9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Logan Thompson ( ago)
who wrote this song

Author Jalena Henry ( ago)
His voice is good at singing powwow

Author Ann Hardy ( ago)
always native American Indian Tell I die

Author Ann Hardy ( ago)
what is your tribe

Author rawdeal223 ( ago)

Author Winter Weaselboy ( ago)
whats his last name?

Author Alberta Prime ( ago)
Who the fuck "dislikes" this kind of video ?! ❤️

Author Cali Burrows ( ago)
omg he did amazing with that song i luv it does anyone no what this song is

Author wayne rabbitskin ( ago)
hi hiy

Author wayne rabbitskin ( ago)
follow my nephew

Author Jennifer Kleinsteuber ( ago)

Author Latoya Powderface ( ago)
sioux nation frm morley ab. hoka

Author K.Jojo ( ago)
this kid can sing anything. so much technical skills.

Author Tatianna Saros ( ago)
you're so cute but I'm a girl doll I'm 8 years old

Author Shawnda Bear Hunt ( ago)
love it still after so many times of watching it.

Author Matthew Garofalo ( ago)
wonder wat ever happened to him? 7 yearz later

Author Danieldafurrylovr ( ago)
I was expecting to cringe but I'm actually extremely impressed good job kid
keep it up 🙂

Author Ann Hardy ( ago)
good job keep it up

Author Devon Martin ( ago)
I'm a native dancer I was there dancing not to that song I herd itit and
that kid is amazing

Author brenden johns ( ago)
Native.Pride.Nation.Wide. all my fellow natives and ppl get up and dance
dont be shy tonight <3 Love this Hand Drum Song With My Whole heart!

Author Cecelia Brown ( ago)
nation alexis how are doing today good ur mother u have at groump home

Author Kylie Snowball ( ago)
lol at 00:16

Author Arliss Rabbit ( ago)
I'm Lakota and proud of it

Author Kelly Smith ( ago)
I*'m very proud of him ♥

Author Big daddy AK Klinekole ( ago)
man this is how its suppose to be the days

Author BeautifulRedBird6272 ( ago)
Blessings from the Great Spirit to this young brother. His voices is
powerful. Made me dance.

Author Marie-Pier Ottawa ( ago)
this little guy give me chills <3 love this song

Author Tyrrell Nakai ( ago)
o hell no

Author xXsotWiStEdXx ( ago)
kimithosin *th dialect* (beautiful)

Author Tim McCarthy ( ago)

Author FaZe OpTic ( ago)
very good

Author Bird Nest ( ago)
I am Indian I can understand him

Author Rhea Lynnski ( ago)
most favorite song in the whole world 😉😉

Author Rhea Lynn Casimer ( ago)
Awesome kid

Author vato loco ( ago)
this kid is a badass

Author Riccardo Fioravanti ( ago)
Lila Lila Wastelo <3

Author NET CREDIT ( ago)

Author Rachel Daniels ( ago)
love it

Author ExoticWaffle 45 ( ago)

Author ExoticWaffle 45 ( ago)

Author Dj Gederson ( ago)
he's a creative native😊

Author Dj Gederson ( ago)
hi there are any questions about this young boy

Author Dj Gederson ( ago)
your right he does Rock the drum😍

Author Dylan Summers ( ago)
There is so much power and emotion in his voice. Simply amazing.

Author felix solomon jr ( ago)

Author neptune army ( ago)

Author Michael Juan ( ago)
you have an amazing voice

Author Golden Snow ( ago)
Had me dancing and singing! you go for it sweetie!!

Author Rebecca Foster ( ago)
Just beautiful makes me want to sing

Author Raul Maldonado (DJ Ghost) ( ago)
this song is awesome when he plays the drum and sing I feel it in my heart

Author Tristan Gullion ( ago)
Love this video!

Author Jamie Oshkabewisens ( ago)
Gwet Taakaamik Sinaa Ezhinishehyin !

Gchi-Miigwetch !

Author Carl Schultz ( ago)
yo that kid rocks :)

Author Walter Humphrey ( ago)
good singing little man.

Author DixonGPatrick DGP ( ago)
much respect to tha youngstaz... much native love..

Author Justin King ( ago)
The little man's rocking this. I'm thoroughly impressed.

Author Fenyx_ Whatley25 ( ago)
oh and what the song

Author Fenyx_ Whatley25 ( ago)
Native for life that kid can sing wish I can sing like hkm

Author Melvin bear ( ago)
👑 cool :)

Author LIGHT Productions ( ago)
UMOHO Pride where my Macy peeps at AHO

Author pacific native ( ago)
This looks like peace on earth, i can feel the love all the way down here
in newzealand. remain strong my native brothers and sisters and keep your
culture alive.

Author janet curtis ( ago)
my favorite song miigwetch

Author Stephanie Bruner-Hummingbird ( ago)
just want you to know I'm so proud when i watch you, so young, so proud,
stay strong represent our people well son. just as your doing. i am a full
blood cherokee who had to be to raised w/out this wonderful, and i do mean
wonderful gift of being raised up in "our ways" just finding it, and seeing
you, singing with confidence, gives me confidence and pride in a good way.
wa da

Author Chris Gamboa ( ago)
Just Beautiful.

Author Darkn night Wolf 15 ( ago)
Anyone know the song name

Author ᴾᴱᴼ ᴾ ( ago)
Native love❤ ( •~•)

Author Leda Bighorn ( ago)
wow. I sing a little too. but I mostly dance. he is very powerful. Very

Author Paul McGeough ( ago)

Author Logan Thompson ( ago)
This kid probably did some tepeee creepen after that

Author Dan Brown ( ago)
keep it up youngster !!! youll only get better !!

Author Jade Moonlight ( ago)
chills**I ment to say

Author Jade Moonlight ( ago)
omg it made me had the chilles

Author Cheyenne Allen ( ago)
That is cool I love it all ready

Author Scott Whitebird, Jr. ( ago)
COOL thumb ups!😀

Author mixtli gonzalez ( ago)
What is the name of this song.

Author Mathyusstar Notafraid ( ago)
I want to be like you

Author Myrei Littlelight ( ago)
cool song guys have a great time😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃

Author David Le (54 years ago)
At a boy brother

Author Jolena Gulnaz ( ago)
First time I seen this was 2 years ago I think? Can't recall, was going
through my history nd found this video. He still blows my mind, such a
cutie no doubt

Author Leah K ( ago)
Wow! He's got talent!

Author RawVeganGoddess ( ago)
his singing is awesome.

Author natyboops (1588 years ago)
I wish I was 9 again!

Author Momma Redbear ( ago)
>>--Stay Strong, Stay Native->

Author Rayelle RattlesnaKe ( ago)
good job

Author Dis Girl ( ago)
He's not 9 now when I'm seeing this. But my native pride will not fall. I'm
a Native American and I'm proud. Hater's can hate.

Author dumbass animekid ( ago)
cool Aaron keep it up

Author Danielle St. John ( ago)
Good job🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👍

Author Mike C ( ago)
I could of sworn they where Choctaw by that dance!

Author LittleDove mareé ( ago)
so awesome it gives me chills. osda!

Author nwa ( ago)
so cool

Author Michael Bruguier ( ago)
I love it

Author Anne Rowan ( ago)
You got that little Niizhoo boy in the bag. Yet he has championships all
over. Get out there Aaron from Alexis First Nation and show 'em how it's

Author Dawn Dodgen ( ago)

Author Kevin Frazier ( ago)
that was legit! this kid is talented!

Author Jasmine Rivera ( ago)
so good

Author Heather Dineyazhe ( ago)
Im Sioux and like to listen to the sioux music and i stumble upon this
young future beautiful head pow-wow drum singer lol he'll make it that far
i sense to bring music that is beautiful he will make it far lol
and shame for those who disliked the video

Author Kaylene Noskiye ( ago)
I Speak Cree I Leave At Alberta Canda FoxLake .... I Love Being In FoxLake
Alberta Canada!

Author abbys gaming ( ago)
Native Pride for life💗can wait for powwow season to start back up

Author BroncosgirlinCA ( ago)
Most awesome lil man! Keep it native strong!

Author Harry P ( ago)
im not a native(ima sikh) but what is he sayin

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