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  • Brandon G
    Brandon G 49 minutes ago

    Wtf this guy is NOT fat...

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 1 day ago

    dont worry buddy your not fat and even if you are you dont have to worry due to your veryfunny have a good day

  • Sean XxX
    Sean XxX 1 day ago

    I don't Love cat They get in the damn window

  • Martyr of Grenth
    Martyr of Grenth 2 days ago

    I know this video is from over a year ago, but I can't help but wonder, how is it that people prod chubby/fat/overweight people, if Japan has Sumos?
    I mean, the whole idea of being a sumo is to be big.
    They are overweight and are much much bigger than Abroad in Japan...

    Could you just say you're trying to be a sumo when you start gaining weight? :P

  • Sceptic Observer
    Sceptic Observer 2 days ago

    Hahaha a fat tax 😂 yes! I love it!

  • Cara Leigh
    Cara Leigh 3 days ago

    you, my jolly English friend, just earned a subscriber ^^

  • Crowley9
    Crowley9 3 days ago

    This reminds me of hearing related experiences from another westerner who was living in Japan. There were two specific events he mentioned:

    He had a Japanese girlfriend. One evening they were walking down a street, and passed by a young woman who to him looked freakishly skinny. I believe he said she looked like you could reach the fingers of one hand around her thigh. Without prompting, the girlfriend commented: "Did you see that? She looks like a model! I wish I could look like that!"

    Another thing he mentioned was visiting the doctor when he was slightly overweight. The doctor tried telling him that _every_ minor health problem he had could be fixed by losing some weight.

  • Dylan [Smith]
    Dylan [Smith] 3 days ago

    No bread slice for you!

  • Dylan [Smith]
    Dylan [Smith] 3 days ago

    I've heard from some YouTubers, when they went to Japan they lost weight. From walking and the change in diet. Probably about 4-6kg. I guess you aren't assimilating fast enough. Lol.

  • Ijoel Ismail
    Ijoel Ismail 3 days ago

    fat? no... its chubby

  • manila lucas
    manila lucas 3 days ago

    Your not fat at all!!

  • Kalaphin K
    Kalaphin K 4 days ago

    Chris, I really enjoy the quality you put in your videos! You always make me laugh and the video and sound quality is fantastic. I am considering making videos myself and would like some guidance. Can you tell me what camera I should get to create quality videos or what type of camera and microphone you use for your videos? Cheers from the US!

  • Evon
    Evon 4 days ago

    hey chris where did you buy mr. snuggles? i want to buy one

  • zen strata
    zen strata 4 days ago

    Its too bad everywhere is not like japan in this regard.

  • Ben Kenobi
    Ben Kenobi 5 days ago

    just cut of a leg.... thats a good 20 lbs

  • John Laloata
    John Laloata 5 days ago

    my favorite one so far 😂😂

  • R Mars
    R Mars 5 days ago

    You are so cute and clever. Love your sense of humor. New sub!

  • TheFragrantVagrant
    TheFragrantVagrant 6 days ago

    Oh god, it's so true. Don't get fat in this country.

  • RagingHeartOn
    RagingHeartOn 6 days ago

    Eat that pu... I mean cat

  • james mitchell
    james mitchell 6 days ago

    love your vids

  • Garcia M
    Garcia M 7 days ago

    kitty Cat

  • Uniteme
    Uniteme 7 days ago

    Japanese are just use to eating smaller portions of food

  • Krystal Morrison
    Krystal Morrison 7 days ago

    Subscribed :)

  • Ha Hoang Manh
    Ha Hoang Manh 7 days ago

    One new subcriber for the cat LOL

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd 8 days ago

    Does anybody else think that cat kinda looks like a certain German dictator?

  • Yannick Heuvelmans
    Yannick Heuvelmans 8 days ago

    nice to see these freaking hipster idiots get roasted! oh srry I mean lifestyle vloggers...

  • Seekarr
    Seekarr 8 days ago

    Fat people are depressing. Becoming fat is incredibly rude.

  • G olly
    G olly 8 days ago

    You're an idiot. How's that for feeling spiritual?

  • Deenita Morton
    Deenita Morton 8 days ago

    What kind of fwit writes that shit. Is this the "I'm thin" YouTube channel?? No. Ignore them mate. These tossers have nothing better to do.

  • froxtroxprox oxox
    froxtroxprox oxox 8 days ago

    u ugly bruhhh

  • WR3ND
    WR3ND 8 days ago

    I... kind of want to get fat in Japan now. Well, at least pleasantly plump.

  • NiKe-Chan 三日坊主

    Song in the beginning?

  • Emily W
    Emily W 9 days ago

    8:18 Lol The subtitles say that "I haven't forgot" while Chris says, "which I then forgot."

  • Murad Beybalaev
    Murad Beybalaev 9 days ago

    LOL. Won't cook because of his kitchen's size like there is any relation.

  • Leo
    Leo 9 days ago

    - Also don't be tall in Japan. I've started wearing a Bicycle helmet. everywhere. Like when I step out my front door, to avoid hitting my big head on the porch beams.
    - Also, Test those bike helmets out. The first one I bought was to small. So I had to try on all the helmets to make sure they would fit.
    - The moral of the story, don't be tall. or have a big head. Because... everything is built for short people. :(

  • Sammie Rin
    Sammie Rin 9 days ago

    Love your channel ^ .. ^ b

  • major Spoosh
    major Spoosh 10 days ago

    Lmao ok dude you just gained a new sub that light thing made me laugh so beeping hard i hit the sub button and liked this video... Im go gonna have to check out other vids and get caught up ...

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 10 days ago

    Also, this is possibly the cutest/sweetest video I have seen on YouTube, and it's all because of the cat lol

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 10 days ago

    You look good, not fat at all (at least in my unprofessional opinion).

  • Loo C
    Loo C 10 days ago

    I think you look great, don't change.

  • David Navrátil
    David Navrátil 10 days ago

    he looked just about right... fat maybe for rude Japanese

  • 1powelrainbow2
    1powelrainbow2 10 days ago

    wutta...Hitler cat!?

  • Curious Mitch
    Curious Mitch 10 days ago

    When a toy cat stops you from eating I think it's a sign that it's time to put down the sandwich...

    ...and go see a psychiatrist!

  • Shelly Gallagher
    Shelly Gallagher 11 days ago

    I want to climb mountains too, especially Fuji-san! this quality cat content has inspired me to start training seriously, and stop worrying about my weight!

  • Ru Raynor
    Ru Raynor 12 days ago

    You remind me of Pete Serafinawicz

  • Tara DV
    Tara DV 12 days ago

    super funny :)

  • SuperSuperdude88
    SuperSuperdude88 12 days ago

    lmfo patronizingly small escalator

  • Annie
    Annie 12 days ago

    you are awesome

  • Anima 45
    Anima 45 13 days ago

    Well rip me i'm already fat.

  • Ultima MIc
    Ultima MIc 13 days ago

    Fatty Fatty ate a Catty and sat on a matty and cried : D

  • ZaburFTW
    ZaburFTW 13 days ago

    How about you gain more weight and show them what 'fat' really means.

  • Ee21k
    Ee21k 13 days ago

    your friends gave you a Hitler cat.

  • rapturas
    rapturas 13 days ago

    Compared to a sumo wrestler you're not fat!

  • robertthekingful
    robertthekingful 13 days ago

    I want that cat

  • ODB
    ODB 14 days ago

    'Oh my God, I genuinely hate everyone and everything that's existed ever'... Me every day

  • Danny Bogaerts
    Danny Bogaerts 14 days ago

    What if you have a big 'Ding Dong' ? Will they poke it?

  • hakke peter
    hakke peter 14 days ago

    Mr snuggels convinced me to subscribe

  • TheGamingScando
    TheGamingScando 15 days ago

    Don't you mean 100 yen shop

  • Esteban  Romero
    Esteban Romero 15 days ago

    Too late bwahahahahaha!!!

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh 15 days ago

    Well I ain't going to Japan anytime soon

  • Avesi Lang/LearnMachineSolutions

    Hi Chris, I've been married to Tomoko for 20+ years and I get a daily "fatcast" (e.g where's your chin gone? Can you move your stomach so that I can see the TV). When I visit Japan once in a while, I then get the whole family gleefully look at me and tell her how "debu", I've become which causes laughs all round because my name is Dave and the katakana for Dave is...

  • ThePestyWizard
    ThePestyWizard 16 days ago

    literally subbed for the cat

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 16 days ago

    I go for the escalator out of principle. It bloody well took a team of geniuses to invent that compared to "stairs."

  • Tom Blakey
    Tom Blakey 16 days ago

    You're fuking hilarious, mate.

  • jonbro32
    jonbro32 16 days ago

    Japanese bread is delicious! So much better than the stuff we have in the US. Its so fluffy and hard to resist, I could eat a loaf in one setting. You sir, have a problem on your hands.

  • Moira Mah
    Moira Mah 16 days ago


  • NRX25
    NRX25 16 days ago

    You could also use a beautiful pair of tits from time to time to increase subscriptions. Or you could hide entirely, like those "Let's play" youtubers, that are that ugly, that they stick to showing game clips, even when they talk about politics and milk prices.

    I think think the face of a beautiful girl will work the best. You could pay a random girl from the street for grinning and randomly moving her lips, while you sycronize the clip into, what you want to deliver.

    You could make make up tutorials, that show how you turn into that beautiful girl, you just gave 20 bucks to, by using lip stick and eye liner.

    DJ PRODEY 16 days ago

    u fat

  • Sollenbum S
    Sollenbum S 16 days ago

    Great sense of humour. What a fun look at different cultural codes.

  • Dardyone
    Dardyone 16 days ago

    If that cat had a mustache it'd look like Kitler

  • DrawistKano
    DrawistKano 17 days ago

    I'm overweight. I've been in Japan for 9 years now and have never been prodded by anyone...I'm relatively 90 kilograms so it's absolutely noticeable. The only problem I've had was people staring at me when I eat and laughing right at me or get pictures "discreetly" taken by high school girls who'll probably ridicule me.
    You must've seemed really friendly to those people if they were prodding you. :)

  • Ornitorinc Fiasco
    Ornitorinc Fiasco 17 days ago

    Dear Chris, i hope you are aware of the fact that once Mr. Snuggles is done with Poland, he'll be coming for GB.
    Stay safe

  • D Schmiddi
    D Schmiddi 17 days ago

    I subscribed only because of Mr. Snuggles :)

  • fricku
    fricku 17 days ago

    subscribed because cat

  • Howard Li
    Howard Li 17 days ago

    id rather have women prod me <3

  • Howard Li
    Howard Li 17 days ago

    Did this youtuber get a Japanese Girlfriend or wife yet? I wonder how attractive Gaijin is.

  • Orlia Ester
    Orlia Ester 17 days ago

    I've been dreaming to go to Japan but now...i don't want to be ridiculed :(

  • MBisonYes
    MBisonYes 17 days ago

    not gonna lie, your cat kinda looks like hitler.

  • Elliskid1995
    Elliskid1995 18 days ago

    or i could take the patronizingly small escalator... 'Yeaaaaa....'.... lol

  • Xudrei
    Xudrei 18 days ago

    people shouldn't prod my gut, I am ticklish and my natural reaction is to punch your gut

  • watch wolf it's weird

    I am pausing the video every second so i don't suffocate from laughing too much.Didn't work out as much as i expected.

  • Chris topher
    Chris topher 18 days ago

    This is Chris from Fat Abroad. My small apartment compared to me living in it, shows how FAT I really am.

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 18 days ago

    You not that fat fat !

  • Stefy Mendoza
    Stefy Mendoza 18 days ago

    I don't consider you fat, but even if I did you'd still be cute

  • stas konstantinov
    stas konstantinov 18 days ago


  • matthew cooper
    matthew cooper 18 days ago

    Your cat looks like Hitler chubs

  • LineoLemon
    LineoLemon 19 days ago

    no problem i already got fat outside of japan

  • Laura King
    Laura King 19 days ago

    I never comment on Youtube but have to say: Chris, you're not remotely fat! For the love of god, some people are just so rude and pathetic, and kind of creepy.. Ignore those losers I say. You're lovely as you are, and infinitely amusing. Greetings from England ;)

    • Laura King
      Laura King 19 days ago

      Ah, just watched the whole thing. Didn't realise how health conscious the Japanese are. Hard to ignore then I guess.. stay strong homeboy!

  • Rainbow Pigeon
    Rainbow Pigeon 19 days ago

    "Stressed, depressed, have anxiety issues that need to be addressed" is the most relatable poem I've ever heard.

  • Onur Erdincler
    Onur Erdincler 19 days ago

    that cat looks like hitler

  • CriterionCafe
    CriterionCafe 19 days ago

    What camera does Chris use?

  • deadman0118
    deadman0118 20 days ago

    catchy little jingle in the end what is it

  • John Davenport
    John Davenport 20 days ago

    Sawaranaide kudasai mo' fucker

  • Hello People
    Hello People 20 days ago

    Good for you ... Ya fat basterd

  • jinxmaster1
    jinxmaster1 20 days ago

    that's a great social structure. I'm not even sarcastic.

  • CPK
    CPK 20 days ago

    I'll bake you a cake if you give me Mr Snuggles, tubby.

  • Stella H
    Stella H 20 days ago

    Hi I love your videos!!!! I've been subscribed to you for a while but I haven't said I like your videos :))

  • Strange Person! xP
    Strange Person! xP 20 days ago

    The girls in chubbiness seem perfect to me.. #___#

  • Samzero14
    Samzero14 20 days ago

    you had me with the hat lmao

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