9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author senara maguire (7 months)
This boy is good!! lol

Author RoseaBee (4 months)
He is so adorable XDD

Author Jessie Dezz (1 month)
He's so good!!! Love it 

Author Angela McCollam (4 months)
This is so refreshing. A little one embracing the tradition being passed
from his elders. His heart speaks loudly. He's already earned more respect
than a lot of adults. I knew an elder in a tribe here in WA and I learned a
lot from him, his views on life and the Native American culture as a whole.
I was fortunate enough to see Chief Looking Horse when he came to Olympia
thanks to my friend who was on his security team. This is a little chief in
the making. Thanks for sharing. <3

Author Purcell Moosomin (2 months)
Awe me!!! That's so cute.

Author Bjorn Njordson (1 month)
Note his left hand, if you ever wondered how to change pitch on a frame
drum of any kind, watch his left hand.

Author JustAnother Therian (3 months)
look at him go!! He's ROCKIN that drum like no tomorrow!!

Author Hilaire Dufresne (1 year)
Here ya go +Alicia Reyes =)

Author Hoksila Istasapa (1 year)
Here's a good one 

Author Roger Ouimet (1 year)
what a talented young boy !

Author Purcell Moosomin (2 months)
Aaron sings sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

Author Lonny Cloud /Thunder Puppy Art (1 year)
Here ya go +Alicia Reyes =)

Author Karen E. (11 months)
I'm just loving this Native American. Boy is putting his heart into it.

Author Konrad Birzele (1 year)
Here's a good one 

Author Russ Letica (4 months)
Out of over 1 million hits I believe there are 132 asshole who would hit
dislike. You rocked it lil brotha.......

Author Roburta Tabbee (1 year)
This little boy is amazing. Listen. 

Author Ron Corn (5 months)
This is bad

Author Bobbi001 (7 months)
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Drrcfsjdhdnfnfkcnfmfmfkf, djemxjfjfjfjfjfjfnfnjjdjdjdjkdmdmdjk
Kxjdjdmdmsms, s8s, ekdieod,jcnjhddhjdjdjrmv mfjujufjfnfjhfjfjjfj
Dnfhfjfjjdjdjrnc jejdndmmdmdjdjmeidkiejrkrdjf
Jfnfnfn nbchfmijfudmdosnchejndnfjxmdmjdkd

The end

Author Nicole Sterling (1 year)
Everyone Get Up & Dance :)))

Author Jacquie Beveridge (5 months)
Not a very classy remark, Aya.

Author justin andrews (2 months)
this kid sings really good ????

Author Elizee T. (1 year)
Here's a good one 

Author Tuchil Stoneburner (2 days)
July 2014. Where is this boy now? Surely I am not the only one wondering? I
hope to see him maybe at a powwow? Thank you.

Author Talon Rayne (2 days)
He Sings Like My Brother

Author Ree-Made Strong Arikara (13 days)
Pow-wow jams: 9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

Author Anastasia Beaudry (8 months)
He's so cute!

Author Acid Angeli (3 months)
ahh Native coulture..One thing i love about being native american

Author Harold Kumar (26 days)
thats my cousin

Author chuck raische (2 months)
so badass!

Author Areya S. (27 days)
Wow, 2009? I'm just seeing this now! This is adorable! He's really
good! I wonder what he's doing now, he'd be 14 now.

Author Luna Zuriel (2 months)
Been a long time since I've heard something from the soul.

Author Chayton Kaip (16 days)
I was 7

Author otterwomen blackplume (10 months)

Author Liza Clille (9 days)
This kid can sing his heart out...

Author Renie Keen (6 months)

Author invader julia mcdougall (2 months)
oh my gosh!!!!1

Author aneeda jewlee (5 months)
wow..amazing kid

Author Beverley M. Wolfe (19 days)
Cute lol 

Author Barbie Dolly (1 month)
So cute! Lol 

Author Justin Ulloa (5 months)
I thought it was a rodeo...

Author Shecloud Walker (6 months)
Our Future.... Hope to see him succeed

Author Fire box (5 months)

Author msbone (2 months)
He's awesome! 

Author eypecal ewoswag (7 months)
sacred music is something one must first understand by being in touch with
what sacred means, then it could be understood.

Author sellena dixon (7 months)
Awesome loved it !! :)

Author Tsehalis Mahpia Sapa (4 months)
Keep it up proud of you

Author chelsey cornelius (19 days)
Good job little boy that is so cute

Author Amy Lotscher (4 months)
Awe, where was this? I would have loved to be there with him! Gave me
chicken skin!

Author karen saville (5 months)

Author Krystal Talashoma (2 months)
Haha true native boy!!!!! ^_^ he's so cute!!!

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