Tom Brady is the greatest football player in the 97-year history of the NFL | UNDISPUTED

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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do you agree with Shannon?

    • Tom D
      Tom D 8 days ago

      You have the right to your minority opinion.

    • Underworld Films
      Underworld Films 8 days ago

      I know Montana lost to the 85 Bears. Which makes my point of Montana only making 4 Super Bowls. Brady would've never faired much better (if he played in the 80s)......Anyways, 40 pounds isn't that much of a distance from todays players. Techinque and skill level are far better than weight anyways.The game in the 80s was better and was still played at warp speed. Besides, Montana could outrun Brady (in his prime)........

  • steve bennet
    steve bennet 1 day ago

    of course he is...cry about system qb but teams need a qb whos smart 5/7 sbs? wooooo

  • John OConnor
    John OConnor 4 days ago

    Here in Boston we have had the GOAT of football and hockey. Tom Brady and Bobby Orr.

    We also had the greatest winner in sports. Bill Russell

  • soxpats401a
    soxpats401a 4 days ago

    TB12 is clearly the GOAT. That is indisputable after he won his 5th SB.

  • Patrick O'Kane
    Patrick O'Kane 6 days ago

    Actually 7 Super Bowls in 15 seasons. 2000 didn't play. 2008 didn't play. How many times he has gone has the starter is different than how many times the team has gone.

  • Johnny Cleary
    Johnny Cleary 7 days ago

    I love how Shannon was debating before the playoffs that Aaron Rodgers was better than Tom Brady and now Brady wins one more super bowl and it's like, "he's unarguably the GOAT of the entire NFL"

  • james williams
    james williams 9 days ago

    Here's the difference between Montana and Brady, the league rules changed favoring Brady.

  • PlutoTheSecond
    PlutoTheSecond 14 days ago

    Whether Tom Brady is the GOAT or not, has absolutely nothing to do with Super Bowl LI. The Patriots won because the Falcons folded like a cheap tent. I could believe a comeback like that could happen if it was in the regular season, because maybe your opponents' defense just sucks. At least they're trying, they just can't beat you because they suck. But the Super Bowl? If your defense is bad enough to allow that to happen to them, then you have no place in the Super Bowl, and I question not just your team but all the teams you had to beat to get there. There's no way you accomplish a comeback like that in the Super Bowl against a defense that is actually trying.

  • Mickey Hartsell
    Mickey Hartsell 14 days ago

    I have watched football since 1974 and Tom is the best player I have ever seen.

  • Grant Wheeler
    Grant Wheeler 14 days ago


  • JJamesSamueLL12
    JJamesSamueLL12 14 days ago

    nope the goat is billy b he is the real MVP

  • Splash 23
    Splash 23 15 days ago

    Brady became the goat of the NFL a long time ago. The debate is now who's the best sports player ever Brady or Jordan?

  • Scott Burger
    Scott Burger 16 days ago

    I grew up a big Joe Montana fan; and until the last several years I would adamantly argue with anyone that Joe Mo was the king. However I think now there is no argument; Tom Brady is the greatest QB that has ever played. Sorry Joe but Brady is absolutely incredible in the pressure games. At 39 he still throws one of the best spirals in the game and is one of, if not the most accurate QB's that has ever played....ever! He is a beast on the field!

  • Beast
    Beast 18 days ago

    Even Brady's biggest haters are admitting he's the goat because it's not even close anymore. The crazy thing is Tom GOAT Brady isn't even done yet.

  • Scott Burger
    Scott Burger 24 days ago

    No doubt the best I have seen in my life, and he is not finished yet; the guy is the total package like Shannon said brains, heart, and the arm and accuracy are still there baby!

  • Jo Ann Thompson
    Jo Ann Thompson 25 days ago

    For once I agree with Shannon

  • Razmig Melkonian
    Razmig Melkonian 28 days ago

    To this day I believe that Shannon Sharpe had a gun to his head in this episode.

  • Cody O'Neil
    Cody O'Neil 28 days ago

    he is the goat NO DOUBT

  • Mastereteer
    Mastereteer 1 month ago

    7 is more than 4, 5 is more than 4 Jerry rice is better than Eddleman, better than gronk, and better than randy (he didn't even have moss or gronk in the epic comeback). Also 4 is more than 3.

  • Pardeep Toor
    Pardeep Toor 1 month ago

    its rg 3 away from being a 100 years

  • Bball_Boyz
    Bball_Boyz 1 month ago

    so in his case lebron is better then jordan because he went to 7 and mike went to 6?

  • boldsign
    boldsign 1 month ago

    Brady is where the money is. Tony Romo has not won one superbowl for a reason, it's because he didn't have the work ethic as Brady did.

  • Elliott Oplinger
    Elliott Oplinger 1 month ago

    They argue about so many "what ifs" it's getting so annoying

  • Seymour Losers
    Seymour Losers 1 month ago

    Brady is gonna get severely hurt! Then he will retire and the PATSIES will be the WORST team in the league!!! LOL😂👍

  • rocky balboa
    rocky balboa 1 month ago

    tom Brady wins period all that f ing matters ...q.v. most imp position on team period

  • touie yang
    touie yang 1 month ago

    to b fair he's greatest QB of all time even if I don't like em much buh he made biggest comeback n SB history n I respect that

  • cutter
    cutter 1 month ago

    this show is better than first down

  • Rodney Wollam
    Rodney Wollam 1 month ago

    Skip really has to poop.

  • Lars Kariniemi
    Lars Kariniemi 1 month ago

    very very very inspirational stuff...yeah! whoop whoop

  • Wtkiller 123
    Wtkiller 123 1 month ago

    I dont think tom brady is the goat just because when he has not played for the patriots the patriots have won games my goats are jerry rice and lawarance taylor

  • sean palmer
    sean palmer 1 month ago

    Without a doubt! People want to try and say that "deflategate" has tainted his statistics because he's a cheater. I think the whole thing was ridiculous the game in question wasn't even close! If a football with low pressure can do that much for a team the league would have been monitoring. the balls long ago. What a sham!!!

  • Brunop
    Brunop 1 month ago

    The only time skip doesn't sound crazy is when he talks about tom Brady

  • Charles Dockery
    Charles Dockery 1 month ago

    greatest QB? yeah. greatest football player? No. LT or Brown.

  • Scott Scott
    Scott Scott 1 month ago

    Average margin of victory in 5 World Championships:

    1. Lombardi/Starr - 20.2 points (5 championships in 7 years)
    2. Belichick/Brady - 3.8 points (5 championships in 16 years)

  • Ernest Kovach
    Ernest Kovach 1 month ago

    Brady greatest ever by far.

  • Jmoney
    Jmoney 2 months ago

    Lawrence Taylor Is GOAT In My Opinion

  • Fred Farkash
    Fred Farkash 2 months ago

    when some one that has not always been in Brady's corner is now saying he best ever that it Brady bring Moore people to his side

  • Scott Scott
    Scott Scott 2 months ago

    Pull Brady off the 2016 Patriots (#1 Team Defense) and put him on the 2016 Packers (#21 Team Defense) and he'll be watching the playoffs from his living room.

    • Scott Scott
      Scott Scott 1 month ago

      Great QBs (Rodgers) on poor teams (Packers) don't get rings.

    • moejr1974
      moejr1974 1 month ago

      Only 1 win. He'll never get to 5 rings

    • Scott Scott
      Scott Scott 1 month ago

      No Ls yet.

    • Michael Murphy
      Michael Murphy 1 month ago

      Scott - Keep taking those Ls; it builds character sometimes.

    • Scott Scott
      Scott Scott 1 month ago

      Football is a team sport.

  • Andre Quinn
    Andre Quinn 2 months ago

    Does Shannon Sharpe like to sharpen machetes or eat sphagetti?

  • Mchunky O beast
    Mchunky O beast 2 months ago

    All respect to tom Brady for winning 5 Super Bowls good job man coming from a raider fan

  • Sagar Laud
    Sagar Laud 2 months ago

    Is Brady the single greatest player to play? No. He is not. Is he the best QB in the league right now? No. He is not. Is he the greatest of all time? Yes. He is. A lot of it has to do with Belichick and I would argue he's the greatest coach ever. I hate both of them but give them their due. They're the GOATs. And this is coming from an Eagle's fan.

  • HeathMcTacos
    HeathMcTacos 2 months ago

    Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady, he not only can throw farther and is more accurate, he also can run faster. The only reason people don't call him the "GOAT" because the rest of his team is bad.

    • William Lee
      William Lee 2 months ago

      But a 14 year old knows before snap what Rodgers will do.
      You know what it means?

  • Otto Joke
    Otto Joke 2 months ago

    Tom Brady is the GOAT no question about it. And its not even close

  • Philip Champion
    Philip Champion 2 months ago

    true or false: Shannon sharpe can fit at least 10 golfballs in his enormous mouth

  • Nathaniel Burkes
    Nathaniel Burkes 2 months ago

    He's won 21 games straight two times and had a undefeated season

  • jjs777fzr
    jjs777fzr 2 months ago

    As sports fans - when we're all old and sitting around at the end and we comment - we lived during the era of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 2 months ago

    "Skiup" 😂

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter 2 months ago

    Skip Brainless.

  • Robert Delich
    Robert Delich 2 months ago

    Thanks Shannon for the dose of reality and for the facts to back it up.

  • Vaurie
    Vaurie 2 months ago

    Lucky catch on the helmet and a desperate type rope walk, sideline catch, stopped Brady from having 7 rings, 7!!!!!!!

  • Kaque Burlington
    Kaque Burlington 2 months ago

    Tom Brady is the GOAT of all GOATS - He's the GOAT at QB. He's the GOAT when it comes to all NFL players ever. He would be the GOAT if he was in a petting zoo with actual Goats. I love animals & I love goats, but I would be petting Tom Brady's head & would be feeding him carrots & probably wouldn't be paying attention to other goats. If one tried to steal his carrot I'd tell the goat not to mess with the QB goat & come back when he wins 5 Super Bowls

  • Brett & Derek
    Brett & Derek 2 months ago

    yes he is the best quarterback to ever live

  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell 2 months ago

    TOM BRADY IS OVERRATED. He is NOT the goat.

    He is one of the greatest, but the only reason people consider him the greatest is his 5 rings, two of which were handed to him. He got 3, the Seahawks gave one away in the last minute of his 4th, and the Falcons choked one up and placed it on his finger for him.

    Don't get me wrong. He is great. He played well in XLIX and LI. No other quarterback could orchestrate a 25 point comeback, but if the Seahwaks had just run the ball from the half yard line, they would've won, and if the Falcons had just run the ball on 3rd down and kicked the field goal, they would've won. Then Brady would only have 3 rings and no one would be having this discussion right now.

    I'll say it again. TOM BRADY IS OVERRATED. He is NOT the goat.

    • William Lee
      William Lee 2 months ago

      Now, let me give you a hint why he is goat.
      See the 2 point conversion when 18-28? Don't you think Falcons should have prepared for it? they didn't because there were hundreds of other plays they had to prepare, and they missed this one.
      But Brady remembered it and did exactly what he had to do.

    • William Lee
      William Lee 2 months ago

      Against Seahawks, without the unlucky time, there would be no luck time.
      Yes, the break he got from Falcons is luck, but here are two points :
      One, he still had to chain together a 91 yd drive with less than 3 min, under that pressure, which is extremely hard.
      Two, compared to the lucks Steve Young, Favre and Peyton got (against lousy teams and lousy QB), who are luckier?

    • Joshua Mitchell
      Joshua Mitchell 2 months ago

      William Lee And the call to throw on 3rd and short was a lucky break after Julio Jones made that amazing catch that you would call "unlucky". Your point? Are you agreeing that luck played a key part in the Patriots' last two Superbowl wins? The two that made people think he's the goat?

    • William Lee
      William Lee 2 months ago

      That was a lucky break after an unlucky break.

    • Joshua Mitchell
      Joshua Mitchell 2 months ago

      William Lee Ok I'll let you have that one. And Tom Brady got lucky Seattle threw the ball from the half yard line. What's your excuse for 2012?

  • funkyflights
    funkyflights 3 months ago

    Greatest QB, maybe, greatest football player ever ? You can't really say that... Think of all the great athletes in the games history, QB's don't have to be great athletes, just accurate passers and smart with decision making... I think in football you have to break it down by position, so many players work 10 times harder than a QB has too ...

  • Bruce Parkes
    Bruce Parkes 3 months ago

    The team around him won it and the coach! AFC teams on a lower level. Broncos will be NE'S THORN IN 2017!

  • Bruce Parkes
    Bruce Parkes 3 months ago

    Sea hawks fail AT GOAL LINE (THE DUMB PASS) and Falcons non field goal at the 30yd line would mean two less SB for bRADY.

  • TheOtherView
    TheOtherView 3 months ago

    Jerry Rice is the greatest player. Brady is the best QB but Rice is so far beyond any other receiver it's absurd. QB is a more important position but that doesn't mean that the best QB is a better player than the best receiver.

  • Joe Materese
    Joe Materese 3 months ago

    the best the best the best description of Tom Brady ever

  • Mike M
    Mike M 3 months ago


  • Mike M
    Mike M 3 months ago

    The likes to dislikes ratio tells me that the montana apologists are outvoted 40-1 on this topic. The 1 represents old people who can't let go of their past and patriots haters cause brady wrecked your team too many times and you can't take it anymore.

    LEVITTOWN GUY 3 months ago

    97 years...that's a big statement but true.

  • James Churchwell
    James Churchwell 3 months ago

    That is the MOST ASININE statement I have ever heard in the 63yrs of life The Good Lord has allowed me see.....I'm serious,... Shannon I have to ask... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!....The Greatest PLAYER in the 97yrs of the NFL....REALLY?!...OMG you have lost all credibility.. at least with me anyway.

    • William Lee
      William Lee 2 months ago

      Yes, he is. Football is a sport of great complexity, meaning, it needs great intelligence. Who brings intelligence into the games? QB.

  • Jeremy Lim
    Jeremy Lim 3 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe is the greatest NFL player ever

  • ConfrontationalRealist

    I'm loving his rebuttal: "Seven is more than four."

    Again, Shannon is right. Getting there and losing is much better than not getting there at all. If you can't lead your team to the Superbowl then you're not great when it matters. Combine scores, TDs, passing yards, none of that matters when you're not competing at the highest level and on the biggest stage.

  • SergentStickman79
    SergentStickman79 3 months ago

    Bill reminds me a lot of Sir Alex Ferguson. I'm very curious to see how the Pats do without him.

  • Big Vikings fan
    Big Vikings fan 3 months ago

    Brady is the best because he has not had as many greats as joe and terry. Joe has Jerry and Taylor. Terry with that defense. Brady had Gronk for two Super Bowls. His best receiver is not a superstar. Brady has done more with less.

  • PandaBot92
    PandaBot92 3 months ago

    2:49 you are welcome

  • MrJajabanks21
    MrJajabanks21 3 months ago

    in my opinion what puntuates Tom Brady as the GOAT football PLAYER ever is that hes doing things that players less his age cant do!...thats to stay healthy and highly competitve even after winning so much!..most athletes can be content on winning one championship and just wanna cash out and play for money...he cashed out a long time ago But is no where content to what he has accomplished!...most players will never see five titles in their career let alon one..Brady doesnt feel content untill he cant play no more!...even then he prob will still feel like he wish he could play longer cause his desire and heart to winning is like nothing weve ever seen in this sport!

  • y2serious321
    y2serious321 3 months ago

    24 and 9 got his 25th on 2/5, coming back from 25 points, lmao what a joke of a league and it was also the afc 25th sb win vs nfc

    TWOLVES ARE AWESOME 3 months ago

    Cough cough Jerry rice, Cough cough Aaron Rodgers, cough cough joe Montana cough cough Jim brown

  • kla3477 lee
    kla3477 lee 3 months ago

    #12 is truely da greatest player 2 ever step on da football field!!!

  • rubiconentertainment
    rubiconentertainment 3 months ago

    After #4, Tom Brady was and is the greatest player to ever take an NFL field. Period.

  • Diane Weber
    Diane Weber 3 months ago

    broncos fan here. even though i don't like the patriots , i gotta admit that tom brady is the goat and best qb of all time.

  • Don M
    Don M 3 months ago

    people keep forgetting, both superbowl losses were on the defense, or on a couple outrageous catches. both of those games Brady led new england to a 4th quarter lead. 5-2, could just as easily be 7-0.

  • Triggered
    Triggered 3 months ago

    You can't be the greatest player of all time unless you play multiple positions on both sides of the ball. Bonus points if you're on special teams as well.

    Brady is easily the greatest at his position, but not the greatest player of all time. I think we need to make that distinction clear. The same thing applies for Peyton, Montana, Marino and any other QB in consideration. You can't be the greatest player when you've only played _one_ position.

  • Dexter eF
    Dexter eF 3 months ago

    Tom Brady is going to retire at like 2022 maybe even longer who knows

  • Surfintunes70
    Surfintunes70 3 months ago

    MAN ~O~ Man . I still Remember way back when Bledsoe got Hurt,Brady Came in played well,But as the season
    went you could see then he was Getting Better & Better ,with each game each Snap each Rep .. then as we all know
    the rest is History.. But after the 1st Super bowl win Vs the Vaunted Rams.. Some one actually said to me Brady's
    A Flash in the Pan .. LMAO here we are 17 years .. 5 Super Bowl Wins,7 trips,14 Division Titles,8 straight,oh lets
    not forget 6 straight AFC Championship games... and a little 21 games winning Streak along the way.. HOW SWEET IT IS~!!!!

  • Josh Curtis
    Josh Curtis 3 months ago

    Im a Patriots fan, Im a Brady fan. Brady is the best NFL quarterback of all time. Not NFL player. Jim Brown.

  • tyrone james
    tyrone james 3 months ago

    It's hard to argue against Brady not being the best QB ever, although spygate and deflate gate automatically rule him out for me, but definitely not the greatest player of all time. Jim Brown is the best. Period. No cheating controversy on his record. Rice can't be the greatest either, because of stickum

  • Aia Salazar
    Aia Salazar 3 months ago

    okay I'm a patriots fan right I love Brady believe his the greatest but I want to go a different. route.... okay well first let me ask if Brady lost this super bowl how many of you think he would still be better than Montana?

  • Roone Briley
    Roone Briley 3 months ago

    All offense is "who is open". Now look at Brady's technique: leading receivers with the pass. Slotting impossible passes. Pass/INT ratio.

    It's all about results in the end.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Never heard of Otto Graham.

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee 3 months ago

    The reason why Brady is great is because he's done this consistently with a changing cast of players. Can you imagine Joe Montana NOT having Jerry Rice for the majority of his career?

  • Aaron  Dancil
    Aaron Dancil 3 months ago

    As a diehard niner fan there is no denying what Tom Brady has accomplished, but it's not fair to compare eras. During his time, Montana was the best. He outshined Elway and Marino. In the modern day, Brady is the best. he outshined drew brees and peyton manning. both have won games and set records and have kickstarted many players careers. they both have reshaped the game and the cities they played for! For anyone who loves the sport of football and appreciated the game, stop the debates and just enjoy watching another great player while he still has some time.

  • Jetsfool27
    Jetsfool27 4 months ago


  • Beast
    Beast 4 months ago

    Tom Brady is by far the best ever anyone who says otherwise is delusional at this point. It's not even debatable.

  • Gregoryt700
    Gregoryt700 4 months ago

    Shannon's a smart guy. His reasoning is very solid, I think

    • Gregoryt700
      Gregoryt700 4 months ago

      For ex., he's right -- even 4-3 in SB is more impressive than 4-0

  • lemongrass5150
    lemongrass5150 4 months ago

    Aaron Rodgers is a better thrower, but .....BRADY is smarter!!

  • Dan Goodnight
    Dan Goodnight 4 months ago

    Since the 80s I honestly never thought anybody could beat Joe .... but daaaam
    Brady is the Man.

  • Tony Rosa
    Tony Rosa 4 months ago

    G.O.A.T. and he will play another 3-4 years easy...

  • Sallago
    Sallago 4 months ago

    best footballer???
    maybe you mind hand egg player...

  • penzoil11
    penzoil11 4 months ago

    Shannon I think shows a lot of class to declare Brady so good.

  • Sam Phin
    Sam Phin 4 months ago

    First of all, TB is GOAT. End of discussion. He has the numbers and records to back it all up. People say they cheater, but then why they still winning maybe your team just too stupid to figure out how to beat them. People say it Bill Billchick system but if it wasn't for Brady, last time I checked Bill got fired by the CLEVELAND BROWN. And Bill went 5-11 in his first season with the pat with Drew Bledsoe. It most likely Brady that makes the pat system so successful. People knocked Brady for not being a runner/ dual threat. Last time I check those dual threat QB didn't win 5 super bowl and go to 7 super bowl and beat out their divisions every year. People want to say it Adam vinteria who won the first two SB for the Pat, but forgetting that TB has to march down the field to set up those kick. They want to say it all the defense that won it for Brady, forgetting that Brady still has to perform. If it wasn't for the defense Brady would had beat the giants, because Brady did put them in the lead to win both game in the last minutes. But the defense didn't make play to close out the game. All due to giant luckiest play. So at the end of the day I'll take Brady 5rings over a gifted QB who has less than 3rings such as ... Aaron roger, Peyton manning, Eli manager , Mike Vick, Big Ben, joe flacco, Cam, drew Bree etc... but if you like less than 5 rings QBs, more power to you.

  • inspectorluv
    inspectorluv 4 months ago

    Very well, and clearly said.....its not even an argument or debate any longer. Congrats Brady and Pats, he is the greatest QB of all time.

  • Mike Ganiaris
    Mike Ganiaris 4 months ago

    Eli da goat he won against the most over powered of all time with a fugitive, a benchwarmer and a scrub

  • Randy Bailin
    Randy Bailin 4 months ago

    If the most accomplished quarterback is the GOAT, that honor belongs to Bart Starr. The Super Bowl didn't exist and he won 4 NFL championships, then came the Super Bowl and he won 2 more.

  • ap0lmc
    ap0lmc 4 months ago

    If Tom Brady had a Jerry Rice he would have been 7x7. He is the greatest QB of all time. The NFL made a huge mistake blaming him for deflategate because if that was so important why did the officials not check the balls? They touched them so why they didn't check the ball. It is not Tom Brady's job to check them, he doesn't walk around with a pressure guage nor is any QB required to do so.

  • Matthew Donnelly
    Matthew Donnelly 4 months ago

    Top 10 Players of All Time

    #1. Tom Brady
    #2. Jerry Rice
    #3. Joe Montana
    #4. Jim Brown
    #5. John Unitas
    #6. Barry Sanders
    #7. Walter Payton
    #8. Lawrence Taylor
    #9. Reggie White
    #10. Deion Sanders

    • Mike Ganiaris
      Mike Ganiaris 4 months ago

      Switch rice with Brady and brown with Montana

  • Grant Rants
    Grant Rants 4 months ago

    When you beat the best offense in the league without Gronk, you're the greatest of all time. Forget about the way he beat them. Doesn't even matter

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