Mafia 2: Where to Find a Luxury Suit

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Author Sasik Gejms (3 months)
What chapter I need to load to have this shop on my map?

Author evil paragon (1 month)
i think ill get a nice suit with a fedora and tommy gun so i can live it up
and feel like a mobster in the game

Author Lewis Robertson (4 months)
I want a black suit but its not in the shop where can I find one?

Author Ben Quaack (3 years)
I tried to get wanted by the cops because usually a bunch of clothing
stores would pop up but now I know. Thanks!

Author Vasco Silva (2 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan I'm not english okay?

Author Steven Lothian (3 years)
Damn it, you are so lucky the white suit wasn't at the shop in my one.

Author Darkstarpixel (3 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan :P your the desperate one trying to get attention with
thumbs up. :P Stop being such a pussy and don't comment on this vid if you
don't like it... Pathetic.

Author Vasco Silva (2 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan ahaha you dont had thumbs up xD

Author AimBernie (3 years)
in wich chapter you playing rootbeerfanHD

Author DaTinyLegoMan (2 years)
@MrVasco9999 you dont had thumbs up? somebody dosent know english

Author TheMoneyy92 (1 year)
where did the yellow suit come from, in my mafia 2 game. the vangnel doesnt
have a yellow suit

Author Ellis Brownhill (9 months)
Thank you :)

Author gunny51997 (3 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan owned!

Author DaTinyLegoMan (3 years)
@FernandoGT70 how bout this go stick ur finger up ur fanny

Author blazzing4321 (2 years)
everytime i see 'casual suit' i get pissed off

Author charlotte hurst (2 years)
thumbs up if ya r a geordie

Author Dan Truong (2 years)
how to get a suit without a hat?

Author DaTinyLegoMan (2 years)
@justine123ist i was like 9 when i said that i was only a dumb mutherfuking
kid lol

Author DaTinyLegoMan (3 years)
@rootbeerfanHD i was ten wen i made tha account ya fuckin retard

Author nerfmaster2 (3 years)
Here's what I do kill everyone inside wait till the cops are done checking
the crime then go back in and steal everything so it's all in my closet

Author justine123ist (2 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan hahahaha in the end of your comment "btw thumbs up of you
agree!" then you get lots of negative votes and you are also so desperate
to get thumbs up hahahahaha

Author 300josh (3 years)
@JacobBen94 back in the 40's and 50's a hat was needed to show that your a
man of a high power like a police officer. Some guys wouldn't even come out
of their house without a hat. Simple classic fashion

Author alphon5e (2 years)
Lego is fucking awesome

Author MrSenneboy (1 year)
You can buy it in the 40's , and when youre in the 50's it still will be in
your closet ;d

Author Fernando Colon (3 years)
@willxwilly sadly,no

Author harleyboy022 (3 years)
How do u get no hat on when wearing the suits plz help and nice vid

Author Omar Ali Osman (3 years)
can you make a video showing all the clothing

Author DaTinyLegoMan (3 years)
@FernandoGT70 wait u didnt let me finish how about u got stick your thumb
up ur fanny and masterbate to justin bieber the fag. There see how simple
it is when u listen ;)

Author Ricky P (3 years)
@rootbeerfanHD heehe thank you rootbeef fan

Author Andreas20092010 (3 years)
Can i make a car supercharged on Mafia 2 without a DLC ? (On Playstation 3)

Author The Storm (3 years)
i wish it didnt make you wear the hat :(

Author kevinrocks05 (3 years)
thoughs suits are not luxury suits just expensive tailor made suits there
are diffrences theres casual, and tailored suits and shirts if there were
luxury suits they would cost twice as much.

Author OnyxKing332 (3 years)
For some reason, when I go there they don't have any black tailored suits.

Author Crystal Perry (2 years)
Wish the white suit was in the 50s part

Author gameswecan (1 year)
Play in the 40s or 50s

Author alphon5e (2 years)
I think there is a chapter select thing, but I'm not sure if you could do
it mid game.

Author jornwar (3 years)
you can drive a car in that shop, just give gas and hit the windows

Author TheWastedMexican (3 years)
Is there a way to get a suit without a hat?

Author peterganna (2 years)
@rootbeerfanHD i say her butt tasted more like regular butter but w.e and
you should have just stole the clothes it would have been cooler instead of
doing the right thing and just buying them XD

Author clickbam1 (2 years)
can i go in the chapter where the 40s are and buy it and than go back to my
actual chapter 50s?

Author DaTinyLegoMan (3 years)
@rootbeerfanHD bitch im 10 so suck my huge massive hairy dick

Author OkinawaDrag0n (1 year)
I always got these suits, I wondered why I didn't have the achievement.
Then I realized it was because I always robed the place lol.

Author Marketissibuksa (3 years)

Author 1davidproductions (2 years)
who buys clothes you go tta ROB clothes

Author the8tharmy (3 years)
Cheers :) Does it matter what chapter your in?

Author rad458 (3 years)
@willxwilly yes you can when you start the game select load chapter pick
one and dont do the mission.

Author Crystal Perry (1 year)
Yeah but you lose it when your house is burnt down

Author southeastside562 (2 years)
Do u have to be him to buy that suit or any1 can buy it??

Author Fernando Colon (3 years)
@DaTinyLegoMan u first XD

Author Haydn Lee (1 year)
someone just say what fucking chapter to go on and none of this 40's 50's
bullshit cos it doesnt show the fucking store for me

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