9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Tracy Cooper ( ago)

Author Carter Wenger ( ago)
this is good

Author iTz NavoX ( ago)
im native and i live in canada

Author iTz NavoX ( ago)

Author carol morin ( ago)

Author mini Haha ( ago)
I love it he has a very beautiful voice!😍💕💞😘😜😝

Author Aggie Wood ( ago)
my cuzin

Author Celestine Stadnick ( ago)
Does anyone kniw the exatly lyrics? I can't catch all the words but wana
learn the song. Geeee

Author tiffany nippi ( ago)
I'm a native no kidding really I am

Author Ms. Gull ( ago)
Did this boy have other round dance songs?😀

Author Salmah Mohamed ( ago)
OMG, this young man has got the Spirit in him in Abundance! :) Bless him!

Author Luke Kootenay ( ago)
yo dats were I'm from

Author thomasina appah ( ago)
That's my brother

Author Kenny Peters ( ago)
anishinabay moongakiin

Author maison stevens ( ago)
This boy is amazing! Love this so much hahahaha. Nisk

Author Jesse Jaure ( ago)
Bad ass kid

Author jasmine matthews ( ago)
I'm a native Canadian Mi'kmaq

Author Mahtou Morrison ( ago)
Make more videos like that it make me go to sleep

Author DEBBIE Moore ( ago)
Who's eastern woodland native?

Author ennoboys 2.0 ( ago)
what tribe is he from

Author Tikerah Makokis ( ago)
cool singing little boy

Author Jay hawk126 ( ago)

Author o_Codyy ( ago)
Who else is native?

Author Wesley Oothoudt ( ago)
all the dislikes are butthurt white boys who know were better than them

Author Melissa Betone ( ago)
A some 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Author lizzle ford ( ago)
get up and dance and stop being shy tonight

Author Rewarded Thief ( ago)
Pure voice

Author Sinya Harden ( ago)
dam he is good I love his voice

Author Liberty HisLaw ( ago)
if u guys don't like the song don' t listen to it

Author sara white ( ago)
he's so good at it if he's your son tell him not to quit

Author Andy Dyck ( ago)
wheere is this flimed

Author Tanysha Sandy ( ago)

Author Ivette Guzman ( ago)
my son loves this song😊

Author puppy monkey baby ( ago)
I'm better this kid is a scrub

Author Sarah James ( ago)
My mom side is Powhatan (Virginia) and my dad side is Cherokee (North

Author World Universal ( ago)
This nine year old boy is cool, man!

Author Patty Littlewolfe ( ago)
this kid is nice singer

Author Ash Longneck ( ago)
god damn he can sign and showing his culture good for him very brave boy

Author Mabel Harvey ( ago)
Wow look at the views

Author Barry Leach ( ago)

Author Daniel Dennison ( ago)
fills up the valley of my heart with goodness and love

Author Native Boy ( ago)
Who's a Canadian native?

Author Nyah Sicade ( ago)
that's kinda like the round dance at me school

Author matty cardinal ( ago)
cutie hey

Author Selene Raven ( ago)
Since he's sixteen now, I wonder how he grew up. Is he Nakota Sioux (
Alexis FN), or did he travel to powwow there from another tribe?

Author HezSur Narcissus ( ago)
What a beautiful little voice. Oh man.

Author Landyce Faine ( ago)
Fuckin White boys

Author Destroyers ( ago)

Author Ladonna Courey ( ago)
Go little man. Your great!!

Author Hemsley Caribou ( ago)
native and proud❤👌

Author THE MAN 162058 ( ago)
great singing I'm Blackfeet

Author Kristie Martin ( ago)
native american baby.... so proud to be native

Author kungfujer ( ago)
be blessed ♡

Author sunflowerenvy11 ( ago)

Author Keaton Antoine ( ago)
holly fuck this kid good

Author lougon6 ( ago)
Don't know what he's singing but I can feel the passion and strength in me,
it gave me goosebumps......cheers from an Aztec descendant ....much love,
brothers and sisters

Author FaTaL ( ago)
❤️❤️love this kids music❤️❤️😝😜

Author Wesley Oothoudt ( ago)
this is why I'm glad to be Ojibwe

Author harmony blehhh ( ago)
so cute

Author Crystal Backman ( ago)
way to go young man you will be a lead singer one day.that's a lot of

Author Apathy 54 ( ago)
I know

Author Fran Alf ( ago)
nice little boy...

Author leyah marie ( ago)
I love this 😍

Author starwatcher gazed ( ago)
too cute God bless him

Author FaZe Rain Is Awesome ( ago)
I love it can just listen to this music all day❤❤❤❤❤

Author Paige Taylor ( ago)
OMG. I love his voice. I can't wait to hear more!

Author 0. 0 (Rey) ( ago)
I wonder how he sounds today and if he kept playing

Author troy show barnes ( ago)
only white people would dislike the video

Author Meadow Blackwolf ( ago)
he's so good

Author maddie love ( ago)
nice I was in a powwow tons of time this nice

Author Sarain Waskewitch ( ago)
awus...did you hear the girls just SWOON! lmao

Author Carlton B ( ago)
Love and blessings

Author Isaac Angel ( ago)

Author Myron Ghost Dog ( ago)
hit the floor.... great song!

Author David Torres ( ago)
love your soul buddy!

Author Mylynn Lewis ( ago)

Author The Bestfranns ( ago)
Native and proud✊🏽👊🏽

Author Dopezack Tsosie ( ago)
that's really good

Author Logan Thompson ( ago)
who wrote this song

Author Jalena Henry ( ago)
His voice is good at singing powwow

Author Ann Brandon ( ago)
always native American Indian Tell I die

Author Ann Brandon ( ago)
what is your tribe

Author rawdeal223 ( ago)

Author Winter Weaselboy ( ago)
whats his last name?

Author Alberta Prime ( ago)
Who the fuck "dislikes" this kind of video ?! ❤️

Author Cali Burrows ( ago)
omg he did amazing with that song i luv it does anyone no what this song is

Author wayne rabbitskin ( ago)
hi hiy

Author wayne rabbitskin ( ago)
follow my nephew

Author Jennifer Kleinsteuber ( ago)

Author Latoya Powderface ( ago)
sioux nation frm morley ab. hoka

Author K.Jojo ( ago)
this kid can sing anything. so much technical skills.

Author Tatianna Saros ( ago)
you're so cute but I'm a girl doll I'm 8 years old

Author Shawnda Bear Hunt ( ago)
love it still after so many times of watching it.

Author Matthew Garofalo ( ago)
wonder wat ever happened to him? 7 yearz later

Author Flash The Hyena ( ago)
I was expecting to cringe but I'm actually extremely impressed good job kid
keep it up 🙂

Author Ann Brandon ( ago)
good job keep it up

Author Devon Martin ( ago)
I'm a native dancer I was there dancing not to that song I herd itit and
that kid is amazing

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