Tomi Lahren Faces Backlash For Being Pro-Choice Conservative | The View

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Author Ash R. ( ago)
I don't think Tomi deserves the backlash she is getting. She is exercising her right to free speech. You are allowed to disagree with different platforms

Author Camden Behrens ( ago)
Gay. Voted Trump.

Author Nicole Gould ( ago)
Tomi wasn't suspended because she is "pro choice" tomi Lahren was suspended because she was just a few months ago talking about "pro choicers" and calling them baby murderers. She's just like Hilary Clinton...a point Hilary was a republican and against abortion and against gay marriage...look at her now...

Author Mugs McEvoy ( ago)
The Constitution said nothing about "Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness",that was the Declaration of Independence.Learn your history.

Author Jason Pettit ( ago)
but she called conservatives hypocrites and is calling out the people who own her show

Author danzoil ( ago)
"I can sit here and say that as a republican" no you can't, Tomi. Now have a taste of some good old right-wing intolerance. You're fired!

Author Ronny Paul ( ago)
Simply put, women should stay out of men's wallets. The problem with abortion is it is funded we men's money. If you're a ho and you want an abortion, pay for it yourself. If you can afford it, get some $30 quack doctor to do it for you.

Author Ronny Paul ( ago)
Nah, they're all Libtards.

Author Esme Vega ( ago)
Energy cannot be destroyed nor created it can only be transformed, there she gets back the energy she put out.

Author Alyssa Winegarden ( ago)
On the side of the pro choice people, there is a difference between pro choice and pro abortion. She never said she was pro abortion. I am anti abortion and total pro-life of all species. Tomi is not pro abortion and she is not a hypocrite

Author jessica golden ( ago)
What makes anyone think that abortion wasn't around and dealt with back then! L

Author Diane Rutz ( ago)
Tomi is a hypocrite for bashing the pro choice group a few months earlier and then calling HER BASE hypocrites by supporting what she previously bashed while basking in the lure of the hyenas den and their audience.

Author C ( ago)
I think Tomi is loving this! You guys should make room for her at the table! But she would take over your show though!!! lol

Author desiguy55 ( ago)
correction: conservatives did not go against Tomi for her abortion views they went after her for hypocrisy, on past videos she is staunchly pro life but on the View she is pro choice. we wonder on how many other issues is she going to flip flop. perhaps she should sit down and decide on what side of the issues she really is .

Author Chelsee Cooper ( ago)
I'm Pro-Choice. Who am I to tell a woman, or worse, a RAPE victim that she has to suffer for 10 months to have an unwanted baby just to make people who will not be helping her raise the child happy. It's crazy and truly disgusting in my opinion that people want that control over what a woman chooses to do with her body. It may sound bad but I would rather a woman have an abortion than have the baby and dump it somewhere, sell it, put it in a foster care, or just torture and neglect the child.

Author Jeremy Wade ( ago)
Actually abortion IS in the Constitution and it states clearly that it's not to happen.

Author Lo Oo ( ago)
Your faith doesn't agree with abortion because of the 10 commandments but you can believe in guns?

Author Bummy Davis ( ago)
she's fucking beautiful

Author Calcifer Travih ( ago)
How can you be anti-divorce, that is literally the dumbest thing ever ive never even considered it being an option until now.

Author edoardo fedrighi ( ago)
I noticed all pro choice have already been born

Author Robert Roth ( ago)
Support for abortion on demand enables white genocide. Tomi "My Body My Choice" Lahren aborted a significant number of followers and supporters when she disclosed that she is an enabler of white genocide. There is nothing mysterious about any of it.

Author Dragon Song ( ago)

Author Dragon Song ( ago)

Author Andrew Williams ( ago)
The problem is as soon as you let the government pay for something like school,healthcare and other services they get more expensive and they get to make the rules. Less government is the answer.

Author bri b ( ago)
this show trys sooooo hard to stay relevant

Author Shawn Dinora ( ago)
I watched this video because I support Tomi lahren. I'm a conservative them I guess you can call it pro-choice you've got planned be out there with busy 3 days to go get the medicine which is cheap and take it if you can do that in three days then man up and take responsibility of your actions but you have people that say that life begins at first breath but if you stop the heart of the adult you go to jail possibly death row . you if you stop the heart of an adult you go to jail for Life possibly the death penalty but if you stop the heart of a baby it's okay ...

Author Ross Wood ( ago)
Whoopi is a good guy for coming on a women's show

Author Valerie Christy ( ago)
The woman speaking has probably never been in an abusive relationship. How about you focus on yourself and leave others alone.

Author Pablo Ruiz ( ago)
omg, sssshhhhhhhut up!

Author lovelyte ( ago)
I don't agree that Toni Lahran is being a hypocrite. Of coarse she would accept "support" from other women after being suspended.

Author Lauren Avant ( ago)
I'm glad they're terrible to her. No offense Tammy isn't truthful she talk about all these black folks and our issues but fails to recognize the true terror in this country 🐸🍵

Author Alan S. ( ago)
Easy for Joy and Whoopi to be pro choice.  They'll never have to make that decision.

Author BIG M ( ago)
the girl at the far right is hot!

Author Hector Taylor ( ago)
Been done with Beck for a long time. Everyone should boycott him. Give Tomi her own show. PS: Boycott the View too so your mind isn't tainted by the insanity and ignorance of the hosts.

Author KingJames BibleBeliever ( ago)
Abortion is murder. It has NOTHING to do with the Constitution. When an abortion takes place it the babies body that is being ripped apart, NOT the woman.

Author Soul Fist ( ago)
I'm not pro choice, I just don't fucking care. if you want to murder your own children go ahead.
the government shouldn't pay for it though.

Author just NOVA ( ago)
Smartest segment and joy still looks stupid

Author Taniya Williams ( ago)
The girl in yellow wtf was wrong with her lips they look weird

Author women hood ( ago)
Faith ohh please I thought you are not meant to be on birth control if your prolife seeing as you are stopping reproduction can not have it both ways

Author Ruth Perez ( ago)
bunch of liberals, menopausal women that need to get fuck...I hate these bunch of old hags..they are just plain jealous.
GO retire. except the young lady.

Author Ariana Garcia ( ago)
I'd rather have a choice and then none at all.

Author robertk2007 ( ago)
so you can be a pussy grabber, say obama wire tapped your phone, have ties to russia, but being pro-choice is where republicans draw the line?

Author Lup Quinon ( ago)
Boom shots fired!! "Then why did you vote for Donald Trump"? Good one!

Author Carolee Kelly ( ago)
LOL. I know plenty of republicans that have had abortions. Most of the country IS pro choice. The government has NO business in a woman's body for any reason.

Author Steven Johnson ( ago)
Manuel Osorio
my beliefs that abortion is murder has ZERO to do with the bible. I simply used your own argument of Bible verses against you.
facts and science are what I believe and it's clear that aborting a fertilized egg is murder. For one it is in no way just a part of a woman. 2 it is a human being. it doesn't just change into one my chance. All humans started out and took that same process of growing and developing as everyone else. Abortion is clear, it ends the life of an innocent being.

Author Irishman checkin in ( ago)
I wanted to get a different view of this issue (yes, thats a pun) But seriously, im a conservative. I dont apologize for it either. Im also pro choice. Been both for a very long time. However, I personally think, with certain obvious exclusions so please dont start with the hypotheticals, that having an abortion is a very bad idea and I do think its wrong. But just because I feel that way doesnt mean the government should have a law about it because big government is the biggest problem. More laws, more regulation? Almost NEVER the solution. Ive only known 2 woman who've had abortions, yes i was still friends with both, but they both said it was the biggest mistake and regret they had in thier lives. I advise against it to everyone reading this, but i'd oppose a law mandating it and MANY conservatives feel as I do. We arent a monolith. Because of the general tone of these comments and the fact i dont argue in comment sections i wont be responding so dont waste your time trying to get me to argue. Cheers

Author Ethan Allen ( ago)
She's actually not pro choice she just freaked out after being surrounded by you washed up she sharks.

Author Markeya Love ( ago)
Idk what sparked in Jed lately but she's starting to make sense.

Author Mark Dice ( ago)
Glenn Beck soured on Tomi Lahren when she wouldn’t drink his Never Trump Kool Aid, & got jealous when she became a bigger star.

Author Shade Stockton ( ago)
mind your own businesses people a woman can do whatever he wants with his body it's not yours

Author tedGEGI ( ago)
We'll be right back.

Author Liban Adam ( ago)
Dont stop saying you are pro-life just because these liberals wants you to say that you are "anti abortion". They should be the ones saying that they are pro-murder wtf

Author Tyler Schwab ( ago)
Who watches this absolute JUNK MY God!!!!

Author Domingo Rivera ( ago)
Wow! No true pro-lifers on the view when at least 40% of women are. Embarassing for a show that says it represents women.

Author Isaac Hatton ( ago)
2:25 Inferring that abortion wasn't within the scope of contemplation back when they wrote the constitution is either a lie or a statement formed by ignorance. This is the kind of flippant blanket statements devoid of intellectual honesty, evidence or historical context one would come to expect from the View.

James Wilson (founding father, original member of the supreme court, signed both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution) said, "...with consistency, beautiful, and undeviating, human life, from its commencement to its close, is protected by the common law. In the contemplations of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb by the law that life is protected..."

John Witherspoon (signed the declaration of Independence) said, “Some nations have given parents the power of life and death over their children. But here in America, we have denied the power of life and death to parents.”

It is clear if you read law books contemporary to the time of the founding fathers (The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer Vol. 2 circa 1793; The new Virginia justice: comprising the office and authority of a justice ... 1810; A General Instructer: Or, The Office, Duty, and Authority of Justices of the Peace... 1820, English Commonwealth law i.e. Coke and Blackstone, ect ect) That a mother was "quick with child" when she could feel the child within her, and to act upon that child by "potion" or other means in order to terminate the pregnancy constituted as a crime.

TLDR: So according to our founding fathers: if human life is protected by law "from it's commencement," and that begins "in the womb," then the constitution very much does apply to not just the mother, but also the child. Foremost among those rights being life itself.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Author Jonelle Pemberton ( ago)
The fact that Sunny said "Maybe not get married in the first place" in reference to staying in an abusive relationship is so incredibly ignorant and disrespectful. As if to say that most people get into an abusive marriage purposely smh

Author Kevin Krostosky ( ago)
These Yahoos are Labeling and trying to define who is Conservative. But who cares about Opinions on the View, Anyway ? Don't you wish Behar was Dead ?

Author wijiu ( ago)
She is wishy washy that's why conservatives turned on her, but of course the view does not do their research. They are just dumbasses.

Author donnie edward ( ago)
Tomi is so hot she can say anything

Author Suzie Paris ( ago)
whoohoo did someone give Whoopi a whoopin?? she actually had a decent conversation without trashing Our President or anyone else

Author Simplee moi ( ago)
also fake news.

Author Simplee moi ( ago)
side note not regarding abortion or Tony....
you guys have terrible views for being called the view!

Author Billy Edwards ( ago)
I was wondering if people really listen to what she was saying because if you listen to what she was saying she was on both sides of the fence you gotta remember she's only 24 years old it could just by saying that look at the number years as far as Barack Obama been in office and George Bush she was a kid when George Bush was in office

Author DD ( ago)
blame on you Sunny, you asked that question and fucked up that amazing girl's career. Never liked you, cynical soul. Your smile and eyes don't lie.

Author themou2008 ( ago)
I ask then...should stealing and robbery be made legal? Yes! limited government...but NOT NO government.

Author notes and things ( ago)
Wow anti divorce?? What a dangerous thing to say on national tv to mostly women!! Victim blaming by saying "well you shouldn't of got married" wow this was truly sad.

Author Joe Schmoe ( ago)
why are you arguing with Tomi when she isnt on the show now? You should have asked her WHEN SHE WAS ON, why she voted for Trump. One reason might be (that was ignored on this show): the alternative was HILLARY! I dont care about Trumps faults, he still isnt her.

Author The Artifact ( ago)
why does Tomi lahren face look so weird.

Author L&L Larysse & Lana ( ago)
Can't you just have an opinion in US without being it names names, labels added, groups etc etc. ? Cant you simply have a functioning individual brain irrelevant of any written law?

Author Dani D ( ago)
the girl in the yellow is so stupid... can't even back up her opinions

Author Sonny Gutierrez ( ago)
republicans: poor liberals being offended by everything. Liberals tears.
Republicans be like: Boycott Hamilton, Boycott Starbucks, Boycott Beauty and the Beast, Boycott Nordstrom, Boycott Hawaii.

Author katakisLives ( ago)
The fatal mistake Tomi Lahren made in her statement was assuming that Republicans aren't hypocrites!

Author Janae Walton ( ago)
This show is such a mess nowadays

Author Bets y ( ago)
And Hilary is for small government? Better Trump and then create the reaction for the other senates to want limited government, than Hilary keeping chugging on the same old machine.....

Author Bill Burr ( ago)
I am small govt too, but I still want it to be illegal to beat up or murder someone. A developing baby is the MOST vulnerable of all people, they should have the most protections, not the least. I think that there should be major tax breaks for those who donate to adoption agencies so that way the govt can stay out of it but babies can get adopted at minimal costs. nobody is forced, but they are given incentive to help. I think that adoption should be praised and abortion should be illegal.

I also think fathers of the children should have the option of raising the child, rather then the woman just deciding, "my body my choice". Just imagine if it was time to pay child support and the guy was like, "my body my choice" I labored with my body for my money so you are not entitled to the fruits of "my body". I only use this analogy to demonstrate the half baked thought processes of "my body my choice" and how it would never apply in other areas. maybe when it is time for the draft all men can simply tell the government, "hey, my body my choice" and I choose not to go to war. Or why is not "my body my choice" when you get arrested for taking illegal drugs into your body. Sorry for the rant, it's just such a horrible argument that makes no sense but so many dummies try to trot it out like they made a great point. I think that is the real reason why so many conservatives are mad at Tomi. Not so much that she is pro-choice, but the retarded logic she gave for it.

Author Ema Star ( ago)
people have the right to make their own decisions for as long as their decision is not affecting ANY other being in the wrong way

Author Milind Joshi ( ago)
If you truly believe that a Fetus is a seperate live human being simply growing inside woman's womb(view of most religions), then elective abortion is a murder, in that case, government has some business in protecting that potential life or even life (can live outside after 26 weeks).

It all depends on when you think life begins, "fertilization,? 8 weeks,? 25 weeks ?or 36 weeks?" fetus is in the woman's uterus separated by placenta with its own brain, DNA , it is not a body part of woman... no body part of adults grows and shoot itself out from body ! If we consider it part of her body, we should call it "fetusectomy" "babyectomy" instead of delivery. If woman has right to do whatever with her body, why don't we allow people harm themselves, why do we have to call 911? if she wants, she can overdose or shoot herself?

Author Juice ( ago)
Whose the black man with the dreads?

Author Crabby Crab ( ago)
Anybody, that watch this show is extremely short sighted, a sure sign of a tiny IQ.?

Author Gary Williams ( ago)
I am not even close to being a conservative. However, one of the big issues with Tomi was that she flip flopped on her beliefs about abortion. On her show she was anti-abortion but with The View she was pro-choice. That is what got folks really riled up.

Author Bdg1991 ( ago)
She literally called Pro-Choice people baby murders like a month ago. My problem isn't that she's pro-abortion it's that she's a hypocrite and a opportunist. She'll say whatever she needs to further her career and what better way that to say your pro-choice on The View where they're all pro-choice.

Author Annette D'Amico ( ago)
The View is nothing!

Author Bella Heart ( ago)
the Constitution says black people are 3/5 human..... but no one says anything about that. fuk the Constitution

Author Karina Williams ( ago)
I don't get it? What's wrong with Sunny using the term ProLife if there's such a thing as Pro-choice?

Author Philip Quirici ( ago)
poor poor liberals

Author Make2wo ( ago)
I really didn't care for Tomi Lahren before this and I still wouldn't listen to her after this. But this just sad how she's being treated by who she believes was her allies. It remind me of kids in my old Junior High that would join gangs to get freedoms, a voice and opportunity the otherwise wouldn't have, only to have thugs strip them of all individuality and free thought and punished if the step out of line.

Author angeleyes green ( ago)
This is why I'm an independent.

Author Gus olive ( ago)
Letting right wing white males dictate what a women can do with her body is insane to me, Most of these right wing white males wont support a kid are against welfare for the single mothers they create, they are on porn sites and are on cheating websites that has been proven when those websites were hacked and tons of white republican males were busted on them.
But women fall for these idiots ideology, Lets flip the coin and have a women tell a man you better not jack off you are killing life, or you always better have sex with intent to get a women pregnant or you are killing babies.

You think these white right males will comply with that??? Wake up ladies!!

This is coming from a Male....

Author Gus olive ( ago)
I dont doubt Tomi has been to the abortion clinic a few times like many republican women

Author Tykus Roman ( ago)
Whoopi telling people they need to evolve....what a bunch of horseshit. What are we the X-Men? We see what Libtard Evolution is doing to America. Transgender, Nueutral Gender, Bi Racial Gender Neutral Homosexuality Pan Sexual..... Let's be glad President Trump is President. Boy is boy. Girl is girl. Born Boy should marry Born Girl....I believe the Romans and Greeks once thought like heathens and look how that turned out for them. Joy and Whoopi are literally demons.

Author Jennine Thabet ( ago)
Once the person marries another who turns out to be abusive, they usually find out after settling down and they get trapped in a cycle that's hard to escape. Victims find difficulties leaving and are afraid for their lives. I would know because my mother dealt with this. It's extremely hard because the dude snapped when she least expected it

Author Jennine Thabet ( ago)
Most abusive marriages happen after the couple marries. Saying "don't marry them in the first place" is extremely ignorant considering it's usually after a couple gets married that an abusive relationship starts. Abusers have a plan and they don't start with it until they settle down an dthen it starts

Author Justin ( ago)
u got her whoopi

Author Anonymous Me ( ago)
I love Whoopi Goldberg more than anything.❤️

Author Michael Clements ( ago)
Tomi is cool.

Author johnny lim ( ago)
Sunny is Wrong, Others is Right.

Author Catherine Xshango H ( ago)
I am pro weed!

Author Ms. Garcia ( ago)
Tomi Lahren will say and do anything that will get her in front of a camera. She has her sights set on some mainstream network now so she's shifting gears. She needs to lay off the botox though. Half of her face was frozen!

Author Apogee Perigee ( ago)
Tomi Lahren is looking for JOB...  If The View Hires this WITCH I'll STOP watching this show... Her contract was not renewed on the Blaze... Get this Crazy chick off the TV.. BUD!! Tomi said BUD a lot...BUD! Where Whoop??? BUD... SHE TOMI WANTS HER BIRTH CONTROL..... LMAO

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