9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Singing a song that we made


Author Datt Navajo From Kayenta Az. (26 days)

Author Tammy K Phillips (1 month)
Just gives me the chills! ^.^ ha two thumbs up! VERY NICE

Author Purcell Moosomin (5 months)
Aaron sings sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

Author Thomas Lion Shows (8 days)
Shee yeh! Lil badass!!!

Author christopher rodriguez (23 hours)
This kid is amazing 

Author Julia Kirstine Kortholm (9 days)

Author bryan garcia (5 days)
Young nd old Girls!! Hes GOOD!

Author Ashleigh Couchie (7 days)

Author Jessica Firebear (20 days)
Love it😘😊

Author Jason Johner (24 days)
I have watched this so many times hes really good, he makes me laugh on bad
days thanks kid

Author IBMikmaq (1 month)
amazing! such a beautiful voice!

Author nforce belibers (26 days)
He strong I love his voice

Author aaryn lazore (1 month)
holy shit he sounds good 

Author NBrown Brown (3 months)
Boy can sing

Author markyncole (1 month)
I just jammed over top of this bluesy riff and he had me feeling it,very

Author scenic Daze (1 month)
I will follow him.!!!

Author Lora Littlechild (1 month)
That's awesome. 👍😀

Author Ruth Peterson (1 month)
im gonna ROCK!!!! your world lol!!!!!!

Author Lana Bergen (1 month)

Author Jessica Firebear (20 days)
Love it😘😊

Author Jessie Dezz (4 months)
He's so good!!! Love it 

Author Matthew Stand (1 month)
This video is op that's my friend

Author Gilberto Avila (1 month)
I love this song im half native im mexican and half native

Author Jay Masuzumi (1 month)
Right on :D pretty good

Author Carmen Crutcher (1 month)
You Rock!

Author Ida Bruyere (2 months)
It makes me sad that my culture is dying, cause we already lost our
language. Only a very few can still speak it, and it's mostly just elders.
And they're getting too old to teach us... *starts crying*

Author sheryl faye Cardinal (1 month)
right on..awesome singing keep going 

Author Bjorn Njordson (4 months)
Note his left hand, if you ever wondered how to change pitch on a frame
drum of any kind, watch his left hand.

Author Donna Lazore (2 months)
this is awesome i maen it this time. mahawks plz dont make fun of mahwks
ok its not nice

Author Keanna Green (2 months)
cool nice song cool boy

Author Caryn Washtone (2 months)
This boy needs a FB page....

Author Frédéric CALVES (2 months)
Ecoutez cet enfant!

Author Vyktoreeyah Brown (2 months)
Made me cry

Author Gwendolyn bless (2 months)
Whoa hoka ..

Author Jean Bigmedicine (2 months)
yihh just cute 😊😊

Author Alyssa cannon (3 months)
I sing this lol but not as good

Author Jericho Pacheco (2 months)
Awsome were did u lern from I lernd by lisning to my grandpa sing keep it

Author StraightUpFatKidMCL (3 months)
Man I love this song

Author Angelica Pulido-Sylvies (3 months)
This is a very talented boy

Author Tuchil Stoneburner (3 months)
July 2014. Where is this boy now? Surely I am not the only one wondering? I
hope to see him maybe at a powwow? Thank you.

Author Talon Rayne (3 months)
He Sings Like My Brother

Author Ree-Made Strong Arikara (3 months)
Pow-wow jams: 9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

Author Purcell Moosomin (5 months)
Awe me!!! That's so cute.

Author Liza Clille (3 months)
This kid can sing his heart out...

Author Chayton Kaip (3 months)
I was 7

Author Brandy Daniels (3 months)
Love it

Author Beverley M. Wolfe (3 months)
Cute lol 

Author chelsey cornelius (3 months)
Good job little boy that is so cute

Author Harold Kumar (4 months)
thats my cousin

Author Russ Letica (7 months)
Out of over 1 million hits I believe there are 132 asshole who would hit
dislike. You rocked it lil brotha.......

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