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Music Composer: Ilaiyaraaja
Violinist: VS Narasimhan
Album: How to name it?
Year: 1986 the fusion of Indian and Western classical music, dedicated to the carnatic master Tyagaraja and to J. S. Bach.
It features a fusion of the Carnatic form and ragas with Bach partitas, fugues and Baroque musical textures.

About the Music Composer:
Ilaiyaraaja (Tamil: இளையராஜா) (born June 2, 1943 as Gnanadesikan) is an Indian film composer, singer, and lyricist. Composed over 4,000 songs and provided film scores for more than 800 Indian films in various languages in a career spanning more than 30 years.

Ilaiyaraaja was a prominent composer of film music in South Indian cinema during the late 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s.[3] His work integrated Tamil folk lyricism and introduced broader Western musical sensibilities into the South Indian musical mainstream...

His different styles of music allowed him to create syncretic pieces of music combining very different musical idioms in unified, coherent musical statements.

Ilaiyaraaja has composed Indian film songs that amalgamated elements of genres such as pop acoustic guitar-propelled Western folk, jazz, rock and roll, dance music (e.g., disco), psychedelia, funk, doo-wop, march, bossa nova, flamenco, pathos, Indian folk/traditional, Afro-tribal, and Indian classical...

About Ilayaraja ....
Ilayaraja was born as Rasayya into a poor rural family in Pannaipuram, Theni district, Tamil Nadu, India on June 2, 1943. He was the third son of Daniel Ramaswamy and Chinnathayammal. His rural background exposed him to the folk songs, sung by villagers whilst at work in the fields. As his village did not have a school, he had to walk to Kombai, the nearest town, just to get an education. Family troubles forced him to give up studies after class eight and instead sing for his elder step brother, Pavalar Varadarajan, whose services were hired by the Communist Party of India to popularize and further their cause. Ilayaraja accompanied his brother for about ten years staging concerts in Pannaipuram and the surrounding villages and towns, enjoying the tag of `the musical Palavar brothers. He first tried his hand at composing music during this period: he set to music an elegy written by the Tamil poet laureate Kannadasan for Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister..

achievement of ''raja''..

* song of Thalapathi (1991) was amongst the songs listed in a BBC World Top Ten music poll.

* composed the music for Nayakan (1987), an Indian film ranked by TIME Magazine as one of the all-time 100 best movies.

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Author jaynthu (6 years)
superb rendition from superb person thanks raja sir

Author Arun Muthuswamy (6 years)
where can i get mp3 format. what is the album title?

Author meetsent22 (6 years)
my god i am going to heaven when i hear this music this music removes my
sadness from my heart

Author unojaz (6 years)
This is an excellent excellent song. Thank you so much for uploading,,

Author Tn Arunagiri (5 years)
Ah! That's where the Maestro jumps to Raga Shanmukhapriya. Till 2:23 it is
Raga Simhendramadhyamam - and both these are sampoorna ragas that is they
have all the 7 frequencies but differ only in the 7th note. Touch of pure
genius to highlight the transition that even Westerners can understand.
Truly a masterpiece for generations to come. What Oscars could possibly
honor the frequencies in Nature, that the beautiful mind of Isainyani has
captured for eternity? Eternal Ilayaraja.

Author Meena Bollempalli (5 years)
I am proud that i am an Indian.Every human being will be moved after
hearing this music. Tears just roll down when this song is played. Not able
to even express my what i want to say.Please let me know from where i can
download this music.Thankyou very much for posting this.We are greatful to
u .

Author chutney80 (6 years)
yeap ur rite....from the Village...but pure genius///

Author hai1234567891011 (5 years)
mind blowing!!

Author varman143 (5 years)
truly spellbinding ! immaculate King of Indian music, Ilayaraja s the
maestro forever !

Author trajendran86 (4 years)
The great thing about truly great art is there are different levels of
enjoyment. This is one such piece. You could listen to this as you are
driving a car or when you are in a contemplative mood or when you are
happy. The maestro! The maestro! The maestro!

Author crazyqetapurr (6 years)
The only music that can make you cry and smile, take you the depth of
oceans and the dizzying heights of mountains - Ilayaraja's music. Without
his music my life would have half lived. For once I thank god that I'm
blessed with the power to hear and that I'm born in India. Long live

Author schopenhauersring (6 years)
A beautiful Shanmukhapriya rendered with a diverse combination of
instruments, in Ilayaraja's own style. How beautiful!

Author Diliban Sengottian (6 years)
Album: How to name it by Ilayaraja. I never seen anybody unknown of this.
However the best from the best.

Author PCP.Senthil Kumar (6 years)
Wow, A music for maestro's to poor illiterate's . Switch on your walk man,
turn off your lights, close your eyes and sleep... you will feel the music
touches your heart. I adore you RAJA sir!

Author dilojen Seevaratnam (3 years)
Every time I hear this music its bring back memory of that classic movie by
Balu Mahenthira,s 'Veedu' one can compose music like Illayaraaja
...he is more than genius...

Author JaiSanaathanaDharma (5 years)
There is Simhendramadhyamam in the beginning when slow, Shanmukhapriya
later when it gets faster. There are other raga(s) too I think.
TheMartianvisitor, well said! this is not even music, something beyond!

Author Venkat Perumal (4 years)
what to say about this composition! its mind blowing. All comments here are
well written and informative. thanks.

Author silectha (6 years)
melts your heart...just amazing...may all the best things be showered for
this genius..

Author manik1580 (5 years)
Is this shanmugapriya from start to end?

Author Raj Rajamohan (5 years)
Hi all What a wonderful composition by the Great Maestro who uses more
instruments rather than electronics. Truly soulful music! He is not even
recognized by the Indian Government for his achievements. His BGM is
uncomparable.Those days we did not have this kind of communication
explosion,otherwise he would have gone places. The world needs to know
about him. Hats off to the great Maestro !

Author Karthik Shridhar (5 years)
OMG Hats off !! Isaignani Sir Illayaraja !! tears came out :(

Author Ravi Kumar (6 years)
Dude I have no words of gratitude for you for uploading this music. Thank
you very much, thank you very much.

Author coolselvan (6 years)
God simply create Ilayaraja for Music, the angel of music is always with u.
it's only the passion for music that can create such wonderful
masterpiece....forever u are the trademark of indian music

Author ennavan (6 years)
oh, thats lovely, very nice of you :) can you give me a copy please...
thank you. - oviya

Author deepikageetam (5 years)
I'm in tears ! Naa Janma Dhanyamayyindi !

Author Prabhu Swaminathan (6 years)
Ilayaraja - Saraswathi in form of human.

Author karthikeyan Loganathan (5 years)
This music directly speaks with the heart.....full stop:)

Author pshapur (4 years)
ilayaraja: Devine music in human more words to express..

Author jaynthu (6 years)
raja ur amazing... superb..

Author blaazethebest (5 years)
no on earth can match him..!!

Author karthikmmc03 (4 years)
heavenly music.

Author sx42007 (6 years)
Who can make such music other than ilayaraja!! See the pathos, ups and
downs in solo violin!! Karnatic ragas were fusioned by western symphonic
orchestration. This piece is going to stay for generations to come. Raja is
going to remain as another Beethoven on this planet.

Author madhu j (5 years)
RAJA IS GREAT.............

Author Kavitha Jagadeesh (5 years)
God Bless him for many nore years, Its just Amazing.... And Im Lost of
Words... He Rocks...

Author Suresh Kumar Narayanasamy (6 years)
Is there anyway can i get the audio of this? i want to upload this to my

Author mimi08ification (3 years)
thumbs up if u r still listenin 2 this in 2011..

Author Binoy Pv (5 years)
ohhfffff i cant believe it, mastero you are not human , you are a magician.
hats off

Author georgepandyan (5 years)
Nanri Nanri Ayyaaa Iayaraja Ayyaa... We live on your musics...

Author ksugeeth (5 years)
This is also used as the pathos BGM theme for Veedu. A movie by
BaluMahendra and raja's music.

Author maruthi3630 (6 years)
pcpsk59 its true man

Author Vijaykumar Gopinath (6 years)
The initial part was Simhendramadhyamam and then it moved to Shanmugapriya
when the faster stanzas came. Fantastic harmony and spellbounding

Author Gangarpu Subash (6 years)
really super

Author trichymahesh (6 years)
Awesome, i forget everything when i listen this.

Author akgrandhi (3 years)
How can I like this twice?

Author crazyqetapurr (6 years)
hey that would be great. Please do send the complete album to
crazyqeta@hotmaildotcom. TIA

Author kajenS (6 years)

Author kklotus123 (6 years)
I feel the same way - that i am truly blessed because i can hear
IsaiGnani's music. He is that Kalaivanni herself who gave music to this
world. Raja is really the RAJA of the Music

Author TheMartianvisitor (5 years)
A dose of Raja's works of art every now and then is good for your Health.
Raja for Life !!!

Author Karthik Shridhar (5 years)
Well said !! Wat a music from Illayaraja !! blown away !! Ohhhhhhhh !!

Author hasruni (6 years)
are there adjectives that can describe this 'man vasanai'. exquisite may be
a too small and uncouth word to describe this masterpiece. Raja sir...u
melts us with ur music. Thanks to the poster for this..I have been
searching for this music.

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