FFXIV ARR: Ifrit (Extreme Mode) Strategy & Guide

Hey guys. Finally getting to upload some 2.1 content! Uploading our strategy for Extreme Mode Ifrit! If you beat him, congratulations on your new EX Primal Weapon! Enjoy!


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This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.

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Author Sylvia Benoit ( ago)
it"s I-frite as in eye frrrr it

Author Shay Collins ( ago)
I JUST beat Titan extreme yesterday and was so physically drained, I almost
called in from work lmfao I do it for the ponies!(which I still haven't
gotten) lol but to for this video!

Author necrom666 ( ago)
Can primal weapons be attached to your retainer?

Author Syzygian Connor ( ago)
I think that the tank swap mechanic wasn't done quite enough justice in
this video. Tanks going into the fight expecting a regular swap like in
garuda, titan, or even ramuh, are gonna get a rude slap in the face. Lots
of times, I found myself already back up at 3 stacks before the other
tank's stacks had even worn off. Ifrit also has a nasty habit of
incinerating you twice in a row after 2 stacks, putting you up at 4 in no
time. Many pug tanks simply get too comfortable when off tanking and aren't
expecting to have to swap again in less than 20 seconds at times. Ifrit
also loves to incinerate WHILE you are swapping, giving both of you another

I found it much more helpful and effective to have the current OT always
stay near Ifrit. You can't afford to miss that 3rd stack. Also another
thing missed in the video is that Ifrit will land next to whoever has top
aggro after dashes, so the current MT always needs to start running back
into position after about the third dash. 

Author xDaedricx1 ( ago)
Da Feders!

Author Sum Ting Wong ( ago)
Apparently, unlike all the other difficulties using the caster DPS T3 limit
break on the final nails is a bad idea, since it pretty much raid wipes
when you take out 1/3rd of them at once... 

Author RicachetX ( ago)
yo this guy is so thorough lol good vids!

Author MrAbyssa ( ago)
Just beat titan ex after months (since release of..) last night..test to
take this on! I've been well geared for all these fights but some folks
can't get the fights down because they can't figure out the patterns. These
aren't hard fights. I'm just glad I had a good group finally. 

Author zpyang ( ago)
fo real though this seems way easier than Titan EX and those mufuckin

Author WhisperDeeply ( ago)
Just beat Titan Ex (after dozens and dozens of frustrating failures), so
I'm ready to take this guy on! Seems like cake in comparison.

Author TheLifeInTheBox ( ago)
Couldn't you just ensuna the debuff off of the tank(s)?

Author Peter Hudson ( ago)
If only there was anyone on Odin doing Ifrit Ex without a fee, I might be
able to get past this fight.

Author killacam543210 ( ago)
im glad this is easier! after titian ex i needed a break xD

Author Gaba Zoro ( ago)
watch leviathan extrem mode The Whorleater (Extreme)
Monk view!!!!!!

cant beat ifrit at all u.u 

Author Smith jeff ( ago)
bacon : )

Author Marcos Cherem ( ago)
I'm so damned disapointed that I can't get a group that can't dodge titan
Ex, cant wait to beat ifrit Ex. Hey Mr Happy in which server are you? I
will probably move because mine sucks

Author Kenta Sugimoto ( ago)
imaging ifrit in the air

Author SerNico ofRette ( ago)
Dude, your guides are amazing. Veiwing these videos is mandatory in our
free company now lol. Very easy to follow and its really helping us kill
these baddies one by one. :)

Author sevendubb ( ago)
Heal this. Then tell me it's not egg stream. All egg stream primals have
repeating/monotonous phases so I don't think Garuda or Titan have much more

If you can't beat Garuda you just need to step your game up, or L2DPS.
Titan's a joke. It's incredibly methodical.

Ifrit? Fucking RNG you gotta adapt to on the fly.

Author KikoriShadow ( ago)
Hell, they added more creativity to how Ultima's Bane handled Ifrit
mechanics to how Ifrit itself handled his own mechanics. <_<

Author Curtis Merrell ( ago)
I don't care how you pronounce Ifrit, but "Sep-ul-Chur" in your Titan

Author Olorinlemaiar ( ago)
We had a problem with our raid on our first tries, we were always wiping on
the last nail phase because it seemed like we had not enough DPS, turn out
it was the contrary, we had so much DPS that the tanks and the summoner
dots were enough to pass a threshold where he choose to immediatly jump.
Once we calmed down the dps, we saw that we had a LOT more time to destroy
the nails. We lost a whole night because of this.

Author Bob Martin ( ago)
Mr. Happy. I really like your videos and you're always my go-to guy for FF
info. But maybe you could expound more on what the healers are supposed to
do? Its an important mechanic in the fight but I'm really feeling in the
dark here on what their strategy is. Not finding many videos online that
outline exactly how searing wind works other than it alternates and is bad.

Author smailyOgando ( ago)
Ok thanks 

Author smailyOgando ( ago)
Can you use tank lb to survive 3er hell fire? 

Author Tommy Mildon ( ago)
eruption is annoying as shit on BLM lol

Author Anshin Fuyu ( ago)
more tips for healers would be great! I have issues positioning myself
every now and then. )':

Author MetalShadow101 ( ago)
Thank you mister happy!

Author Baye3Ha11 ( ago)
after this vid
lam below bad

Author Eliza Kiyoshi ( ago)
is it possible to kill the big nail first then go for other nails next?

Author fabiano ( ago)
we just tried to burn ifrits last nail phase by ignore them , but the fight
is scripted . ifrit jumps up at 10k hp and wipes the pt ... 

Author thejadegecko ( ago)
Can you show the healer POV of this fight?

Author Adriano Passos ( ago)
you dont use more yours Macros?

Author RegHasegawa ( ago)
Just got our first extreme primal weapon tonight. Took us 2days to down
titan, and just an hour or so for ifrit. Gonna say ifrit is poorly
designed and probably the easiest among all 3 extreme primals. 

Author ShivaServer2009 ( ago)
Mr. Happy, I tried this fight early this morning and I noticed a few
differences between 2.0's version and 1.0. I had to do this fight for my
blm relic in 1.0 and I was surprised that SE made it so only the healers
get targeted with the debuff. Another noticeable difference was that you
no longer have to break his horns in the beginning of the fight. Did you
play 1.0 and do the fight then? If so, do you think they should've kept
the fight as it was then?
Is there a noticeable icon on the UI that pops if you get chained? I found
a few times ppl didn't realise they were chained right away so is there
something to look for on the UI? Thanks for all your vids btw, the Titan
ex vid was very helpful and informative. Finally got my win last night.

Author Buzz Its a Mononym ( ago)
Awesome vid man, ill have to give it a try, Looks like your right as long
as you pay attention to the mechanics and don't panic this doesn't seem
like that difficult of a fight if your geared correctly.
How many times did your group wipe before first getting this fight?

Author devildueler ( ago)
Safe spot for plumes for the NE side, assuming the safe spot for SW is
directly opposite: NE across the flames is a bush. The end of the bush is
right where the safe spot is. 2nd plumes, rotates clockwise a little, the
safe spot being towards the shields/tunnel. The 3rd plume safe spot rotates
clockwise yet again and is directly west and east on the map.

Author Telris86 ( ago)
You forgot one thing about the radiant plumes. The save spot shifts from
phase to phase. The NE save spot moves slightly to the east each time. On
the final phase after the big nail it's directly east and the save spot for
the healer that needs to be away is directly west.

Author Alkimi15 ( ago)
According to your mini-map the safe areas for radiant plume change aren't
always the same. The first is slightly NW as you say, but after the 2nd and
3rd hellfires it's in the east.

Author dlysele ( ago)
Holy shit you are rich! MrHappy!

Author Ashley Andrews (Ash) ( ago)
They used the LB on the Large nail in the middle. ^^

Author ThePvtcornflower ( ago)
You should really take this video down. It's FULL of wrong information. I
don't know whether or not you are intentionally trying to mislead people or
not but you should fix this.

Author Drk Mercenary ( ago)
Is there a guide with healer POV somewhere? My party can't figure out how
to deal with Searing Wind when going clockwise during nail phase. Does the
healer with Searing Wind move across the middle to dodge the DPS group?

Author Rhea Silhouette ( ago)
The big one popped after a few hits? 

Author mdiaz2111 ( ago)
What ilvl gear is recommended for this fight?

Author MastaYoshi ( ago)
Still easier than Titan EM for DPS, harder for Healers though. 

Author MrMarlboroz ( ago)
So did u get the weapon? How does it look? xD

Author vilvet hope ( ago)
btw what does it drop?

Author Bananaboatdotjpeg ( ago)
Bah i was expecting more. Titan EX and Garuda EX seem way harder than
Ifrit. Im kind of disapointed. They really should of fleshed out Ifrit more

Author Adnaan Hussain ( ago)
Really want to re-sub but i got my exams in 2 weeks and hopfully ill manage
to catch up before the next patch. Can't wait to play my warrior , still
need to beat TITAN HM

Author Canadian Attack Moose ( ago)
I don't really have time to watch the videos right now, so you might have
said it in the video, sorry! Can I go into the primals as WHM and still get
the BLM weapon, or do I need to be on my BLM to get it?

Author Nex. ( ago)
Good job!

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