9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Vanessa Mcnab (4 months)
This is awesome. It made me cry. I am so proud of my heritage. 😊

Author bobbi dumarce (1 month)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Lexa Mcnabb (1 month)
I've been looking for this everywhere! :D thanks

Author Edgar Herrera (2 months)
Just amazing

Author lance moose (27 days)
This kid is better than me, and I'm 15. 

Author adam gerard (2 months)
This young fella is just amazing, inspiring and encouraging. Great round
dance singing and drumming

Author Serita Tillson (3 months)
This is a older video but great to see the younger ones keeping culture and
traditions alive. Very Talented!! 

Author Taiylor Wallace (2 days)
This is what powwows and music are about: enjoying yourself with respect to
the traditions, but also having some fun with it.

Author Katrina wynne (2 months)
Amazing :) 

Author Rachel Lachapelle (3 months)

Author N Tsinnijinnie (3 months)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Sparkles Bright (1 month)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Lilith LeAmas (4 months)

Author IBMikmaq (4 months)
He looks like my nephew they could be twins,

Author Ryan Banks (12 days)
Natives are children of Israel. The white man lied. Satan has deceived the
world. I'm black and he has fooled me for a bit. God has allowed me to know
the truth. God is great. I thank him for showing me Revelations 2:9 and the
first few verses of Isaiah. I know Jerry Springer is not a Jew and the real
Jews don't actually know who themselves are. I searched for the tribes of
Israel with God's help the first tribe I found I knew the white man lied.
So I smile when I see my half brother beating a drum. I know who he is. But
does he know?

Author katalinia Sconce (2 months)
Excellent little drummer I thought that was one of the best things I've
seen in a long time thank you very much for sharing

Author OwlAndAntler (2 months)
what song is this? im so into it

Author GOODZ7777 (13 days)
wow this gots a million views? holy shit lol thats my cuzhin 

Author adam gerard (2 months)
That young boy nailed i

Author jeff duvall (2 months)
sending some some Chahta love your way little buddy

Author Ceara Woody (2 months)
He has a Facebook page:

Author Vanessa Tinball (29 days)
I love this little. Guy. I wish I was Like this growing. Up but just
dancing.!: ) 

Author Julia Kirstine Kortholm (5 months)

Author Gail Nottaway (9 days)
this young man is awsome

Author Hailee Almanza (26 days)
Jenaya I love your music
The new music videos

Author uriah james (2 months)
This kid is cute on singing
And good😊😍👍👌

Author Jessica Valley (1 month)
209 Dislikes? You people don't know how hard it is to make a song like
Aaron did. To make a song it has to come fron your inner spirit your inner
soul, especially from hearing it from the creator. This is Martin Sampson
jr from Swinomish tribal community. 

Author Lexa Mcnabb (1 month)
anyone from lco rez.?

Author Darian Beardy (2 months)
who would dislike this video this kid is just so awesome (thumbs up for
this amazingf kid) respect 

Author Natia Cardinal (2 months)
This boy is so good! Keeping tradition going.

Author Melis Charles (4 days)
Oh pretty tight

Author Sara Ortega (3 months)
This boy is the best He did rock my world

Author Chantel Antone (1 month)
so cute

Author Angela Massett (17 days)

Author MaZe BACKround (1 month)
good singer

Author steve julian (17 days)
Get up and dance don't be shy.... That little guy is grooving. Classic

Author Robert Jackson (4 months)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Diane Doobs (23 days)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Kaitlyn Vaulters (2 months)
I am so happy to be in this Cutler I am starting to learn Indian music to,
this little boy inspires me to learn
more and more indian music.

Author Robert Saeger (3 months)
This young man is great ! Nice to see young people learning, and practice
their tradition !

Author Laura-jean Horseman (1 month)
omg so cute and aww I missed that part at the powwow man

Author SweetMel731 (15 days)

Author ameritte marie (28 days)
he so great!! love it

Author basil robbins (3 days)

Author Nakota.Sioux 16 (25 days)
awesome song cousin, your such a good singer and now you 14 :)

Author Kevin Gonzales (4 months)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author MaryJane betancourt (2 months)
Think he, was at new years eve pow wow fresno ca..

Author Shayla Christmas (1 month)
he a really good singer lol>>>.>..

Author Chantelle Eagle Bear (1 month)
you have lots of hits

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