Author Mor Ezra ( ago)

Author nattascia tulloch ( ago)
I love this song so bad

Author holy mackrel ( ago)
So they play to track right? Some extra synth parts and extra BV's at 2:30

Author Marissa Sagi ( ago)
This song is perfection

Author Santino Andolini ( ago)
Can't wait for Radio Silence

Author Keith Abellanosa ( ago)
His shirt (if you know what I mean). 

Author Claudia Marina ( ago)
Ignore everybody else.

Author James Mills ( ago)
I'm only just now coming to realise James Blake's genius. Such an interesting piece of music.

Author Robert Beach ( ago)
freak... beautiful

Author Sean Tiddy ( ago)
just reminds me of chilling in amsterdam last year

Author 231cartman ( ago)
crazy how i used to live down the road from this guy and now look at him! respect brother!

Author Eva Fergani ( ago)
Magnifique !

Author Lena Kheroua ( ago)
I think I'm in love with him and his voice. What an enchanting duo. His voice actually is so mesmerising, I'd highly reccomend him to anyone

Author Bendubz ( ago)
Over a year since I first heard this as a hottest record for Zane Lowe on Radio1 and every time I hear it I stop what i'm doing and just listen. Stunning song and i'm so glad it won an ivor novello

Author Anyelis Salcedo ( ago)
When I first saw this video I stayed astonished...His voice is so absorbing! Even I am addicted to this song!

Author Carol Siqueira ( ago)

Author mxyowx ( ago)
Finally found this song, love it so much, always on repeat

Author Daddy Dana ( ago)
true original. a musician to be respected

Author izmael44 ( ago)
He didn't quite get the voice right for the repeated recording bit.

Author Игорь Пономарев ( ago)
промммычал 0.55

Author swales998 ( ago)

Author Graeme Dempsey ( ago)
That Solid Air tune is garbage! A mumbling mess of a tune, this is different a bit special.Makes a change from the Xfactor shite were force fed all the time

Author chitchatkat ( ago)
God its beautiful

Author Helen Marie ( ago)

Author 1979zuma ( ago)
Solid Air is a good album but to comment that James Blake's music is simply 'boring' is too subjective to be taken seriously. Also, what John Martyn has to do with this I don't know.

Author musicbykiuhy8 ( ago)
ok? his voice is a precision instrument. but i love solid air too.

Author musicbykiuhy8 ( ago)

Author Eleanor Adair ( ago)
Exquisite perfection

Author GIMMEDANGERX1 ( ago)
Whatever soul I have left, James Blake has a way of tapping into it. Incredible pieces of music.

Author SarahJan30 ( ago)
Screamed like a little girl when he won Mercury Music prize last night - I do think I am completely in love with him - obsessed with Overgrown - clearly I'm not the only one

Author e tavares ( ago)
he is such an angel. a really really tall angel.

Author Cameron Tubb ( ago)
Awesome, great album just don't listen to it to much or you will be depressed by the end

Author greggers ( ago)
watched the whole thing with my mouth open. phenomenal.

Author P UBBLES ( ago)
It's not often I'm totally amazed. James Blake just leaves me speechless and I'm just ...... I feel when I listen to him "Holy shit, actual music, for once!"

Real raw talent. And he's hot. His music gives me the horn (tmi?)

Author Bravemarbles ( ago)
Agree, great English music out there. Hopefully more to come with people like Nathan Holme a personal favourite

Author Paschal McCosker ( ago)
I will not dislike this but I just wasn't into this at all. This does absolutely nothing for me; however, I've scrolled down through the comments and it's almost all positive.

I just don't belong in this audience I guess

Author musicbykiuhy8 ( ago)
me too

Author abraham shrifian ( ago)
I love the part when the synths kick in I just get chills

Author Daniel Avossa ( ago)
Just amazing.

Author Thomson Homson ( ago)
why you must be britsh? :((

Author musicbykiuhy8 ( ago)
so good.

I was lucky enough to be at the recording :) James has a voice SPECTACULAR enough to induce a multiple orgasm ! If he doesn't win the Mercury Prize this year, the music world should hang its head in shame !!

Author buczyńska beata ( ago)
każda kolejna jeszcze lepsza... uwielbiam.

Author 若元まり ( ago)
Beautiful sound!

Author Guy Wiltshire ( ago)
Suddenly i'm hit

Author XMAJ1 ( ago)

Author 鄭文英 ( ago)
I love the wiggle he does :D <3 xoxo

Author Ffion ( ago)

Author fanonBmaker ( ago)

Author Alexis Ramsés López Castro ( ago)

Author gavinjamesaitken1 ( ago)

Author Dominik Hemeli ( ago)

Author Jessica Rodriguez ( ago)
Awesome&Genius! <3 WHAT'S TALENT WOW!

Author Roberta Gramazio ( ago)
I adore him. so young, so intense.

Author Twisted Chaz ( ago)
Serious chills

Author Ornella Boc ( ago)

Author Chantelle Woodhall ( ago)
Talented, love this:)

Author suparush ( ago)
Yeh boiiiiii this-guy is sicckk

Author Sarah Miller ( ago)
that was pretty special.

Author Léo Caussarieu ( ago)
No one dislike it, and i love it! Genius man!

Author hazel Cooksley ( ago)
Beautiful in every sense, I am completely mesmerised by this guy every time he unlimited bucket of talent!

Author Nihal Demir ( ago)
so lost in retroblue :-) amazing

Author Vicaas Hussain ( ago)

Author Seren Cynfal ( ago)
Gutted that I missed you in no.6! Love listening to your songs, love your voice, beautiful xx

Author Rafael Canovas ( ago)

Author cocnoted ( ago)
he's literally some sort of genius

Author FISHFACEmatt ( ago)

Author MARTA CORO ( ago)
Qué buena presentación!

Author Ava Silver ( ago)
I'm such a great fan of this song!! He inspires me a lot... You can hear his influence in my own (pop)songs. That's how much i love this!

Author Eric Colodetti ( ago)
nice music on BBC.

Author Esau Cruz ( ago)

Author Loup ( ago)
Anyone knows what is using as effects james At 0:54?

It's beautiful.

Author NeoGeoDK ( ago)
Keeping it classy. You're an inspiration. :)

Author greenaua ( ago)
i'm like Meerkat when you are adding some link on Facebook

Author Klein Music ( ago)

Author CzernoBog ( ago)

Author Maria João ( ago)

Author sunraaa ( ago)
yes james!

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