9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Mamawind Wind (1 month)
I've been listening to this little boy( Arron Potts Letendre for yrs now
and I can't help but wonder where this talented little boy is at present.
Can anyone find out. Love his drumming and voice now everyone is rocking
just like Arron. Keep Rocking little man you make my day and make me smile
your so talented. Kind regards to you, Mamawind ( don't steal my name )

Author Corey Hanna (11 hours)
Love natives who trash earth ..throw another cigarette on the
ground...stomp it in fake natives

Author IBMikmaq (24 days)
He looks like my nephew they could be twins,

Author Vanessa Mcnab (1 month)
This is awesome. It made me cry. I am so proud of my heritage. 😊

Author Darci Garcia (1 month)
Awesume for a 9 year old 

Author Robert Saeger (1 day)
This young man is great ! Nice to see young people learning, and practice
their tradition !

Author Serita Tillson (15 hours)
This is a older video but great to see the younger ones keeping culture and
traditions alive. Very Talented!! 

Author kale wright (4 days)
hell ya he is good I mean awesome HELL YA

Author nicole abraham (16 days)
My 3 year old loves this video! Amazing voice and definitelytalented.
Wouldn't mind seeing more videos of him! 

Author Selena Conroy (19 days)
He looks like my little brother

Author Talon Thomas (24 days)
This little boy is crazy amazing!!!!

Author Rex Nguyen (28 days)
He is awesome

Author Hoksila New Holy (8 days)
DAY-YUM you nine year old good 

Author Larry LaSieur (8 days)
His in my school!!!!!

Author John Campbell (29 days)
I think that boy is keen. Keep on rockin lil man and keep doing the dang
thing. Big love. Big john. Ibh

Author Tammy K Phillips (2 months)
Just gives me the chills! ^.^ ha two thumbs up! VERY NICE

Author Winnerjoe Arthur (27 days)
mad respect for this Lil guy he has talent mwncl

Author Devontae Mckay (23 days)
this kid is really talented and he is really good at singing!! :)

Author wanda rider (26 days)
Very Talented, Where is he now? Update us please.

Author M Angélica Beltrán Franco (27 days)
He's awesome, it doesn't matter his age.

Author Ruth Wood (1 month)
What is he doing now at the age of 14? Very talented and beautiful.

Author Tuchil Stoneburner (4 months)
July 2014. Where is this boy now? Surely I am not the only one wondering? I
hope to see him maybe at a powwow? Thank you.

Author Kountry Boy Outdoors (27 days)
SANG Lil Man!!!

Author Keanna Green (4 months)
cool nice song cool boy

Author Larry LaSieur (1 month)
Whoop natives rock!!!!!!!! Get up and dance! !!!!! XD

Author Datt Navajo From Kayenta Az. (2 months)

Author N Tsinnijinnie (13 days)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Ashleigh Couchie (1 month)

Author Lyle Anderson (1 month)
I used to go to school with arron

Author Jason Johner (2 months)
I have watched this so many times hes really good, he makes me laugh on bad
days thanks kid

Author Kevin Gonzales (29 days)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author NBrown Brown (5 months)
Boy can sing

Author markyncole (3 months)
I just jammed over top of this bluesy riff and he had me feeling it,very

Author Thomas Lion Shows (1 month)
Shee yeh! Lil badass!!!

Author Arnold Simmons (1 month)
I wish i was dat good

Author Robert Jackson (1 month)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author IBMikmaq (2 months)
amazing! such a beautiful voice!

Author bryan garcia (1 month)
Young nd old Girls!! Hes GOOD!

Author Kristi Waboose (1 month)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author christopher rodriguez (1 month)
This kid is amazing 

Author Ida Bruyere (3 months)
It makes me sad that my culture is dying, cause we already lost our
language. Only a very few can still speak it, and it's mostly just elders.
And they're getting too old to teach us... *starts crying*

Author Kenterious Hart (1 month)
It's so cute

Author Peter Guerue (1 month)
Right on kool

Author Lilith LeAmas (23 days)

Author Rachel Lachapelle (3 days)

Author matthew ryle (17 days)
me and my friend think you are the best i was literally felt emotional and
i just about cried

Author aaryn lazore (2 months)
holy shit he sounds good 

Author Deseree Cundiff (1 month)
Very good!

Author nforce belibers (2 months)
He strong I love his voice

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