MOTO 8 The Movie 4K (Official Trailer)

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    The world’s favorite dirtbike film series returns in 2016 with MOTO 8. Once again bringing the greatest riders in the game to the most epic locations, MOTO 8 gives viewers the most badass visual moto experience ever seen. From the biggest tracks in the world, to going 100+mph through the Australian outback, MOTO 8 continues the progression of filmmaking in the two-wheel world. It’s the roots of motocross, portrayed in the modern era:
    wide open throttles and massive jumps combined with helicopters and 4K cameras.

    Starring: Dean Wilson, Kris Foster, Tom Parsons, Jessy Nelson, Haiden Deegan, Axell Hodges, Josh Hill, Toby Price, Ivan Ramirez, Cody Webb, Kevin Rookstool, Reagan Sieg, Tim Gajser and many more…

    Sponsored by: Cooper Tires, Discount Tire, Motosport, Polaris, KTM
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  • Nicko Amity
    Nicko Amity 1 month ago


  • Conner Keys
    Conner Keys 2 months ago

    What is the song for Davi millsaps part

  • morotomi12
    morotomi12 2 months ago

    what is the track name where dean wilson is riding?

  • Kaine Pratts
    Kaine Pratts 4 months ago

    Can you stream this movie?

    • David Jaron
      David Jaron 1 month ago

      Kaine Pratts yes on solar movies

  • Dagger Gaming
    Dagger Gaming 5 months ago

    they need to make a deal with Netflix for all of the moto films

  • Rudy Valdez
    Rudy Valdez 5 months ago

    Man I remember the little sketch feeling of being to fast, I didn't know wtf the bike would do at higher rpms going up and especially with 2 stroke motor kinda not really, i rode this 250r bad af sick af quad and it was thumb throttle!

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams 5 months ago

    does anyone know how to do that text animation where it fell at 2:33 {final cut pro?}

  • jarrom jones
    jarrom jones 5 months ago


  • MrAjdath
    MrAjdath 6 months ago

    Royal Deluxe - I'm A Wanted Man [Lyrics] | Lucifer Soundtrack

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister 6 months ago

    I feel like the whole universe is on the urge of making me want to masturbate

  • LT_LuckyLuke
    LT_LuckyLuke 6 months ago

    tobby Repping it for the ladds back in Aus. Straya

  • Luis Francisco Bustillos

    Music ?

  • Martins roy
    Martins roy 7 months ago


  • Martins roy
    Martins roy 7 months ago


  • manuel melchor
    manuel melchor 7 months ago

    moto7 wasnt all that great... moto6 was pretty cool... hope this one takes the cake!

  • Parker Nail
    Parker Nail 7 months ago

    Trump for 2016

    • Chris Johns
      Chris Johns 6 months ago

      Yeah!! Hopefully the stupid electoral collage dosent get him out.

  • Ronan Bond
    Ronan Bond 7 months ago


  • Dogs Gotta Eat
    Dogs Gotta Eat 7 months ago

    I swear Tom Parsons is Jimmy Pop from Bloodhound Gang in an alternate universe.

  • Grant Mason
    Grant Mason 8 months ago

    That first scene in moto 5 or 6 with villopoto and ciancarillo is still my favorite

  • Shana Bize
    Shana Bize 8 months ago

    Who are french here please😂😂😂😂

  • TheNotSoSilentOutdoors

    if they could put like chad weinen and tucker Hibbert in moto 9 that would be great because moto is not only bikes, it's sleds and quads too

    • Finn Ryan
      Finn Ryan 7 months ago

      Bro look up quad fmx. Im a dirt bike guy and wanna work my way up to ramps.... but what the quad guys do... terrifying... Oh and I rode a quad on a track, much harder and more dangerous.

    • Jeff Koop
      Jeff Koop 8 months ago

      lol 😭Truth hurts sometimes don't it? Nothing against you or quads personaly bud. I just prefer a moto that requires skill and a set of balls. Which is why the "Moto"series, remains and will always be the best.

    • TheNotSoSilentOutdoors
      TheNotSoSilentOutdoors 8 months ago

      typical moto racist 😂

    • Jeff Koop
      Jeff Koop 8 months ago

      Quads...I think not sir

  • Braian Carneiro
    Braian Carneiro 8 months ago

    What the name of music playing in this video?

    • Cody Shepard
      Cody Shepard 8 months ago

      Braian Carneiro I'm a wanted man by Royal deluxe

  • TrashCanyon
    TrashCanyon 8 months ago

    I miss crusty

  • Leonardo Longhi
    Leonardo Longhi 8 months ago

    only engines crew go to channel

  • Nick Huston
    Nick Huston 8 months ago

    Seeing Nelson in here makes me sad. Hopefully we'll get to see him back on a bike at least to enjoy doing what he loves someday in the future.

    • Felipe Oliveira
      Felipe Oliveira 6 months ago

      Subscribe on my channel pls

    • Whis 79
      Whis 79 7 months ago

      i came from the future, he can stand on his feet now

  • Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson 8 months ago

    This had a chance to be the most epic motocross movie trailer of all time. But you fucked it up with:
    0:35 - ....why?
    0:42 - two seconds pointless interview stuff which fucked the whole immersion. Music just could keep going and bikes could keep flying.
    2:18 - and finally this. I hate you.

    • Chris Johns
      Chris Johns 6 months ago

      Get a life looser!!!

    • snoopylikecars
      snoopylikecars 7 months ago

      1st one is cute , second one is cool with the interview but third one is pointless i agree with you on that

    • manuel melchor
      manuel melchor 7 months ago

      chill out brochacha, its literally just a trailer....

    • Nick Freund
      Nick Freund 8 months ago

      the first one and last one are dumb, but I like the interview, cuz it shows that you will get to know the riders rather than just watch what they do.

    • Jennifer Robinson
      Jennifer Robinson 8 months ago

      Don't get me wrong. I love the trailer. Just saying it could be much better.

  • Nicholas Ambrose
    Nicholas Ambrose 8 months ago

    This gunna be the most epic Moto movie ever!

  • Guy F
    Guy F 8 months ago

    I forward right through the gay track riding and straight to the real riding...offroad.

    • Nate Nealis
      Nate Nealis 3 months ago

      Finn Ryan Someone with sense lol

    • felipe arriola
      felipe arriola 4 months ago

      Finn Ryan +1;\

    • Felipe Oliveira
      Felipe Oliveira 6 months ago

      Subscribe on my channel pls

    • Finn Ryan
      Finn Ryan 7 months ago

      looks like somebody is scared of track riding...

      just a joke, i love desert, trails, sand, tack, street.. as long as its on a motorcycle

  • juan sanchez
    juan sanchez 8 months ago

    "Another MOTO the movie, just to remind you that there are others way better at riding a dirt bike than you are" 100% true.

  • Leyen Sento
    Leyen Sento 8 months ago

    Yeah, baby! Braaap!

  • Wavy Crockett
    Wavy Crockett 8 months ago

    Did I see the Bikey Boyz????!!!

  • Traczu48
    Traczu48 8 months ago

    Royal Deluxe - I'm A Wanted Man

  • SevenTwo
    SevenTwo 8 months ago

    WOOOOOOOOWWWW...... I WANT!!!...

  • Rich Van Every
    Rich Van Every 8 months ago

    Nice work boys. Some EPIC moments in the teaser. Looking forward to the film. Stoked to see Sieg in there on a snowbike

  • Murilo Hàbner
    Murilo Hàbner 8 months ago


  • Jeff Koop
    Jeff Koop 8 months ago

    We're not worthy, We're not worthy!

  • ulrich genisson
    ulrich genisson 8 months ago

    TOP !

  • dominique5462
    dominique5462 8 months ago

    OOooooo Yes

  • Angelo Rescigno
    Angelo Rescigno 8 months ago


  • LinusNilsson
    LinusNilsson 8 months ago

    Yes please!

  • Justin Thelen
    Justin Thelen 8 months ago

    What song is this?

    • Leyen Sento
      Leyen Sento 8 months ago

      Its "Royal Delux", im a wanted man.

    • brooks Taggart
      brooks Taggart 8 months ago

      I'm guessing it's called "I'm a wanted man". Not sure, he didn't say it enough times. :)

  • Clay Sensiba
    Clay Sensiba 8 months ago


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