9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum

9 year old Aaron sings a rounddance song at alexis first nation

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Author Michael White Butterfly ( ago)
This is what pow wow songs are all about. 😎little dude rules😎

Author Alfredjohn Has Horns ( ago)
So 'll cool

Author Native Kidd ( ago)
What's the name of this song?

Author jocrayy ( ago)
i was there i dont remember

Author Alyanza Montez ( ago)
he was at table moutain powwow I saw him there Ik Aaron 

Author Light St. Paul ( ago)
awww this is soo cute

Author Gregory Bressette ( ago)
Such talent. Comes natural

Author Lorenzo Robbins ( ago)
I always come back to this video. He sounds amazing!

Author Noah Shadlow ( ago)
Aho little dude! 

Author Shaun Johnson ( ago)
He makes feel proud to be a cree indian

Author Caifeng Mae ( ago)
Omg this makes my heart smile ^_^

Author gloria brown ( ago)
Driving home well riding home jamming out 

Author Neicy Rodriguez ( ago)
Madison king you are just jealous because you can't sing that good

Author Marie-Celine Charron ( ago)
Hey, how can we get a hold of this kid's parents? 

Author Lorena Torres ( ago)
My Kindergarten class watched this video over and over! Many of them will
get to experience their first ever Pow Wow tomorrow. Thank you for posting

Author ButterflyFeatherbear ( ago)
I had you as my ringtone lil bro LOL forreal. You're a good singer!

Author Jimi Blatchford ( ago)
Everybody I like this music so much go to youtube and listen to it love
everybody im hanging out with my brother nick 

Author Red Moon “Ahyoka” Starr (1326 years ago)
Love this, we would love to see what he's up to nowadays

Author dizko4rumthehuds ( ago)
218 foo's can't rock any girls world... young & old

Author Katerina Paul ( ago)
what a voice on him!

Author Kellz Littlewolfe (Japan) ( ago)

Author Krystle Young ( ago)

Author Matthew Cooncome ( ago)
Wooow I'm amazed my son was like always singing that song to me 

Author Neicy Rodriguez ( ago)
Dude I like this song I almost hear it everyday

Author Jessica Gifford ( ago)
Just pure amazing when a little child can do he has such a big soul and

Author RITZ CRACKER ( ago)
aaron potts latendre future champ

Author tisha roberts ( ago)
look at this

Author Vee Roberts ( ago)
Wow that's awesome. Love you and don't let b-holes that have nothing better
to do than say they "disliked" get you down. You are great. 

Author Sonia O'Toole ( ago)

Author 911ambulancegirl ( ago)
Give him a couple of years and he's gonna be a pussy slayer... LOL

Author Elaine Singer ( ago)
i like this song

Author Elaine Singer ( ago)
im singing brose mitsuing

Author Tina Sconawah ( ago)

Author Angie Patrick (198 years ago)

Author Catherine Desy ( ago)
hes so good and hes so cute :D im proud to be native :D

Author Kiowa Means ( ago)
That's ADORABLE!!!

Author Marie Decoteau ( ago)
totally love it!!

Author Leanna Catcheway ( ago)
This boy is awesome, good job... He's making it to big places. What are the
words? I couldn't really make it out. Ty

Author beverly irving ( ago)
He is just cute❤️

Author Emily McQuabbie ( ago)
Can you make more songs😂

Author tasi yuli ( ago)

Author Ganusquah Mcmanus ( ago)
this reminds me so much of my lil brother tus;cas pyu seven hawks who was
killed seven yrs ago this month fly high my brother

Author Alexander Fox ( ago)
This is awesome, my son loves this video. He sings and drums too at age 3,
he gets shy when people are around when he practices :).

Author jamieson pierce ( ago)
Chillls down my back man this boys got game and can sing :p

Author Tahnea Bear Head ( ago)

Author Kapreese Spaulding-Thomas (1929 years ago)
Proud to be native 

Author Taiylor Wallace ( ago)
This is what powwows and music are about: enjoying yourself with respect to
the traditions, but also having some fun with it.

Author basil robbins ( ago)

Author Bea Morris ( ago)
You sound like my brother singing 

Author Gail Nottaway ( ago)
this young man is awsome

Author Ryan Banks ( ago)
Natives are children of Israel. The white man lied. Satan has deceived the
world. I'm black and he has fooled me for a bit. God has allowed me to know
the truth. God is great. I thank him for showing me Revelations 2:9 and the
first few verses of Isaiah. I know Jerry Springer is not a Jew and the real
Jews don't actually know who themselves are. I searched for the tribes of
Israel with God's help the first tribe I found I knew the white man lied.
So I smile when I see my half brother beating a drum. I know who he is. But
does he know?

Author Bomber Lxs ( ago)
1M views? Damn! Atta boy cuz

Author GOODZ7777 ( ago)
wow this gots a million views? holy shit lol thats my cuzhin 

Author SweetMel731 ( ago)

Author steve julian ( ago)
Get up and dance don't be shy.... That little guy is grooving. Classic

Author Angela Massett ( ago)

Author Diane Doobs ( ago)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Mewsagi (1363 years ago)
Talented little guy ♥ :D bless him

Author Nakota.Sioux 16 ( ago)
awesome song cousin, your such a good singer and now you 14 :)

Author Hailee Almanza ( ago)
Jenaya I love your music
The new music videos

Author lance moose ( ago)
This kid is better than me, and I'm 15. 

Author ameritte marie ( ago)
he so great!! love it

Author Vanessa counts ( ago)
I love this little. Guy. I wish I was Like this growing. Up but just
dancing.!: ) 

Author cute kawii 2 her sissy kitty kat (alex dorme) ( ago)
he a really good singer lol>>>.>..

Author Chantelle Eagle Bear ( ago)
you have lots of hits

Author Chantelle Eagle Bear ( ago)
you are so good singr and so cool you are so telintid kid

Author Chantel Antone ( ago)
so cute

Author Jessica Valley ( ago)
209 Dislikes? You people don't know how hard it is to make a song like
Aaron did. To make a song it has to come fron your inner spirit your inner
soul, especially from hearing it from the creator. This is Martin Sampson
jr from Swinomish tribal community. 

Author Sparkles Bright ( ago)
This little boy is awesome

Author Marcus Mistickokat ( ago)
Hale loves this song

Author bobbi dumarce ( ago)
9 Year Old Rocks Hand drum:

Author Nicole Van Wert ( ago)
Keep it up lil brother

Author Jayna-Leigh Bear ( ago)
you are good

Author Laura-jean Horseman (665 years ago)
omg so cute and aww I missed that part at the powwow man

Author John McLaren ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author MaZe BACKround ( ago)
good singer

Author Guillermo Santiago Solves ( ago)

Author reggie nelson ( ago)
Awesome young spirit singer in training 

Author Argot May ( ago)
God made him great. SO THANKFUL. Hau.

Author OwlAndAntler ( ago)
what song is this? im so into it

Author William Desjardins ( ago)
this is so cool 

Author Katrina wynne ( ago)
Amazing :) 

Author Natia Cardinal ( ago)
This boy is so good! Keeping tradition going.

Author jeff duvall ( ago)
sending some some Chahta love your way little buddy

Author adam gerard ( ago)
That young boy nailed i

Author Darian Beardy ( ago)
who would dislike this video this kid is just so awesome (thumbs up for
this amazingf kid) respect 

Author Robert Thompson ( ago)

Author Ceara Woody ( ago)
He has a Facebook page:

Author MaryJane betancourt ( ago)
Think he, was at new years eve pow wow fresno ca..

Author uriah james ( ago)
This kid is cute on singing
And good😊😍👍👌

Author katalinia marie ( ago)
Excellent little drummer I thought that was one of the best things I've
seen in a long time thank you very much for sharing

Author adam gerard ( ago)
This young fella is just amazing, inspiring and encouraging. Great round
dance singing and drumming

Author Kaitlyn Vaulters ( ago)
I am so happy to be in this Cutler I am starting to learn Indian music to,
this little boy inspires me to learn
more and more indian music.

Author Edgar Herrera ( ago)
Just amazing

Author Sharon Fraynn ( ago)
Your a cool boy

Author layak wolf ( ago)
we need teach more like this never give up on them the one day they teach
the other wen our time come

Author Serita Tillson ( ago)
This is a older video but great to see the younger ones keeping culture and
traditions alive. Very Talented!! 

Author Robert Saeger ( ago)
This young man is great ! Nice to see young people learning, and practice
their tradition !

Author Rachel Lachapelle ( ago)

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