9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author JustAnother Therian (15 days)
look at him go!! He's ROCKIN that drum like no tomorrow!!

Author Angela McCollam (1 month)
This is so refreshing. A little one embracing the tradition being passed
from his elders. His heart speaks loudly. He's already earned more respect
than a lot of adults. I knew an elder in a tribe here in WA and I learned a
lot from him, his views on life and the Native American culture as a whole.
I was fortunate enough to see Chief Looking Horse when he came to Olympia
thanks to my friend who was on his security team. This is a little chief in
the making. Thanks for sharing. <3

Author RoseaBee (1 month)
He is so adorable XDD

Author senara maguire (3 months)
This boy is good!! lol

Author MrMlar1024 (3 days)
Good shit

Author Geraldine Rodgers (5 days)
made my day hearing this talented young man

Author drajon jones (8 days)

Author Acid Angeli (20 days)
ahh Native coulture..One thing i love about being native american

Author Anastasia Beaudry (4 months)
He's so cute!

Author trina blackplume (6 months)

Author Renie Keen (3 months)

Author aneeda jewlee (1 month)
wow..amazing kid

Author Justin Ulloa (2 months)
I thought it was a rodeo...

Author Shecloud Walker (3 months)
Our Future.... Hope to see him succeed

Author Russ Letica (27 days)
Out of over 1 million hits I believe there are 132 asshole who would hit
dislike. You rocked it lil brotha.......

Author Fire box (2 months)

Author Amy Lotscher (26 days)
This made me cry and gave me inspiration!

Author troublessavage (19 days)
I can't stop watching! I love this!

Author John Smith (4 months)
sacred music is something one must first understand by being in touch with
what sacred means, then it could be understood.

Author sellena dixon (4 months)
Awesome loved it !! :)

Author Tsehalis Mahpia Sapa (1 month)
Keep it up proud of you

Author karen saville (2 months)

Author Ron Corn (2 months)
This is bad

Author catcando75 (2 months)
Shining star!

Author Bobbi001 (4 months)
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The end

Author Miranda Lee (3 months)
Wow you are grate. I just love your voies
And I think you are grate.

Author Austin Jones (1 month)
Hands down this this little Dude is Awesome.. Keep it up Aaron... 

Author Consuelo Sheakley (3 months)
Absolutely love this video!

Author jaelyn Anderson (3 months)

Author ELLISSA MOOSHUU (4 months)
Cutest little man ever ♡ 

Author debbie dan (3 months)
Great video, talented young man!

Author Sue Armstrong (2 months)
I just received my first drum today

Author Melanie Panik'aq (2 months)
Hes gonna be very good when he gets older.

Author Laurie Marie Cornwell Faulkner (2 months)

Author Mary Jane (24 days)
Amazing!! #Respect ♥

Author Elisa Troy (1 month)
Very beautiful, I loved. Thank you for sharing. 

Author Krista Cyrus (4 months)

Author garret swan (1 month)
Fuck that kid is so awesome thanks for your song it vary vary cool 

Author Misty Allan (1 month)
He's a beast love this song

Author Nicole Love (3 months)
My friend cant stop listening to all his songs........ He sings good=)

Author Jim Windle (3 months)
Wow, this kid is amazing!

Author Ethan Fourbear (1 month)
That is cool Lil bro

Author Angel Hernandez (2 months)
gave me the chills! i love it!!

Author Wichasha Wakan (3 months)
Ever sexy those ladies laughing away.... 

Author DAVID OCELOTL (5 months)
skilled lil N8tive aho atakiase

Author Tahnyea Robbins (5 months)
So awesome

Author Jacquie Beveridge (2 months)
Not a very classy remark, Aya.

Author TaskkAB (4 months)
I was even dancing 

Author BabiiLokca OteroTorres (11 months)
♥.^ Love this song♥ Real Voice He got(:

Author Tyler Gaco (7 months)

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