Head shave in tv serial

Female character in a tv serial shaves her head

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Author Charlotte Chacon (5 years)
it made me cry... why did she do it?

Author BeatLizad (4 years)
@LisaWants2Be wow i love a girl who can go though somthing like that and
feel good im sorry if im kind of saying the wrong thing but you are quite

Author ODDIE GARFIELD (5 years)

Author marcus2006 (5 years)
which programme is this from?

Author marcus2006 (5 years)
Thank you!:-)

Author TheSonicLove1983054 (3 years)
@adirtysunset You can't have everything. Sometimes shaving is a good thing,
but I've rarely seen vids of ppl shaving their hair because their hair was
ugly. I have a long fringe that irritates my eyes from time to time.
Besides, in the vid she looks pretty with her hair cut like that :)

Author Ricardo Duarte (1 year)
if the shave would be without clipper guard and smooth shave it would fit
with the bald patch

Author supernatt924 (4 years)
what's the story?

Author cutezzable (3 years)
nice one.........

Author Drinkman7 (4 years)
She must of needed the money :-(

Author Ricardo Duarte (1 year)
why she have bald spots aeound her head?

Author BeatLizad (4 years)
@LisaWants2Be ur welcome

Author realbeautylover (5 years)
actress Cátia Godinho Portugal in the tv series Catarina .

Author Lone walker (4 years)
whoah... It's better than the old one

Author Cancerian48 (5 years)
Why did she not take the clippers to her hair from the start? It would have
been nice to see her long locks falling to the hungry blades.

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