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Author Abdul Wahid (3 years)
no use of filming the prophet in the movies islam wants to change the heart
of the poeple

Author تفحيــط سعُودي (2 years)
Astagfirullah .. -.-

Author Danshi786 (3 years)
Salam Masha-Allah this movie was great but do you know who recites surah
Yusuf in the beginning of the movie because it was really beautiful. Please
tell if you know and jazakalahayr

Author Afghani Shinwari (3 years)
@UhichaTobi ___________ You are right brother you are 100% right

Author TheRohit2343 (3 years)
You are not Genius u r "Gen ass" son of bitch and don't write english with
your horrible grammar poker terrible disgusting guy.Brainless

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
If you and I believe only one God (Allah) and follow prophet Muhammad
S.A.V., then no problem.Peace be upon too you brother.

Author IslamfOrLife19 (3 years)

Author Halima Abbas (3 years)
I wish it was in English

Author Ahsun Ashfaq (3 years)

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
Why do you angry to me? You are my believing to Islam even disturbia.

Author ningrahari2 (3 years)
Heart Touching

Author nibras fatima (2 years)
Tamam nhi lekin kuch zaroor janti hoon. Jo bat kisi Mutand Aalim aur Mufti
se Maloom ho jaiy wo drust hai. In Videos k liay Fatawa diay guay hain
Shyed aap ki KNowledge mn nhi hon gy. Hum itny Gunhagar k in k paoun ki
khak k braber b nahi aur in k Rol ada kryn aap khud b soch sakty ho. Rahi
bat in Tareekh k ki maloomat ki to aap Quraan Terjuma O Tafseer perh lo,
Aalim Hazrat ki Sohbat ikhtiyaar karo. Muftiyaan e Karam se maloom karo.

Author allahoahd (3 years)
@wahash316 i think the one reciting is abd al basit abd al samad عبد الباسط
عبد الصمد

Author TheRohit2343 (3 years)
And you think Allah won't punish you for your harsh and abusive

Author Jaffer Abbas (3 years)
The best Surah in the Qur'an-according to a hadeeth-has been made into one
of the best series

Author 55545111 (3 years)
plz dont looking that

Author AllDimensionalFilms (3 years)
My God, 2 minutes in and the illuminati pagans already got their hands all
over this film, WHY DO PEOPLE WORSHIP THE ONE EYE?!?!? It is everywhere! It
even infiltrates the most fantastic movies and hijacks any monotheistic
religion!! Ahhh

Author Mohsen Almassud (2 years)
This who fight Allah will lose the fight no matter what and they all have
very bad ending of their lives. An example of this is pastor swaggart who
was involved in so many inappropriate activities and he was busted and had
to apologize and cry in front of the crowed. And this is nothing compared
to what's awaiting him in the life there after.

Author Adriana Granados (3 years)
Who is this prophet?

Author adnan rafiq (2 years)
Aslam u alikum. Can anyone let me know what is the name of reciter of sureh
which has been recited at the start in this video.?

Author yhoen yhulia (2 years)
how to download this video ?

Author wahash316 (3 years)
Please i need to know the name of the qari who recited the quran in the
begining.. thnx Jazakallah

Author ramesh keshaven (3 years)
only in theory, nor practical

Author zaidxp (3 years)
someone please re-upload with English subtitles. plz

Author Xena Shah (3 years)
@UhichaTobi y do u think it is a sin to watch this movie...i agree to show
the prophets in this movie might not be right but this is a way to show non
muslims who dont know how to read quran and dont want to read and learn
quran will maybe give them a thought to learn about islam....take this
movie as a story do not adopt it in ur life...quran has a true story of
prophets but this movie is just a way to know what happened back in that
time. not exactly like this movie but something similar.

Author Saroosh Hussain (3 years)
CaptainCrules4life: I think this restriction is met with cultural
disparities. A muslim living in Turkey isn't culturally the same as one
living in Iran and hence even though believer of one faith there is a
variety of sub-beliefs that exist.

Author Saroosh Hussain (2 years)
His name is Abdul Basit Abdul Samad.

Author Jamshedac (2 years)
All Muslims Monotheist who believe One Allah One God khoudha-é-yakta pe
yaqeen rakhtey hain ye apki khoush qismati hai Ir Iran ne apko ye toufa
pesh kia hai this is a great gifit to All must watch if you are a
Monotheist will help you more very great realisation thanks to Ir Iran
shoukria janab jamshed kharian-pak

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
You are just in to remove any your dirt.You are jealous of Muslims but do
you don't give up in their own mess (demands of lust and evil).

Author Gulfam ali (2 years)
khuda k lie dostoo time nikaal k "pyaam" waloon ki sub ki sub islami
filmeen dekh k faida hasil kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Author Mumtaz Hussain (3 years)
مكر و فريب عورتوں كاوہ ذريعہ ہے جن سے وہ اخلاقى فساد وانحراف ايجادكرتى ہيں

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
Fuck the english language. this is not my own language you dumbass.If you
die, Allah will punish you. You in this world laughing to Muslims.But in
the Hereafter, we'll laugh you.

Author Abdul Rehman (2 years)
very nice movie

Author soldieroffortune (3 years)
I have seen his comments but quite simply I will not ever waste my words on
someone who is trying to get a reaction. That fool knows only what he sees
in the media or what he hears from zealots like the EDL. People like that
are beyond me, I cannot talk to them because there is no reason within
them. But you are a person of god and you should refrain from criticising
the religion of others, After all I presume you are pakistani so at one
time you're ancestors were Indian and hindu...

Author Adriana Granados (3 years)
I would of love to see this movie to bad is not in english

Author TheRohit2343 (2 years)
thanks for you suggestion bro

Author TheRohit2343 (3 years)
Allah hu Akbar.

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
Hadith: The Prophet said: S.A.V. If a Muslim for his Muslim brother does
not love others, (truest sense of the word) is not a Muslim. (Tirmizî, Birr
18-Hadith) Muslims are each other a Muslim brother. O traitor, will not
help solve and does not lie. Every Muslim, other Muslims, honor, property,
and the blood is prohibited. This is religiousness. A Muslim brother,
regarded as a bad man, to the scorn and contempt. (Hucurât, 49/10) Surely
the believers are siblings to each other.

Author Allahdost Afghan (3 years)

Author artin74 (2 years)
iranian movie

Author SuperGeniusLife (3 years)
you bastards said a always lies.Islam is the truth and one religion by one
God (ALLAH) And this movie is right to be watching.

Author Asad Nazir (3 years)
payamber islamic movies

Author Ch Ali Raza (3 years)
i am don no 1 and your what

Author Atta Ullah (2 years)
best movie

Author Adriana Granados (3 years)
Oh how dom to bad is not in english it looks that is a good one.,

Author hezbeeshq ali (3 years)
salaam and salawat ! masha allah ajrokomelallah this is the best movie what
ever i have seen!

Author eva8275 (2 years)
is there any eng subtitle for this movie series ? i wish to watch this
movie :(

Author san nas (2 years)
haha this sounds so funny in urdu because I watched it in the original
language (persian) and it's juuust sooooo weird to me now... anyway loooved
this serie!

Author yunes chehade (2 years)
146 parts... :O

Author The Blitz (3 years)
Plz dont dislike the religious videos

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