M35A2 Bobbed Deuce And Half 1/2 Test Drive

Test Drive robr M35A2 Bobbed Deuce And Half 1/2 m35 truck 1971 AM General 2.5 Ton and Military Vehicle MV Wichita KS Kansas

Sorry for the shaky video camera was on a air ride seat with no weight on it and they tend to bounce

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Author Fenix1470 (1 year)
they get about 4 or 5 miles to the gallon.

Author kyle fng (10 months)
That's either Beirut or Michigan by the looks of the roads lol

Author abikerinpa (5 years)
what is the top speed with what size tires you have on ????

Author Tyler D (2 years)
If you don't mind me asking how much did a rig like that set you back I'm
just curious I'm wanting to get one but would like to know how much it'll
set me back

Author thegunfreak87 (4 years)
@Opdahl101 its not the cops i was just thinking imagine u like 60 mph and
other cars going like a jundred ur causing traffic

Author Jacob Loudon (3 years)
10 gallons to the mile

Author John Doe (4 years)
@TheDavidpayne What song is it?

Author TheIceBurglar (5 years)
Awesome, keep em comin! I follow your thread on steelsoldiers and hope i
see you cruisin around wichita sometime

Author turboking78 (3 years)
do u have any pics on google of it i wuld love for that monster to be my
new background and how often do u drive this thing ??

Author John Doe (4 years)
@TheDavidpayne Finally someone who doesn't try and chew me up over
it......Thanks man.

Author TCF2148 (2 years)
You can get a basic bobbed, serviced, and painted one from Boyce in Utah
for about 15 grand.

Author SuperMrAlmond (1 year)
What does bobbed mean

Author Brandy Bender (2 years)
Hey Rob, I gotta say I think you got great taste in music! Thanks to you
and your vids of this truck, every time I drive my deuce, all I hear in the
back of my mind is "The Warrior Song". lol Any irons in the fire at the
moment? Haven't seen anything from you lately on Steel Soldiers. Jump on
sometime and let us know! Tim, A.K.A. RedbeardTheZombieHunter.

Author MisfitMafiaPB (2 years)
What is the mpg on that thing?

Author daybreaK (3 years)
@thegunfreak87 most highways where i live are 55-65mph

Author Sidney Brown (1 year)
What kind of gas mileage do you in the city and on freeway? just wondering.

Author Sidney Brown (1 year)
Rear of the truck been shortened.

Author TheIceBurglar (3 years)
@thegunfreak87 speed limits are the fastest you may travel, not the minimum
permissible speed. If slower traffic keeps right ( like he did ) it is no
biggy to go a bit slower

Author abikerinpa (5 years)
Thx for the info , it is really helping me on buying 1 and doing about what
you are doing ....Any more help would be greatly appreciated in obtaining 1
of these great beasts ! :-D

Author TCF2148 (2 years)
Just like my V10 Ram!

Author FrontCortex (4 years)
Pretty quiet ride for that beast. What did you do for soundproofing?

Author Rob Reynolds (4 years)
The Warrior Song....Nice!!!

Author robrm35 (5 years)
62mph 15.5 80 R20 46" tall

Author abikerinpa (4 years)
Hows the duece holding up my friend ? I have not seen a updated video
lately...I am still envious over this duece ;-)

Author dodgepowerramw150 (4 years)
first song name?

Author thegunfreak87 (4 years)
how can u drive this thing on the highway if it goes 62 mph max

Author repp ledger (4 years)
what kind of fuel milage u get?

Author Kevlar Fox (3 years)
The Warrior Song. The channel name is TheWarriorProject.

Author Lutherkb (4 years)
How did you get it so quiet in the cab?

Author spf150 (4 years)
You must get some strange looks going down the highway! How did you get the
cab so quiet?

Author crashtest2302 (3 years)

Author crownviclvr (2 years)
how hard was it to wire up the stareo

Author abikerinpa (5 years)
AWESOME MAN THX !!!! I AM ENVIOUS ! ....Keep the videos coming .... My new
best friend :-D

Author trainsimulator2 (3 years)
@thegunfreak87 we dove around 50 mph when we went to our annual steel
soilders rally to haspin acres.

Author m35a2lover (3 years)
how did you get a stereo in it??

Author thegunfreak87 (3 years)
@TheIceBurglar oh k well thx for responding

Author iansgolden (3 years)
hey man do you live up by valley center or park city?

Author John Doe (4 years)
@TheDavidpayne I didn't know what you meant until I watched his other vids.

Author ktumbleweed (3 years)
I drove orange Schneider semi trucks for 12 years. They go 63mph max. I
drove all over the US and Canada, no problems. When I first started driving
in 1996 they only went 57mph.

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