DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

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  • Tru Hafrican
    Tru Hafrican 22 seconds ago

    Yo JB definitely looking at ass at 1:01

  • Lakiya Ireland
    Lakiya Ireland 1 minute ago

    "I know you sick of all the other intimidaters"

    Why does it sound like JB said...

    "I know your sick of these women haters, don't let the real one intimidate ya"

  • metro prince
    metro prince 1 minute ago

    I am just starting subscribe to my channel plzz

  • xHazxrdous
    xHazxrdous 2 minutes ago


  • Felix&Ashley World
    Felix&Ashley World 2 minutes ago

    niple slip on 4:31 your welcome and if im right sub to my channel and like this this post

  • raja farooq
    raja farooq 3 minutes ago

    i love you

  • RTFlow
    RTFlow 5 minutes ago

    Why did the thumbnail look like they were all in a minecraft world.

  • Sinta Inova
    Sinta Inova 8 minutes ago

    She ain't got no tables, she got no bed frame, she ain't got no cable! I can relate as a girl in her early 20's 😂

  • Taetae Oppa is love
    Taetae Oppa is love 8 minutes ago

    This music is relaxing and giving good vibes to hear. 👍👍👍

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber 8 minutes ago


  • Amy Jolie Los
    Amy Jolie Los 9 minutes ago

    I love u Justen bieber

  • thomas coorey
    thomas coorey 13 minutes ago

    how the fuck can this fat ass afford this house where all he does is stand in the background wobbling around like an idiot in his pyjamas holding expensive bottles of alcohol and randomly saying i'm one. what has the music industry become. also what even the fuck is going on in the video???? can someone tell me

  • raju khadka
    raju khadka 19 minutes ago

    Who is here today??

  • Reza Suleimani
    Reza Suleimani 20 minutes ago

    Justin You re the God

  • Reza Suleimani
    Reza Suleimani 20 minutes ago

    Justin You re the God

  • Eirinaki_ 007
    Eirinaki_ 007 22 minutes ago

    Me- How many white people are there ?
    Justin- I am the one

    I write this for fun no hate ☺

    BEATRIZ VICTORIA RADU 22 minutes ago

    te quiero conocerte en persona justin bieber cuando puedes???💘💘💘

  • destinysincere
    destinysincere 23 minutes ago

    Justin has such a pretty voice.

    BEATRIZ VICTORIA RADU 23 minutes ago

    I love justin bieber 😘💓💞💝

  • Cedric Jannes
    Cedric Jannes 26 minutes ago

    4:31 nip slip

  • Acid Pancake
    Acid Pancake 28 minutes ago

    Atleast better than It's everyday bro.

  • purple hearts in your area

    well, to be honest im not really a fan of bieber but when i saw this mv or him in this mv i got goosebumps all over my body like wooo! he's so coool!!
    I like him in this video cause he looks innocent here and he dont really look dirty even if he has a tattoo all over his body

  • Shane Harnett
    Shane Harnett 32 minutes ago

    put the booty in Gucci belt

  • F&M Barcenas
    F&M Barcenas 32 minutes ago


  • Funny Taco
    Funny Taco 33 minutes ago

    Like if this song is the best 💙

  • kspeezy81
    kspeezy81 33 minutes ago

    this isn't even music

  • Casper Hood
    Casper Hood 34 minutes ago

    Nip slip at 4:31 lul

  • Rokib Ali
    Rokib Ali 34 minutes ago

    DJ Khaled looks skinny

    FREAKY TUNES 34 minutes ago

    I love Chance The Rapper 😂😂 he so tiny and cute

  • kenneth gates
    kenneth gates 35 minutes ago

    how lil Wayne a legend at finessin when he got finessed by Birdman ???

  • Samira Murtazaeva
    Samira Murtazaeva 36 minutes ago

    I'm the onle yahhhahhahhah

  • Seje Menas
    Seje Menas 37 minutes ago

    I'm addicted on it

  • Spencer G
    Spencer G 37 minutes ago

    0:51 DJ Khaled's pants magically change colour

  • Alex RoTM
    Alex RoTM 38 minutes ago


  • James Murray
    James Murray 38 minutes ago

    nipple 4:31 😂😂😂

  • Mr Leech
    Mr Leech 41 minute ago

    Those huge tits is faker than my friends

  • Im Knowix
    Im Knowix 42 minutes ago

    Best Song justin Bieber have be in

  • Alif Raditya
    Alif Raditya 43 minutes ago


  • Its Ray
    Its Ray 43 minutes ago


  • Pelee Kokos
    Pelee Kokos 44 minutes ago

    jsi dobrý

  • Partiksha Kalyan
    Partiksha Kalyan 48 minutes ago

    This song has one problem..................

  • Mr Leech
    Mr Leech 49 minutes ago

    I got breast music

    Oops wrong video
    Watch Bart baker

  • ImStingy ImStingy
    ImStingy ImStingy 51 minute ago


  • Abdallah bebekour
    Abdallah bebekour 58 minutes ago

    Justin Always The Best Yeahh 😘😍

  • Urša Vodlan
    Urša Vodlan 1 hour ago

    I hate justin b

  • Oliver Liew
    Oliver Liew 1 hour ago

    The beat really reminds me of Don't Mind by Kent Jones..

  • Xope Gaming
    Xope Gaming 1 hour ago

    Why does it always show the women's Brests? And why does it always show Justin Bieber moving his hands back and forth

  • john cenaAA12345
    john cenaAA12345 1 hour ago

    It's not dj kaled's song its Justin's

  • chriztian reyes
    chriztian reyes 1 hour ago

    Fuck with everything </3

  • chriztian reyes
    chriztian reyes 1 hour ago

    idol <3

  • Alan Gaming
    Alan Gaming 1 hour ago

    Im The Only One XD

  • Agressive dancer
    Agressive dancer 1 hour ago

    Quavo lit af

  • juan felipe casanova

    dj khaled is the amo of the world

  • Nishan Pokhrel
    Nishan Pokhrel 1 hour ago


  • Green Beats
    Green Beats 1 hour ago


  • Vipin Kumar
    Vipin Kumar 1 hour ago

    ossm song luv uhh khaled and luv asahd khaled....😚😚😚😚😚

  • Ashton Godzilla
    Ashton Godzilla 1 hour ago

    This song will only be a rap song with out Justin Bieber

  • Siyasanga
    Siyasanga 1 hour ago

    JB isn't so bad in this song

  • Noah Birch
    Noah Birch 1 hour ago

    nice song

  • Lavinia Dreet
    Lavinia Dreet 1 hour ago


  • Lavinia Dreet
    Lavinia Dreet 1 hour ago


  • lalallala bababava
    lalallala bababava 1 hour ago

    best Music this very goodd

  • Bobby Bankston
    Bobby Bankston 1 hour ago


  • YaBoiDaaniel -
    YaBoiDaaniel - 1 hour ago

    Justin bieber lowkey looks like Eminem

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 1 hour ago

    She's wearing heels riding a horse...girl! -_- if that horse were to drag her she'd pop her fake titty lol

  • Eihley Smith
    Eihley Smith 1 hour ago


  • Luis Mariscal
    Luis Mariscal 1 hour ago

    lil waynes part is my favorite🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • young mi bahk
    young mi bahk 1 hour ago

    justin beibs best moves re running around

  • Ezan Mena
    Ezan Mena 1 hour ago

    Is this Rap?😂

  • Daria Janusz
    Daria Janusz 1 hour ago

    o o łłłeee ooo

  • BigXmusic Alpha
    BigXmusic Alpha 1 hour ago

    watch my video please zzzz

  • Clowie Marcelo
    Clowie Marcelo 1 hour ago

    i love this song

  • n3 Ouš
    n3 Ouš 1 hour ago

    † † † †

  • Sylla Atlas
    Sylla Atlas 1 hour ago

    Damn that girl really can't ride a horse at all. Like AT ALL.

  • aviad radia
    aviad radia 1 hour ago


  • Marleen Viisut
    Marleen Viisut 1 hour ago

    Jacob looks like young Justin ,but Jacob can't sing

  • Jhonmark Borja
    Jhonmark Borja 1 hour ago


  • Brandon Rautenberg
    Brandon Rautenberg 2 hours ago

    the definition of mainstream

  • June Leung
    June Leung 2 hours ago

    This is my favourite song atm and it includes:
    William singe - Mama
    Benjah - Never Quit
    Benjah - My Everything
    Martin - Solo Dance (can't remember the last name lol)
    G-Easy - Good Life

  • Haiwanart
    Haiwanart 2 hours ago

    i hate this song

  • Shernon Lai
    Shernon Lai 2 hours ago

    This song is actually nice hahah

  • Sharmi
    Sharmi 2 hours ago

  • chrs lmntd
    chrs lmntd 2 hours ago

    dj khaled please stop making trash like this. please. #djkhaled

    ROBIN CRAFT 2 hours ago

    Kayak BADASSS AWKARIN njir😂

  • tnt tnt
    tnt tnt 2 hours ago

    another one ...

  • Aerick Rodriguez
    Aerick Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    4:30 Nip Slip!

  • Amira Bieb's
    Amira Bieb's 2 hours ago

    Justin's hair looks like Eminem but it's look beautiful on him 💙

  • Lionel Messigician
    Lionel Messigician 2 hours ago

    My fav part 2:28

  • CJ gwn CJ
    CJ gwn CJ 2 hours ago


  • Charlie Block
    Charlie Block 2 hours ago

    DJ Khaled dide't Sing):

  • nikolina jakovljević

    justin is now ugly with his hair

  • Siti Rachmawati Puteri

    why must JB

  • Elvin kuperman
    Elvin kuperman 2 hours ago

    where is Biggie and Tupac These new school songs are horrible

  • Mirachan Monte
    Mirachan Monte 2 hours ago

    this song makes me calmn,its motivate me so that i can survive of being lonely

  • trevs sistn
    trevs sistn 2 hours ago

    faltou só chris brown!

  • randomProduction
    randomProduction 2 hours ago

    from the thumbnail looks like they play minecraft

  • RehSonter
    RehSonter 2 hours ago

    oh god the autotune

  • RehSonter
    RehSonter 2 hours ago

    justin bieber looks like ellen

  • Jayde Fisher
    Jayde Fisher 2 hours ago

    And does hunts Bieber is sitting like chirs brown

  • Jayde Fisher
    Jayde Fisher 2 hours ago

    I do not like dj khaled
    And he fat

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