Earth Eagle ED145WD vs Lightning L-Drago 100HF

Umm just randomly picked two of my beyblades just to change it up a little. Next battle will be either Lightning L-Drago 100WD vs Flame Bull 145SD OR Rock Leone ED145WB vs Storm Capricorne M145Q. Which would you prefer??? Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers for watching, comment double tap the like button and subscribe!!! :P

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Author SA Rebirth (4 years)
@iBladeDriger hey wats the R?

Author TheRubens2 (3 years)
Yes,L-Drago!Simply the Best =)

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
@iBladeDriger okayz, i like to use aquario to as a sub,oh and did u know
aquario is .2 grams lighter?but i think they come out the same anyways...
oh and if you hav a metal face then put it on there but if not then dont
worry about it.

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@KandaLeBlader Considering my camera is 8.2 MP... No duh.

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@LegoHaloTube87 RF is worn out. Do u still want me too?

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
Thanks, it is kinda old though cuz if u can see the backround is the same
as when i did the unboxing vidd. haha

Author Lake Stomp (4 years)
@iBladeDriger LOL but L-Drago has it's own launcher Lock L-Drago > Lock
Eagle > LAUCH 1ST BEY & 2ND BEY RLY FAST... its like you lock your L-Drago
after you launched eagle which gives it an unfair advantage :S

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
@iBladeDriger cool thanks

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@LegoHaloTube87 Thanks i appreciate it!

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
@iBladeDriger hmm.... i guess normal l-dragos hf is fine if you cant use
rf, oh yeah and can u put ldrago on rapid attack and do sliding shoot?

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
can u do earth bull c145wb vs lightning l-drago 100rf? oh and watch my
videos plz!

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@ExForceFire I have a string launcher for Left and Right beys now

Author SA Rebirth (4 years)
no wonder, i thought you just do your bey battles in your car :S lol still
nice vid and nice combo for eagle

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@LegoHaloTube87 I sold my bull already but i can use aquario since it has
the same weight and weight distribution

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@LegoHaloTube87 Rubber 145 i believe.

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@kidd007LIghtning haha nah just timing. And actually i found a better one
for eagle (defense) its Earth Eagle R145WB

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@LegoHaloTube87 Sure no prob

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
oh and wats R145?

Author 78brody (4 years)
cool vid

Author iBladeDriger (4 years)
@ExForceFire They arent string launchers, but i will get l-drago string
launcher soon

Author TheRubens2 (3 years)
Takes you to launch another beyblade! Prepare everything before launch, so
there will not be cowardly!

Author JustfAFurt (3 years)
fake ldrago ist the best

Author JustfAFurt (3 years)
fake ldrago ist the best

Author BeybladeGeeks [GeekDosage] (3 years)
nice video i made a similar video like yours

Author Lake Stomp (4 years)

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
@iBladeDriger oh and i subbed u

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