9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Jasmine Rivera ( ago)
so good

Author Heather Dineyazhe ( ago)
Im Sioux and like to listen to the sioux music and i stumble upon this
young future beautiful head pow-wow drum singer lol he'll make it that far
i sense to bring music that is beautiful he will make it far lol
and shame for those who disliked the video

Author Kaylene Noskiye ( ago)
I Speak Cree I Leave At Alberta Canda FoxLake .... I Love Being In FoxLake
Alberta Canada!

Author abbys gaming ( ago)
Native Pride for life💗can wait for powwow season to start back up

Author BroncosgirlinCA ( ago)
Most awesome lil man! Keep it native strong!

Author Harry P ( ago)
im not a native(ima sikh) but what is he sayin

Author Kaylynn Williams ( ago)
Bang hand drum

Author Lula Oyate ( ago)
nice song aaron

Author Brydon Carter ( ago)
I'm native I'm from froglake

Author nathan mitsuing ( ago)
nice job aaron

Author Yami Patterson ( ago)
Keep it up. I am actually more Native American than you think.

Author meskwaki80 ( ago)

Author Terezi “Kιмodo” Pyrope (1370 years ago)
This is my friends cousin not lying.

Author Juan Torres ( ago)
thats cool, and cultural.

Author christian fulton ( ago)

Author Darius Jimmie ( ago)
u are stupid kid drumming u are stupid

Author d12r34e56w ( ago)
I am deluted proud of me that is of you

Author Gordon Burns ( ago)
You should hear the ochap jrs at powwow

Author Kaira N ( ago)
Hell yea!!!!! That's what i love to see!! #proudnative

Author Gabriel Jordan ( ago)
native pride so the people

Author Aubree Renee ( ago)
Love this omg know it buy heart

Author arliciawalker ( ago)
wow that's was nice, he sound good for real, he knows the spirit of the
good spirit

Author Marti Stevens ( ago)
Black loge latest powwow

Author Rayanne Gregg ( ago)
Love his singing♡

Author yellow_taxi ( ago)
im native like him yay we should be brothers

Author yellow_taxi ( ago)
this kid is awesome

Author Rose Adams ( ago)
omg I wanna Meet this Little Man And His Parents Cause hes so awesome hope
he comes and sings this song next rocky powwow HI HI

Author T Dizzay ( ago)
question anyone but how does that singing work? like can anyone do it? i
really wanna know how to sing but i dont where to start

Author Rose Adams ( ago)
Omg What An Amazing Little Singers its giving me goose bumps

Author Nina Guerra ( ago)
I'm going to start like you :-):D

Author noel Neptune ( ago)
We stay native for life

Author Cecelia David (1322 years ago)
is there any othr videos of him singing now that hes older? would love to
see them if there is any previous videos. hes so adorable :)

Author Sabrina Hernandez ( ago)
stay strong little Native American

Author emo girl ( ago)
this boy is 16 now

Author Davilson Silva ( ago)
True Americans to whom we we owe a lot respect, consideration...

Author Angela Baker ( ago)
I like the 9 year old singing he's good

Author shandiz Uribe (1718 years ago)

Author emo girl ( ago)
my dad showed me this like a few years ago and when I watch this video I
miss my dad so much he passed away
and yer

Author Jae aka wickedchula Porcupine,gomez ( ago)
awesome just cute I loved it

Author Jae aka wickedchula Porcupine,gomez ( ago)
awesome just cute I loved it

Author Myrna Dawes ( ago)
I like how he singing

Author Kaitlyn Vaulters ( ago)
just cute, keep on singing u your awesome at it

Author Earl Carroll ( ago)
There you go!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Yugan Dali ( ago)
Great singing! Greetings from Tayal tribal land, Taiwan.

Author Wade Goodrider ( ago)
Howah! Whats this boys name?

Author Tony Gonzalez ( ago)
I love all the traditional songs that we as native ppl can lesti n too
other traditional songs that we can keep alive. 

Author Chanelle Smoke ( ago)
I started when I was 6 and I'm 14. I am nothing close to as good as him. He
is amazing even tho this is a old video.

Author tigerqueen007 ( ago)

Author Michael White Butterfly ( ago)
This is what pow wow songs are all about. 😎little dude rules😎

Author Alfredjohn Has Horns ( ago)
So 'll cool

Author Native Kidd ( ago)
What's the name of this song?

Author jocrayy ( ago)
i was there i dont remember

Author Alyanza Montez ( ago)
he was at table moutain powwow I saw him there Ik Aaron 

Author Light St. Paul ( ago)
awww this is soo cute

Author Lorenzo Robbins ( ago)
I always come back to this video. He sounds amazing!

Author Noah Shadlow ( ago)
Aho little dude! 

Author Shaun Johnson ( ago)
He makes feel proud to be a cree indian

Author Caifeng Mae ( ago)
Omg this makes my heart smile ^_^

Author Neicy Rodriguez ( ago)
Madison king you are just jealous because you can't sing that good

Author Marie-Celine Charron ( ago)
Hey, how can we get a hold of this kid's parents? 

Author Lorena Torres ( ago)
My Kindergarten class watched this video over and over! Many of them will
get to experience their first ever Pow Wow tomorrow. Thank you for posting

Author ButterflyFeatherbear ( ago)
I had you as my ringtone lil bro LOL forreal. You're a good singer!

Author Red Moon “Ahyoka” Starr (1327 years ago)
Love this, we would love to see what he's up to nowadays

Author dizko4rumthehuds ( ago)
218 foo's can't rock any girls world... young & old

Author Katerina Paul ( ago)
what a voice on him!

Author Matthew Cooncome ( ago)
Wooow I'm amazed my son was like always singing that song to me 

Author Neicy Rodriguez ( ago)
Dude I like this song I almost hear it everyday

Author Jessica Gifford ( ago)
Just pure amazing when a little child can do he has such a big soul and

Author RITZ CRACKER ( ago)
aaron potts latendre future champ

Author Vee Roberts ( ago)
Wow that's awesome. Love you and don't let b-holes that have nothing better
to do than say they "disliked" get you down. You are great. 

Author Sonia O'Toole ( ago)

Author Elaine Singer ( ago)
i like this song

Author Elaine Singer ( ago)
im singing brose mitsuing

Author Catherine Desy ( ago)
hes so good and hes so cute :D im proud to be native :D

Author Kiowa Means ( ago)
That's ADORABLE!!!

Author Marie Decoteau ( ago)
totally love it!!

Author Leanna Catcheway ( ago)
This boy is awesome, good job... He's making it to big places. What are the
words? I couldn't really make it out. Ty

Author beverly irving ( ago)
He is just cute❤️

Author Emily McQuabbie ( ago)
Can you make more songs😂

Author tasi yuli ( ago)

Author Ganusquah Mcmanus ( ago)
this reminds me so much of my lil brother tus;cas pyu seven hawks who was
killed seven yrs ago this month fly high my brother

Author Alexander Fox ( ago)
This is awesome, my son loves this video. He sings and drums too at age 3,
he gets shy when people are around when he practices :).

Author jamieson pierce ( ago)
Chillls down my back man this boys got game and can sing :p

Author Tahnea Bear Head ( ago)

Author Kapreese Spaulding-Thomas (1930 years ago)
Proud to be native 

Author Taiylor Wallace ( ago)
This is what powwows and music are about: enjoying yourself with respect to
the traditions, but also having some fun with it.

Author basil robbins ( ago)

Author Brooke Rodas-Morris ( ago)
You sound like my brother singing 

Author Gail Nottaway ( ago)
this young man is awsome

Author Ryan Banks ( ago)
Natives are children of Israel. The white man lied. Satan has deceived the
world. I'm black and he has fooled me for a bit. God has allowed me to know
the truth. God is great. I thank him for showing me Revelations 2:9 and the
first few verses of Isaiah. I know Jerry Springer is not a Jew and the real
Jews don't actually know who themselves are. I searched for the tribes of
Israel with God's help the first tribe I found I knew the white man lied.
So I smile when I see my half brother beating a drum. I know who he is. But
does he know?

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